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Examurai 1

Hiro of the Blue Flames

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Nov 7, 2010 11:53 | Go to Examurai

-> RTS Page for Examurai 1

I shouldn't be here or doing this 2 days before my A levels but I qualify this with saying I didn't have Mago to translate today... :')

Anyway, I decided to change my translation rendering style this time. Instead of indicating the person speaking I decided to use letters to indicate bubbles, boxes and aori. Mainly because it seems better than going "dude" (or what have you) when I don't know who is speaking or the name of the speaker XD I just hope it doesn't make it too confusing...

b - bubble
a - aori/thoughts (anything not in a bubble or box that isn't sfx)
x - box
s - sfx in bubbles (not translating non-bubble sfx)

JumpSpirit is scanlating thisbut just as with my other translations, you only need to PM me if you are also interested in using it (includes international scanlations). Reserved for Muda Scanlations. International scanlators please PM me before using.

(White words on left) EXILE x Amano Youichi of WJ AKABOSHI -Ibun Suikoden-
(Large red words on left) Comicalisation Project Begin!
(Smaller red words in middle) The 7 EXAMURAI light the blue flame of hope in a devastated world!!
(Small white words in middle) 57P and Lead color for the new serialisation in celebration of our third year since the magazine launched!
(Large white words on right) EXAMURAI
(Smaller white words on right bottom) Concept and Original Story: HIRO/Matsuda Makoto Manga: Amano Youichi
Act 1 Hiro of the Blue Flames

b1: Hah
b2a: Never forget it, XILE tribe
b2b: Hah
b3: We will definitely... Definitely be back...!!!
a1: The 7 samurai who confronted the abnormal creatures...
b4: And when that time comes, I'm gonna be sounding
b5a: The "bell of demise" for all you humans!!!!
b5b: Fuhahahaha
b5c: Hahaha

x1: 500 years later
x2: 3218 by the Imperial Calendar
x3a: ZIPANG (TN: the kanji reads "Japan" but it is read as "ZIPANG")
x3b: A devastated world--

s1: choro choro
s2: kukakakaka
x1: The story begins here--
s3: groowwwwwwl
b1: So~raa~...

b1: My stomach won't stop growlin'~
s1: grrrrooooowwwwwwwl
b2: Am I gonna... die...
b3: Like hell that's gonna happen
b4: Thanks for everything thus far, Sora... It was fu--
b5: As if you'd die just because your stomach was empty!!!
b6a: !!!
b6b: Hiro, look at that!!
b7: Hm?

s1: Domooooooo
b1: Waaaa
b2: Majinki (TN: Devil Machine)
b3: Hey, Hiro, that kid's in a pinch. What ar...
b4: Hang on tight, Sora!!

b1: You...
b2: You can't be...
b3: Seriouuuusssss
b4: !?

b1: !!!

s1: Gack
b1: Wah
s2a: bachi
s2b: bachi
s3: bachi

b1a: --Phew
b1b: That was close--

b1: Don't give me that "that was close" shit!!
b2: Yo
b3a: Why do you always have to do things so recklessly and thoughtlessly like that
b3b: I thought I was gonna die!!
b4: ...
b5: 'twas fun right?
b7a: ..... well
b7b: Guess I'll let you off since you saved this kid
b7c: What's your name?
b8: ... Yasuke
b9a: I'm Hiro, she's Sora...
b9b: You hurt anywhere, Yasuke?

b1: Wh, what are you doing!?
b2: ....
b3: Shut up--!!!!
b4: ?
b5: I was going to get revenge on that thing for killing my dad!!
b6: I didn't need you butting in

b1a: I wasn't running away, I was fighting it!!!
b1b: After all I went through to find it...
b2: If you guys hadn't come along I'd have long beaten the shit out of that thing!!!
b3: Why you!! If we hadn't saved you, you'd have long...
b4: Sora!!!
b5: Yasuke...
b6: Whaddya want!!?
b7: My bad...
b8: It is as you have said!!

