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Beelzebub 103

What is the one next to us doing?!

+ posted by Runte as translation on Apr 8, 2011 16:35 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 103

Hyahhaa. It's time foor Beelzebub!
Dunno if it's late or not, and don't care. I got a holf of these raws 30-60 mins ago -^^-

Reserved for the RedHawks

Note: This will probably be the last Beelzebub I translate in a long while or maybe ever. Either Shadow-Skill from Keishou or Ernest from Red Hawks will continue my works, so no worries! You'll still get your early Beelzebub!

IMPORTANT: This has not been proofread! I have confidence In my Japanese, since all I have to do is read. But writing is a completely different world. I'm not a native english speaker, so there might be typos, grammar or vocabulary mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind'em should read this! :>


Page 01:


Next door...?

Found ya!


They're heeeeeeere!!!

Be quiet...!

They were right next to uuuus!!!

What are you yelling at, Furuichi?

Did you buy our breakfast?

Page 02:


What's wrong?

I though I heard Furuichi's voice...


I'm sorry, but

Since you are a fine game partner we finally found for our master
If you won't go on a rampage, we won't hurt you

Rampage? Game partner?

What is she saying? This is frigging Himekawa-sempai's room!

Even if it's not frequently used...

Welcome back

So they actually...

Page 03:

Were right next to us this whole time...


Important things are always next to us!!

Babu 103 What is the one next to us doing?!

Page 04:


About one week since they started living here

Well, now that I think about it, there's no better place than this... It's spacious and has perfect gaming equipments

This room's dirtier than ours

Just what are those maid demons doing?

If I remember correctly, you were...

The best friend of the contractor of Beelze-sama, right...?

Page 05:


Your name was...


TL-Note: Furuchin = completely exposed dick


I was wrong?

I'm sorry... What did you just..?


Eh? Once more


Stop that

So rude!! It's Furuichi!!

So suddenly?!

Did Hilda ask you to do this?

It's been a while since we've seen you too, Lamia

Well, I sort of can think of the reason the two of you are here

Page 06:

I'm happy you came to see young master Enou again

Did you grow a bit?


It wasn't that easy to find you, though

Huh? What's this mood...?


Women are scary!!

Didn't you find us a little too fast?

That's why I told you to disguise yourself better, Yolda

I did, also

If I had used those moustach-glasses you prepared, I'd have stood out even more

Go change somewhere else

Oh, I'm sorry

Was the impact too strong for our little boy here?

Page 07:

Nothing to worry

Please, don't mind me and continue

That woman's the same as usual

Furuichi opened the shutter of his heart

What is

This luke warm mood...?

Even though they were found out by us

They aren't panicing at all...

What're thay up to...?

By the way, where's the young master Enou?
He was with us just a moment ago

The young master is more shy than he looks

Page 08:




He's fidgeting around...!!




So frigging annoying!!

What I told you

Page 09:

Furuichi, we should go back for now
It's dangerous to continue our negotiations just teh two of us

First, we need to report back to Hilda-neesama

You're right...

But if we return, won't they just disappear again?


You! Human!!

Don't get too close to my wife!!

I'll burn you!!


Who're you calling your wife?!

You're way too impudent!!

You have it tought...

Are you sure

It's okay to say that to royalty?



Page 10:


Not okaaaay!!

That and this situation's not goot at aaaaall!!

I get the feeling that letting Lamia talk with that young master more than this is gonna turn out ugly


Let's go home!! You were completely right!!

Let's get back for now!!

Page 11:

Please don't say that

Since you came all the way here, at least play some games

Su... Sure?!

Mmh, that's correct, human

That's the only way we got...

Play a match with me

Lamia as our bet!!


And why are you betting me?!

Quit saying such stupid things, braindead!!



Page 12:


Furuichi-kun and Lamia-chan haven't returned yet?

That's strange

We're back

Weren't you with them...?

Were were with them until the midway

You guys...

I found the whereabouts of our opponents


For sure?

Yeah. No problems. All I had to check were the computer terminals of our opponents

But where do you think they were?

In a bit ridiculous place...

Page 13:

The next room?!


Isn't the next room yours as well?!

Aren't you normally supposed to figure out earlier?!

Is it the kind of "can't see the forest for the trees"-thing...?

Yeah, even I think I've been stupid

Looking down on me...

I don't care if you the Demons' school or not

I'm gonna take good care of you!!

Shitheads! That's enough!!

You sure've been relaxing in someone else's house, eh?!

Page 14:

No one's here...?



Wait a second, Furuichi!! What're you going to do?!

Put me down!!

Page 15:

Shut up! I don't care anymore!!

We gotta run away as fast as we can!!


It's not futile!

Everyone's right next to us!!

... Wha?

This room is another dimension at moment, seperated from physical world

You can't flee and no one's going to save you

Page 16:

She's speaking the truth

Yolda's the same as Arandron... A dimension transfer demon
If she wants it, there's no way we can run away from here

Please don't put me in the same gategory as that old goat

We're on a whole different level

It was because of her strength that Hilda-neesama couldn't find this place by tracking down their magic

They've cut the tracks or magical powers with a dimensional barrier

No way...


Want to take a bet...

And jump down from here?

Page 17:

If you're lucky, it may be connected to somewhere

No more cards to play, huh...

I advise you not to do so

Even I don't know where it leads

And it's not like we're trying to kill you

Let's just

Have fun playing games

Page 18:


Too bad, Yolda

You shouldn't look down on Arandron too much

This voice is...

This is...

The communicator of Hilda-neesama

Since when has it been in my pocket...?

Since I asked you to do this, Lamia

This is the least I can do for you


You two, get back

Page 19:

Could it be

That she's transferring her own body

Through the communicator



Pretty good for a first try

Hilda back in the game!!

... Hilda!

Next time opening colour!! And Hilda's serious!!

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