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Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 11

Beginning of the selection

+ posted by Runte as translation on Sep 24, 2011 18:51 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

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Note: This hasn't been proofread yet! I'm not a native english speaker, so I will have typos, vocabulary and grammar mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind these should continue reading! The rest can wait for the scanlated chapter to be released. (Words and sentences within brackets are for the proofreaders and typesetters. You can ignore them.)



Page 01:


King's office (Or oval office)

Story 11 Beginning of the selection

Father says I need guards on my trip to find the crests of seimahai
But I don't think so

Lady and gentleman heroes, if you want the seimahai in your grasp

Try catching me!!

Page 02-03:

Story 11 Beginning of the selection

Page 04:


Quit fucking around you shitty prince!!

Stop right there!!


Farewell, my young Holmes!

Page 05:

No way!!

Prince... This is the third floor!!


Page 06:

One hour ago

The first floor of the Mismarca castle ENTRANCE HALL

Are all of these heroes?

Wa---h (sfx between them)

I doubt. Half of them must be extra gallery like me

You attention!

Page 07:

I am the prime minister of this country, Kaien Gremnam

The two ladies beside me are Pariel Kalryzel, the personal guard of our prince
And general Edelweiss, the head of the chamberlain squad

Wow, lot of people. I wonder if all of them are heroes

Waah! (sfx next to Pariel)

Calm down, Pariel

I'm sorry

Before we start the selection of heroes
The king has a word for all of you

Page 08:

Those of you who have been recognized as heroes by the temple will follow me

But I must ask for the others to stay here

Beat them all, dear hero

You'll be fine! ( black sfx left to sister )

Are you a damn idiot?! All we have to do is listen

Page 09:

Hmph... You really came here after all I said

I think I saw you in the bar... Who were you again?

I'm Shiina! Shii-na!

I'm surprised they even let you in

It just means they need heroes so much they'd even let someone like me in

Jess... You're Jess, right?!


Page 10:

You came here too?!

Yoh, Riezel. Been a while

Ooh (sfx over Jess)

So you remember Riezel but not me even though we are all from the same class (note: it is not made clear, but I think you need to study/train to become a hero. Se these three were probably from the same place when they were trainees)

But why're YOU here? What about the conference...?

Well, stuff happened

Page 11:

Something wrong, Jess?

Just thought that the best of best truly are beyond my reach


It's been three years since we last met, but you're far stronger than then

Being the best of our class and those twin swords, that's just cool beyond anyone's reach (long sentence, small bubble. I thought, but I can't make it any smaller :P Think of something if it won't fit)

Can't agree more

Your attention please
From now on you will stand in the presence of his majesty wisely

Page 12:

King's office (Or oval office)

I am thankful all of you hereos have assembled here

The king of Mismarca

The top of this country which holds the Seimahai

So that must be the rumoured idiot prince

Yaa~wn (sfx next to Mahiro)

Page 13:

After a tiny breath the king opened his mouth

He told that Seimahai is said to have power enough to control the whole world

that it is important to have someone control that power
And that currently it has changed its shape to several crests and is in dormant state

However, it isn't even clear to what land the crests have been sealed in

What I want to ask for you to do is to look for those scattered pieces
That journey however might be unimaginably hard one

Page 14:

I hereby ask all of you who have assembled here
Do you have the resolve?

King, mind if I ask a question?

Haha! Look Pariel, there's a living Tange Sazen here!

TL-Note: Tange Sazen is a fictional character of a swordsman from Japanese literature.
The character is the loyal Souma clan samurai Tange Samanosuke who is attacked and mutilated as a result of betrayal,
losing his right eye and right arm. Now, he starts to live as a nihilistic ronin, using the pseudonym Sazen.
More information from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tange_Sazen

Wahaha! (sfx under Mahiro)

Wai... Prince...! You can't laugh!

I'm listening

Page 15:

I want to know what happens after the crests have been assembled and the Seimahai will revive


Will we have the Seimahai for ourselves?


...May I hear your name?


