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Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 10

Small nations alliance syndrome

+ posted by Runte as translation on Sep 24, 2011 18:51 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 10


Note: This hasn't been proofread yet! I'm not a native english speaker, so I will have typos, vocabulary and grammar mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind these should continue reading! The rest can wait for the scanlated chapter to be released. (Words and sentences within brackets are for the proofreaders and typesetters. You can ignore them.)


Page 01:

Story 10 A Small Nations Alliance Syndrome (<- this title took me hours and the help of others. Dunno if that's even proper english or if its right)

Page 02:

I've had enough!

What we need right now is
The unity of the midlands!

The grand round table

Two weeks after the battle of Mahiro and the third imperial princess

And one month since the proclamation of war of the empire

Page 03:

King of Zemn Kingdom ZEMN

Zepilm Rebublic MARSHALL

The first prince of the religius nation Hiland RIEZEL


Zepilm republic
Western regions
Zemn kingdom
Templars (Or Temple organization)
Razlka kingdom
Grand Marsenal

All of you are only interested in your own nations

When we have such a huge enemy in front of us all!

The compensation for stopping the empire's attempt to get a hold of seimahai
Was the beginning of war

And of course the main character sits around the same table, however...

Page 04:

He was busy

Daily conferences without any progress are tough to the elder
Let's stop this farce and get to the business, Mismarca

What is you point, king of Zemn?

Page 05:

Exactly what I said! We have assembled here because we heard seimahai was in danger
So why is it that we can't even have one look at the object at hand (the object we've been talking about. Dunno what's the best way to say it)

And I have already told you that no matter how long we wait, if we haven't collected all of the crests, it won't show us its tru form

If you're fine with an empty vessel, you can as well look at the glass in fron of you

King of Zemn, are you saying you're still uneasy, even though half of this continent have assembled?

Hell yeah I am

Have you forgotten how fierce the first invasion of the empire was?!

Page 06-07:

How can we be sure the seimahai will side with us when the sleeping lion will awake?

That's the proof I want

As I'm saying!

Page 08:

This isn't the time to just sit here and do nothing!!

Just what is wrong with the justice we're about to perform?!

Protecting freedom and peace from that evil empire who sees humans as slaves and broadens its territory only for fun
Tell me what's wrong with that!!

As expected of the youngest SS-rank hero from the religious nation, Hiland
We have heard you wonderful opinion

However, no matter how much we pray, your god won't destroy the demon lord or the empire for us

Page 09:

If my memory serves me right, it was tomorrow, no? The day the heroes for the gathering of those crests are chosen.


Kid from Hiland, how about adding yourself to the forerunners tomorrow

You will only bore yourself if you keep company to tea-loving gramps

Heh heh (2nd panel sfx)

Are you saying I do not belong here...?

I wonder... (second last, little panel)


Pahe 10:

I shall excuse myself...


All over already?

Page 11:

Finally over

Aren't you a little too persistent lately?

Yaaa~wn (under the bubble)

So you were awake after all. Why won't you participate in congress?

Even if I opened my mouth, it's not like anyone'd listen. I'm even younger than Prince Riezel

You're right. For someone as pure as Riezel, this congress is a little too cruel


Page 12:

"The golden lion", "Edge the cross sword" (Lit. The lion of light and the cross blade. But I think golden feels better and later the mangaka himself have written in engrish that it's edge the cross sword)
Riezel Faris Ackraren

A genius you may see in few hundreds or even more years

I can't even think of how large cohesive power his charisma will bring to the anti-empirites

And that's how it ended after all

Page 13:

What do you think of me, dear father?

I'm still at age where I want to fool around but this last month I've been like a bird in your cage...

As long as you act like that
I doubt there's anyone who'd lend their ears to listen your words

Ahaha (sfx under Mahiro)

However, I think it's fine for you to think. You read lot of books, yes?
Even if you fake your sleep, you still listen the future of this continent

That's what makes me happy

Tomorrow, I leave the selection of heroes to you

Seriously...? Why the sudden decision, my daddy?!


The heroes...

Page 14:

A- Are you saying it's O.K. to choose o- only the most beautiful female heroes?!

You will choose yourself who you'll let protect your life


A trip with glamorous female heroes...

Page 15:

Quit looking!


You are bleeding

Ahn- Mahiro

Haah (sfx over the bubble, next to the girl)

While we're on our journey
The relation of a guard will change into love...

Page 16:

Can I
Sleep next... to you?

Of course

Page 17:

OK! I can smell some concubine H-scenes, so

Page 18:

You are in way

Edelweiss... Since when?

I was on my way to clean the assembly hall

So, Mahiro. I'll leave the choosing to you

Yes sir, father

Page 19:

You gonna drink both of'em?

Ob Gho~ju

Doesn't look like the war has started. It's really peaceful here

O merciful little lambs! Thou shan't waste your insufficent peaceful lives (Hahaha, I have no idea how old english goes. I leave this to proofers)
Thank God! Gahaha

Ahyaaa! (last panel sfx)

Page 20:

Are you damn idiot. Haven't you heard of "Thou, don't drink alcohol"?

Completely wrong! It's "When thou drink, don't let it get thou" (This is hard, bwahahaha)

Those who won't thank God will go to hell from drunken driving!


I met this young 18 years old hero only few days ago

Since then all I've seen is the same frown smug

I bet he can't get over his past

Fufufu... (Sfx)

So, my dear hero. Any contrivances for tomorrow?

