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Ao no Exorcist 25

The Impure King

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Jun 7, 2011 15:55 | Go to Ao no Exorcist

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x1: In the middle of the Blue Night
b1: Pops!!!
x2: I succeeded as the head priest of the Myou Dha sect and came to know all its secrets
a1: The truth that is being told...
b2: You... You can't die!!
b3: Pops...!
b4: !?
b5: Uwah
b6: Wha...!

b1a: ... I am
b1b: Karura, servant of head priest of Myouou Dharani
b2: Are you the child of old man Fukaku?
b3: ...!!
b4: Show me proof of your lineage
b5a: I
b5b: I am Suguro Tatsuma...
b6: A descendant of Fukaku!
b7a: Indeed
b7b: Through your veins run the blood of Fukaku...
b8: !!
b9: Thus, from now on, I will be at your service, Suguro Tatsuma
a1: To think that every generation of head priests has employed the service of Karura... Just what---
b10: What do you seek in exchange...!!!

b1: What I seek is "secrecy"
b2a: My existence
b2b: What you use me for and where...
b2c: All these truths must be sealed away as "secrets"
b3: That is your reward...!?
b4: To be exact, I was born to keep a "secret"
b5: I devour trash like lies and doubt
b6: In exchange for that "secrecy"
b7: I will lend you the flames to seal away his enemy

b1: His enemy...!?
b2: The Impure King
b3: The corpse that has lay sleeping below this temple for a hundred and fifty years
x1: That "secret" was truly terrifying...

a1: That which he inherited with that body
a2: Is a fate riddled with secrets
a3: Chapter 25 The Impure King
a4: ◯Latest anime news on page 4!
a5: ◯JC #1-6 have been reprinted in large quantities!!

b1: The Impure King is a cancer which brings disease upon people
b2a: I will put an end to him in my generation
b2b: I will not let the next generation inherit the same fate!!
b3: I will protect everyone!
b4a: Anyone who hinders this determination of mine will not be forgiven by me
b4b: Seventeenth head priest of the Myou Dha Sect, Suguro Tatsuma!!!!
b5: Most High Priest!

b1a: Karura
b1b: Now is the time to lend me the power of your flames!!
b2a: That was the contract we made
b2b: I will accede to any request you make
b3: Karura...
b4a: Should I call that Suzaku? Or a Phoenix?
b4b: You have a most wonderful familiar indeed...!

b1: Damned demon...!
b2: I know not your objective, but the Impure King isn't as simple a matter as that!
b3: Put down the Left and Right Eyes...
b4: And scram!!!!
b5: That ain't gonna happen
b6: !!
b7: I have lived every year of life thus far for this very moment

b1: Karura En... (TN: En [焔] means flames)
b2: Kuh
b3: Kashoku no In!!!! (TN: Kashoku no In [火食の印] literally means "seal of eating cooked food", but can be broken down to "fire meal seal")

b1: !
b2: Wha... What amazing robustness...!
b3: Who knew that a human possessed by a demon would become like that
b4: ... In that case...
a1: Karura En
a2: Kafun no In!!!! (TN: Kafun no In [火粉の印] literally means "seal of fire powder")

b1: !!!!
b3a: I
b3b: I can't regenerate fast enough...!
b4: So this is the power of Karura's flames...
b5: Kyaa
b6a: Mamushi!!
b6b: Hah

b1: In that case, it's time to use my trump card
b2: You musn't!!!
b3: !!

b1a: Haah
b1b: Haah
b1c: Kuh...!
b2: Mamushi! Pull yourself together1
b3a: Ah
b3b: Ah, ah...
b3c: Ah
b4: Hang on tight
b5: The Impure King has been revived...!!!!

b1: Juuzou, you must follow after the Most High Priest
a1: Three sets of footsteps lead here...
b2a: Goumadou...!
b2b: Just what...
b3: !!

b1: Wha
b2: What's going on!?
b3: !
b4a: Most High Priest!!
b4b: And Mamushi...
b5: Juuzou!!

