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Zetman 2

Zetman 02

+ posted by sdames as translation on Aug 7, 2020 12:41 | Go to Zetman

-> RTS Page for Zetman 2

Chapter 2
A Normal Life

Women: Ahh
SFX: Snap, Whack, punch.
Thugs: Urgh

Thugs: Urgh
SFX: Snap, Whack, punch.
Thugs: Brat!
Women: Huh!

SFX: Dash dash dash.

SFX: Dash.
Dash dash dash.
Jin: *Relieved Sigh.

Woman: *Screech. Wow!! Little boy, you’re strong!
Thugs: *Groan.
Jin: *Brush brush.
Woman: Punks bringing me out here and threatening me, just like trashy men aren’t you!!
If you’re a gold digger then shuddup like one and disappear!!
SFX: Bam bam.
Thugs: *Groan.
Woman: Don’t ever show your face again!!
Thugs: ……….
Woman: I…Thanks for rescuing me (Heart(.
Jin: Fee.

Woman: Oh right.
10 000 Yen is not much for getting away from that trash.
That’s where I work. Can you see that address written on the back?
Come before evening and I’ll treat you to something to eat before work(Heart).
Later okay.
Oh that’s right, when you come your getting into a bath okay, mine (Heart). See ya.
Jin: ….
Yes!! A reall 10000 Yen bill!!!

Street sign: No littering.
SFX: Whoosh.

SFX: Clang.
Newspaper sub heading: "Is this to be the sixth killing of the wind cutter?"
Flashback: Old gentlemen: “We’re looking for this.”

Jin: Man that street sign is tough, I just can’t dropped it.
Man 1: Wha?
Man 2: It’s rare to see you slacking around here all day Jin.
Jin: Hehehe its just hehehehe.
Man 2: ………..
Grandpa: Hey, study time!
Jin: Oh, coming now.
Man 1: In any case, he’s amazing, 100 hits in 100 throws.
Man 2: He’s no ordinary kid.
Man 3: You got that right! He’s hairs too long.

Jin: All done!
Grandpa: …..
Yup…All correct.
Jin: Am I done now?
Grandpa: Hey stay seated.
You hate studying?
Jin: Yup.
Grandpa: You need it when you go out into the world.
Can’t help that you hate it but keep at it.
Jin: I’m not going out into the world, I’m fine with things as they are.

As long as I’m always with Gramps.
Can I play now?
Grandpa: Jin…..
I didn’t know you were getting money off of gratitude and favors.
Jin: Huh?
How did you find out?

Jin: I haven’t even told anyone……
Grandpa: Haven’t you just been keeping it from the folks here?
I heard from our people in the city.
Jin: Oh……
Grandpa: It’s a good thing rescuing people but are you going with good intent?
Even if you do it with good intent, violence only breeds hatred solving nothing, remember that.
Jin: Okay.
Although I don’t really get it.
The person from last evening was really happy, so don’t worry about it!
Grandpa: ……….
No, that’s not what I mean…

I see it was still too difficult a talk for you to understand.
Jin: Done now? Can I play now?
Grandpa: No, I’m bringing out social science now.
Even if you got money, you’ve never used it before right?
Buying the things you want with your own money, buying the food you eat with your own money.
This is a good chance to learn the importance of money.
So, how much do you have?
Jin: 10762 Yen…
…..Wait! You’re gonna use my money!?
Grandpa: Kids can’t have that kind of money anyhow right? We’re using it for you’re studies.
Jin: What..But that money is…

Grandpa: You should save some too.
Jin: Okay… Even though its my precious money….
Grandpa’s friend: Bath? Sure get in.
Grandpa: Thank you.
When you get wet I’ll increase the hot water. Don’t touch the drum you’ll burn.
Jin: I know.

Grandpa’s friend: That kid changes each day doesn’t he…
When I met him, that kid had no expression on his face almost like a doll…
He’s become awfully cheerful hasn’t he…
As always.
That kid,
You cant see into his heart.

Grandpa: What’s up all of a sudden.
Grandpa’s friend: No I just though what a strange kid he is.
Kids these days are all the same you know….
Grandpa: That kid is special.
Because he lost his parents right after being born.
Jin: Hey Gramps! Get in the bath with me!!
Grandpa: Right’O.
Grandpa’s friend: He’s got parents. Goro its you.
The void in his heart too, as long as you’re with him it’ll be filled some day.

Clothing staff: I’m terribly sorry but…
We cannot allow you to enter.
Jin: Why the heck?
Clothing staff: Because you will be an inconvenience to the other customers.
Jin: What inconvenience?
We’re not bad people.
Grandpa Goro: Understood we won’t go in.
Could you possibly bring a shirt, sweater and pants that’ll fit this kid? You’re cheapest please.
Clothing staff: ……..

SFX: Plop.
Jin: Oh clothes!!
Clothing staff: That’ll be 17000 Yen.
Jin: Huh?
We don’t have enough.
Grandpa Goro: Don’t worry Jin. I’ll pay.
Jin: Tadaa!
Where we going to next??
Sign: Christmas discount sale.
Grandpa Goro: How about it, looks fun right?
Jin: What do you use this for?
Grandpa Goro: ………
Jin: Can I go inside?
Grandpa Goro: Go on in.
SFX: Cling.
Jin: Clean clothes!
Clerk: ?
Jin: Oh?
I want this!!

It looks like Gramps so I want it!!
Where to next!?

SFX: Munch munch.
Grandpa: Eat up.
Jin: Looks like Gramps is having fun.
Grandpa Goro: Is that so?

Jin: Why’d I have to get changed?
I see.
Because its better to be clean when you go to the city right?
Gramps paid for everything.
I didn’t use… my money.
Grandpa Goro: You can use yours next time.
Jin: Okay.
Actually here!!
I’m paying for my things.

Grandpa Goro: I see.
Then I’ll gladly take it.
Now then we’ll use this money for social studies again tomorrow.
Remember the rules for society quickly.
Jin: Huh? Okay.
But why everyday…..
Grandpa Goro: I want you to have a normal life soon.
A life like a normal person…

Jin: ?


SFX: Thud thud thud.
Stranger: Urg…
SFX: Thud thud.
SFX: Sweat sweat sweat.
Stranger: Urg… Urg…
SFX: Thud thud.

Stranger: Wanted…
SFX: Crack.
To be…
Like this.
SFX: Crack.
Like this…..
SFX: Crack.

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