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Bakuman 125

Impatience and Comeback

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Mar 19, 2011 07:53 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 125

I freaking love Hiramaru and Yoshida XD

Anyway, please vote in the MH Anime Awards! Every vote counts ;) And it would mean so, so much to me as one of the moderators working on the project.

EDIT 25/3: Translation on page 4 slightly modified due to it matching with that on ch 124's page 13 (with more context on pg 13 I was able to fill out the obscured sections correctly and also correct the pronouns) that was missing in the raw initially



a1: ☆They have no doubts about the manga path they must walk!! Center color for the climax of VS Nanamine!!
a2: Putting our feelings into our fingertips... ... and sending them!
x1: ☆TV Anime Event "Bakuman. Exhibition" 3/21 (Monday, Public Holiday) A talkshow has been confirmed! Appearing: Abe Atsushi (Mashiro Moritaka) Hayami Saori (Azuki Miho) Details at http://bakuman.net (TN: afaik, this event was canceled due to the earthquake :|)
a3: Page 125 Impatience and Comeback
a4: ☆TV Anime "Bakuman." is on air every Saturday, 6pm on NHK Education TV!!

b1a: Chapter 1, second
b1b Chapter 2, second
b1c: Chapter 3, ninth
b1d: Chapter 4, thirteenth
b1e: Chapter 5 early report, fifteenth
a1: Daaaaamiit!
a2: I have to do something...
a3: That relaxed smile has disappeared... From that face...!!
b2: You had your votes totally eaten by "PCP"
a4: Shit! That damned "PCP"...
a5: How am I gonna win? ...
b3: The same story in the same issue? Now that's going to cause huge problems for sure. We can't take you up on this provocation of yours
a6: ... How am I gonna...

partially obscured: can do that, it'll look like "PCP" plagiarized us
below: It's impossible to use the same story, isn't it? But if we could do that, it'd even more effective than overlapping
a1: Doing the same story Ashirogi Muto are using...
a2: Only earlier than them

b1: Here, this is the one
b2: ! ...
b3: "'Yuuigi na Gakuen Seikatsu ni Hitsuyou na Sore', serialized in 'JUMP', was created by the author having meetings with 50 people he gathered online"...
b4: Is this for real? ...

on the screen:
This is the log of the conversation we had
nobuo: Character design again!? Is that editor an idiot? That's totally not the kind of manga this is! Bet he's just some asshole who didn't know what else to say, so he just decided to go with "character design"
kenchan: What a useless editor. Doesn't he understand that the art is better when it looks realistic... He should just go and die
haru: What does he mean by "vulgar expressions"? Fart and shit? Shit is shit, so what the hell is he talking about?
taka: More importantly, I'm wondering if it might be good to flip the roles of the protagonist and the heroine. What do you think?
SUGI: Ohh! I see! taka-san, you're a genius!
nanamine: Exactly! Let's ignore my editor and think about this ourselves

b5: Chat logs can be fabricated, so I think it's a hoax
b6: Good morning
b7: Kosugi, can I have a minute...
b8: It's about this here...
b9: !
b10: ? What's wrong?
b11: There are some people on the internet accusing Nanamine-kun of taking ideas from dozens of people online to create "Yuuigi na~"...
b12: ...

b1: What do you think? Could it actually be true?
b2: ...
b3: Nanamine-kun said it was a ground-breaking method
b4: Ground-breaking, you say...? Kosugi, you actually knew about this and let him get away with it!?
b5: ...
b6: No wonder... It's only the fifth chapter and already the characters are acting out of character and the story is full of inconsistentencies...
b7: ... This is no good. Even if he goes public about this, it doesn't change the fact that this was a manga that was published and touted as something written by one person alone. Not to mention that these 50 people are complete strangers, aren't they? We're running the risk of all sorts of information leaks. I'll bring this up at next week's meeting
b8: Wa... Please wait, I'll do something about this
b9: What do you mean, something...

letter: Request for Transfer
b1: !
b2: Oi, idiot!
b3: Wha... What are you thinking!!
a1: Kosugi...
b4: It doesn't have to be right now. On the contrary, I would like you to wait before using Nanamine-kun's methods as a reason to get him canceled at the next meeting, since you have kept that letter
b5: ...
b6: This is my responsibility. If I am unable to repair the relationship between Nanamine-kun and I and make it what it ought to be between an editor and author before the next serialization meeting, then...
b7: I will take full responsibility
b8: ...
b9: Anyway, with its current rankings, it will be a candidate for cancellation at the next meeting
b10: I understand. Even if it gets canceled, I want to be Nanamine Tooru's editor both in name and in action

