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Zetman 1

Zetman 01

+ posted by sdames as translation on Jul 28, 2020 18:24 | Go to Zetman

-> RTS Page for Zetman 1

Chapter 1


Homeless man: Everyone, I'm off to the soup kitchen.
What'ya want? We only have this place to live.
There's no way we're getting up from here.

Servant 1: No, we're not here to ask you to leave, rest assured.
We're looking for this person...
Homeless man: I don't care who you are!
Get lost!
Old man: Hmm......
Servant 1: I was about 20 when I was searching for a little boy.
I'd like you to have a look at this.
On the back of the left hand is a sort of circle bump.
This is the third day after birth but......
Have you seen this before?

Homeless man: Don't know!
Servant 1: Now then, let's go to the next colony.
Old man: Yes......
You stay behind.
You can't communicate with such an empty dwelling.
Servant 2: Man...
What are the chances he's already dead?
Old man: Impossible.

Old man: That's a demon.
Even if you kill it, it won't die.
We need it alive.....
SFX: Slam.

Old Homeless hermit: This isn't enough-Give me more!! More!
Mother: I'm sorry...There are others too so...
Old Homeless hermit: Shuddup-!! Doesn't matter-
See! Like this, see!
Mother: Aah...
Kohana: I'm sorry!!

Kohana: Soup and bread are just one per person.
Hermit: Shuddup-!
Mother: I'm terribly sorry!
Crowed: Haah!!
Hurry it up-!!
One per person right-
SFX: Crunch.
Is there no booze-
What about the booze-!!
Mother: Kohana...
Can you take these empty bags to the car?
Kohana: ...Mum-...
Mother: Hm?

Kohana: Can we bring the food we have at home?
Mother: We can't
do that
Kohana: ......Why?
Mother: Be a good girl now, and carry this properly.
Kohana: .....Okay.....
Kitchen Volunteers: There's more of them each time.
Isn't there enough?

SFX: Tap-tap-tap-tap
Kohana: Oh.
Uncle! Good Afternoon!!
Homeless man: Oh, young lady.
Are you helping out today too? Such a good kid.
Kohana: Um-um-
The boy?
Homeless man: Hmm?
Oh, Young lady's prince?

Homeless man: If he hasn't come, he is probably at it again in town...
Kohana: I knew it.....
Today is crazy!!
There's not enough food today and it’s all up!!
Homeless man: Then how about doing this.....

Thug: Hey, hey old man!
Is there only 50 000 Yen?
Old man: Huh?
SFX: Thud.
Old man: ??
SFX: Crash.
Thug: Whatever.

Thug: ......
Screw you old man.
You gonna call the police over 50 000 Yen?
You trying to make me a criminal----!??
SFX: Thump thump thump
Old man: Urrgh urrgh
SFX: Spit.
SFX: Laugh
Old man: Give...it back...

Thug: --Geez...so persistent.
Running huh… Damn! Annoying!!
Old man: My bag…
My bag was taken! Catch him please-!!!
Bystander man 1: Someone!!
Boy: !
Bystander man 2: What? What?
Bystander women: Fight?
Old man: Please…
SFX: Groan. Groan.
SFX: Scuttle.
Schoolgirl 1: Woah.
Old man: Urgh.
Schoolgirl 2: What’s with him, gross!!
Old man: Ex..Excuse me…

Schoolgirl 2: Where are you looking pervy old man.
Old man: Huh?
Schoolgirl 2: You’re in the way!
Move! Perv…ert!?

Schoolgirl 1: What the!!
SFX: Dash.
Punk: Uhh, my bad, my bad.
So, where we meeting?
Bystander: Ow
Punk: Look where you’re walking!! Idiot!
OK (heart) Got it.
SFX: Dash.

Punk: Urgh.


SFX: Collapse.
SFX: Thud.
SFX: Swoosh (Soft landing).


SFX: Silence.
Old man: Urgh urgh.

