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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Psyren 138


+ posted by saladesu as translation on Oct 9, 2010 13:54 | Go to Psyren

-> RTS Page for Psyren 138

I wasn't really intending on doing this, but since people actually PMed asking for it, and the spoiler I translated had most of the dialogue already... ^^;

The usual - PM and credits ^^ Thanks!

Call.138 "Reverse"
Iwashiro Toshiaki

Aori: What about Ian and the rest who are in captivity--!?
Marco: Uuu--... Yooo--...
Fubuki:What's wrong, Marco....?
Ian: Shh... Be quiet!
Ian: Don't break Marco's concentration. Right now, the game this kid is playing...!
Marco: Nah--

Weird person "Gyaaaa"
Someone: !!! The barrier broke!!!
Marco: Hyaa---♪ Ooh----♪
Ian: Good job! As expected of my son!
Someone: Everyone, let's break the wall with our combined telekinesis!!
Someone: We're gonna get outta here!!!
Fubuki: You're amazing, Marco!!

Fubuki: You're a genius!! Our child is a genius!!
Ian: Yeah, but let's talk about that later.
Ian: It seems the situation's equally weird out here
Shao: (Ia... N-san...! What a... Relief... Everyone is safe, huh....)
Ian: !!
Ian: Shao!! You came!!! We'll go right over to meet up with you!!
Shao: (Got... it...)
Shao: Are you alright, Marie...
Shao: It seems that for some reason, that guy hurried up to the surface after attacking us...

Shao: If Kabuto-san hadn't diverted the attack, I would have died too...
Marie: To protect me, Shao-kun...!!
Shao: It's alright
Shao: ... As long as Marie is alright
Shao: Then upon that very purpose hangs the meaning of my life
Marie: Shao-kun...!
Kabuto: It took all of me to divert that attack...!
Yoyo: (You did well... There was nothing any one of us could do about it)
Yoyo: (That was an existence that had far surpassed the notion of death)

Kabuto: I can't fight
Kabuto: With a monster like that...!!
Kyle: Van, can you continue the treatment here!?
Van: I'll try my best!!
Kyle: What the hell is this...!!?

Amamiya: It's spreading out at an amazing speed...!!
Ageha: ......!!
Miroku: Lo... ok...

Miroku: My power will envelope this planet...
Miroku: The old will die out... And upon the fasting earth will the light of life be revived---
Miroku: This is the season of change...
Miroku: This is the final power of my "Sephiroth"
Miroku: "Keter" (TN: Kanji for Keter, "oukan" means "crown". "Keter" is also Hebrew for "crown")

Lan: This couldn't be... The embryo that will become the source of life... Could it?
Lan: Are those guys really trying to create life...!!

Miroku: All old life will be converted to new ones
Miroku: This is the final program... The new world that I have created will begin...
Miroku: Mithra...
Mithra: This is where I'd love to say "congratulations"
Mithra: But what I was hoping for wasn't quite like this...

Miroku: ... I guessed as much
Miroku: I knew you had an hidden agenda... Mithra
Mithra: This isn't a betrayal. It just means that our paths were only congruent up till this point... That's all.
Mithra: From here on, we'll diverge onto separate paths
Miroku: Even if I was being used, I needed your power and skills.
Miroku: I continued observing you, as you did me... For the sake of this day we call
Miroku: I know what you really are

Miroku: Once upon a time... You were a "human" who wielded the same power as me....
Miroku: By the will of "someone", you came into contact with me... You were an existence serving only to lead my plan, but...
Miroku: When you obtained those "tears"... You replaced both your body and your heart and obtained true power...!!
Miroku: Uroboros!!
Mithra: That's right... I am an avatar...
Mithra: I am a messenger, here to pass on a will
Mithra: That of the one who has been devouring planets and living in this universe long before humans were born

Mithra: "Planet Eater"
Mithra: Quat Nevas
Ageha: !!

Mithra: This is the final stage, Amagi Miroku
Mithra: Every time his powers grew weak
Mithra: My master, Quat Nevas, would prey upon a planet so as to complete his reincarnation!!
Mithra: I am going to break through this planet's crust and mantle from this Astral Nova and penetrate its core!!

Mithra: My master needed energy to reach the core of this planet
Mithra: And the one who gathered it for us was you, Amagi Miroku
Lan: !!!

Lan: We're going to get annihilated...!?
Lan: Are we going to have our energy sapped by that thing...!!!
Mithra: You were probably planning on getting rid of me one day and proceeding with your own plan... Having such a boy get in your way was such a boo-boo, wasn't it, Miroku...!
Mithra: But that, too, is "karma" for betraying humans
Mithra: In the end, the sheep couldn't become a wolf
Mithra: A sheep will always stay a sheep
Mithra: That was a nice dream, right? ... That dream I showed you, night after night
Miroku: Mithra!!!!!
Mithra (After this planet has been devoured... This planet will be born anew as Uroboros)

Mithra: See ya
Matsuri: (This is bad. This is--)
Matsuri: Everyone is going to die--
Mithra: Farewell
Aori: The world now, heads towards destruction--!!

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#1. by c_180 ()
Posted on Oct 10, 2010
Thank you I put in my credits, if you want to see here the chap. translated by you.


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