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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Tokkabu 1

The Jizo Head and the Hero in Pigtails

+ posted by Saan as translation on Jul 28, 2014 03:47 | Go to Tokkabu

-> RTS Page for Tokkabu 1

Tokkabu by Kuwabara Taku
Chapter 1: The Jizo head and the hero in pigtails.

Page 1

GIRL: You’re Kurage?

TEXT: With a little risk,
KURASHITA: When I’m on the job...
TEXT: You get a little relief from the boring every day monotony.
GIRL: ... We heard that, if we ask you, you can give us the questions and answers to the next test.

KURASHITA: One subject is 500 yen apiece.

KURASHITA: Three subjects at 1300 yen makes it a bit of a bargain.

GIRL: ...Then, we’ll take three subjects...
(Text: Whipped cream.)
(SFX: Splurt)

Page 2

RIGHT ORANGE TEXT: A hero x spy x club life= An after school detective story!
RIGHT WHITE TEXT: A new serial!
BIG ORANGE TEXT: Tokkabu, Tokubetsu kagaikatsudoubu (The special extracurricular activities club)
SMALL DARK ORANGE TEXT: We don’t realize it but, the world is flowing out like a heartbeat.
LARGE DARK ORANGE TEXT: If so then let’s find it and dive in!

Page 3

KURASHITA: Well then,
KURASHITA: Write your name, email, and the subjects you need on this.

YELLOW GIRL: We’ll really get them...?
YELLOW GIRL: ...By the way I’ve been wondering for a while, what are you eating?
WHITE GIRL: He’s for real!
WHITE GIRL: The stuff for the last midterm was completely accurate!
KURASHITA: An impromptu pineapple sandwich.

KURASHITA: Thanks very much.

GIRL: I heard you’re selling test questions and answers. How do I get them?
KURASHITA: That’s top secret, afraid I can’t answer that.
Page 4

GIRL: Oh....?
GIRL: I assume you have a business permit,
GIRL: Kurashita-kun?

GIRL: Come to the staff room after school.
GIRL: You wont run away?
(small text: crap...)

KURASHITA: ...No, ma’am.

FLYER: small text: Your chance to be a hero! large text: Calling all heroes!
KURASHTA: Hero show....?

Page 5

GIRL: Yep!
GIRL: It’s an event downtown the week after next, sponsored by the neighborhood association.
GIRL: There was a disagreement over the pay for the actors and production at the last minute, so they’re recruiting new actors.
GIRL: You’ll be participating in this for me.

KURASHITA: What do you mean by that...?

GIRL: Starting tomorrow for a week onward Kurashita-kun will be
GIRL: ordered to attend the “Tokkabu.”

GIRL: It’s all part of a larger plan.
GIRL: First off go to the club room and ask Miura Sensei about it. You’ll go every time right?
KURASHITA: Tokkabu...?

Page 6

(sign: Special Extra Curricular Activities Club)

KURASHITA: Is a storage shed...
(TEXT: Storage Unit 2)

KURASHITA: This is a club room...?

(SFX: clatter)
KURASHITA: Excuse--...me?

KURASHITA: Ah, are you from the Tokkabu?
KURASHITA: From...today on
KURASHITA: ... well.

NINOMIYA: You’re late! You’ve kept me waiting.

Page 7

NINOMIYA: I’m first year class two, Ninomiya Sawa!

NINOMIYA: I like strawberry mochi and my favorite color is red! It’s very nice to meet you!

KURASHITA: A girl...? ...And...has she been posing like that...always???

KURASHITA: Ni...Nice to meet you...?

Page 8

KURASHITA: Ninomiya-san...? Why did you join Tokkabu...?
NINOMIYA: To become a hero!

KURASHITA: Uh-... This...?
NINOMIYA: I’ve loved them ever since I was little!!
NINOMIYA: Colorful costumes and helmets and utility belts
NINOMIYA: Isn’t it romantic!

NINOMIYA: ...But, it’s not just ‘cause of that.

NINOMIYA: Because no matter what

NINOMIYA: Because no matter what I want to be the REAL THING!
NINOMIYA: I want to be a real hero!!

