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Saint Young Men 24

Chapter 24 - Buddha's Birthday

+ posted by serizawa as translation on May 18, 2009 19:57 | Go to Saint Young Men

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Buddha: Please, stop it, Brahma...
Nobody will be happy if you do...

Brahma: Then, curse your birth...

[Side note: check the right page!]

Brahma: This is for Ananda!!

Buddha: Aaah!

Brahma: This is for Rahula!!
And this is for---
[T.N.: Both Ananda and Rahula were disciples of Buddha.]

Brahma: --- me! The sweet tea we brought for you! Happy Birthday!!!
[T.N.: the sweet tea ("amacha") is a specific tea made from the leaves of a certain species of hydrangea.]

Buddha: You are aiming at my Urna, aren't you?!
[T.N.: the circular dot on Buddha's forehead. It is one of the traits of a Buddha, being a representation of wisdom.]

Chapter 24 - Buddha's Birthday

Narration: Today, April 8th,
is considered as Buddha's birthday.
In Japan, his birthday is celebrated by pouring sweet tea on a Buddha sculpture.

Brahma: So, I came here on behalf of the Heavenly world.
Happy Birthday, dear Siddharta....

Buddha: I can't believe that... you bought that violent weapon-like toy just for today...?

Brahma: Don't worry. The expenses were covered by the Heavenly world.

Buddha: I wonder who manages the finances of the Heavenly world...
Oh, by the way. Brahma, please don't get by my home today.
I don't want you to talk about my birthday to Jesus.

Brahma: What? Are you hiding it from him?

[Side notes:
Buddha: He was interviewed on the streets by a TV channel and he participated as seriously as he could, but he did have a shiver running up his spine at the words and actions of the person standing next to him.

Brahma: protector of the Buddhist laws. When Buddha got enlightened, he convinced Buddha to talk about enlightenment to people. In the TV interview, he got heated up with a discussion on kamaboko.

Jesus: He happened to be watching TV when Buddha and Brahma were interviewed by the very TV channel he was watching.]
[T.N.: Kamaboko is a Japanese food made of fish.]

Buddha: No, not that I am hiding it from him, but...
Finally I got home!

Jesus: Whoa! Buddha! You're soaked in sweat!

Buddha: Yeah, hahaha.
Oh, are you going somewhere now?

Jesus: Uh...
I have something very important to...
... I mean, I have some trivial issues to deal with!
And... yeah!
So... I....
(I am leaving)

Buddha: All right, take care!
(Hope everything will be all right!)
Probably, he is preparing something for a surprise birthday for me...

Jesus: (Geez, I'm late!)

Buddha: In this last week, he is away for at leat 5 hours every day...
I am really happy to know that he wants to celebrate my birthday, but...
I hope he's not pushing himself too much...

[Sign: Hustle]

Jesus: Welcome to the shop!

Man: Oh, give me that dog plushy, please.

Jesus: Is it a gift for someone?
(A puppy, right?)

Man: (You call him puppy?)
Oh, it's my granddaughter's birthday.
I have no idea what a girl at her age might like, but...

Jesus: T...
That agape is priceless...!

Man: Are you going to sell it for free?!

Owner: You can't do it, dear Jesus.

Jesus: Sorry, owner...

Owner: Oh, don't worry about it.
And did you manage to save enough money?
Your friend's birthday is today, right?

Jesus: Yes, thanks to you, with today's payment, I have the money I need...

Owner: Here's a birthday card.

Jesus: Wow! Can I use it?!

Owner: Here's also a pen. Write your message to your friend when you have some time.

Jesus: (Great! I will write right now!!)

Owner: He is spending a five days' payment on the gift...
I bet his friend must be a wonderful person...

Card: Worlds Above and Worlds Below, There's No One Like Me.
[T.N.: This is the words that Siddharta Gautama supposedly said right after birth. However, given the literal meaning of the phrase, it's often used by the "bosozoku", groups of juvenile delinquents who are known to ride bikes at night, causing trouble everywhere.]

Owner: "Worlds Above and Worlds Below"...

Jesus: He's the guy who said this stuff just after he was born...

Owner: Jesus! Don't give in to the threats of those "bosozoku" clans!!
(To threaten someone for money is a crime! I'm sure police will help you against them!)

Jesus: No, no! He's from another clan, the Kshatriya!!

Jesus: Either way, I'm glad that I got the money in time...
I have already placed my order at the shop near home, so all I have to do now is to pick it up.
This last week was pretty troublesome...
(I will be right back!)
I had to act in a way to prevent Buddha from realizing I am preparing a surprise for him...
Heh, I am an actor...
I can be a celebrity and after I make my début on TV...
TV series, wait for me...!!

Owner: He is a boy who sometimes mumbles some weird things...

Jesus: In the near future, I will have a role as Johnny Depp's brother and I will début on the silver screen and...
(Whoops, I got carried away)
Hi, welcom---

[Side note: I bought a hammock. Anxiously awaiting for the weather to get warmer! (Nakamura Hikaru)]

Jesus: W---
Why is Buddha here?!
I know that he often comes to the Hustle Shopping Alleys, but---
Oh, he's carrying an eco bag! So, he's just passing by in his way to buy his stuff?
So, he has no intention to buy anything here, but he is kind of window shopping...
Oh, he's taking a look at the DS games...
Heh, he's looking again at the virtual pets game titles...
Though he complained that even the virtual puppy from the "Together with the puppy" game fell in love with him...

[back sign: "Together with a stray dog"
The previous hit "Together with a puppy" got an impossibly HARD version now! With plenty of actions like "roar" and "bite", he will give you some trouble!

