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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bakuman 135

Consecutive and Prevention

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Jun 10, 2011 18:14 | Go to Bakuman

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EDIT: sleepy = make mistakes. Mistake on page 18 fixed, my bad, sorry.



b1: The only one left in my way is you, Falcon!!
a1: Page 135 Consecutive and Prevention
b2: Go!
a2: Ohh! There goes my GIRI!
b3: Alright! There it is! GIRI Hissatsu Triangle Fly Cornering!! (TN: Hissatsu means "certain kill")
sfx: ding dong
b4: That's just gotta be Yuujirou here to get the manuscript
b5: He just had to come while the anime was on TV again... And at the best part too!
b6a: Yuujirou-san, would you refrain from coming to get the manuscripts while the anime is on air...?
b6b: At least let me watch the anime in peace!
b7: Sorry
b8: I'll just wait till the episode's over, then
b9a~9c: ?
a3: What's with the disheartened afro!?

b1: What's up with that...?
b2: Did he get rejected or something?
b3: Nah, he gets rejected all the time and still manages to keep his spirits up
b4: Yuujirou-san, "GIRI" and "CROW" both ranked well on the early rankings this week, didn't they?
b5: Yeah, at this rate...
b6a: ... "CROW"'s probably...
b6b: Gonna take first place again...
b7: ?
b8: Why's he hanging his head at "CROW" being first?
b9: So gloomy...
a1: ...! No way
b10: Yuujirou-san, that's not a good thing for Niizuma-shishou, is it?
b11: What do you mean, not a good thing...
b12a: Ah!? Eh?
b12b: What...
b13: I knew it

b1: Niizuma-shishou must have brought up the thing about his right to end a manga he hates
b2a: Wha... What are you talking about!? What proof do you...
b3: Manuscripts... Where... Where are your manuscripts!
b4: Here you go
b5a: I... I'll take these then...
b5b: Listen, don't... Don't let your imagination run wild and fuel weird rumors
b6: That sure was obvious
b7: If that's true, then what manga did Niizuma-shishou say he wanted to end...?
b8: Last week, Yuujirou-san did say it was sure to be "+NATURAL", didn't he?

b1: ...
b2: ...
b3: ...
b4a: Miura-san
b4b: Do you even want to be at this meeting?
b5a: Eh
b5b: Yeah
b5c: I do...
b6: The rankings suddenly fell as soon as the anime ended, didn't they?
b7: Yeah... It's rare for rankings to go up when an anime ends, after all
a1: Well, even if "+NATURAL"'s rankings have been falling after the anime ended
a2: At least I've still got "Seigi no Mikata"'s drama in the pipeline...
b8: ...
b9: *music notes*
b10: Excuse me
b11: Go ahead, go ahead
b12: This is Aoki speaking
b13: I'm sorry, I'm in a meeting right now...

b1: I'll call again later, then...
b2: ...
b3: Never mind, if it's just business, now's fine
b4: Well... I'll put it simply
b5a: Can you come to our meeting at Fukuda-san's place?
b5b: Umm... Our so-called Team Fukuda...
b6: I mean...
b7: We think that Niizuma-san may be trying to end "+NATURAL", so...
b8: ...
b9: I understand. 6pm, was it? I'll be there
b10: ...
b11: *pi*
b12: ?

b1: But we still aren't sure if Niizuma-san has even been granted the right to end a manga, are we?
b2: Well, yeah
b3: ...
b4: It's definite that Niizuma-kun appeared at the editorial division on Monday and spoke to the editor-in-chief
b5: I heard as much from Yoshida-shi
b6: Because they adjourned to another room for a private discussion, even team leader Yoshida-shi is not privy to the contents of their conversation
b7: Why do you look so happy...?
b8a: In other words, only Niizuma-shishou's editor, Yuujirou, was told what's going down
b8b: With how that Yuujirou-san was acting... It's only natural to believe that Niizuma-shishou had indeed been granted the right to end a manga
b9: And that manga is "+NATURAL"...
b10: Well, that's just a guess on Yuujirou's part, so we can't be so sure about that...
b11: ...