Page 9

KURASHITA: Come again?

NINOMIYA: I’ve been waiting for this!
NINOMIYA: Helping the weak, defeating evil! A heroic girl with only love and courage as her best friends!!
SENSEI: Oh- We’re all here.

(Sign: meeting room?)

SENPAI: That girl...She said, “I’m a hero!”...or something but...

ASARI: Hero huh...

NINOMIYA: Sensei! Why is Ant so great anyway?

Page 10

TEACHER: Did you listen to what I was talking about Ninomiya-san?

NINOMIYA: Ant didn’t help Grasshopper when he was about to die so
NINOMIYA: I don’t think he’s all that great.

ASARI: Sawa!
ASARI: Ant worked a ton all summer, while Grasshopper just sang and played, right?

NINOMIYA: But Grasshopper didn’t do anything wrong?
NINOMIYA: What if he was just so busy singing that he just forgot to gather food?

NINOMIYA: I think Ant sucks ‘cause he didn’t help Grasshopper.
NINOMIYA: If there’s someone crying in front of you you should help them!

Page 11

ASARI: Well...it probably suits her.

ASARI: But what exactly to heroes do, specifically..?

ASARI: Senpai
ASARI: What kind of club is “Tokkabu” anyway?
SENPAI: Tokkabu?
ASARI: I have a friend that joined recently...

SENPAI: Did your friend cause some kind of problem!?

ASARI: Well, I don’t think they’ve caused any problems yet but...?

SENPAI: Tokubetsu kagai katsudoubu...(The Special Extra Curricular Activities Club)
SENPAI: “Tokkabu” for short.
SENPAI: It was originally a volunteering centered extra curricular activities club that was established with lofty ideals.
SENPAI: ...However

Page 12

SENPAI: When a student ahead of his time appears and causes a major problem!
SENPAI: It was temporarily established to levy various penalties in the form of service...And direct the problem child before he drops out of school!

ASARI: Is that kid... Ok...?

SENSEI: So you put a listening device in the staff room and used a computer to periodically capture video,
SENSEI: And sent it to your own computer, giving you the test questions and answers.

SENSEI: Gave yourself the name “Kurage.”
NINOMIYA: Listening device...? ...Kurage...?
SENSEI: And dealt your goods to the students...

SENSEI: I’m not mistaken right?
SENSEI: Year one class one...

Page 13

SENSEI: Kurashita Kiyoharu.

KURASHITA: That’s me.

SENSEI: Why you...
SENSEI: Wasn’t cheating on a high level test like that difficult?
SENSEI: Why did you do that?
KURASHITA: ...Well. You could say I combined a hobby with practicality...
SENSEI: What’s that mean....

SENSEI: Well then.
SENSEI: With one more dragged on in...

SENSEI: How about we go with Ninomiya for club president?
NINOMIYA: Um...Sensei!!

Page 14

NINOMIYA: Instead of club president how about we change it to leader!?
SENSEI: ...Does that mean something?

SENSEI: Well, I showed my face here.
SENSEI: About Tokkabu’s activities from now on...

SENSEI: We don’t really have to do anything until the event two weeks from now...

SENSEI: Just clean this place up for now.
NINOMIYA: No way-!
SENSEI: Seeya.

NINOMIYA: He left.
KURASHITA: ...Can I go home too?

NINOMIYA: Kurage-san!
NINOMIYA: Shall we go on patrol anyway?

Page 15

NINOMIYA: ‘Cause if we hang around here nothing’s going to happen.
NINOMIYA: We have to go look on our own.

KURASHITA: What do you mean...look?
NINOMIYA: Isn’t it obvious?

NINOMIYA: For incidents!

KURASHITA: Uh-... Uhm...
KURASHITA: You’ve been saying stuff like heroes and patrol and incidents... I really don’t see what you mean...?

NINOMIYA: From today on Tokkabu will....

Page 16

NINOMIYA: Aid the weak, defeat evil, and conduct ourselves as heroes!

