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Liar Game - Roots of A Oneshot : roots of A #2

The yet peaceful, blissful days...

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Aug 18, 2010 17:00 | Go to Liar Game - Roots of A

Phew, that was wordy. Mostly done in the wee hours past midnight, so if there are any errors, you know why ^^; Free for use in scanlations etc - please PM me.

Magazine Cover
Right (Downwards): Is your lie real?
Left (Green): 31 pages with cover colour!!
Left (Yellow): In celebration of the opening of the movie
Left (White): Liar Game: The Final Stage
Left: (Yellow in blue oval): Road Show at all Touhou cinemas on 6th March (Saturday)!!!
Left: (Yellow in circle): New One-Shot
Left: LIAR GAME roots of A #2

Page 00

Right: Just simply believing--
Right: That in itself was justice
Left (slanted): The anticipated new volume
Left (black oval): YJC Volume 11
Left (white): On sale 19th February (Friday)!! YJC "LIAR GAME" Volumes 1~10 on sale with rave reviews!
Left (bullet points): The drama's second season has been swiftly novelized! "Novel: LIAR GAME Season2" written by Hamasaki Tatsuya on sale 19th February (Friday)!!
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Left (brown): The series has sold over 4,000,000 copies in total!!
Bottom (red): Get close to the brain of genius Akiyama Shinichi in the second installation of this highly-rated series!!

Page 01
Box (right): From here, we turn back the clock to July, five years ago
Box (left): Teito University, Humanities Faculty, Behavioural Sciences

Box (right): Here, was a young Akiyama Shinichi
Title: The yet peaceful, blissful days...
Box (bottom left): Akiyama Shinichi (22) Teito University 4th Year Humanities Faculty

Box (right 1): Teito University... An elite university said to have the hardest entry requirements
Box (right 2): Akiyama had, at this time, just decided to further his studies in behavioural sciences
Iwashita: Professor Okabe!! Is Professor Okabe in!?
SFX: (knocking)
Akiyama: !?

Iwashita: I have something I most definitely must discuss with you, an authority on criminal psychology!!
Box(left): Iwashita Mitsumasa (63) Science Faculty Professor of Environmental Science

Page 02
Okabe: What have we here? This is rare. What business does a Science Faculty professor like Iwashita-san have in the Humanities Faculty?
Box (right): Teito University Humanities Faculty Professor of Behavioural Sciences Okabe Yukiya (62)
Iwashita: No, no, something terrible has happene...d?
Iwashita: Who are you?
Akiyama: Ah... I'm a student from Professor Okabe's seminar. I've just become a graduate student. My name is Akiyama.

Iwashita: Is that so! Going to graduate school and continuing your research, have you? You have a wonderful zest for learning
Iwashita: It's something to look forward to, right, Professor Okabe
Akiyama: Please excuse me

Iwashita: That's right... The terrible thing I was talking about just now, that was something that, for some strange reason, involves the graduate school
Iwashita: Actually
Iwashita: Our Science graduate school's entrance examination questions have been stolen by someone
Akiyama: !!

Okabe: If I remember correctly... The one who was setting the examination questions for environmental sciences was Professor Iwashita, correct?
Iwashita: Correct. I kept the original securely in a drawer under lock and key, but...

Page 03
Iwashita: It appears that someone among the examinees in our university
Iwashita: Has secretly taken a look at them

Iwashita: In this day and age, you have things like super lightweight digital cameras, so you can get a copy of the original in a jiffy
Iwaashita: Looking back, most of the students knew I was the one setting the exam this time
Okabe: Hold on, hold on
Okabe: Aren't you jumping the gun a little too much?