[game cover:
Total animosity towards you!!
Together with a stray dog]

Buddha: They did listen to all my suggestions I wrote down in the survey response I sent them...

Jesus: What company dared to sell such game!?
If he comes to the counter, he will find out everything...!!
I have to find a way to prevent him from buying the game...
If he gets a cold reaction from a real animal, instead of a virtual one, perhaps he won't buy the game anymore...?
But what animal can give a cold reaction to Buddha...?
(Even that poisoned elephant ended up loving him...)
.... oh, yes...! I have my Father to rely on!!

* God, the Father of Jesus, once sent a pigeon to guide him.

Buddha: Huh?
A beautiful white pigeon has just flown into the shop...

Jesus: Thanks, Dad!

Buddha: (Hey! You can't get in here!)

Jesus: I'm sure Daddy can give a cold reation to Buddha...!!

Pigeon: I shalt break thou!

Buddha: Oh, so it's you, Jesus's Father!
(the Kshatriya clan has already been broken!)

Pigeon: Impressive... you have figured Me out...

Jesus: Normal pigeons DON'T speak, Dad!!
You should have poked him! Or flown into him! That would be something normal for a normal pigeon!

Pigeon: I see... My beloved Son is really smart...
But now he knows My presence... this is also a Path of possibility...
So, Buddha, may Light be upon you!!

Buddha: Wha---
What!? Why have you come here then!?

Jesus: Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani...
[T.N.: it means "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"]

Buddha: W... well... anyway, let me buy this first...

Jesus: Oh, no! He's coming this way!!

Jesus: If he finds me here, the surprise will be...!!
Where's the owner...
oh, no, she's not here!!
Hey, what if I hide my face?!
Right! If I put my hair down in front of my face...
I will be "the person who can work as a cashier even when he turns his back!!"
... no, this seems too funny. I will show this later in our comedy sketches...
Yes! I remember that there was a mark the---

Buddha: Oh, I found somebody! Sorry, but...

Jesus: !!
Well, now there is only one chance!!

Buddha: What!?
Wha, what is this strong and radiant light...!?

Jesus: I'm sorry... my eyes are weak, so...

Jesus: I need light as strong as possible to work...
I'm sorry for the light.

Buddha: Isn't this... a radiant halo...?

Jesus: Of course not, sir.
It's not something like that. It is the radiant light of science.

Buddha: Oh, I see...

Jesus: (You are going to pay with your 10,000 yen bill?)

Buddha: ... sorry, my eyes got used to the light and I can see quite clearly now...

Jesus: I thought as much... you were staring at me...

Buddha: ... Jesus, is it okay for you to leave the store?
By the way, I didn't expect to see you working as a cashier...

Jesus: No problem, my service time was just over.
Oh, no... he found out that I was working...!!
Given Buddha's sharp intuition, probably he'll find out about the surprise birthday...

Buddha: (I see through anything, Jesus...)

Jesus: Not only that! He may even find out what the present is...!?
Yeah, there was only one thing that was expensive and that Buddha wanted...
Oh, well... let's pick it up together, then.

Buddha: What?
Pick wha---
Oh, this household appliance store...

Jesus: Wait a sec. I will get a cart.
Here! This is my present to you!

Buddha: What? What is it...?

Jesus: What? It is a stone steam oven.

Buddha: A...

Jesus: Hey! Did you notice that flowers are blooming in your wake?!
Wow! Birds that I have never seen before are here as well!
First time I have ever seen a shoebill!!

Buddha: S... sorry! I was so happy that...!!

Jesus: What? Are you happy?!

Buddha: Of course I'm happy!
I'm happy... for receiving such a noble gift... such...
Such... material!!
All things are impermanent!!
All beings suffer due to unclear mind!!
(After a thousand years, it will be dust...! After one year, it will be outdated...)

Jesus: Are you so happy that you need to repeat such enlightenment phrases to keep yourself under control!?

Buddha: I am as happy as when I got that Gion temple...!!

Jesus: As happy as getting a full bureau on Earth then?!

Buddha: But I bet that this was really expensive, right!?

Buddha: Oh, that's why you were working...
(I was wondering why you were away for so long during the day...)

Jesus: W, what? You realized just now?!
I thought you had realized it a long time ago...
But working was really fun.
And, seeing that you are so happy, I feel really fulfilled.
I couldn't get you any cakes or special food for your birthday, so...

Buddha: Don't worry! I will prepare them with this!
Thank you, thank you Jesus...
Every year, I only get that sweet tea on my birthday, so...
(by the guys from the Heavenly world)

Jesus: Hey, that's a proof that they do celebrate your birthday!

Buddha: Oh, actually...
as soon as I was born, I said "Worlds Above and Worlds Below, There's No One Like Me", right?

Jesus: Right...
But that phrase means that "every life is as precious as the life of a Buddha that I am", right?
... hey, you said that stuff with a literal meaning...?
(like those junior high students of today?)

Buddha: Everyone does something wrong in his youth, right?

Buddha: So, the meaning in that sweet tea is not celebration...
(Worlds Above and Worlds Below, There's No One Like Me.)
But rather, it's "hey, cool down your head a bit".

[Side note: An impressive stone oven!]

Buddha: ... I was so young at that time!
It is part of the darkest side of my history, but... every birthday, they remind me of that...

Jesus: Bu... Buddha...?

Buddha: Today was just like it! Brahma came and...
... he even dared to buy a water pistol, and...
Oh, my! Cooking really takes your mind to new voids...

Jesus: He looked like a Asura that time...
[T.N.: Asura are powerful yet furious and fearsome entities.]

Narration: That day, the food was really delicious. But at the same time, Jesus couldn't help feeling a shiver because of it.

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