b1: Wh...
b2: Ah... ah
b3: Jeez
b4: This guy...
b7: fguh
a1: What a bother
b8: You're an adult, d... Don't you have some pride!?
s1: sway...
b9: Hm?
b10: !!!
b11: O, oi

b1: What were you thinking, going on a journey without even bringing enough food?
b2a: Now, now, whatever the case
b2b: It really helps that your family runs a restaurant, Yasuke!!
b3: And you're even the master of such a fine establishment at such a young age. Tha--... That's quite a feat
b4: ... Oh... I didn't have a choice since my dad died!!
b5: And to top it all off, this stuff tastes pretty good!!
b6: Th... That's because I pored over my dad's recipes and intensively trained my skills in cooking them...
b7: Speaking of which...

b2: Hm?
s1: slurp...
b3: I'm so sorry...
b4: You're draining the restaurant of all its stock...
b5: Really? Haha, I haven't eaten a crumb for about half a day
b7a: Jeez, it doesn't help that thanks to the recent spate of stray Majinki going on frenzies
b7b: Even lesser foodstuff has been coming in here...

b1a: For about a year
b1b: Majinki have been breaching our "walls" and charging into the city
b2: Everyone's so terrified, they've tightened the security at the gate more than before
b3a: Come to think of it, did you know?
b3b: Up until 500 years ago, there wasn't a single Majinki around
a1: There actually were some good times
b4: Hmm, you sure know a lot
b5: That's because I'm learning about it in school right now
book cover: History 2
b5: 2718 by the Imperial Calendar

x1a: 2718 by the Imperial Calendar
x1b: There was an invasion by "Majinki", which came from space and had bodies that were half beast, half machine
x2a: From that moment forth, the war between "Majinki" and "Humans" began, and continued for the next 10 years.
x2b: It was the outbreak of the so-called "Majin War" (TN: "Ma" from Majinki and "Jin" from the Japanese word for "human", hence "Majinki-Human War")
b1a: In one fell swoop, the world population fell to 30%
b1b: And the earth fell into ruin
b2: And just when everyone thought "this is the end"
x3: They appeared--

(textbook) - note: "/" indicates next line, "//" for new paragraph
(in grey box) Majin War
(underlined) The Majinki invasion and the beginnings of war
(top right) O Majinki / Imperial Calendar 2 / In Sanmiya City / Majinki / Those who invaded / Various theories on the mayhem that unfolded / In Sanmiya City's neighbouring Yamada / (refer to page 3) / Majinki, took / of humans, and / activity. It / obtains its life energy from blood, and numerous people lost their lives by having their blood taken.
(bottom) Furthermore, the most distinguishable characteristic of the Majinki was that it was half beast, half machine. The beast part of them was similar to that of life on Earth, and it is hypothesized that this is what makes them compatible to living on earth (or other planets). // Majinki hunted humans, and before they were even identified, they had rampaged three towns in the vicinity of Sanmiya
(top left) City. At that time / was barricaded, and the riot police / joined forces with the fire department. However, it / Also, it could fly

x1: Just 7 young samurai
x2: The "XILE Tribe"
x3a: Each of them used the power of a mysterious ring
x3b: To drive away the Majinki with the force of a raging storm
x4a: The people said that
x4b: With a single skyward swing of their swords, a blue flame would soar up into the sky
x5: As if instantaneously turning any dark nights of despair into "azure blue skies"
b1: What a pack of lies!!!
b2: ...........
b3a: The remains of that war are those stray Majinki, right?
b3b: If all that was true, they shouldn't even have left any behind!!