Okabe: Could it just be a simple mistake?
Iwashita: No, no, it's neither a mistake nor a misunderstanding
Iwashita: I put the original into a file and put the file in the 17th slot of my office desk drawer as I always did...
Iwashita: But one day, I returned to my room after a meeting and found the file in the 15th slot

Okabe: ....
Iwashita: No, no, and there're still more incongruous details
Iwashita: I normally lock the drawer which I put the original in. I call it a lock, but it's really a digital lock where you need to align four numbers to open it
(arrow pointing "here")
Okabe: And that lock was open?
Iwashita: No, it was locked

Page 04
Iwashita: Whenever I lock it, I always set the number to 0000
Iwashita: But this time, it was somehow 3105!

Iwashita: Do you get it? When I was out of the office, someone must have fiddled with the lock
Okabe: I see
Okabe: Who knew of the code for the lock?
Iwashita: No-one
Iwashita: I've never revealed the code to anyone, and I always made it a point to only open that drawer when no-one was around

Okabe: That means there isn't a single soul in this school capable of opening that lock...
Okabe: In principle, anyway

Okabe: In the first place, is the lock sturdy?
Iwashita: Certainly
Iwashita: That desk was something my wife, who's a nurse, was using at work until the year before last. Satoko, my wife, also used that drawer to keep all her important documents. There are absolutely no problems with its security

Page 05
Okabe: Then it shouldn't have been opened by anyone, right?
Okabe: However, we're talking about a 4-digit simple combination lock here
Okabe ... Meaning the possible combinations number over 10,000

Iwashita: But if you have the tenacity to try all 10,000 over combinations
Iwashita: Sooner or later you'll hit the jackpot

Iwashita: As for my room, it's relatively open for students to come and go every day
Iwashita: Many students come with questions or to hand in reports. I give them lots of those to do, so there are students who simply leave their reports on my table when I'm out

Iwashita: Most likely, the culprit entered my room numerous times under the guise of handing in his report or something, and tried his hand at the dial bit by bit each time
Iwashita: And finally he was able to break the code and did the deed... Yes, that must be the case
Okabe: Hmmmm
Iwashita: Actually
Iwashita: I already have a suspect in mind

Page 06
Iwashita: There's a 4th year Environmental Sciences student by the name of Aratani Kouichi
Iwashita: No matter how you look at it, he's suspicious

Akiyama: !! Aratani...
Akiyama: My high school classmate Aratani!?
Okabe: Hou, why do you think that student is the culprit?
Iwashita: You see, that guy was always a problematic student. In the past, there was a case when he got drunk and committed acts of violence, and caused me a whole lot of trouble as the discipline master
(TN: he literally says "public morals committee head" but uh, I felt that was weird so I changed it to "discipline master". I figure they're both supposed to take charge of wayward students and pound some morals into them after all)

Iwashita: After that, he did not have a change of heart and devote himself to studying
Iwashita: His attendance is borderline, his credits are borderline, and with grades like that he couldn't get a job. He didn't want to become jobless, so he hurriedly said he'd go to graduate school
Iwashita: But despite his poor grades, he was able to get top marks in the science paper for the graduate school entrance examinations
Iwashita: This is definitely suspicious! I can't find an explanation for it other than his having known the exam questions beforehand!

Page 07
Akiyama: Aratani's not that kind of guy!!
Iwashita: Dowaah!!

Iwashita: What? You? You overheard it? Our conversation?
Akiyama: I apologise for eavesdropping on your conversation... However
Akiyama: I couldn't stand to see such accusations being hung on my close friend Aratani
Akiyama: Aratani may well be crude, but he's really a serious and honest guy
Akiyama: In your own words, you said that the original was peeked at, but isn't it too much of a stretch to hang such an accusation on Aratani with just what you have stated?
Iwashita: Fu...

Iwashita: I have reasons other than these to suspect him
Akiyama: !!

Page 08
Iwashita: The day my drawer was tampered with...
Woman: Ah... Around that time, I saw Aratani the 4th year leaving your room
Man: Ah, wasn't it Aratani-kun?
Man: Around that time, I saw him running off somewhere.

Akiyama: !?
Akiyama: Numerous people saw Aratani!?
Iwashita: How's that? I'm not just suspecting him because of my impression of him...

Akiyama: Aratani-kun did...?
Akiyama: No way...