KURASHITA: I have no idea what that means! What do you mean conduct ourselves as heroes!
NINOMIYA: I order you as club president!
NINOMIYA: Stop fussing, we’re going!
NINOMIYA: Throw away your books, rally in the streets!
(Translator’s note: This is referencing an old Japanese film from the ‘70s. Wikipedia summary: A metaphor for Japan's descent into materialism, it follows a young man's disillusionment with the world around him and his determination to achieve something in life while his family members are content with their poor social and economic standing.)
(Small text: but nobody says that.)

KURASHITA: I’m pretty sure... Tokkabu isn’t that kind of club to begin with.

Page 17

NINOMIYA: That’s not true!
NINOMIYA: Namely, acts of service is helping people.
KURASHITA: Helping people...
NINOMIYA: ...equals being a hero, right!!

KURASHITA (thought bubble): That last bit was a kind of a leap but she doesn’t seem to realize that...
KURASHITA: And so you decided on your own to join this club?
NINOMIYA: Yeah, why?
NINOMIYA: After this I’ll get to dress like a hero!
KURASHITA: Uh-...Ok...

NINOMIYA: So you joined Tokkabu because you got caught for cheating, huh...?

NINOMIYA: Why did you do something that complex...?

KURASHITA: It’s a simple way to phrase it but
KURASHITA: For the thrill...I guess. But really,
KURASHITA: If you think of an ordinary midterm as a mission...

Page 18

KURASHITA: It kind of
KURASHITA: Gets your heart pounding.

NINOMIYA: Oh, well good!

NINOMIYA: I was a little worried. I thought you might be a villian.
KURASHITA: What do you mean by villain...

NINOMIYA: You’ve piqued my interest a little, Kurage-san.

Page 19

KURASHITA: By the way...

KURASHITA: Just where do we have to go to find incidents?

Page 20

NINOMIYA: It’s not anything spectacular.
NINOMIYA: Only obvious things will happen
NINOMIYA: People refer to it as the everyday.

KURASHITA: If incidents come out of the every day, I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to pull a complex cheat.
KURASHITA: You’re satisfied now? Let’s go home.
NINOMIYA: Muu---..
KURASHITA: We can’t search for something that’s not there.

NINOMIYA: Can’t search for something not there...

NINOMIYA: I know....!
NINOMIYA: We shouldn’t look!

Page 21

NINOMIYA: An incident, being an incident,
NINOMIYA: Can’t be restricted to just what we see.

KURASHITA: What are you even saying?

NINOMIYA: In other words

NINOMIYA: Even if we don’t see something as an incident, there might be one happening anyway.
NINOMIYA: From the time an incident is noticed,
NINOMIYA: It becomes an incident!!

NINOMIYA: For example..
(SFX: turns around)

NINOMIYA: That Jizo statue over there!

NINOMIYA: If you really look at this Jizo statue...

Page 22

(Small text: This Jizo statue...)

KURASHITA: .....Then?

KURASHITA: It’s like I said, right?

KURASHITA: Incidents are usually...
(SFX: wobble)


NINOMIYA: Kurage-san, help me!!
KURASHITA: It’s heavy!!
KURASHITA: Why does it fall down so easy!
MAN: Hey, what are you doing!

MAN: There we go.
KURASHITA: Sorry about that, thank you very much...

Page 23

NINOMIYA: I thought I was gonna die!!
KURASHITA: So...Sorry...
KURASHITA: I just leaned on it a little bit.
(SFX: grumble, grumble)
MAN: Ah-, it moved again.


MAN: Every two or three days here
MAN: The Nadejizo-san moves.
MAN: I bet just now he shifted from his pedestal again.
MAN: If he hadn’t he wouldn’t have fallen over just by getting leaned on.

NINOMIYA: Nadejizo?
MAN: I guess youngsters wouldn’t know... It’s pretty famous.
MAN: If you rub the ailing parts of your body while praying to this Jizo, your illness will be cured.
KURASHITA: And so it moves?
MAN: If you come in the morning sometimes it’s facing another way or has come off its pedestal.

