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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Drifters 6

The powerless ones

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Oct 3, 2009 20:08 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 6

Upper note: Nobunaga, Yoichi, Toyohisa... samurai trio on the move!!!

Side note: If you can't speak Japanese, then "die"---- Toyohisa, the head hunter, is strong!!!

(Nobunaga looks at the corpses of the men they had just slain)

Nobunaga: They are just too well equipped.
They are no brigands.
Soldiers, perhaps?
Soldiers under the orders of the lord of this fief?
Heh Heh Heh!
They are just inviting me to take everything from them!

Action packed Samurai Fantasy!!
Chapter 6 - The powerless ones

DO NOT LET THIS ARROW MISS ITS TARGET [T.N.:This is a famous quote by the real Nasu no Yoichi.] ---


(many houses are set on fire.)

Leader: Line up!!

(several people are surrounded by armed men.)

(Defenseless elves are surrounded by heavily armed men.)

Elder elf: What does this mean, lord Aram?!
What have we done?!

Aram: Elder.

Aram: You entered the forest
and saved the drifters, right?

Elder: ...!

Aram: Elves shan't go into the forest. Elves shan't make bows.
Elves shan't get near to Drifters. Breaking any of those rules is a heavy offense.

Elder: B... but that's...
the children did that to save a drifter who was about to die...

Aram: You are telling me to forgive you just because they are kids?
Elves are really hopeless, foolish and annoying.

Aram: Dealing with drifters is a job for the magicians of the "Octobrist Organization"(T.N.: Actually, "Juugatsu Kikan". It's the name of the doujin circle Kohta Hirano is in. He releases a magazine called Octsystm from this circle.)
So, it is a great offense for you demihumans if you get near them.
Did you think that we didn't know about your wrongdoings?

Elf: Shut up!
To begin with, you are asking for something impossible!
We can't get wood if we don't enter the forest!
We can't hunt nor can we get any fruit to eat!
You made us become farmers, though we know nothing about farming!
You took our women from us!
And now you say that it's a crime to have children help a moribund man!?

Elf: You are telling us elves ---
--- to die?

Aram: Indeed!
You should die quickly.
If you want to curse somebody, then curse your ancestors, who lost the war.
Soon, you elves, dwarves and hobbits...
... every demihuman will be extinct as a race!

(Aram thrusts the sword into the elder elf)

Aram: Isn't that so?

Elf: W...

Aram: We are talking about reducing your population.
How many people should die?
I have permission to reduce by half the number of your people.

(Aram's men start wanton killing.)

Elf: Stop it!!
Kill me! Kill me....!!

Aram: No.
You are still young.
Take care of yourself.
You have a future.
A despicable future as a farm slave.

Aram: Oh, by the way, about your brothers, who saved them drifters.
They can't be excused. They are the very criminals who committed that offense.
I'm sure they are dead by now.
They are now food for the forest bugs.

(Aram sees fire arising in the fields.)

Man: E, emergency, sire!
The wheat fields are on fire!!

Aram: What!?

(a fuse is lit.)

Aram: It's just before harvest! There will be less taxes to pay if we lose the harvest!
I told you to take care, didn't I?!

(Nobunaga grins as he sets the fields on fire.)

Nobunaga: Fire is really great!!
It reminds me of Ise Nagashima!!(T.N.: Ise Nagashima is the place of the Nagashima Ikko-ikki, a rebellion by Honganji believers. It is said that Nobunaga set fire and burned 20 thousand people alive.)

(the fire spreads.)

(An underling of Aram looks surprised as he sees somebody dashing towards him.)

(Toyohisa charges against him.)

Underling: D--

(Toyohisa splits him in half.)

Toyohisa: First man down!!

(Toyohisa dashes into the village)

Aram's men: W...
What was that!?
What the hell was that!?
I can't believe....

(Toyohisa splits another man in half)

Aram's men: Ah...

Aram: Don't panic!!
We will kill him!!

Toyohisa: Leave your head for me!!
Did you hear!!
Leave your general's head!!
It's a general's head, right!?
You are a general, right!?

(Toyohisa looks at the slain elves.)

Toyohisa: How did you dare to do all that?
Thinking twice, I don't want your head at all.

Aram: So, this is a drifter.
What the hell is he speaking? I can't understand anything!!

Nasu no Yoichi: Setting wheat fields on fire?

Nobunaga: Precisely.
Even without any pride, people can live if they have food.
Even without any food, people can endure if they have pride.
But if they lose both ---
--- then they just don't care anymore.
Then, they just rely on anything they can.
This was the tactic used in that Honganji rebellion, and it gave me some some hell of a trouble.
And it's the best strategy to take over the country!

Side note: The tale of a conquest in a strange world -- begins now!!


Foot note: Drifters 6 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale October 30th).

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2009
Big THX!
#2. by ndi_k88 ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2009
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