Iwashita: I knew Professor Okabe wouldn't know about this Aratani student, so I brought along his profile documents
Iwashita: In addition... I alo brought his answer script so you could see his handwriting
Iwashita: Profiling... Was that what it's called? That thing you use to deduce the culprit with things like this
Iwashita: Would you do that for me? With regards to Aratani.

Page 09
Okabe: I'll try my best for now but... This is too little data to do a profile with
Okabe: I'm not sure I'll be able to produce the results you want
Okabe: If, as Professor Iwashita says, the culprit returned to try the lock code numerous times over many days and finally peeked at the answers in the drawer, then this was quite the time-consuming crime

Okabe: From a criminal psychologist's perspective, it's rare for those dabbling in crime for the first time to jump straight into something elaborate like this. When you investigate into those who commit such crimes, you'll almost always find that they've committed a less serious variation of it before

Okabe: If we can find proof that this student Aratani has committed shoplifting or theft, then we can say that he has sufficient disposition to commit a crime like this one
Okabe: Akiyama-kun
Akiyama: ... Yes

Page 10
Okabe: If you are a friend of Aratani-kun, how about you investigate whether he has such a past behind him?

Akiyama: .... Alright
Iwashita: Akiyama-kun, you've definitely got your facts wrong. That guy's a good-for-nothing
Iwashita: If you get at him, I'm sure you'll be able to dig up lots of dirt
(TN: He literally said "if you hit him, I'm sure there'll be a lot of dust")

Box (right): The next day, I asked Aratani out for a drink for the first time in ages
Aratani: Cheee~~rs!!
Aratani: But you know, it's been ages, hasn't it, Akiyamaa! How've you been--?
Akiyama: How long has it been? We last saw each other was during our compulsory education, so we haven't seen each other in nearly 2 years?
Aratani: Yeah... Yeah

Aratani: When we declare our majors, we're going to be in different campuses and we'll both get busy right--
Box (bottom left): Aratani Kouichi (21) 4th Year Science Faculty Environmental Sciences

Page 11
Akiyama: I heard you took the graduate school exam?
Aratani: Yeah
Aratani: Because I failed all the tests for getting employment
Aratani: We're really at a standstill with regards to employment. Not too long ago, you'd definitely get somewhere, somehow, just on the brand name of Teito University, but to think I failed all of them...

Aratani: ... So, I couldn't quit schooling... That's how I felt. Since it'd be uncool to be a jobless graduate
Akiyama: ..... Just as Professor Iwashita said

Aratani: How 'bout you, what job have you got?
Akiyama: I decided to further my studies
Akiyama: It was announced yesterday for the Humanities Faculty. I got through safely.
Aratani: Is that so!! Congratulations!! Great!! That calls for a celebration!! Today's on me!!
Akiyama: It's okay, you don't have to

Aratani: No need to be polite, I'll just have you treat me when I pass too
Akiyama: I see, thank you for today, then
Aratani: Our announcement's only going to be next week-- I wonder if I passed alright -- I really studied my ass off this time--
Akiyama: ....

Page 12

Akiyama: Hey... How were you these 2 years?
Aratani: Well, here and there
Aratani: I changed girlfriends 2 or 3 times... Or so I've imagined

Aratani: I've been involved in societies, got a part-time job, spent time job-hunting... Somehow, in a blink of an eye, it was 2 years--
Akiyama: For some reason
Akiyama: I heard you ran into some trouble

Aratani: Eh!?
Aratani: Ahh
Aratani: Something like that did happen, I guess
Akiyama: What happened?
Aratani: It wasn't that big a deal
Aratani: I just got embroiled in a little tussle

Akiyama: I see...
Akiyama: It was true after all
Akiyama: He really did get violent...
Akiyama: So much for "wasn't that big a deal"... That's a pretty big deal, isn't it?
Akiyama: That single incident formed the basis of the doubt Professor Iwashita harbours with respect to his character

Aratani: And how about you?
Aratani: Got a girlfriend?
Akiyama: My personal issues don't matter shit here!

