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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bakuman 121

Self-Confidence and Resolve

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Feb 21, 2011 15:41 | Go to Bakuman

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x1: 28th August, Friday Serialization Meeting
b1: Eh?
b2: Kosugi still isn't here? Even though today's the day of truth where we'll find out if Nanamine-kun gets serialized or not
a1: A thoroughly spirited entrance!!
a2: Page 121 Self-Confidence and Resolve
b3: Gooood Mooooorniiiiing!!!
b4: Eh!
b5: Nanamine-kun, are you planning to wait for the results of the serialization meeting here at the editorial division?
b6: I've heard that there were a number of such authors in the past, but........

b1: That must mean you're pretty confident about getting serialized, huh?
b2: Oh, not at all!
b3: I just wanted to show everyone my determination. I asked Kosugi-san if I could come so we could immediately reflect on it should I fail to get serialized
b4: Right, Kosugi-san?
b5: ......
b6: What's this? Nanamine-kun, you're real lively, but why does Kosugi look so down?
b7: Ah... No...
b8a: Well, it's only natural to be nervous when it's your first time having something being passed around at a serialization meeting
b8b: Chill! You've got nothing to lose
a1: ... Is it alright for it to get serialized like this?... That isn't something either Nanamine-kun or I can say is our own work
a2: ...... If only it could be rejected now.........
a3: ?......

b1: Ahhh, I can't relax.........
b2: If Yuri-tan gets serialized now and I don't......
b3: I won't have someone who doesn't work. Goodbye.
b4: Uwaaaaah! I don't want that! Anything but that!
a1: ... No, hold on a sec...
b5: And if you don't get serialized here, then even this relationship over tea will...
a2: What if that was just something Yoshida-shi said, and Yuri-tan doesn't think that way at all? Yuri-tan isn't that sort of person......
a3: That's it! It's not like I can be considered someone who doesn't work, as all I did was fail at one serialization meeting...
b6: Right?
b7: Yeah
b8: N... Now I should call Yuri-tan and ask her how she feels......
b9: That sounds great
b10: Alright!
s1a: *pi*
s1b: *pi*

b1: I...... It's Hiramaru......
b2: Hello
a1: ...... Umm......
b3: ?
b4: It'd be great if we could both get serialized together!
b5: !...... Just as I thought, it'd really be bad if I didn't get serialized?
b6a: Of course it'd be bad!
b6b: Let's get serialized together!
b7: !
a2: ! Bad...
b8a: Hmm? Hiramaru-san
b8b: ......?
a3 ~ a5: Of course it'd be bad!
a6: Oh crap...
a7: If I don't get serialized......
a8: I'm gonna get dumped...!

b1a: Ah, Yuujirou-san, good morning!
b1b: That you for always taking care of me!
b2: Eh? Waiting for the serialization results in the editorial division?
b3: Oh, nothing of the sort. It's way too early for me to be serialized at 18
b4a: No, Niizuma-kun, Ashirogi-kun, Shizuka-kun and Shiratori-kun... All of them were serialized when they were in their teens...
b4b: It's not that uncommon nowadays
b5: Reallyyyyy? But I'm still...
b6: Good morning
b7a: Nanamine-kun's as lively as ever, huh
b7b: He said something like "But I'm still...", but even that was said with ease. He wouldn't be here if he wasn't confident
b8: Although I do hope Aoki-san will get serialized...
b9: Aoki-san and Nanamine-kun's mangas both have to do with romance, but the nuance is different so it wouldn't be weird if both of them started together
b10a: ... Well... But... If Nanamine-kun were to get serialized, it'd overlap a little with Shizuka-kun's, so I think that's a little dangerous...
b10b: It's not in a very good position right now, either...
b11: The one it overlaps the most with, because of the school setting and serious psychological tactics... That would be "PCP", right......?
b12: He did say he admired Ashirogi-kun and aimed to be like them. But "PCP" is popular, so it should be safe

b1: There they are!
b2: Yamahisa, congratulations. Aoki-sensei's "Kami-sama ga kureta..." begins in #44
b3: Oh! Alright!
b4a: Nanamine-kun's
b4b: "Yuuigi na Gakuen Seikatsu ni Hitsuyou na Sore" begins in #45
b4c: These 2 will be serialized
b5: I knew it!
b6a: Ah... Then Hiramaru-san's
b6b: "Boku ni wa Tsuujinai" is......
b7: Grr...... This is really frustrating......
b8: What about Shizuka-kun's "True Human', then?
b9: Relax, cancellation didn't even come up at all
b10: Which series is ending, then? ......