b1: Oh no, it could well be "Boku nu wa Tsuujinai"!
b2: Hiramaru-san, please don't say that with such a gleeful expression!
b3: Oh no... I meant, whatever would I do if that were to happen...
b4: ...
a1: So that's why Miura-san seemed like he'd totally given up...
b5: ... I can't believe they'd give anyone the right to end a manga just because they got first place on the rankings a couple of times
b6a: But "+NATURAL" is, ultimately, still partly Niizuma-san's manga...
b6b: So "+NATURAL" is the only logical guess as to which manga it is, if he really were given that right
b7: ...
b8: It's no use sitting around here discussing this
b9: I'll go straight to Niizuma-san and ask him
b10: Eh
b11a: That's right, the fastest way is to go to Niizuma-shishou's place and ask him straight
b11b: Let's go
b12: Yeah!
b13: ...

b1: So it is true that you asked to be given the right to end a manga you hate!
b2: Yes
b3: !
b4: ...
s1a-b: *scratch*
a1: Could Eiji...
b5: So, did you get granted that right!?
b6: There's no way he would have been granted such a right!
b7: I did, in fact
b8: !

b1: Although there were some strings attached
b2: Strings!?
b3: I have to be number one for ten consecutive weeks...
b4a: In other words, I just need to secure the top spot for another five more weeks
b4b: I'll definitely be number one for the next five weeks, then I'll end it!
b5: !
a1: Ten consecutive weeks...
a2: He's the unrivaled number one in this week's early rankings, too... So in effect, he just needs another four more weeks...
b6a: More importantly, what is this manga you want to end!
b6b: Is it "Bokutsuu"!?
b6c: IS IT?
b7: It is, isn't it!?
b8: The manga I want to end is...

b1: "CROW"
b2a: Eh
b2b: "CROW"!?
b3: Hiramaru-san
b4: ...
a1: ... I knew it...
b5: Wa... Wasn't it supposed to be a manga you hated?
b6: I do hate it
b7: You do?
b8: ...

b1: I hate the fact that I can't end my manga as and when I want to
b2: !
b3: I do understand why the editorial division wouldn't let a popular manga to end, and this is a commercial magazine so that's only natural
b4a: But I decided this before I began drawing
b4b: That I'd decide when I want to end my manga, and end it when it's at the peak of it's popularity and coolness
b4c: I'm happy that it looks like that will come to pass
b5: The editor-in-chief initially told me that if possible, he'd like me to continue, but he soon saw where I was coming from
b6: ...
b7: So that's why he gave you that condition about taking first place for ten consecutive weeks...
b8: That's not entirely accurate

b1: I'd take the top spot for ten weeks straight, then take another ten weeks to wrap up the manga. That was the condition I myself set
a1: The end.
a2: Please look forward to Niizuma-sensei's next work
b2: And the editor-in-chief agreed to this condition
b3: ... And if you can't take the top spot for ten weeks running?
b4: ...
b5a: I won't stop
b5b: It's not cool if another manga takes the top spot instead. That's not how I envision my perfect ending
b6a: If that happens, I'll once again try to take the top spot for ten weeks straight, and will end the manga when I finally achieve that
b6b: If I can't do that, then I'll just have to keep going till I get canceled
b7a: Ending it after being the unrivaled number one...
b7b: Cancellation...
b7c: Totally poles apart
b8: ...
b9a: ... If it's not "+NATURAL" he wants to end, I'm going home
b9b: Excuse me
b10: ... She never changes, does she...