Page 24

MAN: Like, are you trying to go somewhere or something?
MAN: Or so I’ve asked it.

NINOMIYA: ...Kurage-san.

NINOMIYA: It’s an incident!!
(SFX: triumph)
KURASHITA: ...”Ya see” what.

Page 25

(SFX: rattle, rattle)

KURASHITA: Woah..A really shady person came...
NINOMIYA: The stakeout was worth it, huh.
NINOMIYA: Ah! He’s headed for the Nadejizo!

(SFX: roughly)

Page 26

NIYOMIYA: That’s far enough!
(SFX: surprise)

NINOMIYA: It was you, huh? The one who moved the Nadejizo!
NINOMIYA: Just what do you plan to do with it!?
KURASHITA: She’s so peppy...

MAN: Wh...
MAN: What do you want!?

(SFX: crash)

(SFX: roll, roll, stop)

Page 27

(SFX: casually)

NINOMIYA: Eeeeeeeek!

NINOMIYA: Kurage-san, hold this a sec!
KURASHITA: Don’t give it to me!
NINOMIYA: What are you doing to it!?
(SFX: high pitched squeak)
MAN: Whuhh!? You just suddenly yelled at me so!

NINOMIYA: Ah! He ran away!!
Man: Tsk

NINOMIYA: I won’t let you get away!!
(SFX: dash)

Page 28

(SFX: thud)

(SFX: wham)
MAN: Ooof!

(SFX: big impact)

Page 29

MAN: Let me free!
NINOMIYA: I’ll do nothing of the sort!

MAN: My daughter...!!
MAN: My dear only daughter is sick in the hosital!!

MAN: I wan’t to give her the Nadejizo
MAN: So she can touch it!!

Page 30

(SFX: squeak)

(SFX: dash)

MAN: Thanks, for helping me this far...you’re good kids, you know...
NINOMIYA: Is your daughter doing that poorly?

MAN:...She may die...
NINOMIYA: Oh no...!!
MAN: If I let her go like this I could never face her mother.
(SFX: impact)

Page 31

MAN: Yesterday and the day before I tried to move the Jizo on my own but...it was just so heavy.
MAN: You kids were a blessing.

KURASHITA: Not like it matters or anything but this is coming pretty close to crime...
NINOMIYA: The law doesn’t matter if it’s in the name of justice!!

NINOMIYA: We will decide
NINOMIYA: The meaning of justice on our own!!

NINOMIYA: After all, the grey areas coming close to black are your specialty right, Kurage-san?

Page 32

NINOMIYA: Visiting hours are long over at this time of night.

NINOMIYA: Bringing in something this bizarre is just...
NURSE: Good work, have a good night.

KURASHITA: Well, I’d ordinarily think this is...pretty impossible but

KURASHITA: ...but this is the real deal, huh...

Page 33

NINOMIYA: It seems like our only invasion route this late is through the side entrance.
NINOMIYA: The problem is how we slip past the guard...

NINOMIYA: Kurage-san
NINOMIYA: You know of a way to do that?

KURASHITA: As for that

NINOMIYA: You do!?

KURASHITA: Who would have thought the day for me to use this thing would come...
(small text: Good thing I ordered it from abroad...)
(SFX: rummage, rummage)

NINOMIYA: What thing?

Page 34

KURASHITA: This is a directional sound wave creating device.
KURASHITA: If we use this
KURASHITA: I can create a sound that only be heard in a specific range.
KURASHITA: In stead of explaining

KURASHITA: I should just show you.

NINOMIYA: Uhhh..Do you always walk around with that thing, Kurage-san?

NINOMIYA: Kurage-san, just...

NINOMIYA: What are you exactly!?
KURASHITA: Uh...not really anything.

Page 35

KURASHITA: If I had to say,
KURASHITA: I’m an amateur spy...I guess.

TEXT: You could say I combined a hobby with practicality...
TEXT: If you think of a midterm as a mission...
NINOMIYA: Then the cheating was also...!?