Page 13

Akiyama: Where were you
Akiyama: Around 2 o'clock on the Monday 2 weeks ago?

Aratani: Eh?
Aratani: What's with that? Out of nowhere...
Akiyama: You were in Professor Iwashita's room, weren't you?
Akiyama: Why were you there?

Aratani: Ah... That day huh
Aratani: I went to ask him something about environmental engineering that I couldn't get no matter what. In any case, I was in a panic because it was a week before the graduate school entrance exams then
Akiyama: But at that time, Professor Iwashita wasn't in
Akiyama: He was at a 3rd year lecture

Akiyama: If you were going to ask a question, then lecture times should have been out, right?
Aratani: Ahh, I forgot all about it. I should have at least checked the timetable.
Aratani: ....
Akiyama: And?
Akiyama: Why did you run away from there?
Aratani: Huh? Run away?
Akiyama: That day, at that time, you were seen by many running away from there

Page 14
Aratani: What the hell is up with that!! You make it sound like I did something really bad!!
Aratani: Just what the hell is wrong with you today? You've been totally off!!
Akiyama: I'll lay it out for you

Akiyama: Professor Iwashita says that the original copy of the graduate school entrance exam he kept in his drawer got peeked at
Akiyama: And the suspicion is on you

Aratani: What!? Me!?
Aratani: But I didn't even know the original copy of the exam was being kept in the professor's room!
Akiyama: Then why were you running?

Aratani: I wasn't running!!
Aratani: I was chasing someone!!
Akiyama: Chasing someone?

Page 15
Aratani: When I went to the professor's room, there was a lady in her 50s leaving in a hurry
Aratani: So I was sure the professor was in...
Aratani: Eh? No-one's in
Aratani: But that woman just...
Aratani: Who was that? Huh
Aratani: I've never seen her before around the faculty before.... She couldn't be...
Aratani: A suspicious character!?

Araani: ... So I hurried and chased after that lady, but I couldn't find her anywhere...
Akiyama: .....
Akiyama: Was that true? All that...

Aratani: It's true!!
Aratani: Are you doubting me!?
Akiyama: ... Ah, no
Akiyama: I didn't mean it that way...
Aratani: I've had enough!!
Aratani: I'm leaving!!

Page 16
Aratani: What a pity
Aratani: I came here today thinking I'd have a fun time drinking with you

Akiyama: ....

Okabe: How did it go? The thing with Aratani-kun
Akira: As for that, I was unable to get him to talk to the point of uncovering his past. But he says he didn't know anything about the issue with the examination questions
Okabe: What's your own opinion?
Akiyama: ....

Akiyama: I don't know...
Akiyama: .... Or rather, I'm irritated with myself for not knowing
Akiyama: At being told "Are you doubting me!?" when I saw him for the first time in ages

Page 17
Akiyama: I should have been angry that Professor Iwashita was suspecting Aratani, but before I knew it, I'd come to doubt him as well
Akiyama: ... I'm the worst

Okabe: ...
Okabe: Is that really so?
Okabe: I don't think its necessarily bad to doubt a person
Akiyama: !?

Okabe: Doubting a person... Is a natural action
Okabe: Even if that person is a close friend, a lover, a parent, or a child...
Akiyama: ....
Okabe: Why do humans doubt each other? That's because they want to know about the other person
Okabe: Not doubting them would be not showing any interest in him... It's not the same as believing in someone

Okabe: There was a period of time during which you did not see Aratani-kun
Okabe: During that time, various things happened to Aratani-kun: the violence incident, failing to get a job...
Okabe: But you didn't know about any of them until you heard it from Professor Iwashita, right?
Akiyama: !!

