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Psyren 137

The Sun and the Moon

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Oct 2, 2010 06:05 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 137

Free for use in scanlations, PM please and remember to credit :)

Aori: Ageha is now dyed the colour of Melchsee!
CALL.137 "The Sun and the Moon"
Iwashiro Toshiaki
Miroku: ...... -- What is that power...

Miroku: !!
Amamiya: No way...!!
Ageha: "Lance"

Miroku: !!!

Amamiya: What strength...!!

Amamiya: The true power of Melchsee's is released when he uses Nova...!!
Amamiya: That the Melchsee's Door is nothing but a fraction of that strength...!!
Amamiya: Yoshina realised it back then...
Amamiya: The latent power that lay sleeping within himself
Amamiya: Yoshina's turbulent emotions of rage are being transmitted this far via Trance...!!
Amamiya: No, Yoshina...!! Don't get consumed by Melchsee's...!!

Miroku: Kuku... You are just like death incarnate, consigned to oblivion in hell
Miroku: The twin, antipodal star of I, who manipulate all life... -- The Sun and the Moon...!
Miroku: It was fate that we were to meet again
Miroku: Drawn by my light... You awaken to your true power!
Ageha: !!

Miroku: However, I am unsurpassable
Miroku: This is... The power of I, who stand at the acme of this new world
Miroku: The light of the creation of the world, achieved by absorbing a multitude of lives--
Miroku: ... This is the end

Miroku: "Sephira Gate" (TN: kanji reads "gate of life")
Miroku: Open
Amamiya: Yoshina!!!

Miroku: What's this...!!

Miroku: ... Why!? Why can't you understand me when you possess such great power?
Miroku: Why do you not try to understand me...?
Miroku: What meaning was there in a world that contradicted itself, with powerless trash struggling and yet destroying everything because they did not understand?
Miroku: There is no hope....! If we are to slowly head toward destruction, surrounded by fools who do not realise anything...
Miroku: Then there is no choice but to destroy this world and resurrect it anew by this hand!!
Miroku: That is the single correct path!!
Ageha: -- I have no intention...
Ageha: Of even attempting to understand what you're trying to say

Ageha: You go right on ahead on that path you think is correct
Ageha: And I'll just go ahead on the path I think is correct
Ageha: I won't forgive you
Ageha: I'll destroy you right here
Miroku: Then die this instant!!

Amamiya: What...!? Amagi Miroku's body is...!!!
Amamiya: Losing power rapidly...!!
Amamiya: Amagi Miroku's body is not made of Illumina, but formed of all the life energy he absorbed from others...
Amamiya: Now... It is crumbling because that energy is being sapped....!

Miroku: Ku... Kuku...
Miroku: No... Way...
Miroku: That I... Would reach the end of my life on this day...
Miroku: No... Perhaps... This too is destiny
Miroku: Boy...
Miroku: I will use all my strength here... And this world... Will revolve around me...
Miroku: There is no way... For you to stop this...

Ageha: !!? What is... this...!!
Ageha: Amamiya!!!
Amamiya: This is bad... It's overflowing rapidly...!!

Miroku: A new life is born
Ageha: Who are you...!?
Mithra: Good work back there, Amagi Miroku
Aori: Mithra appears!! Her true intention is...!?

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