b2: Uwaah!
b3: I never thought I'd get serialiiiized!!
b4: This is all thanks to Kosugi-san's great advice!
b5: Nanamine-kun, we still have to have to listen to the group leader's report. Can you wait quietly?
b6a: Ah, I'm sorry
b6b: In that case I'll just wait in some corner silently
b7: ......
b8: Eh, "Rabuta & Peace" is ending!?
b9: Sorry, I didn't see that coming, either
b10: It's always been in the double-digits, plus he's young so they said they'd be looking forward to his next work......
b11: That's harsh...
b12: Well, you could say it was harder to pick manga to end this time than manga to begin this time. There weren't any series that were constantly bottoming out
b13: ......
b14: ......

b1: In that case, I'll go meet Nanamine-kun outside......
b2: Kosugi, could I have a moment?
b3a: Eh...
b3b: Yes...
b4a: You look so down despite getting a serialization
b4b: What's wrong?
b5: ......
b6a: No... It's nothing...
b6b: Just that... I'm worried if someone inexperienced like me can do a good job...
b7: .........
a1: That doesn't look like all to me...
a2: That reminds me......
b8: If Nanamine Tooru gets serialized, we need to take responsibility for it and crush him with PCP!
b9: Yeah!
a3: I thought they just meant that they didn't want to lose since their stories overlapped, but the way they said it was indeed weird... Responsibility? It's not just about the two of them "not wanting to lose", the fact that they said that they would "crush" him...

b1: What did you guys talk about when you brought Nanamine-kun to see Ashirogi-kun's workplace?
b2: I had work to do, so I didn't stay longer than 10 minutes.....
b3: ......
b4: Ashirogi-kun said they would crush "Gakuen Saikatsu ni Hitsuyou na Sore" with "PCP"
b5: !
b6: Crushing one manga with another... If only something like that... Could make Nanamine-kun come to his senses...
b7: Hmm? What do you mean?
b8: ! No, I'm sorry, I meant nothing by that!
b9a: That couldn't have been "nothing"!
b9b: Anyone would be angry when someone said that the work they're in charge of was going to get crushed, but for you to say "If only it could make him come to his senses"......
b10: No, I just meant that it would make it more interesting...
b11a: It... It really isn't anything
b11b: I'm sorry, Nanamine-kun is waiting
b12: ......

b1: EHHHHH!? It didn't get through!? And Yuri-tan got serialized!?
b2: Sorry..... You were among the last 3 candidates for serialization, but all of you used a school setting so......
b3: !? Hiramaru-kun!?
a1: Goodbyeeee~
a2: Everything...... Is over...
b4: Hiramaru-kun! Don't jump to conclusions!
b5: Saying that you'd get dumped by Yuri-tan if you didn't get serialized was just a ploy to get you to work!
b6: Oi! Hiramaru...
a3: I... I would certainly love to believe that Yuri-tan isn't that sort of person... But just now...
b7: Of course it'd be bad. Let's get serialized together.
a4: That's what she said........
a5: No...... It was just a figure if speech. Or a misunderstanding... Le... Let me confirm with her once more......
s1a: *pi*
s1b: *pi*

s1: *pupupu*
b1: Ah, sorry for it ringing during a meeting
b2: Oh no, go right ahead
b3: ! Hiramaru-san?
b4: Speaking to Hiramaru-san now would be a little......
s2: *pi*
b5: Is that alright?
b6: Yes
b7: It was a personal call
b8: So, for this serialization, it would be best if you made the content even more fresh
b9: Yes
b10: In other words, clearly differentiate your manga from Nanamine-kun's...
a1: She... She hung up...
a2: Without saying a word...
a3: This is really...
a4: The end!!

sign: Shiratori
b1a: Is that so... I was wondering if that was it ever since I got the call......
b1b: So this is the end, huh...
b2: I'm sorry. I took this too lightly
b3: But it was fun being a mangaka
b4a: It really suits me and I'm really happy to have found it
b4b: I borrowed Takagi-sensei's power for "Rabuta & Peace", but this time I'd like to do something on my own
b4c: I was able to be serialized for almost half a year. It built up my self-confidence
b5a: Even my mum who had always been against this acknowledged my hard work
b5b: I'll make sure she approves of my next manga!
b6: I see. Make your next one a big hit!
b7: Okay
b8a: This place is a short walk
b8b: To Ashirogi-kun's place.........