Page 18
Okabe: You shouldn't be regretting doubting him
Okabe: You should be regretting not showing him any concern these 2 years while calling him a good friend

Akiyama: Please... Excuse me

Aratani: ? What's up?
Aratani: Calling me out to such a place...
Akiyama: First, I want to apologise for my impoliteness the other time. Sorry
Akiyama: ... And for not being able to notice that you were worrying and suffering because of various things over these 2 years
Akiyama: I'm sorry

Page 19
Aratani: It's alright
Aratani: I'm in the wrong too

Akiyama: Eh
Aratani: I, too, put a lid on all the things I didn't want to remember and didn't tell a good friend like you anything. I knew you came to meet me because you were worried.
Aratani: That's why
Aratani: Today, I'll tell you all about the incident in question...

Aratani: That day, I was drinking with my buddies from my societies. Although we broke up after two meetings, I was really~ excited over a senior who had been good to me getting a job offer so the two of us moved on to another shop and ended up drinking till morning
Senior: We're gonna drink till we get all drunk today--
Aratani: Gyahaha we already are all drunk, Senpai--
(TN: Senpai = senior; it's a way of addressing them)
Aratani: It was at that moment. A car exiting a carpark lightly hit my senior
Senior: Ouch!
Aratani: Ah!

Aratani: Are you alright!? Senpai!!
Aratani: Oi! Get out of your car!
Aratani: You bastard-- You just hit someone!! Get down here!!
Aratani: The driver had a worried look on his face, and you could tell he knew he had hit someone
Aratani: Just then
Aratani: A guy across the road gave him some signal.. And then

Aratani: The car suddenly started off
Aratani: Hey! Wait a minute!!
Aratani: Trying to run away!?!

Page 20
Aratani: It was then. The man who had given the signal earlier blocked my path when I tried to chase after him.
Aratani: !!
Aratani: What the hell? Get lost
Aratani: I get it, you're one of that driver's friends, ain't ya?
Aratani: Wanna make me forget anything happened, are ya...

Aratani: As if I'd let ya!!

Guy: Oi!! Call the police!
Guy: You saw him, didn't you!? He suddenly hit me!!
Aratani: Huh!?

Aratani: I thought having the police would be a good thing, but things took a turn for the worse when the police didn't even investigate into the hit-and-run, only investigating the incident of my hitting the guy
Aratani: There was a whole bunch of the driver's friends gathered there and they banded together to declare that "there was no hit-and-run incident". The fact that my senior was uninjured and that we were drunk totally backfired on us.

Page 21
Aratani: Even worse, it became such that both my senior and I had hit the guy
Aratani: In the end, the guy who got hit asked for compensation in exchange for not filing a lawsuit...
Guy: Oh... I'll let you settle this out of court
Guy: With 1,000,000 yen
Aratani: Huh!? You've gotta be joking
Guy: You sure it's okay the be saying something like that?

Guy: I can blow this whole matter out of proportion if you'd like, you know
Guy: And when I do that, I wonder what'll happen to your precious senior's job offer, huh?
Aratani: Ugh...
Aratani: It seems the guy had found out about my senior's job offer through the police records

Aratani: I didn't have a choice, so I accepted the settlement terms
Aratani: I worked my ass off at my part-time job and paid off the 1,000,000 yen
Akiyama: ...

Aratani: From then on, it was just a downward spiral
Aratani: I wasn't able to attend lessons because I was working jobs
Aratani: Naturally, I could earn any credits, and if I did, I barely made the mark with a "pass"
Akiyama: ....
Aratani: My grades were poor, so the assessment for the employment examinations were tough, and as a result I wasn't able to get any employment
Aratani: I had a change of attitude and decided to give graduate school a go. I really studied like my life depended on it. I studied way harder than I did when I was studying to get into Teito.

Page 22
Aratani: But my fervent studying backfired on me
Aratani: Now that I've been wrongly accused when all I did was finally score well...

Akiyama: We won't take this lying down!!
Akiyama: Don't worry, Aratani!! I'll definitely uncover the truth about your wrong accusation!!
Aratani: Akiyama...
Aratani: Thank you
Aratani: I'm satisfied knowing at least that you are willing to stand on my side
Akiyama: Because I didn't want to be a coward. I... thought about a lot of stuff since that day
Akiyama: I got all worked up at the bar and couldn't think properly
Akiyama: But when I calmed down and thought about it, I realised
Akiyama: That there are way too many holes in the professor's hypothesis...

