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Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 13

Off to South

+ posted by Runte as translation on Sep 24, 2011 18:51 | Go to Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

-> RTS Page for Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari 13


Note: This hasn't been proofread yet! I'm not a native english speaker, so I will have typos, vocabulary and grammar mistakes. Only those of you who don't mind these should continue reading! The rest can wait for the scanlated chapter to be released. (Words and sentences within brackets are for the proofreaders and typesetters. You can ignore them.)


Page 01:

Story 13 Off to South

Page 02:


Regular report

This is Kaze #1
Anyone seen the prince who disappeared from town druing daytime?

This is #2
Again that idiot prince?

Will you stop it already, you fucking prince?!
We're not your babysitters

This is the special #6

Page 03:

Prime minister's office

Oh! It's you. Been a while
Did something interesting happen? Or do you want to know something?

It seems the prince hasn't returned. I need information

Not him again!!
I wish he was a teenager princess...

Leave it at that, #2!

There was lots of chamberlain and heroes loitering around today...

Yeah, I heard it is related to the Seimahai

Understood. If we find out something, we'll let you know
End of transmission

Page 04:

Good. That's just the thing you should do

So you're back

Have you perhaps thought of something nasty again?


I returned just a little while ago

Page 05:

Take this

I want you to hand it over to heroes

A letter?

Hmm (small sfx next to Kaien)

I worte that

If I go with no-hints from here on

It's impossible even for the heroes to find me

What does it day...?


Heh heh (sfx under the "heh" bubble)

Even though I wrote a hint, I didn't write an answer

Page 06:

I'm going to hide in a place I definitely won't be caught at

However, if even after that I were to be caught, I will accept my loss and give up
That's the kind of place it is

And first of all, I don't really like people called heroes

Because they justify violence with words like "light" or "justice"

I think Edelweiss and Pariel are enough for me

Page 07:

An supreme class assassin who led the special chamberlain corps

And as for Pariel, her skills are within five best knights of midlands

The women of Mismarca are reliable

Heh (sfx on Mahiro's panel)

If prince has an idea, I won't stop you

I shall be waiting for an enjoyable conclusion

Fufu (sfx on Kaien's panel)

Hahaha (small text)
It might actually end quite easily

Page 08:

The next morning ENTRANCE HALL

Riezel, what does it say?

According to the prime minister, it's addressed to us heroes. Could you read it?

It seems so

Page 09:

Heroes are scoundrels who exist due to others' misfortune

So you, who are the elites of those heroes and to whom justice means everything,
Are the bad ones

I have no intention of handing over the Seimahai to people like you

So I'm going to hide in a place you will never find me

However, as thanks for coming all the way here and spending some foreign currencies in our town
I'm thinking of leaving you a hint

Page 10:


PS. As if you could ever catch me

Buhahahaha (sfx over Mahiro's head)


...I didn't know he thought of us like that

He's making fun of us!
I'll definitely catch him!!

Page 11:

Kaien-sama. If the prince returned, you should have called us

I thought of so first, but I'd rather keep my current door whole

And if Edelweiss-dono had gotten sight of him, anyone knows what would've happened

Yeah... You are right... ( sfx Over Pariel )

I'm very honoured to hear you compliment me

Umm... He wasn't praising you, Edelweiss-sama!!

..."I can't afford to be caught just yet"... Huh

Dear hero? (sfx over sister)

Prime minister! Kaien prime minister!

What is it?

I have an urgen report!

Page 12:

A hunter who had returned by the dawn
Said that he had seen a prince-like person traveling towards Razlka!!


Haah (SFXs over soldier)

Razlka you say...

What's wrong?

It's too noisy, I can't hear anything

Oh? (tiny sfx over sister)

We're done here. After I have the heroes leave
I will go report his majesty about this. Follow me, you two

Yes, sir!

I understand

Page 13:

So mahiro left Mismarca

The contents of the letter

And then Razlka...

Razlka kingdom
Grand Marsenal Empire

He may be drunk (Not literally. Japs have a way of saying someone's drunk when they get controlled by something they should control. Couldn't find better words so made it literal)

Drunk...? Do you mean prince?

Indeed, Perial

Or perhaps, you all as well...

Page 14-15:

A situation where a certain miracle, which should never happen, happens

There is no one who wouldn't feel happiness towards that moment

And if the opponent was princess Lunas of all, then even more reason to feel so

However, you must never think it was your own strength which let the miracle bloom

It might just have been one moment of extreme luck

This was my mistake, please forgive me, your majesty

I should have stopped him last night...

Doesn't your majesty...
Believe in prince Mahiro?

Pariel, do you intend to kill his highness?

No! I believe in prince...!

Were you remembering that smile without any worries her majesty, princess Lunas had?


You shouldn't underestimate the Empire

Page 16-17:

Once the sleeping lion bares its fangs, all we can do is face our doom

As his majesty says, that day we were just extremely lucky
There are no miracles in this world we live in

Believing in something that doesn't exist is what fools do

Then what do you have?
The sword you carry with you... And yourself. That's all

Sword and... Myself...

That's right. And be sure to remember

If his highness somehow were to lose his life

Page 18-19:

That same sword and you yourself have lost your meaning

Page 20:

Your majesty, please let me join the heroes in their search!!

Would you do that? My son brings you nothing but troubles

Thank you

Never forget what I said

Page 21:

The next morning

Ah! Kaien-sama! Edelweiss-sama!
I'll be off


Page 22:

I leave his highness in your hands

Yes ma'am

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