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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Saint Young Men 8

Chapter 8: The Holy Festival of Autumn

+ posted by serizawa as translation on May 17, 2009 03:26 | Go to Saint Young Men

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Buddha: Oh, my, Jesus!
The omikoshi has just gone!
[T.N.: Omikoshi is a portable Shinto shrine.]

Jesus: Sorry! I will be with you in 20... no, 15 seconds!

Buddha: But why on Earth are you taking so much time to get ready?
If you had a hairstyle like mine, you would be ready in one minute!

Jesus: Don't make such impossible suggestions...
And besides, I wasn't combing my hair!
As today we are going to a festival, I thought I could add a little twist to go.

Buddha: Huh? What do you mean?
When did you buy any goods to go to the festiv...

Jesus: Sorry for the delay! I'm ready!

Jesus: This lowly self apologises for the delay.
(Sorry! Sorry!)

Buddha: Jesus. That's not a Japanese outfit. That's a Japanese cosplay!

Saint Young Men 8: The Holy Festival of Autumn

Jesus: Drat, in the end, we are using t-shirts...

Buddha: Jesus, you have this bad habit of focusing too much on the outer appearance...

[Side Note:
Buddha: what he says lately when he is sleeping: "I can't fly anymore."
Jesus: what he says lately when he is sleeping: "I can't sleep."]

Buddha: You can enjoy a festival while wearing a t-shirt all right.

Jesus: Perhaps...
But there is an incredible number of booths here!
Wow! This is...
This is like a cloud! Mister, is this food?

Mister: It's sweet!

Jesus: Give me this!

Buddha: Wow! This looks like snow!
Festival foods are interesting!

Man: It's sweet!

Jesus: Give me that!

Buddha: Jesus, eat your stuff first, please.
Wow, it looks like a dream.
You must be happy too, Jesus. I remember that, in the Heavenly world, you often looked down and...

Buddha: said that it looked fluffy and delicious....
.... what? Is that some sticky stuff?

Jesus: Yeah... not something fluffy like a cloud...
It's been a long time...
since I've felt so betrayed...
This is Judas level...
A Judas level of deception...
(Looks like a wet puppy now...)

Buddha: C, cheer up! Remember that you were able to get out of it that time as well!
Look at this! My snow cone is just like as I imagined! Try this!

Jesus: Buddha! What happened to you?!
Your mouth is totally pink!

Buddha: Wha?!

Jesus: You look like you put on lipstick!

Buddha: Oh, my! This is not good! Is it because of the strawberry?

Jesus: Uh... Buddha, I must say that, more than ever, now is the time to act like a man.
(he looks too much like a restaurant mistress!)

Buddha: I can't believe it! I feel so embarrassed!
I hope nobody I know looks at me right now...

Jesus: (I am telling you to act more like a man...)
Now, now, you don't have to worry about that here in the mundane world.
Besides, this festival is from this Shinto shrine, so neither of us has any relation.
(I doubt anybody knows you here)

Buddha: Yes, perhaps...

Jesus: And for some reason, there are lots of people with the same hairstyle as yours, Buddha.
So, you look very natural here.

Buddha: What?
People with same hairstyle of mine? You're not referring to...

Jesus: (See how many)

Yakuza: S...

Yakuza: Second generation boss!
You are the second generation boss!

Yakuza A: Bro! So, this man is the one you met in the pool...
The "Mr. Sei who got out from jail after three days", right!?

Buddha: (Yes, there are people who know us here!)

Narration: They are the first friends they made in the mundane world.

Buddha: Uh, Jesus, I think this man is still thinking that you are the second generation boss of some yakuza group!

Jesus: Yeah... what are we going to do now...

Yakuza: What happened? Why are you both covering your faces?
Are you being chased?!

[side note: A bro who is an acquaintance of theirs: He became friends with Jesus in the city pool. Somehow, he thinks Jesus is the second generation boss of some yakuza group. What he says lately when he is sleeping: "Fish sausage...yarg".]

Buddha: Oh, no, we are hiding our faces because we've got some weird colors on our faces.

Jesus: Do you happen to have something to wash them out?

Yakuza: Leave it to me, boss...
Hey, Yasu!
Bring that stuff we use to wash out the colors of the color balls!

Yasu: Oh, I see... are you back from a bank?

Buddha: No, no, it's something we can wash with water, thanks!!

Jesus: Thanks a lot!

Yakuza: Nevermind... if you like, you can play for free at my booth.

Jesus: Oh, no, no, thanks, but we just can't accept such offer...

Yakuza: Are you sure?
Well, I don't think there is something here that catches your attention anyway, but...

Buddha: Oh?

Buddha: Is that a Nintendo DS...
and it comes with the "Together with your puppy" game?!

Yakuza: Oh, is there something that caught your attention?
(Take this.)

Jesus: Oh, that game... I remember Buddha wanted to play it.
No pets are allowed in our condo, so we can only have virtual pets, right?

Buddha: Yes, but there is another reason. Something that only virtual pets can do...
Once in my lifetime, I'd love to have animals angry at myself!

Box: Pictures showing the love animals gave them since birth

Jesus: (I understand your feelings, but..)
O... oh, yes... but isn't it a bit too twisted an emotion..?

Buddha: Very well! I will fight to get it!

Jesus: (Go, Buddha, go!)

Yakuza: Hahaha! You can stretch your arm forward as much as you can!

Buddha: Oh, does that mean that---

Buddha: ---can I dislocate my shoulder, then?

Yakuza: Eh...? Well, I think you can...

Jesus: Oh, so you intend to use the techniques learned during your hard training, right?
But it's the first time you shoot a gun, isn't it?