b1: Nanamine-kun himself has a lot of talent. I'm sure that even if he were to draw something on his own, he'd be able to draw something interesting...
b2: It is my job to assist him in that respect... I know that I'm taking the easy way out by putting in such a request despite the problem lying in my own inability to do just that
b3: ...
b4: Right now, Nanamine-kun is ruining his own manga - he's being twisted around the fingers of those he's working with because of the method he's using, to the point that he's become unable to think on his own about his own manga
b5: ... It's true that it's just going downhill... I thought he would be more capable than that, too
b6: But that method just isn't going to cut it. I'm sure even Nanamine-kun has realized this
b7: ...
b8: I understand. I won't use his methods as a reason to get him canceled this time
b9: ... Thank you

x1: 19th November, Thursday
b1a: Kosugi-san submitted...
b1b: A request for a transfer, huh...
b2: He said he'll make everything right by the next meeting, or else the request will take effect
b3: By "make everything right" he means working with Nanamine-kun just like other editors and mangaka work together as in running a three-legged race, right?
b4: That's right
b5: I don't expect Nanamine-kun to do what he's told just like that, though
b6: Yeah
b7: No, Kosugi said that even Nanamine began to doubt his own methods when his rank fell as low as fifteenth
b8a: Never mind doubting his methods, he proposed doing the same story as us in the same issue
b8b: He said he wouldn't lose because it was 50 vs 2
b9a: !
b9b: Did you take him on!?
b10: Of course not...
b11: I see...
a1: The same story in the same issue...
b12: It certainly seems like he has yet to learn his lesson...

x1: 23rd November, Serialization meeting
b1: This time we only have one series making the cut
b2: So Hiramaru Kazuya's "Boku ni wa Tsuujinai" will begin serialization
b3: Now, let's move on to series for cancelation
b4: Once again, it is a difficult decision
b5: Arai-sensei's "Mousoutsukai Moshimo" is probably it, huh (TN: Delusion-user Moshimo; "moshimo" also means "if", though here it is used as the character's name)
b6: What about Nanamine-kun's "Yuuigi~"?
b7: !...
b8: We can already see what's coming for it. And we already have enough manga set in schools, don't we? Hiramaru-kun's new one included
b9: ...
b10: That's true. It's come to a point where we don't even know what he's trying to do with the manga...
b11: It's become a second-rate "PCP"...

b1: No... Umm...
b2a: It... It's fifteenth on the early rankings this time, too...
b2b: We can still afford to wait and see, and Kosugi also said he'd make sure it got back on track
b2c: We won't be able to train up a new author and editor if we just cancel it here, right...?
b3: ...
b4: Hmm...
b5: Hiramaru Kazuya's "Boku ni wa Tsuujinai" starts serialization in issue 11
b6: Ah, congratulations
b7: "Mousoutsukai Moshimo", canceled
b9: So only one series each for new serializations and cancellations...? There isn't going to be a big impact on the general flow of the magazine, then
b10: What are you talking about!? This is Arai-sensei's third cancellation!!
b11: Ah, sorry...
b12: Kosugi, "Yuuigi~" made it through this time, but if you don't change things by the next meeting, even if the rankings rise by a little...
b13: Okay...
b14a: That's all!
b14b: I'm going over to Hiramaru-kun's place to inform him that he got serialized!
b15: *music note*
b16: In that case, I'll be off to Nanamine-kun's place

b1: You're serialized. Congratulations!
b2: YAAAAaaaaaaaay...
b3: Hm!? Why did your excitement level totally fall at the "-ay"?
b4: I'm happy, really happy... I did promise Yuri-tan, after all...
b5: But then I thought about how those hellish days would begin again...
b6: You're becoming negative way too early! At least stay happy for an hour!
b7: ... I'm going to have much less time to go for tea with Yuri-tan now...
b8: Ah
b9: So we should just get married and everything will be okay!
b10: What do you mean "everything will be okay"...? Don't get cocky! Just you try proposing to her when you're nothing more than a tea friend to her! Never mind her rejecting your proposal, she'd dump you on the spot!
b11a: Nothing more than a tea friend...
b11b: Dumped on the spot...
b12: !
b13a: Huh?
b13b: Huh?
b13c: I've got an idea... My hands won't stop moving!!
b14: Alright! Keep drawing! Draw that! Wahaha!