Let me hear Jess
If you were to get the power of Seimahai, what would you do with it?

Page 16:

I'll kill the demon king

That is my only wish. For that I'd like for you to yield the Seimahai to me

Jess! Aren't you aware of the situation this continent is in?!

He's right!

From the moment we heroes received our oracles, we...

If you're a hero, you should know this!

I have no country or house to return to, nor have I any family waiting anywhere you know

Unlike you guys I have nothing I need to protect

Page 17:

Listen! The demon king is all I have!
I'm not saying I'm not jealous of any of you... However!


Don't act like that's the only kind of justice this world has!!

Page 18:

Stand down

You're in the presence of his majesty

Please forgive our rudeness, your majesty

Sorry, king...

No need to bow down. I understand your will

However, Jess. It is not certain that Seimahai will choose you

What do you mean?

Page 19:

Even if you manage to gather all pieces, it's meaningless if you can't use it

This of course is something even I can do nothing about

Then if after collecting all of the crests and we found out I could use the Seimahai?

Very well
Then I shall hand over the Seimahai

Please reconsider, your majesty! Beg my pardon, but this shouldn't by all means be something you decide alone!

It matters not, Kaien

If the Seimahai were to choose this person, it would mean we wouldn't have the right to use its power

Page 20:

One more thing

To unseal the crests you would need the blood of the guardians of its vessel
Meaning you will need the blood of the royalty of Mismarca

To those who will be selected, I'll ask you to guard my son Mahiro and teach him means to defend himself

Father, I never heard anything about that!!

I won't take "no" for an answer, Mahiro

What will you do when you'll be surrounded by enemies?

If that would happen...

Page 21:

I'd hide behind Pariel's back...

Umm... Prince, even if you don't actually mean it

I'd be happy if you'd said we'd fight back-to-back...

Me? Weapons...?

Isn't that exactly why your father just told you to train?!

Page 22:


We're in the presence of his majesty

I have no excuses

Page 23:

Fine then! This is perfect!!

Everyone thinks I'm the weakest in this room!

Sleeping all he wants during the conferences

And when the fight starts all he can do is hide behind his guard!!

Page 24:

Everyone's saying the idiot prince of Mismarca is completely useless!

P- Prince?

That's right! You're completely right!!


What's wrong in stalking maids?!

There's no way a healthy teenager wouldn't peek into baths if he had a chance to!!

Hn? (sfx between two girls, above everything)

Th... They grew again... (sfx left to the blond girl, above everything)

Page 25:

The night I heard Shiina'd apply to this selection as well


Ha- (sfx between panel and big bubble, over Shiina)

No- (also sfx between panel and big bubble, over Shiina)

I had some quite dangerous delusions about it, so what?! You got a problem?!


My father says that this kind of me need means to protect himself, and why's that? Because I will have enemies!!

That goes without saying

Huh?! (sfx left to Pariel)

That's why!!

Page 26:

All I have to do is run faster than them

Hn? (sfx next to Edelweiss)

Even if you had 36 plans, the best of them is to run away

Eh? (-Pariel)

You are still too naive

If the other option is violence, I don't mind

Page 27:

Cough (1st panel sfx)

Father, after some thinking I came to conclusion

This is my own journey. I don't need any heroes


But I also understand what you want to say, father, so please just once, let me do a test

A test whether I can run away
Or they can catch me

I want to make that the selection test

Page 28:

What is truly needed to gather the crests is not some fake heroes but the blood of a royalty

If you can't even catch someone like me, killing the demon lord is just a dream beyond your reach

You ass! You were called prince Mahiro, right?
Quite confidence for an idiot prince who's lived his whole life between four walls!

That's given. Because on the whim of my father

The Seimahai is about disappear beyond the western regions

Page 29:

Mahiro, are you really fine with this?


Then without any further predictions, I hereby announce the selection to be started

I hope my dear hero is doing his best~(sfx next to sister)

Page 30:


Kyaa! Prince?!

No one in that room would have guessed that after 30 seconds

The prince jumped off the third floor

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