b1: But hey... This signboard...
b2a: Ah...
b2b: My dad's a fan
board: XILE Restaurant
b3: How stupid, to believe all those urban legends
b4: Urband legends?
b5a: They say the XILE Tribe really are still living on to this day, 500 years later
b5b: And that they're continuing to save everyone from the Majinki
b6a: "That's why I, too, am part of the XILE Tribe in spirit," he said
b6b: As he went to exterminate the stray Majinki...
a1: It's that big pig-like one-eyed Majinki again
a2: As if I could stand idly by watching... As more people fall victim to it!!
b7: --- But he ended up being the last victim

b1a: It's so stupid
b1b: I hate the XILE Tribe
b2: And I ain't gonna believe those urban legends either
b3: Why...
b5: If the XILE Tribe really existed...
b6: Then why did Dad...
b7: Have to die!!!
b8: !!?

b1: Wh, wh
b2: What happened!!?
b3a: The wall has been breached!!!
b3b: Everyone, ruuuun
b4a: An unprecedented number of
b4b: Ma
b4c: Majinki are coming in a huge herd!!!

s1: ra ra ga ga
b2: PPP
b3: Stop right there!! I only told you to breach the wall
b4a: Ah... Hmm
b4b: Ah... Ah ah How are you doing, ladies and gentlemen!
b4c: -- I mean, my lady and gentlemen slaves
b5: !!!
b6: As of right now, this city
b7: ....
b8a: Has become my kingdom!!
b8b: My name is--

b1: King o~f Kava!!!
b2: I am the new king of you ladies and gentlemen
b3: Ka... Kaba? (TN: Kaba = Hippopotamus)
b4: It's "KAVA"!!!
b5a: Slaves, he said?
b5b: What's up with him
b6a: It spoke...... ...That Majinki...
b6b: ... I've never seen anything like it...
b7: A captain class, huh?

b1: Been a while since I saw one!
b2: ... Eh?
b3: Hm?
b4: X
b5: I
b7: L E~!!?
b8a: It says "XILE"!!!
b8b: ... That... Annoying name...!!
b9: Treason!!!
b10: Destroy that shop-------!!

b1: That's Yasuke's shop!!?
b2: Yasukeee!!!
b3: Yasuke, you've gotta run away, quick
b4: You guys run away, I
b5: Would rather die
b6: Than run away!!
a1: Great signboard, isn't it, Yasuke
a2a: Precisely because we live in an age like this
a2b: We've gotta live with the "souls" of the XILE Tribe flying high in our hearts
b7: This signboard is Dad's "soul"!!!
b8: Like hell I'd let you destroy it!!!

s1: slurp...
b1: YASUKEE~~~~!!!
a2: Ba ba ba ba ba
b2a: This guy
b2b: What a thing to say...!!!
b3a: "Death to all who go against the Majinki"!!!
b3b: It seems you humans have forgotten that in the course of these 500 years...
b4: ... Well, whatever...
b5a: From now on, I'll give you lots of opportunities to remember it
b5b: The true fear we instill, that is!!
b6a: U
b6b: Uwaaaaaaah
b7a: Bababa...
b7b: Hm?
b8: WHHA

s1: slurp...
a1: W... With just a pair of...
a2: CHOPSTICKS---!!?
b1: Thanks for the food!

s1: piki
b1a: Well said, Yasuke...! The fight just now was your victory
b1b: Leave the rest to me. From here on
b2: It's
b3: My battle!!!
s2a: Nu
s2b: Oooaaaaaa
s3: Pao
s4: Dan
b4: Hippopo~

b1: "STAMP"!!!
b2: Th... The city!!!
b3: What amazing power...
b4: I'm acting like a human
b5a: Do you understaaand...
b5b: What I'm doing right now!!?
b6: ....

b1: Exercising to aid digestion?
s1: piki
s2: pikikiki...

b1: Let's go with 16 beats (music note)

b1: A... Amazing
a2: It's as if he's dancing
b2: You're getting too full of yourself...!!
b3: Hippopo~

b1: "JET"!!!
b2: !!!
b3: "STAMP"!!
b4: As expected from a captain class...
a1: Phew~~ How scary
b5: We are literally of a different "class" altogether!!!
b6a: "JET"
b6b: "STAMP"
b7: Nwa
b7: "STAMP"
b8: Uoh
b9: "STAMP"

b1: Geh
b2: "STAMP"
b3: Hoh

s1: grin...
b1: Ohhh
b2: "STAMP"!!
b3: HIROO!!!
b4a: Bababa
b4b: Weakling human!! Babababa
b5: -- However

b1: When it comes to your ability in running away
b2: I've got to hand it to you!!
b3: Why, thank you
b4: But I'm getting a little tired like this...
b5: SORA!!!
b6a: Hm?
b6b: !!!

