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Translations: One Piece 913 by cnet128 , Gintama 693 by kewl0210

Ao no Exorcist 31

Entering Nirvana

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Jan 6, 2012 17:48 | Go to Ao no Exorcist

-> RTS Page for Ao no Exorcist 31

Sleepy Salad is Sleepy. Will proofread tomorrow later today. Meanwhile, enjoy~



a1: The pure power of his flames flare up...!
a2: Thanks for making us a mega hit! Center color and 32 pages!!
a3: Volumes 1~7 of the comics are selling well! More info on the movie and game on page 308!
a4: Chapter 31 Entering Nirvana
a5: Katou Kazue
a6: Ao no Exorcist

b1: Uwaaaaaa
a1: The miasma spreads!
b2a: Eek...
b2b: Doctor!!
b3: *cough* *cough* *cough*
b4: The miasma is too thick...!!
b5: At this rate...!
b6a: Branch Chief Shima!!
b6b: The miasma is being held back by that flame kekkai
b6c: We'd best get outside it and rework our strategy!
b7a: Kuh...~ We don't have a choice, do we...!!
b7b: Retreat!!!!
b7c: Everyone, retreat outside the kekkai!!
b8: !?

b1a: The hell is that...
b1b: It couldn't be
b2: The true form of the Impure King...!?

b1a: ... Hmm, finally showing your face now, are you...!!
b1b: You damn pizza bun! (TN: A pizza bun is a kind of variation of the pork bun, with the filling inside the dough - I guess that's why Kinzou used it)
b2: I, Shima Kinzou, am gonna getcha even if it means the death of-
b3: You fool!!! Do you really wanna die!? Get the hell outta here!
b4: Buu bupuaa
b5: Guwah (small text: it stinks!!)
b6: Th... That's...

b1: The heart of the Impure King...!!
b2: Guh...!?
b3: ?
b4a~b4c: *cough*
b4d: ...!!?
b5: Suguro??
b6a~b6c: *wheeze*
b7: *cough*
b8a: Oi!!
b8b: You okay...

b1: Wha...
b2a: Kuh
b2b: Hehehe

b1: Whaddaya think? Isn't this the most dramatic turn of events?
b2: Your enemy has been completely revived...!
b3: Your loved ones are in peril!
b4: Now, whatever will you do?
b5: My little, youngest brother

b1: And yet another scenario has been set into motion
b2a: It seems I'm not the only audience this show has
b2b: Kukuku...
b3: Hahahahaha!!
b4: I see

b1a: You
b1b: Are under the divine protection of Ucchuṣma...!
b2: Hmm
b3: That's interesting!
b4: Agni and Karura
b5a: Which one is stronger?
b5b: Shall we pit them against each other and see, Shima-kun?
b6: Fuck off
b7a: Hey, you
b7b: Are you okay?
b7c: You'd better retire!
b8: No, I can still fight!
a1: What do my eyes look like
a2: To everyone else...? Do they look normal?

ba1: What on earth happened just now...
s1~s3: Doh
b2: Nii-san...
b3: Ucchuṣma Funnu Youketsu... (TN: 忿怒要訣 lit. main point of anger)
b4: !? Captain!?
b5: Kasharinzan!!!! (TN: 火車輪斬 lit. killing fire wheels)

b1: !!!?
b2: He absorbed it...!
b3: Over here!!

b1a: According to the "Diagram of Magical Element Formation"...
b1b: When the same magical elements are being used, the weaker one will get absorbed by the stronger one
b2: Karura...!! Is he a phoenix that fell from grace and became a demon...!?
b3: Looks like I win this battle of flames, huh...?

b1: You guys are useless to me now
b2: I'm bored... Guess I'll just get rid of you all
b3: !!!
b4: Kuh...!
b5a: Juuzou-sama!
b5b: He's a highly skilled demon who's absorbing our flames and thereby strengthening his own
b5c: We'd better retreat for now
b5d: We're at a great disadvantage!!

b1: Excuse my impudence, but would you hear me out?
b2: ...!? What is it? Just spit it out already
b3: My, my, a strategy meeting, under these circumstances?
b4a: ...!!
b4b: This plan of yours... We can't just go with it just like that!
b5: But if we don't do anything...
b6: *cough*
b7: Minami!!
b8: How impertinent
b9a: Whatever the case, we can't just stand idly by!
b9b: We'll go with your plan!!
b10: Ye... Yes!!
below b10: Indeed
b11: Yes, we don't have a choice...!

b1: Narumi, Shishamo, you two are up first!
b2a: Ucchuṣma Funnu Youketsu
b2b: Katou Kongousou!! (TN: 火頭金剛槍 lit. fire-tipped vajra lance)
b3: Kumagai, Chigusa, focus on strengthening my flames!
b4: Got it!
b5a: On
b5b: Shuri-shuri mamari
b6: Marishushuri sowaka
b7: Shuri-shuri mamari...
b8: Anyone?
b9: Anyone willing to be my guinea pig?