b1: ...
b2: That's strange... He picked up the phone just now...
b3: He's not home?
s1a: *crunch*
s1b: *crunch*
b4: Geez... So noisy! What the hell is Nanamine-kun doing!
b5: Ah, hello. Where's sensei?
b6: He's shut himself in his room the whole day
b7: Nanamine-kun, it's Kosugi
b8: ...
b9: ... I'm coming in
b10: !
s2~s4: *tap*

b1: People have left because the manga's popularity dropped a little...
b2: Others posted the chat logs online as revenge for not having their ideas used...
b3a: At this rate
b3b: The order it's published in the magazine will only fall even more...
b3c: I'm not going to be able to lie about the rankings anymore...
b4: I have to do something quick...
b5a: In any case
b5b: I have to win...
b5c: I have to defeat "PCP"...
b6: Na... Nanamine-kun
b7: ...
b8: ... What?
b9: You're in fifteenth for this week's early rankings... You scrapped through this time, but you'll be in danger for the next serialization meeting if this keeps up... I'd like to have a proper talk with you about this...
b10a: Fifteenth again...
b10b: Kukukuku
b11a: ...
b11b: I... I think you should forget about trying to compete with "PCP"
b12: Ashirogi-kun has a whole stock of stories worth many chapters at their disposal, whereas in comparison, you don't have any clear plan and the people on the internet...
b13: Stock...
b14: Kosugi-san...
b15: !

b1: Go over to Ashirogi's place and if they've done the names for their next arc, steal it for me
b2: Wha... What are you talking about?
b3: I'll use their story before they do
b4: If I do that, Ashirogi will become plagiarizers!
a1: This is bad... He isn't even thinking of the state he's in. He can't think of anything else but defeating Ashirogi-kun...
b6: Calm down, Nanamine-kun!
b7: Do as I tell you! I'm telling you to bring me those stories!
b8: Do... Don't joke around! Get a hold of yourself!
b9: What's going on?

b1: Nanamine-kun, my special privileges... Aren't going to be affected, are they...?
b2: I'll still be able to stay in this apartment forever, right?
s1a: *crunch*
s1b: *crunch*
s2a: *crunch*
s2b: *crunch*
b2: They... They aren't going to be affected, right? Kosugi-san...
b3: You've gotta be kidding me!
b4: Please step aside
b5a: Kosugi, damn you!
b5b: You call yourself my editor and yet you're planning on leaving me in the lurch!?

b1: I understand. I'll go to Ashirogi-kun's
b2: That's more like it... Please hurry
b3: Nakai-sensei, it's alright, go ahead and eat your pizza
b4: Really? Sorry 'bout that, fufufu...
bottom row second panel: Shuei (TN: the -sha is cut off)

b1: Eh? Could that be Kaya-chan?
b2: Kaya-chan wouldn't even press the doorbell
b3: Kosugi-san
b4: Please compete with Nanamine-kun by doing the same story in the same issue as him!!
b5: I beg of you!
b6a: Kosugi-san...
b6b: Even you, too, Kosugi-san? What are you talking about?
b7: !
b8a: Nanamine-kun told me, "Go and steal Ashirogi-kun's names"... He plans to use them a week earlier than you two do. That's how messed up his judgment has become
b8b: He has talent... But he has no future if he doesn't realize that his methods are wrong... I want you to open his eyes to the truth
b9: ...
b10a: It doesn't have to be the names themselves, if you could just tell me what story you were going to write...
b10b: I won't let Nanamine-kun use it before you, but I'll take responsibility for ensuring he uses it in the same issue you use it
b11a: Umm... But if the editorial division were to find out that we did this on purpose, we'd be in big trouble...
b11b: Kosugi-san, Nanamine-kun and the two of us... All of us will have to face the music
b12: It'll be alright
b13: ?

b1: I've already obtained permission from both the Editor-in-chief and Hattori-senpai
b2: The editor-in-chief gave you his permission...?
b3: Yeah, Hattori-senpai convinced the editor-in-chief to let the three of you fight it out, and so the editor-in-chief, too...
b4: ...
b5: On top of that, I have a message to relay to the two of you from Hattori-senpai...
b6: !
b7: "Show him the difference between you and him"
b8: !
b9: ...
b10: To be honest, when Nanamine-kun first proposed this, I thought to myself for a moment, "Let's do this!", but I changed my mind when I realized what big problems that would cause...
b11: But with things as they are now, we can beat the shit out of him as much as we want! We'll do it!
b12: Yeah!

b1: I couldn't get the names, but I found out the gist of the story they're using for the next arc and the issue it's starting in
b2: !
b3a: But if you're going to use it, use it in the same issue as they do...
b3b: I won't let you use it before them, even if it costs me my life
b4: And, if you lose this time, please discuss the developments of the manga with me from here on out
b5: Okay?
a1: ...
b6: Kosugi-san... For the very first time, I think I'm lucky to have you as my editor
b7: The number of advisers I have who still truly wish to support me may have dwindled to 20 people, but there's no way we're going to lose
b8a: For issue 8, we'll be doing "a story where a student is made to be elected student council president despite overwhelmingly unfavorable circumstances"
b8b: We've already got the ideas we need for the chapter in issue 7, so let's focus on this and come up with some ideas for it
b8c: This time for sure, we'll make a comeback!
s1a: *tap*
s1b: *tap*
a2: A head-on battle!!

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