b1: It's really hard to wrap your finger around it, isn't it?
b2a: Should you continue the manga because it's popular?
b2b: Or should you end it as and when you want to...?
b2c: In a sense, it's up to you...
b3a: Losing "CROW" now would be a pretty big blow to "JUMP"...
b3b: The anime's still ongoing, too
b4a: If it were me, I'd consider it a waste to end a manga while it was still popular
b4b: And it's not like I don't understand when it's a case like when Ashirogi-sensei ended "Tanto" because it didn't suit them and they wanted to draw something capable of beating "CROW"...
b5: ...
b6: Niizuma-shishou, have you decided what to draw next?
b7: Nope
b8: Right now, the only thing I can think of is how to end "CROW" in the best manner possible

b1a: Even if it's you, Niizuma-san, there's no guarantee that your next work will be a hit
b1b: I think it's best to continue while your manga is still popular...
b2a: What are you talking about, you!
b2b: Niizuma-kun's already rolling in cash
b2c: Just let him end his manga already so he can go roll in it!
b2d: In the first place, hard work in itself is essential only for earning the wages one requires to live
b3: ?
b4: Hiramaru-san, that's not the issue at hand right now!
below b4: Geeeeez
b5: Ah, yes...
b6: Well, even if "CROW" ends, he'll still have "+NATURAL", so as long as he works hard with that...
b7a: Yes
b7b: ... However, I can't take liberties in drawing "+NATURAL", so I don't feel like it's my own work
b7c: I suppose I'll have another series, eventually
b8: !
b9: ... I'm not against you ending "CROW" as and when you think it's best to do so
b10a: But somehow, I just can't let it end like this
b10b: I won't accept it!

b1: I feel the same as Fukuda-san
b2: Niizuma-san, you're the author we've always aimed to beat. And while I do understand your feelings
b3: I don't want you to end it now
b4: As if I'd let you!
b5: ...
b6a: Exactly
b6b: We've worked so hard thus far, always thinking that we wanted to beat you, so before that happens, we can't have you end your manga
b7: Yeah
b8a: ... I see, if he ends "CROW" here, it'd feel like he was quitting while he was ahead, so from now on with "GIRI"...
b8b: ... That's it
b8c: If I don't want to let him end it, I just need to beat Niizuma-shishou...

b1: That's how it is, yes
b2: !
a1: Before he manages to take the top spot for ten weeks running, huh...
a2: He's already got six weeks under his belt, and he's already nailed this week's early rankings... He's also already submitted the next manuscript...
b3: Unfortunate as it may be, you're not going to be able to end "CROW"!
b4: 'Cause I'm gonna beat you!
b5: I won't let you

b1: No, we'll show you we can do it!
b2: Won't we, Saikou!?
b3: Yeah!
b4: Fukuda-san, Ashirogi-san
b5: I understand your feelings
b6: Even if I'm not against Niizuma-san having his ideal ending for his manga
b7: When it comes to wanting to beat him as one would a rival, I feel the same way
b8: Ehh?
b9a: ... Indeed
b9b: I do want to beat "CROW"...
b9c: If only "Seigi no Mikata" could get its drama adaptation a little earlier
b9d: No, I want to beat him and prevent him from ending his manga even before I get that drama. That would be the best, that'd be what I call cool!
b10: Whatever are you talking about, everyone?
b11: !?

b1a: You won't be able to beat "CROW", simply because it's at the very height of an arc right now
b1b: There's no way any one of you who abandoned your names and manuscripts to come here can beat me!
b2a: Indeed, that would be the most natural way for anyone to look at the situation
b2b: But look at it this way
b3: All of is here in this room now have a flame ignited within us!
b4: I accept your challenge! I won't let you end your manga in such a cool fashion!
b5: Yeah
b6: We won't let you!
a1: Eeeeek

b1a: Interesting
b1b: Never mind five weeks
b2: If anyone can beat me even once before I draw the manuscript for the final chapter, I won't end "CROW"
b3: !
a1: As long as we beat him...
a2: We have another eight... No, seven weeks!!
b4: Game on!!
b5: Yes!
b6: Yeah!
a3: They clash!! Willpower vs pride!!

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2011
Thank you!
#2. by ontifex ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2011
thanks XD

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