NINOMIYA: Spy work!? Kurage-san?
NINOMIYA: Kurage-san’s a spy!? Spy!!
(SFX: sparkles)
KURASHITA: Ca...Calm down.
MAN: Are these kids ok?

Page 36

(SFX: step)


(SFX: glance)

(SFX: squeeze)

Page 37

(SFX: click)
(SFX: impact)

(SFX: whoosh)

(SFX: crash!!)

NINOMIYA: Ah! He came out!
(SFX: clack)
(SFX: turn, turn)

KURASHITA: Now’s our chance!

Page 38

(SFX: Clatter)

GIRL: Eeeeh!?
MAN: Hey, how are you feeling?
GIRL: Dad!? Why? What are you doing here!!?

GIRL: Visiting hours are long...
GIRL: ...? Who are you guys..??
MAN: Shhh! Don’t speak so loudly! We’d be in a lot of trouble if we got caught!!
NINOMIYA: Great work on that diversion! I bet style is your middle name!

MAN: This is for you.

Page 39

MAN: It’s a Nadejizo.
MAN: If you rub the ailing parts of your body on it you should be healed forever.

GIRL: That’s would be bad luck instead!!
(small text: is it alive...?)
MAN: They say it’s incredibly miraculous!
NINOMIYA: By the way, the body is right here ma’am.

GIRL: A...
GIRL: Are you stupid!?

GIRL: Hurry up and put that thing back!! Don’t leave it there!
MAN: Bu...But
MAN: But I’m just...!

MAN: Your father is worried about you...
MAN: Your mother passed,
MAN: And I thought just in case of the worst...

Page 40

GIRL: Looks like there’s no helping it...Gosh..
GIRL: I’m ok Dad, so don’t worry about me.

GIRL: Sorry, you guys.
GIRL: Dad’s always been a worrier.
GIRL: Mom died of illness so it just caused him to worry more...
GIRL: He’s actually just really dramatic...

GIRL: At most this is just appendicitis...
(SFX: puzzled)
NINOMIYA: Appendicitis?
KURASHITA: That’s not what you told us before.

Page 41

GIRL: Thanks Dad.

MAN: Just have whatever you like.
NINOMIYA: I’ll have a large side serving of gyouza!
KURASHITA: Give it a rest
KURASHITA: You ate earlier too, right?

MAN: I feel...that a little weight has been taken off my shoulders..Thanks to you kids.

Page 42

MAN: Thank you so much.
MAN: Yeah, they’re not even listening.
NINOMIYA: Gulp...gulp...
RAMEN GUY: What about that gyouza?
KURASHITA: Ah...forget it.

KURASHITA: But that Jizo head...
KURASHITA: It would be great if that didn’t turn around as bad luck on us...

(SFX: tremble, tremble)
KURASHITA: Ah...I mean...

NINOMIYA: There will be no bad luck. Thanks for the food.
(SFX: gasp)

NINOMIYA: Now...the one who really needed that Jizo-san most
NINOMIYA: was you, Oji-san.

Page 43

NINOMIYA: He’d even overlook his head.
NINOMIYA: For sure

NINOMIYA: Well Oji-san
NINOMIYA: Look after your daughter.

MAN: Just who exactly are you...

Page 44

(SFX: swish)

NINOMIYA: We’re merely...

NINOMIYA: HEROES passing by!

Page 45

MAN: Heroes...
MAN: ...huh.

NINOMIYA: There, I revised it!

NINOMIYA: The founding of The 12th (apparently) Tokkabu

Page 46

NINOMIYA: Will be here!

NINOMIYA: I proclaim it!
KURASHITA: Yeah, yeah.

Page 47

MAN: What’s this?
MAN: Looks like there’s a scarf around him today!
MAN: Haha! It almost looks as if it’s happy.

MAN: Kekeke
(SFX: pat pat)
MAN: It suits you, it suits you!

(SFX: Surprise)
(SFX: tumble)

NINOMIYA: Why don’t we change our club name to the special extra curricular Tokars squadron?
KURASHITA: Nah, I’m telling you we’re not that kind of club.

(Side text: Our “after school” had begun!)

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