Page 21:

What do you mean?

Listen here, To win the favour of Mismarca and get a hold of seimahai
Over A-rank heroes have been gathering here for two months already

So my dear hero, you shouldn't wear that tasteless cape even if it's only mealtime

This calms me down

Hey that's...

Shiina, right?

Page 22:

You're right! It's Shiina Milrosa

The crimson sword Shiina!!

There you hear it. Finally an S-rank hero has appeared. That already tells you tomorrow will be the great day to all heroes

Where have I seen her...

Hoou (sfx)

Page 23:

And here I was wondering I saw a familiar face... So it was Jess. You weren't dead yet?

Don't tell me you're after the seimahai as well

That's what I had in mind

If you plan to be a comedian, your clothes are already enough! What do you think you can do with that body of yours?

You're right...

Page 24:

I need something like seimahai

So I can travel to the western regions and kill the Demon king

Are you still speaking that nonsense...?!
The only E-rank hero from the same period is still you!

I've finally come this far. I'm not gonna stop now

I don't care!


Page 25:

However, better not to misunderstand. The reason Mismarca is collecting heroes

Is to face off the empire
Not the Demon King!

At least this is not a place the likes of you should be in

If it's west you want, your compass is broken

You shouldn't get it into you, dear hero

I'm me. That's all

Hey'ey! Where are you going?

Hit the sack

Bam (sfx bubble)

Page 26:

I shall earnestly pray you the greatest of luck, my dear hero

This young man who couldn't properly even talk with others
Dressing like a burglar, having a hair which is pale white as if seen something horrible

Had no right eye

And had lost even his right hand

Page 27:

Dining Hall

Oh! He's here! Prii~nce!

Hey there, Pariel. Do you also have a lunch break?

Page 28:

Yes! I just finished my duties of today

Since it's the time for the salute of guards of honor I wear my ceremonial uniform
How does it look?

Yeah, I think "Clothes make the woman" is quite the real impression


You don't mind if I sit next to you, right?

Y- Yes ma'am...

I heard about the heroes!
Prince Riezel will be choosed of course, right?

Are you interested? As another swordsman?

Of course!

Page 29:

I wonder how they'll be choosed... I bet it will be a tournamet-like event...

If so, then I'm super looking forward to it!


Haaah (sfx right to Pariel)

Since when, Edelweiss-sama?

Pariel, it's one of fragments which decidees the future of this continent

I won't allow words of indiscretion

I'm sowwy... (over Pariel)

Your highness, would it be alright to accompany you?


Page 30:

Oh, I can smell some interesting small-talk
Would it be alright for me to accompany you as well?

Thank you for you hard work, Kaien-sama

Good work, prime minister

Nothing like that. All I do is sit on my desk and hold pen

No need to be so humble. All I do is sleep!

Don't be so proud!

However, it's been really long since the four of us had a meal like this



It has?

Page 31:

It's not so bad, once in a while


Prince, I just heard from his majesty that you will decide how we'll choose heroes tomorrow

Prince will?! Is it true?!

But it's really troublesome

Page 32:

You may be right
That's right

You shouldn't be to hasty to decide...

What do you mean?

Things aren't as easy as it looks

Foremost, the reason why the heroes came to picture in the first place...

Page 33:

Every country doen't want to give Seimahai
Or the trigger, meaning crests, to other countries, right?

However, if you bring your army, that itself will start anew war

There comes the freelancers

And that needs to be personnel who won't take the seimahai back to their own countries

But even heroes are human... If it's to get hold of honor and fame...

Haah (sfx)

I have to doubt if they truly are completely neutral

Then even more so, you really have to choose Prince Riezel!
He's disinterested in affairs like that!

Page 34:

Is that really so? To me, it seems Prince Riezel is one of the most suspicious ones



Aren't you forgetting something important?

Yup, heroes are by all means
Belonging to completely politically neutral Templars (Or Temple organization)

Prince Riezel's fatherland, Hiland as a religious nation is regrettably too clean

If Prince Riezel was recommendated
They must think it's be easier to side with him than heroes of other countries

No way...

Page 35:

Usually the Empire is only second priority

Blaming eachothers on the rationing of eachothers defense lines
And if everything goes well, they might even get a hold of seimahai

That's too much...


One month ago prince risked his life to negotiate through the desperate situation

Now's the time to unity, even so...

Don't get so disappointed. That's what politics mean

Page 36:

Right, at moment there's only one point which could make the current problems bigger

Ironically, the empire wasn't as mighty
As we first thought it was

If we for example take the current soldiers in bufferzone
Alliance's army is bigger

"What the heck-? Empire's actually weak. Now if we had the seimahai"
Is what people'll think


I bet even the empire army knows the alliance has a bigger army

The came appeared the great battalion leaded by the imperial household itself

Page 37:

The existence of Lady Lunas

Which was only thought as a rumour happened to be the truth

You highness, what are you going to do about tomorrow?

She's right, prince! Wha- wha- what are you going to do?!

Page 38:

It'll be okay. This time it's the heroes' time to do the impossible. Not mine

N- No way!!

Few days after that
A report, which says that a new generalhad appeared to the imperial military encampment, was delivered

The second princess of the empire
Yurika Mikajima Majestia

Prince Mahiro, a bad boy who beat my little sister...

Having another name of

Page 39:

The pope of darkness (Or Dark pope?)

He needs to be punished

/// VOL 2 END

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