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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 9

Eyes at distant continent

+ posted by Runte as translation on Sep 24, 2011 18:51 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

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It's been very long since I last released a translation. But don't blame me, I've been extremely busy. And for those who thought I dropped this series, here's your answer: I didn't. I will do the whole 4 volumes. (But the staff of Scantily Clad is full of lazy perfectionists, so it may take time, hahaha)

Note: This hasn't been proofread yet! I'm not a native english speaker, so I will have typos, vocabulary and grammar mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind these should continue reading! The rest can wait for the scanlated chapter to be released. (Words and sentences within brackets are for the proofreaders and typesetters. You can ignore them.)


Page 01:

Story9 Eyes at distant continent

Page 02:

Page 03:

No way

I knew he had an abbility to move without anyone noticing but to think he was this good...

If it was a maid or soldier, killing him wouldn't be a problem
But it won't be that easy with a royalty...

Hee, you're not half-bad with that gun (he means Kaien has a lot of experience with that certain gun. Any other ideas?)

Since when have you known?

Just a coincidence

Page 04:


You didn't do the preparations as I said during the festival
That got my attention

"If it was a man from Empire's side, he'd do louzy work"
And that's why you marked me...

Page 05:

I even though Edelweiss-dono, who didn't feel anything, was the same as me

Well, she is a woman as cold as ice

TOO WOFT! WAY TOO SOFT! (text between Edelweiss and bubble)

However, now that you've found me, everything was meaningless

No, I have no intention of exposing you


In exchange, let's make a deal

Page 06-07:

I'm going to conquer this continent with my words


I found out with this latest incident
World has things you can't touch with violence
Violence is indeed effective and you can see it

However, that's why it's easy to see who's best
To make it simple: The greatest violence wins

The source of violence is the will of one who wields it. So all I have to do is to crush the wielder

I believe "words" have that power

This is pretty grand if I might say


Something wrong?

No, I just remebered the dialogue at the throne after her highness Lunas had left

Page 08:

Prince, could it be that this crest charm is...

Yup, of course it's a sham



That piercing boldness of prince was of course,

But that scowl Edelweiss-dono had was something else

Heh heh (out of bounds, 3rd panel right side)


Wahaha (out of bounds)

Page 09:

However, prince


How far do you think you can go with such foolishness?

Let's see
It is indeed rare to have such cards with good compatibility like that time with princess Lunas (literally translated. Ask id there are problems)

So what do you think I need, Kaien?

I think it is to believe

Are you saying... To make others believe in you?

Pedigree, wealth, merits, what to make them blieve is an infinite variety of choices

It's easy

Trick them (or cheat them. Which is better?)

Page 10:

Making other believe in you and tricking them are the same thing

Meaning, with only this ability one can become a king

If you can trick the top of every country, the continent will become one
So achieve that, I need information. As much as possible

I see. So you ask me to become a double spy?

You're pretty sharp. But the answer is no

Page 11:

I won't ask you to dive deep in Empire and channel me information
You have knowledge, views and you know the conditions of the small countries around us. That's what I want

Are you serious...?

This is insane...!!
This is insane, but...

If I'm known to others, I'm gonna be a fugitive


I want you to work as my confidant secretly

I want to see where he can go and what he can do!



Page 12:

It seems the stupidy of our highness has transferred to me as well

I shall accept that deal, prince

As expected of our country's dandiest man


That was all. I leave the rest to you

Excuse me...?

Page 13:

Excuse us, Kaien prime minister!

At least knock first
What does the chamberlain want?

Yes sir! Actually

Prince Mahiro sneaked into our waitingroom and ate,
You understand? He ate the whole damn cake we left there and ran away

A cake?

Yes sir!

Page 14:

Peeping is what he always does!

And we can still forgive groping and wearing our clothes...

Page 15:

And one in a million chance we can still close our eyes to perverse things!!