b1: Hahaha
b2: Like I said, attacking me with flames...
b3: Is akin to serving me dessert

b1: Damned fox!
b2: !!
b3: On!
b4a: Kurodanou
b4b: Unjaku!!!
a1: Kashouzanmai!!!! (TN: 火生三昧 lit. fire-birthing samadhi)

b1: Guwah
b2: Geez...
b3: !?

b1: How many times do I have to repeat myself before you get it?
b2: You've gotta think hard before you act...!

b1a: You were always a hasty one, ever since you were a student
b1b: You'd better work on that
b2: ... Oh, no
s1: Hah
s2: Zei
b3: The one who thought all this up was Mr. Spectacles over there
b4: What...?
a1: Demons have to keep the physical body they're possessing at a certain degree of homeostasis
a2: If he keeps absorbing the flames
b5: !!
a3: Sooner or later, Toudou's physical body will reach its limits, just as any other body would
b6: What's happening...
a4: We've got to make him overstep his limits

b1: Guhah
b2: Uwaaaah!!
a1: And then
a2: Since the demon that Toudou took over is Karura... And Karura's a phoenix...
a3: His injured physical body will turn to ashes
b3a: I see
b3b: You're aiming to make me overheat...!
b4a: That means it's no good to over-eat, huh?
b4b: I've learnt something new
b5: But you really shouldn't underestimate the phoenix, Karura's, regenerative ability

b1: !?
b2a: ...!!
b2b: I see, rain
b3: As long as this immortal body of mine becomes ashes and dissolved in the rainwater
b4: I won't be able to regenerate so easily
b5a: I've been had
b5b: To think
b6a: That you could...
b6b~b6c: Ohhhhh?

b1a: Did we...
b1b: Get him?
b2: This should buy us some time, but...
b3a: We've got to separate his body parts and restrain them as soon as we can
b3b: Or else he'll just regenerate sooner or later
b4: Got it
b5: -- Understood... Chigusa, Kumagai! Call for reinforcements
b6: Are you alright?
b7: I'm fine!
b8: Please check on the rest...!
a1: I've got a bad feeling about all this. I wonder why...?
a2: Once we've got Toudou restrained, we could get some answers out of him about the Impure King, but...

b1a: Ooku
b1b: Muura
b1c: -kun
b2: !!
b3a: Ughh
b4a, 4b: Hah
b4c: *cough*
b4d: *cough* *cough*
b5: Is everyone accounted for!?
b6: Yes! Without a doubt...!
b7: *cough* *cough*

b1a: The miasma within the flame barrier is most likely thicker than what a human could stand
b1b: We've managed to escape the worst thanks to this barrier, but...
b2: ... Just who coulda put up such a high-level kekkai?
b3: Most likely the Most High Priest...
b4: No!!
b5a: !!?
b5b: Konekomaru...!
b5c: Renzou!!
b6a: You're mistaken, Yaozou-sama
b6b: It was Bon who put up that kekkai!!
b6c: Bon's still inside there even as we speak!
b7: !!!!
b8: What did you...!!

b1: The Most High Priest is being watched by Kamiki-san and Murayama-san somewhere near the eastern mountain trail
b2a: We beg of you...!!
b2b: Save everyone!!!
b3: ... Got it
b4: Captain Kirigakure...!?
b5: I'll go ahead and back Suguro and Okumura up
b6a: Alright...
b6b: I'll get the details from these two, then I'll form a team to go back you up
b7: Please do
b8a: Miwa
b8b: Shima (TN: b8b is the left Mickey mouse ear)
b8c: You did well...!

b1a: ... That ain't gonna make me happy...
b1b: At least let me bury my head in your chest a lil...
b2: You seem in high spirits...
a1: Rin...
a2: I'm begging you...
a3: Break free...!!
b3: Ugh... gh...
b4: Ferns and mosses are supposedly strong against bacterial demons...!!
a4: Kamiki-san...!! You've got to hurry...
b5a: Nii-chan!
b5b: First up...
b5c: Yup yup yup
b6: We'll cover the infected area with liverworts and hornworts!!
b7: Nio~!!

b1a: Next up, whisk ferns! Common horsetails!!
b1b: Adder's tongues!!!
b2: Nio~~~!!
b3: ugh...
a1: That girl...!! To use a demon in such a way...
b4: Hah
a2: Was that good enough...!?
b5: Hah
b6: Suguro!!!!
b7a: Karura!!
b7b: Protect me!!
b8: ... Understood

b1: Puaa
b2: Bupuu
a1: Hot winds raging!!
b3: Pubaa

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#1. by candy ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2012
you're the best Saladesu!!! thanks so much!!! :D

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