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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Sankarea 23

My... Feelings as well...

+ posted by Runte as translation on Dec 22, 2011 00:38 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 23


Sup? Simple's translator quit doing Sanka-Rea 'coz he lost interest. That's why Kesha asked me to do this one chapter. And, well... Here it is.

To Scanlators: If you don't work for Simple, do not use this script. Also, this needs to be proofread!

To Leechers: This script has not been proofread! I'm not a native speaker, so there will be typos and grammar mistakes! You've been warned! Also, this script is meant to be scanlated, so there are notes to proofreader and typesetter here and there. Do not mind them.


Page 01:

Love directs you to adulthood.

23th My... Feelings as well...

Page 02:

See you

It's hot today as well, so be within school buildin as much as possible


I will be careful

Good morning, board chairman

Oh, what are you wearing?!

Page 03:

What's with that poor looking hairband?!
Are you trying to draw men?! Others will start looking down on Sanjo (school name) students, so remove it at once!!

Eh... Ah... Yes ma'am... I'm sorry

For the grief...

Page 04:

Wha... What did you come here for?!

I- I- I- I... I'll have you arrested, you molester!!!


You pervert...!!


Eh... Furuya-kun, did you... Do something with my mother...?

Whisper Whisper (little sfx over the school girls)

Umm, nope. Nothing at all!!

Besides, it's not good to talk outside, so I should be..

Ah... You are right

Page 05:

Well then, I'll be off


Pervert (All 4 of the arrows)

Whisper Whisper (Two sfx close to tight edge, over the blonde)

Good morning

Page 06:

It's Rea-sama, a real one...


Sanka-san... I'm so glad

I was so surprised when I heard you'd gone missing

Yeah yeah, we were afraid you'd been involved in some incident

Page 07:

But I heard you were only exploring abondoned building, fell into an old well and could get out?

I didn't know you had such hobbies (lower right bubble)

Umm... Yeah...

So it's been told like that...

I also heard you were rescued by a firefighter who appeared there thanks to a fire that a lightning started. I'm just so glad you were found (lower left bubble)

It seems like all of you knew my story, but who did you hear that from...?

Yeah, it was Ranka-sempai

Ah!! Speak of a devil... Good morning, Sempai!!

Page 08:

Ooh, good morning, you two

Oh? Sempai had to change classes for the second period as well?

Yeah, for the next two and a half hours we're gonna enjoy some Noh play
We had that two weeks ago as well, but I don't understand one thing about it

Do you get anything about Noh, Rea-chan?

Eh? Ah... Yes, somewhat...

Page 09:

Tha~t's a rich g-i-r-l for yo~u (heart)

Um... Wanko-san

It seems you managed to explain everyone

Thank you for that

Aaa'ah, I wanted to go to that barbeque party with you guys as well

Ah, then, please come the next time!!

I bet that way

Furuya-kun will have much more fun as well


Page 10:

Ranko, we'll be late

Ah, sorry

See you later, give my regards to Chihiro


Did you have a barbeque? Sound too good

Haaah (outside the bubbles)

Thank god

I thought Wanko-san was angry with me, but...

It seems I was overthinking...

Page 11:

Alright, two outs

"I'm not going to care... If that monster attacks you again..."

I haven't heard of Wanko since that phonecall

Yasutaka, hit it! (no bubble)

Hit a comeback (no bubble)

One out left! (no bubble)

But that's not enough a reason for me to call her first...

It'll turn into something troublesome anyway (last panel, no bubble)

Page 12:


Game set!

Nice going


Nice one, Furuya!

You know, we found something amazing

When we went to have barbeque last time

Page 13:

There was this one cave full of ice under earth

I'd have wanted to show it to you as well

By the way, lately you seem to desappear every now and then, but what are you doing?




nBaabu (sfx over the door)

Myaaa (sfx next to it)

I see, so you made friends

Page 14:

Furuya-kun, going out this late?

Y... Yeah


Could it be Wanko-san's home?

Wh.. Why did you know?!

I don't know, somehow had that kind of feeling

Page 15:

I had a talk with Wanko-san at school today as well

She told me she regretted not going to barbeque with us
So I hope she makes it the next time

Page 16:


Damn.... It



Mmmhhh Damn...

You seriously won't get any better no matter how much you do it

Page 17:

Sh... Shut your mouth!


I thought you'd grow into more economical girl if I let you go to Sanjo, but...

Ranko's Mother
Saouji Kaoru

That's impossible!! I'm your daughter after all!

Ugh?! What do you mean by that?!

They're at it again...

Exactly what I said

Whaaat?! You delinquent

Who do you think feeds you here?!


What did you- You little...!!

Ranko's dad
Saouji Yasuki

Ranko-chan, there's a customer

Page 18:


Page 19:

Good evenii~ng!!!

Chihiro-chan, it's been a long time since you last came here. Ranko's room's the same dump as always, but come in

Y.. Yeah...

Stop that!

Well, I've already said this before, but remember that law permits cousins to get married
...Meaning that this route has a "Pregnancy ENDING" as well

Stop thaaat!!

Page 20:


Noo (He speaks english, so make it different front to make it understandable. For example big initial, small text and italics)

Oh my! (Same here)

A.. Aaahhhh! (might as well here too)

Gyaaaah! (And here)

Page 21:

Page 22:

... Hey, what did you...

It's been really long... Since we last watched DVD like this

Until one month ago it was natural...

Wh... What is that, so unlike you...
If you want to say something, just go and say it!!

I already told you...

Page 23:

... Those were
My true feelings...


Can't you think about how Rea feels?!
Why did you...

...I know, okay

Page 24:

I knwo what I said was horrible...

Even I was feeling terrible after I said that...


Even so, if I don't say that outloud... You won't notice it...

You get new scars day after day... At this rate, you'll get torn into shreds

I don't think of these as...

Page 25:

I don't like it...!!!

Until now... I tried my best enduring it... But
It's too...

It's impossible for me to stay calm...
And look how you get hurt...

Page 26:

Think... About...

... My feelings as well


Page 27:


Those bastards

Why won't they die?!

Don't come... Stop...
Ugh.. Gh.. Graaaaah!!

Page 28:

Page 29:

Wan... Ko...

...That right

I'll show you something awesome...

Page 30:

There's a girl called "Darin" staying at your house, right...?

I heard she came here to research Zombies...

Actually, when I visited her room before, I found out something

Page 31:


H.. Hey, that's...

Don't tell me...


Page 32:

I... Were to be reborn as a Zombie

Chihiro... Would you... Love... Me as well...?

Wai a-!


All because of love! (no bubble)

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#1. by Izirae ()
Posted on Dec 22, 2011
\o/ Awesome. And so fast, too. @_@
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Dec 22, 2011
How come you never comment on my tls, Izzzy?

Nothing less of Runte. Always there for a quicky^^
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