Page 23
Aratani: ?
Akiyama: According to Professor Iwashita's hypothesis, the culprit committed the crime within the 90 minutes during which he was having a lecture...
Akiyama: But it's impossible to crack the code on the lock in just 90 minutes, so it's definite that the person must have gone into the professor's room numerous times and kept trying at the code

Akiyama: ... And that day, he finally succeeded in opening the drawer
Akiyama: And peeked at the original copy of the graduate school entrance exam that was in it... Or so he says

Akiyama: But here's where there's a huge contradiction

Akiyama: Up until then, whenever the culprit tried to crack the code, he would always set the lock back to 0000 when he left
Akiyama: Because the lecturer himself always left it as 0000... That's what he told me
Akiyama: In that case, on the day of the crime, too, the lock should have been set back to 0000, yet on that day alone, the dial was left at 3105
Akiyama: It's strange for such a thing to happen on the actual day of the crime when prior to this the criminal had been so careful

Akiyama: ... Meaning that the professor's hypothesis is mistaken
Aratani: ... Meaning what? You couldn't mean that that day was the first time the culprit attempted to crack the lock and managed to do so with a random guess by some stroke of luck and opened the drawer...
Akiyama: Yeah, you could say that

Page 24
Akiyama: But that, too, has its impossibilities

Akiyama: Try thinking like someone about to become a thief. When you arrive at the drawer, you find that the lock is still in tact but the dial has been set to 8473. What would you do?
Aratani: !
Aratani: What would I do?
Aratani: I'd think that the owner must always randomly reset the numbers after locking the drawer...
Akiyama: That's what you would think, right?

Akiyama: Then, what if it was 0000
Aratani: That...
Aratani: ... Ah!
Aratani: I'd think that the owner always resets it to 0000 every time!
Akiyama: Correct
Akiyama: That's definitely what one would think

Akiyama: In other words, anyone feeling guilty after touching that drawer would definitely set it back to 0000
Aratani: ... But the dial was set to 3105.... What does that mean...?
Akiyama: It means that whoever touched that drawer had a valid reason to do so

Page 25
Akiyama: That day, you say you saw a woman exiting the room
Akiyama: It wouldn't be much of a stretch to think that that person had opened the drawer, would it?
Aratani: Hold on

Aratani: No-one knew the code for the dial, right?
Aratani: Furthermore, even if there was a valid reason, if anyone was going to open the drawer in the professor's absence, they'd leave a note or something, right? I went into the room right after her, but I didn't see anything of the sort
Akiyama: She was running as she left the room, right? She may have been in a rush

Akiyama: Maybe she intended to leave a note or something, but couldn't find a pen or paper
Akiyama: Yet, she wanted to make it obvious she had been there. That was through...
Akiyama: Leaving the dial at 3105

Aratani: !?
Aratani: ... Meaning? That this leaving of the dial at 3105 was some planned thing that was supposed to be a replacement for leaving a note?
Akiyama: ... Well, that's what I'm inferring for now

Akiyama: ... But if that was the case
Akiyama: Then we need to find a piece of solid evidence to uncover the truth
Aratani: ...?
Akiyama: And so, the next say when I told Professor Iwashita my own theories, things took a sudden change

Page 26
Iwashita: I'm sorry Aratani-kun!
Iwashita: I was in the wrong--!!