b1: Listen up. The name will be done up by us
b2a: Since Kosugi-san's the 51st person, I'll let you give your opinions on it
b2b: Future developments, and of course every chapter's story, will come from me
a1: ...... This can't even be called my serialization any more... I haven't actually done anything for it...
a2: There's no meaning in me being in charge of it...
b3: What are you doing?
b4: ?
s1: kuih
b5: You may leave
b6: ......
b7: ...
a3: What a pushover. This way, I can do whatever I like without having to listen to an editor

b1: If you know anything, please tell me
b2: ......
b3: Kosugi's still in his first year, but it's obvious that he's disturbed over Nanamine-kun
b4: Did Kosugi-san say anything about Nanamine-kun?
b5a: No, he didn't, that's why I'm asking you
b5b: Even after hearing that he got a serialization, he still had a serious face and wasn't his usual self... It's weird no matter how you think about it......
b6: ...... Kosugi-san must have found out about Nanamine-kun's way of doing things
b7: ! Shuujin.....
b8: ?
b9a: I thought it was Nanamine-kun's problem regardless of how he did things
b9b: But if it's troubling Kosugi-san then we ought to tell Hattori-san, right?
b10: What do you mean?

b1: Mmmm~~~ I see.....
b2: I thought the dialogue and storytelling seemed somewhat inconsistent...
b3a: I didn't have a good impression of Nanamine-kun ever since he first uploaded "Shinjitsu no Kyoushitsu" onto the internet
b3b: But he's using such dirty methods on top of that... No, it's outright repulsive...
b4: But it isn't a method you can definitively say cannot be done
b5a: No. While it isn't much, if we had known about this earlier, it wouldn't even had passed the serialization meeting
b5b: Even worse, we could stop him from being serialized altogether......
b6: And so you thought you could take responsibility by crushing him with "PCP", huh?
b7: ......
b8: I'm sorry...... Ratting on him would have been cowardly, and wouldn't sit well with us......
b9: Plus, since he decided to become a mangaka because he was a fan of ours, we felt we had to do something.........
b10: No, I understand how you feel

s1: (music notes)
b1: !
b2: It's Nanamine-kun
b3: Ah... You exchanged numbers with him as soon as you met, didn't you?
b4: !
s2: (music notes)
s3: (music notes)
b5: Hattori-san, can you keep quiet about our plans to crush him?
b6: !
a1: If that could cause Nanamine-kun to come to his senses......
b7: Alright! Let's get 'im!!
b8: Roger!
s4: *pi*

b1a: It's Nanamine. I got serialized
b1b: What did I tell you? My way of doing things was right
b2: This is the new friendship, hard work and victory
b3: Friendship, hard work and victory?
b4a: Friendship with 50 people
b4b: Hard work in putting out ideas in aiming for serialization
b4c: And finally, our hard-earned, wondrous victory!
b5: "Shounen Jump" was unexpectedly easy
b6a: ...... Yours may indeed be a new way of doing things, but it's a "wrong new way"!
b6b: And don't call that a victory until it actually becomes a big hit
b7: No
b8: We won't even let you get that far
b9: Huh?
b10: You won't let me, you say?
b11: We'll crush your manga with "PCP"!

b1: Huh? You think you can win with your manga?
b2: I have the ideas of 50 people on my side, you know
b3: Saikou
b4: Got it
b5: There's no way we'd lose to a cobbled-together mish-mash manga like that
b6: ......
b7: We all take responsibility for our own work, and sometimes pull our hair out in frustration
b8a: We fight the feeling of wanting to run away after being backed into a corner, and that which is born as a result of pushing ourselves to our limits both mentally and physically
b8b: Definitely will not lose to something lacking resolve, something made up of the ideas of others
b9: Something so soulless!

b1: ......... That kind of thinking's outdated, you know? I'm so disappointed in you, Ashirogi-sensei
b2: You must have thought you were saying something really cool there, but the one that will win is simply the more interesting manga
b3: Well, your art is good, so under normal circumstances, I'd say you getting canceled in 10 weeks is highly impossible
b4: Shuujin
b5: Got it
b6: Ahh
b7: My bad, Nanamine-kun
b8a: Huh? Apologizing already?
b8b: That's about right, I guess. There's no way you could get me canceled with your own seri.....
b9: Mashiro said it might be impossible to get you canceled in 10 weeks just now
b10: Indeed
a1: There we have it - a declaration of war!!

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