b1: I got it!!
b2a: Ba!!!
b2b: Babababa!!
b3a: Yelling like that, are you really gonna run away!!?
b3b: Babababa!!
b4: ..... Hiro?

b1: Just who did you say was---
b2: Gonna run away?
a1: A sword...
b3: Ba!?
a2: From his bike!!?
b4: Seein' something nostalgic? Bastard hippo

s1: naaaaa
s2: gyorun
b1: Here I go!!
b2: ... Ah
a1: Blue... Flames...
b3: ... He couldn't be
s3: Ohhhhhhhh

x1: "With a single skyward swing of their swords, a blue flame would soar up into the sky"
x2: "As if instantaneously turning any dark nights of despair into--"
s1: chiri...
s2a: chiri
s2b: chiri...
a1: Azure blue skies!!!

a1: SOUTEN ENBU (TN: Dancing Flames in an Azure Blue Sky)

b1a: Geh... ...Gehfuh y... ou...
b1b: hah
b2a: Hah
b2b: I remember you
b3: Those eyes... ...Those flames
b4a: You really were alive for the past 500 years...!?
b4b: Our archenemy--
b5: The XILE Tribe's Hiro of the "Blue Flames"!!!

b1: The XILE Tribe?
b2a: That legendary group of 7 heroes
b2b: They really existed?
b3: Uoohhhh
b4a: Hiro is...
b4b: From the XILE Tribe?
b5: Ba... Baba they're calling you guys "legendary heroes"
b6: The XILE Tribe should be ecstatic
b7: !!!!
b8a: Hero? I ain't interested. I just...
b8b: Want to become a "man who properly protects those he wants to protect"!!

b1: Sorry, Yasuke
b2: ......
b3: I couldn't protect your father...
b4: Bababa what a farce!!!
b5: As if you could ever protect anything! The XILE Tribe~
b6: The "time" has come!!!
b7: !!
b8: The "game" resumes hereeee
b9: Wha
b10: Long live
b11: Byakuya-samaaaa

b1: Is everyone alright?

b1a: Uohhh
b1b: XILE-samaa!!
b2a: Geh, they're in warm-welcome mode
b2b: We've gotta run away from this too, Hiro!
b3: .....
b4a: !
b4b: ... Hiro?
a1: The "time" has come!!!
a2: The "game" resumes here
b5: Those guys have finally made their move, breaking 500 years of silence
b6a: We were trying to search the whole world for their headquarters hoping to find it before that happened
b6b: To think we got the "first move" played against us instead...
b7: I've settled on our next destination, Sora!!
b8: !

b1: Let's go and
b2: Meet up with those guys!!
b3a: Wow
b3b: It's been 100 years, right? I wonder if everyone's doing well!! (small text: hey, hey)
b4a: Who knows
b4b: Let's head out if you're game
b5: HIROOO!!!

b1: Hah
b2: Hah
b3: What is it--? More complaints?
b4: Sora!!
b5: ... I...
a1: If the XILE Tribe really existed...
a2: Then why did Dad...
a3a: I've gotta say it
a3b: "I'm sorry"
a4: "Thank you"
a5: ... I'm sorry
a6: ... Thank you...
b6: ......

b1: Please...
b3: Until then, I'll definitely
b4: Protect this restaurant...!!!
b5a: Yeah
b5b: When the time comes, I'll be counting on you for some good food

x1: 3218 by the Imperial Calendar
x2: Under the azure blue sky, the final battle of the 7 members of the XILE tribe begins--
a1: The 7 members of the XILE Tribe gather again after the seeming eternity of 500 years!?

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