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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Nurarihyon no Mago 156


+ posted by saladesu as translation on Jun 5, 2011 13:32 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 156

I'm still slow and lazy, what's new, right? :D



b1: ... How many times do I have to tell you?
a1: ☆Ao vs Kuro!!
b2a: I was made for Sanmoto-sama
b2b: Sanmoto-sama is a wonderful person...!! Don't make me explain that again!!
b3: I'm tellin' ya, there's no way that can be, alright?
b4: There are... A ton of people in this world who have suffered thanks to him!!
b5: Ignorant fool!!
b6: Whaaaat? That's what you are! Korrrraaaa!!
a2: A record of three generations of youkai heroism

b1: ...!?
b2: What...!?
b3: Eek
b4: !?
b5: What's going on!?
b6: Beats me...
b7: Sanmoto-sama is...!?
b8: Ugh...
b9: What...!?
b10: That guy is...!?

a1: ☆Latest volume JC #17 goes on sale 4th July!! The Hyaku Monogatari Clan appears without delay!!
a2: Act 156 Rampage
a3: ☆Sanmoto transformed!! That frightful form...!!
a4: ☆Lots of the latest news on the TV Anime!! Check out "Nura ban" on page 322!!
b1: Oi
b2: What the hell didja do there?

b1: Ah...
b2: Eek
b3: The mansion's gonna collapse!!
b4: Wha... What is that...
b5: Oi, can someone get that thing away?
b6: Meat...!? Why the hell did something like that-
b7: Geh

b1: The meat!!
a1: The arch of Sanmoto's foot
a2: Sanmoto's gums
a3: Sanmoto's heel bone
b2: The pieces of meat... became ayakashi...!?
b3: Gah
b4: Geh
b5: It ate a youkai...!?
b6: Th... This is...!?
b7: Could this be... Sanmoto-sama's new ghost story?
b8a: Ohhh!! Ohhh!!
b8b: Just what you'd expect from Sanmoto-sama!!
b9a: Wonderful, wonderful!! That's the way
b9b: You rock!
b10: Ho...

a1: Sanmoto's duodenum (TN: for non-biology-literate people, that's part of the small intestine)
a2: Akujonokaze (TN: Akujonokaze [悪女野風], literally wicked/ugly woman, field winds; also sounds like winds of the wicked/ugly woman)
b1: St... Stinkyyyyy
b2: Gyaaaaah
b3: You idiot, I'm not...
b4: Wait, wait!!
b5: I'm the heir of the shogunal vassal Murata family!!
b6: I came here because I was invited here!! I won't stand to be treated like thi...

b1: No, umm
b2: Did you hear me? I'm zorry...
b3: ...
b4a: ... What the hell is up with these guys...
b4b: They're attacking both friends and foes...?
b5: Sir... Please get on my back
b6: Hmm?
b7: It'd be best if you escape from here...
b8: You guys!! Let those townspeople escape!
b9: Second...!?
b10: Hey, you guys, get yer asses over here!!
b11: Eeeeek...
b12: Ooh... Why did things become like this...

b1a: Oi, Sanmoto, what... In the world happened to you?
b1b: You're getting your comrades embroiled in all this, ya know...?
a1: What is it... This ominous fear...
a2: Ri... han...
a3: It is about time...

a1: I let loose
a2: This hatred...
b1: Oi, Sanmoto!?
b2: Where are you going? I'm over here...!
a3: He couldn't hear me...!?
b3: Oi, oi, this is bad!!
b4:He's gonna get out, you know!?
b5: There are towns over there!!
b6: Including the city of Edo!!

b1: ... Eh?
b2: Fa... Father? What's that?
b3: Hm?
b4: You're so noisy... What's the matter?
b5: Botoh
b6: Botoh

a1: Sanmoto's semicircular canals (TN: parts of the ear)
a2: Sanmoto's visceral fat
a3: Sanmoto's eyebrows
a4: Sanmoto's left pinky
a5: Sanmoto's pectoral muscles
b1: Fa...
a6: Sanmoto's right jaw
b2: Hey, Father!?
b3: Let go of my daughteeer! Let go of my daughteeer!

b1: Uwah
b2: A... Ayakashiii!?
b3: Waaaaaah
b4: ...!?
a1: Sanmoto-sama became an ayakashi and started attacking people...!?
a2: No way! This is entirely contrary...!!
a3: Wasn't I fighting under Sanmoto-sama
a4: For the sake of the people of this world...!?
b5: Eek... Help...
b6: Earthwooooorms!

b1: Uwah... Thank you... Very much...
b2: Just... Just who... Are you...?
b3: That doesn't matter, just stay in your houses!!
b4: Second...

b1: Oi!! Go on!!
b2: Don't let the boss die!!
b3: Yeaaaah!! I'm going too, booooss!!
a1: ...!?
a2: Why does that ayakashi... Help people!?
a3: That duty...
b4: Geez
a4: The boss' already headin' the front lines up there
a5: So I ain't got no choice... But to follow him!!

b1: Besides I'm the special attack captain!! (small text: Ehh!?)
b2: Kuraaaa!! Secoooond!!
a1: What exactly
a2: Am I doing!?
b3-b6: Fuh
b7: I told you, everything's going to be alright, Kayo...
b8: I'm sure... Kurotabou will come for us

b1: ... Kurotabou?
b2a: That's right, I heard about him... A monk who protects people from the bad guys
b2b: That's why... When you're in danger, you just needa wish for "Kurotabou" to help you...
b3a: ...
b3b: Okay
b4: There's a good girl...
b5: Eh
b6: Botoh
a1: Ri...
a2: Han...
b7: Ah...
b8: Uwah... He... Help...
b9: !? Sanmoto!!
b10: Dammit!! Shit...
b11: Aguh... kuh...
b12: Onii-chan...
b13: Fuh

b1: Help us, Kurotaboooooouuuuuu!!
a1: This feeling

a1: I remember it
a2: That's right. I
a3: Am not a youkai born
b1: Kurota... bou
b2: He really... came
a4: Of this person
a5: But of the feelings... Of the children!!
b3: You guys
a6: ☆The youkai of justice Kurotabou has been revived!!
b4: Don't leave my side...!! I'll protect you

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#1. by ontifex ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2011
thanks salad

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