Boy: 10 000 Yen as thanks.
Old man: !?
Shit, accomplices!
Screw this!!
Bystander 1: What the heck, a performance?
SFX: Murmur.
Bystander 2: Let’s go, let’s go.
SFX: Murmur.
Boy: …..
Bystander 3: He’s not getting up anyway?
Leave him, leave him.
SFX: Murmur.
Bystander 4: It’s just a gathering?
SFX: Murmur.

Boy: Darn-- Hungry…
Homeless man 2: Oh Superboy is passing through.
Boy: ……
Homeless man 2: What’s the matter? Have a hard time and get beat up?
Boy: Umm—Nah this old man I saved was stingy so I got flipped.
Homeless man 2: Huh!? Stingy? Aint you just too busy asking too much money?
Boy: Ten thousand Yen.

Homeless man 2: Idiot, that’s too much!
How much bread do you think you can buy.
Boy: I need the money.
Saving people, getting money, what’s wrong with that.
Homeless man 2: Haahaa that’s right I suppose, I wouldn’t say 10 000Yen though.
Even if ya got 1000Yen its not the jackpot right!! This world is cold hey.
Geez!! You even missed the soup kitchen, saving people, there’s no hope for some people.
Boy: Aagh!!!

SFX: Breeze
Boy: I wonder if some scraps fell down…
Kohana: Good afternoon.
Boy: !
Kohana: It got cold but…

SFX: Munch munch munch
Kohana: Blush blush
Boy: What happened to that hand?
SFX: Sip sip sip
Kohana: Eh!
It’s nothing.
Boy: Look, me too.
Gramps told me to wrap it like so.

SFX: Swoosh
Boy: Look!
Kohana: ……
Boy: You also have this right?
The angels ring.
Kohana: The angels ring!?
SFX: Heart thump.
Boy: Gramps said so, but I don’t know what it means.
Hey why do you gotta hide it? You know the reason?
Kohana: Um---Nope.
The angels ring.
SFX: Heart thump, heart thump.
Kohana: I, don’t have, that, just a wound, this.
Boy: Oh? Is that so.

Boy: Well for wounds you can just lick and stick it together with something and it’ll heal.
Humans have a thing called “natural healing.”
Kohana: Wow—
SFX: Awe.
Boy: …….At least that’s what gramps says.
Kohana: ……..
Ah I also learnt a lot from your grandpa!! About you!
Boy: About me? Why??
Kohana: Ah.

I’ve always been a fan.
Boy: ……………………………….
Kohana: You save people in need each day right? That’s wonderful!
Boy: That’s for the money, for money I do what I can and that’s my job.
Kohana: Getting the bad guys, that’s a wonderful job you know.
I know!! Next time let me watch your job please!!
Boy: Huh??

SFX: Fwiishh
Boy: Ok how about this!!
Kohana: ?
Boy: Anyway, I’m sort!!
SFX: Fwiishh
Kohana: Wha-.
Boy: Even though you gave me food I have no money!! I can’t repay you!!
Kohana: Uh?...... The money is not a problem please. Besides this food is from grandpa…
Boy: So! Instead, next time you’re in trouble.
I’ll save you for free! Is that okay!?

Kohana: Oh!? Really!?
Boy: Really!! I promise!
Kohana: Yes!
Boy: Whoops, that’s right.

Mother: So--? Did you chat a lot?
Kohana: Yup.
Mother: Was Kohana’s prince is a lot more human than you thought?
Kohana: Umm not so.
He is not a prince.
That boy is..

Kohana: An angel!
Grandpa: Oh- Welcome home.
Jin: I’m home!

Phone voice: Children?
Old gentlemen: Yes… This is probably all of them.
Phone voice: Is that so….Well done. You can call it a day.
Old gentlemen: ………..
Servant 1: So we couldn’t find him…
Old gentlemen: This mysterious case, there’s no doubting it.
We must act quickly…quickly…
Jin: Yo.
You in trouble?
Lady in distress: Yes yes.
Gangster 1: What the? Kid!
Gangster 2: Get lost!!
Jin: I don’t mind saving you.
It’s 10 000Yen. What’ll you do?

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