b1: Uooh!?
b2a: Juuzou!
b2b: Be careful of the spray!
b3: !?

b1: Kuh...
b2-b4: Hah
b5: What is that!!
b6: Juuzou, you came at the right time
b7a: Yaozou must have been the brains behind that, thank goodness
b7b: You can leave this place to me, so bring Mamushi to the Branch Office and call for help, won't ya?
b8a: I'll contact them!!
b8b: Just what is that monster!?

b1a: Mamushi knows all that
b1b: She's contracted a serious illness from putting the Impure King's right eye into her body
b2: Take her to her father in my place
b3: And what about you, Most High Priest!?
b4: I'll stay and try to stop that guy
b5: Mamushi
b6a: Most
b6b: High Priest...
b7: you have to tell everyone the truth
b8: Please
b9: I understand...
b10: Most High Priest...
b11: Hurry up and go!!
b12a: We're going, Mamushi
b12b: Get on!
b13: ...!

b1: Most High Priest...!
b2: My secret has come to light
b3: The contract I have with the head priests of the Myou Dha sect ends today
b4: The other contract you made with me still stands, no?
b5a: At the very least, before the Impure King matures and spreads its miasma everywhere...
b5b: We have to use the "Joukafuu no In" to at least stop him...!! (TN: Joukafuu no In [浄火封の印] literally means "seal of the sealing sacred fire")
b6: You do know that "Joukafuu no In" requires a large amount of flames?

b1: Then we'll use "Gouha En"!! (TN: Gouha En [劫波焔] literally means "Aeon Wave Flame")
b2: Isn't "Gouha En" the one you perfected to defeat the Impure King with?
b3: If you use it now, you'll lose your chance to defeat the Impure King forever
b4: Besides, the burden on your body will be unfathomable
b5: ... We don't have a choice anymore
b6: Let's go!!

b1: Noumaku sanmanda bodanan
b2: Aharati kadashasa nanan...
b3: ... Hanougya nougya
b4: Gyagya gyaki gyaki...
a1: Gouha En
a2: Joukafuu no In!!!!

b1a, b1b, b2: Hah
b2: Alright... First, we seal its legs...
b3: !
b4a: ... Kuh
b4b: Th... This is rather bothersome... Haha
b5: That's why I warned you about it
b6: Come on... I'm not dead yet
b7: As long as I'm alive, there are any number of ways to defeat him

b1: Gahah
a1: Wha...!?
b2: My, my
b3: I really did a terrible thing to Houjou-kun
b4: At any rate, you are a mysterious character

b1: You hardly show yourself to humans
b2: People never know where you are
b3: I thought of how to best drag you out onto center stage
b4: And I thought the only way would be to revive the Impure King...!
b5a: I believed
b5b: That the Myou Dha sect would be able to seal the Impure King with Karura
b6: ?
b7: However, I devoted many years to welcome this very day
b8: My objective is you, Suguro Tatsuma

b1: Or perhaps it would be more accurate
b2: !!
b3: To say I was after your familiar?
b4: Tatsuma!!
b5: ...!!
b6: !!!!

a1: He's eating Karura...!?
a2: Just who the hell is this guy
b1: ... Ugh...
b2: ... Kuh
b3: Guooh...
b4a: Fu
b4b: Ha
b4c: Ha

b1: This is an even greater power than I imagined...!
a1: He forcefully made Karura possess his own body...!
a2: A human interfering with a demon...
a3: Does such a human even exist!?
b2: What's this?
a4: Impossible...!!
b3: I seem to have gotten considerably younger
b4: Is this a little freebie from attaining Karura's power?