But eating our pleasure is too much!
It's so called thievery! He deserves a death penalty!

Damn, I hear you. He's behind those curtains so just take him away

Nobody's here

Page 16:

Damn yooouu (next to the bubble)


Wa- wait a sec! I just tried to help you with your diet, you know!

Khiiiiii! And out of all things you call us filthy pigs! How outrageous!!

No... cream got all over me... (next to the bubble)

Haah Haah (left to her face)

No, that's not-!

Come here, your highness. I heard the water of Conoryt river is very cold


Nooooooo! Please save meeeee!
Prime minister! Prime ministeeeeer!

Page 17:

Backyard of the castle



Thud (sfx bubble on Pariel's sword)

TapTapTapTap (sfx bubble next to Pariel's head)

Pariel, save meee....


Page 18:

Why is that clumsy way the only way you try to live?

I wonder why... Ekshu! (<- sneeze sfx. Dunno better)

It's cold outside, why don't you return to castle...

Naw, here's good. If I go back now they'll just catch me again

I... See...

Page 19:

Prince, I heard from Edelweiss-sama. That you are the reason of the scar in my back

If you saw my back then did you also see a crest?


I heard my country was perished because of that crest

It's in... Empire's territory nowadays, right?

Yes. Due to the chaos our country had after that accident

We couldn't do anything against the suppressing the Empire and merged with them

Page 20:


Please take a look

Because of this my country was...

Stop at once, Pariel

...I got it already

No matter how much you regret or hate violence

It won't be any kind of atonement for my country!!

Page 21:

Even if you wanted to die even though you live... Or even if you died...!

There were lots of poeple around me who wanted to live but couldn't

Your will to die is blasphemy against the death of those people!!

Page 22:

Please live!

Please live and keep watching the hell that is about to start with your own eyes!

That is the sole reason I keep guarding you
To torment you ask long as you live!!

Crack (sfx bubble)

Pariel, I just had a little chat with Kaien a while ago

With Kaien-sama...?

Page 23:

I'm aiming to unity this whole continent

I think it is impossible to prevent everything before they happen
But if it needs someone to to unity this continent to achieve peace

I think I'm able to achieve that more peacfully and with less scarifices than others

Not only Mismarca, but seriously the whole continent?

Of course, I have to do few unreasonable gambles, but
If Pariel helps me with those gambles

I might some day

Page 24-25:

Be able to show you the resurrection of your country

Page 26:

The truth is, I knew from the beginning

He's not the one to blame. He just couldn't control the enourmous power he was born with...
He's also kind. And that's why he is enough to be called my master...

Sssssssh... (sfx of sword going to scabbard)

Clank (sfx of sword hitting a scabbard)

Will you follow me?


Yes sir

Page 27:

Buffer zone, an imperial army

As expect, this really is a way to hell

Lady Luna?

If this had gone like my father, the emperor had planned, and the seimahai had become Empire's

We would have conquered the whole continent in a blink of an eye

Reporting in! We have eliminated the remaining remnants around us!

Good work. You may leave

However, prince Mahiro fought against that fate

The small countries of the midlands and the republic... And us

The power balance won't probably be broken for a while

Let's go

Yes ma'am!

Page 28-29:

Prince Mahiro, how will you live in this continent

That is about to rush straight into a chaos

Page 30:

Two weeks later

Hoooot! Tooo hoooot!

Lord, may you provide this poor sister a bath and cold beer! (I'm a Finnish atheist. I have seriously no idea how english priests or nuns talk...)


If you wanna leave, be my guest


Page 31:

Not bad castle for a small country

Lord, oh huh? There are already more people besides us

There's nothing mysterious about that. I never even thought we'd be the first to arrive

The future looks busy

You're right

page 32-33:

But on thing is clear

This country, Mismarca's gonna be full of "heroes"

Found him!! (out of bounds, over the maids)

Haah (-Pariel)

Who have their eyes on Seimahai

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