Buddha: Yes, but I know the trick to do it!

Jesus: Wow!

Yakuza: !?

Yasu: Tricks have no relation to it!

Buddha: Aim a bit upwards...
Hold your breath, and...
Refuge in the three jewels!!
W... wha...!?!

Jesus: Buddha, that was great!

Buddha: Yes!
I... I did it!

Jesus: That was amazing! But who taught you how to shoot?

Buddha: Not that I learned from anyone. Remember that...

Buddha: They aim here every time I go out!
(No more Buddha faces for you!!)
(Stop it!!)
(They showed me the tricks!)

Jesus: Oh, yes! You told me that they were using guns lately!
(Can't believe they are using rubber band guns now!)

Buddha: (Oh, actually they use more water pistols!)

Yakuza: R... really impressive...!

Yakuza A: He really deserves to be the second generation boss!

Yakuza: It's impressive to see that you go through hell every day!!

Narration: The number of faithful believers in Tachikawa is increasing steadily day after day.

Guys: Wasshoi!
[T.N.: "Wasshoi" is the tradicional cry you give while carrying the omikoshi.]

Buddha: Oh, and there's the omikoshi!

Jesus: Hey, look at that! Their kimono is so cool!

Buddha: Oh, you are talking about "happi", right?
It's really cool. But I think you can only wear one if you carry the omikoshi...

Yakuza: Hey, sir.
If you want to carry the omikoshi, leave it to me.
Hey, you there! Let these gentlemen join!

Jesus: What? Can we really join?!

Buddha: What!?

Jesus: Geez, I got a happi! I'm so happy!
[T.N.: Pun NOT intended :P]

Buddha: Uh, wait...
It's not good for us to carry an omikoshi!

Jesus: Do you think so?
(I would love to...)

Buddha: Jesus... this is a Shinto shrine!
If the god of this shrine finds out that we are helping to carry the omikoshi...

Buddha: We will be embarrassed to death!!
We will be the greatest laughing-stocks of the century!

Jesus: Yeah, you're right... it won't be something he would forget easily...

Yakuza: Hey! hey! Let's go! Let's go, gentlemen!

Buddha: Oh!

Jesus: Don't worry, nobody will find us here...
Much on the contrary, you will be noticed if you make such face here!
Let's have some fun!
Wasshoi! Wasshoi!

Buddha: It's, it's impossible!
I REALLY hope nobody I know looks at me right now!
(Though I really doubt I will find anyone else who knows me...)
... huh?

Girl: Wha?

Buddha: No, my mistake!
Sorry, you looked like a person I know!
(This is no good! Too much worries troubling my mind...)

Buddha: (Everyone with that luminous halo looks like a person I know!!)
(Are we in the Heavenly world?!)

Girl: (They do say I look like a foreigner, but...)
By the way, who's that Ananda?
You are really funny!

Girl 2: Whassup?

Girl: Oh, that guy is trying to pick me up!

Buddha: WHAT?!

Girl 3: Hey, isn't that guy really cool?!
Is that thing on your forehead a piercing? That's so cool!

Girl 2: By the way, aren't your ears a bit long?
(That's funny!)

Buddha: N, no, I just...
Jesus! Help me! I think they are...

Jesus: "What happened?"

Buddha: Hey! That most Johnny Depp-ish angle and face and English and all!!
You are just too much into it, Jesus!

Jesus: Now, now... they are with their boyfriends, so it's all right.

Jesus: Do you think that a person picking up girls looks like a Buddha?
So, don't worry about it!
(See ya!)

Girls: (Bye bye!)

Buddha: Oh, you are right!
Now I get it! The more I get carried away...
lesser are the chances we will be found here, right!?

Jesus: That's right! Let's go, Buddha! Let's have fun!

Buddha: Wa... wasshoi! Wasshoi!
Wasshoi! Wasshoi! This is great!!

Jesus: Amen! Amen!!

Buddha: J, Jesus! You are getting too carried away!
You are showing your true face!!

Jesus: Agape! Agape!!

Buddha: Jesus! Hey, Jesus!

Man: Hahaha! I like that!

Buddha: Well, that was fun...

Jesus: The fireworks are great and the beer is wonderful.
I feel that today, we...
we are just like common people of the neighborhood!

Buddha: (You were just too common for my liking....)
Yes... you were really acting like those enthusiastic guys from the neighborhood...

Jesus: Right! Before we leave, let's draw some omikuji!
[T.N.: Omikuji is a fortune slip from a Shinto shrine. It comes with a general result, which can be "great luck", "good luck", "normal", "bad luck" and "terrible luck", and a message of advice.]

Buddha: Oh, that's great! I bet I will draw a "great luck"!
After all, I got a DS today!
I must admit that I am anxious now!

Jesus: Let's us see our omikuji at the same time!

Buddha: Let's go!
One, two and...

[Right omikuji:
Bad Luck
Don't get too carried away and forget who you are.]

[Left omikuji:
Bad Luck
Must have a calmness befitting to your age.]

Buddha: ... is it just me, or is this a message...?

Jesus: Yeah... I'm sure he found us out here.

Buddha: I can imagine him laughing at us...

Jesus: Well, let's apologise to him...
let's tie these and go back...
[T.N.: In case of bad luck, it's normal to tie the omikuji to neutralize it.]

Narration: And after the fever of the festival has subdued...

Buddha: Oh, no!!?
This... is not a DS Lite...!
It's a DS Light!!

Jesus: This one is an eraser...

Narration: They found out yet another traditional aspect of Japanese festivals.

Buddha: I want a cat to go "fsssst!" on me when I try to touch him!

Jesus: I understand what he feels...

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