b1: !
b2: ... Guh
b3a: Wrecking havoc in my stomach, hmm...?
b3b: Fufufu
b4: Looks like you can't quite settle in this vessel of mine
b5a: But
b5b: You'll get used to it
b6: With this, I am yet another step closer to my goal
b7: Thank you, Suguro Tatsuma
b8: Wa...
x1: Please
b9: Wait...
x2: Please, Okumura-kun

x1: I want you to use the Koumaken to defeat the Impure King
x2: I know full well that this is an unreasonable and reckless wish
x3: But if...
x4: If you

x1: If you can find in yourself even so tiny a heart of compassion like your father's
x2: I want to depend on that
b1: "Thank you for reading this far"
b2 "Suguro Tatsuma"
b3a: Fuh
b3b: Kuhkuhkuh...
b3c: Just as ludicrous as I expected
b4: ... However

b1a: I do feel bad for Suguro-kun's father
b1b: But whether or not Nii-san's flames will be effective against the Impure King is still up in the air
b2: We can't let him use the sword for something as uncertain as this
b3: Ah!?
b4a: Rin
b4b: This letter is addressed to you
b5: What do you want to do?
b6: I...
b7: Shuura-san...!! What do you think you're doing, asking something like that!?

b1: I want to help him
b2: ...!
b3: Nii-san! Do you understand what position you're in right now!?
b4: ... I owe my life to the old man, too...
b5a: That's why
b5b: If I can be of any help whatsoever, I want to fight!!
b6: But of course, that's ultimately my own wish!
b7: In that case, I reject that wish
b8a: Alright
b8b: I've got it

b1a: "Descending from yonder...
b1b: Arriving by his side"
b2: Wha...!?
b3: Shura-san, what are you doing...!!
next to Shura: Hm?
b4: If he says he's gonna fight, I can't let him till I understand the situation fully, riiiight?
b5: So I'll have him give unsheathing it a try right here, right now
b6: !?
b7: Shura-san...!!

b1a: You can't seriously be considering letting my brother wield the Koumaken...
b1b: When just a while ago he'd let out his flames and gone on a rampage!
b2: If anything happens this time, there's no doubt that he'll be executed!!
b3a: Umm
b3b: The vatican was already notified the moment I chanted the imprisonment spell
b4: Un!!
b5: ... Gih!!!
b6: He's already in a situation where he can be convicted and executed at any time
b7a: It's too late to be getting scared now
b7b: 'mmkay?
below b7: Let go
b8: If the Impure King has already been revived
b9: Then there's an entity far more dangerous than Rin out there

b1: Besides, you've seen it before, haven't you?
b2: This guy's flames have proved effective against demons
b3: It's worth a try...!
b4: Rin
b5: Try unsheathing it!

a1: ...!!
a2: ...!!!!
b1: Eh...
b2: ... Funh
b3: ... Kuh!?
b4: ... What's wrong?
b5: What are you doing, Nii-san...!?
b6: No... Uooooh? Gugigigi!!

b1: ??? I don't get it...
b2: I can't do it
b3: Ehh!?
b4: ...? What's up with that?
b5: I... I don't know! For some reason I just can't unsheathe it at all!
b6: ...
b7: In that case, I'll do it for you. Hand it over
b8: ... Jih

b1: I can do it on my own!
b2: It probably just got caught somewhere. That's gotta be it!
b3: Nii-san?
b4: ... I see...
b5: Rin
b6: You're scared, aren't you?
b7: Eh
b8: Well... That's a given, right?

b1: Just a little while ago
b2a: You finally were able to manipulate your flames properly
b2b: You were so happy

background of panel 2
b2a: Shura!?
b2b: I lit them! I lit them so perfectly and stylishly!!
b3: But you're different!!

b3a: And barely an hour later
b3b: You once again lost yourself, let loose your flames and went on a rampage
b4: In a blink of an eye, you were back at square one. That's how you felt, right?
b5: "If I unsheathe this sword now, what will happen to me?"
b6a: "I might forget myself again"
b6b: "I might actually hurt someone this time"

b1: That's...
b2: Hit the bull's eye, didn't I?
b3: You've
a1: His self-confidence, the power of his flames, all locked within that scabbard...
b4: Completely lost confidence in yourself

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#1. by candy ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2011
your amazing! thank you for the speedy translations!
#2. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2011
thank you desu-chan , now cant wait for examurai

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