Aratani: ??
Aratani: What happened?
Akiyama: Hehe
Akiyama: My theory being spot on happened

Akiyama: Before you came here, I told him about the truth behind the violence incident, your having to pay off the compensation money and being unable to attend classes
Akiyama: When I did that, the professor retracted everything
Iwashita: Aratani-kun, I had always misunderstood you

Iwashita: I'm sorry--- Please forgive me!
Aratani: No, no, more importantly
Aratani: Who was the culprit who opened the drawer...?
Akiyama: Hehehe
Akiyama: The professor said that not a single soul knew the code to the dial
Akiyama: But when I thought over what had been said about the incidents of that day, I realised there was one person who did know the code

Page 27
Iwashita: Certainly
Iwashita: That desk was something my wife, who's a nurse, was using at work until the year before last. Satoko, my wife, also used that drawer to keep all her important documents. There are absolutely no problems with its security)
Akiyama: The desk was originally used by his wife
Akiyama: ... Meaning that his wife would know the code to the lock

Iwashita: It was negligence on my part
Iwashita: I didn't think my wife would come down to the university that day and open my drawer...

Aratani: Eh!!
Aratani: Then the woman I saw that day was the professor's wife...?
Iwashita: Yes, without a doubt
Iwashita: Actually, there was a document she needed to submit to a government office by 3pm that day, but I had brought it to the university and forgotten all about it

Iwashita: She was all flustered over it, and searched the whole house for it
Iwashita: She said, 'but knowing you, couldn't you have taken it to the university and put it into the important documents drawer...' and hopped into a taxi and found that to be true
Aratani: So that's why the file changed positions too
Akiyama: ... Didn't either of you mention it until now?
Iwashita: I'm ashamed... Both of us work so we mostly live life passing each other by

Page 28
Iwashita: This wouldn't have happened if she'd just left a note or something
Akiyama: I'm sure she meant to do that
Akiyama: But maybe she was in a rush and couldn't find a pen or paper

Akiyama: Left without any other choice, your wife tried to tell you that she had been by through another means. The dial that read 3105
Akiyama: Sa-To-Ko
(TN: 3=SAn, 10=TOo, 5=go, which is the voiced consonant version of KO. Satoko is Iwashita's wife's name, as mentioned earlier)

Aratani: Ahh!
Aratani: I see

Iwashita: However, I didn't take note of the number at all... I got a huge shelling for that
Wife: Eh!? You didn't notice!?
Wife: Just how dense can you get, dear!!
Iwashita: ... I simply couldn't tell her that I ended up suspected that a student had broken in
Akiyama: Your wife is scary, isn't she?
Iwashita: Yeah
Iwashita: Anyway, Aratani-kun

Page 29
Iwashita: I'm really sorry for suspecting you

Aratani: Doubting people is a necessary course of action for one to believe in someone... Apparently that's what Professor Okabe teaches
Iwashita: !?

Aratani: I don't have a problem with the professor suspecting me. If there was anything I had a problem with, it would, on the contrary, be that you were not suspecting enough... If you had been more suspecting in everything, then perhaps this misunderstanding of me being the culprit and such would not have arisen
Aratani: But then... Through this incident, the professor has come to understand the real me... So I'll let all this pass
Aratani: More importantly...

Page 30
Aratani: Please teach me lots of things in graduate school
Aratani: Please

Iwashita: ... Yeah
Iwashita: Of course

Box 1: Doubting someone is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is something that you do to get to know the person better. What is really bad is not being concerned at all.
Box 2: Akiyama, too, repeated those words in his heart

Box (right): And even now, Professor Okabe's teachings have remained and lived on in Akiyama's heart for 5 years
Splash: His teacher's words remain even now!!
Box (left): Even on this stage called "Liar Game"...


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#1. by Kajii ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2010
hi, there is a group already done, just let you know..


btw thank you for translation ^_^

Any chance are you interesting do this author's other series call one outs?
#2. by Akiyama ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2010
Thank you saladesu!!!

@Kajii - You released roots of A #1, no one has scaned #2 yet. ^_^

OMFGG scans are slowly picking up One Outs
#3. by Kajii ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2010
oh really there is volume 2?

i just read the translation, thank u Akiyama for head up :D

one outs: well original i was from noname-scan i was start from volume 1 somehow i have lack with translator..

saladesu, im totally interesting do this.. i will pm u

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