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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Drifters 8

Army of mine - Arms Rising at Dawn

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Nov 28, 2009 15:40 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 8

Side note: This is the man who sent Shimazu Toyohisa, a warrior from the Sengoku Era, to another universe.... who will he send next...?!

(the man in the corridor is reading a newspaper)

Newspaper, left headline: Shimazu Toyohisa - Taking over an elven village!?

Newspaper, right headline: Oda Nobunaga / Nasu no Yoichi

(the man smokes as he reads. He hears a noise.)

Man: !

(The man looks at the corridor. Someone is approaching)

Someone: You still attempting those useless efforts...
... "Murasaki"? [T.N.: "Murasaki" means "Purple" in Japanese.]

Top note: "Hellsing" 10 volumes on sale!

Right splash: He is the one sending those drifters...

Left splash: what is the goal of the "man of the door"...!?


Kohta Hirano

Chapter 8 - Army of mine - Arms Rising at Dawn

Bottom note: Hellsing OVA VII on sale on Christmas!

(The person is a woman. She talks to the man, who is still reading the papers)

Woman: No matter how you try.
No matter how many drifters you send.
No matter how hard you try...
everything is futile.

Man: Go away,
The wrongdoings must be amended.

Man (now looking at the woman): Leave, "Easy".
I won't let you do as you please.
Pitiable woman.

(Easy is enraged)

Easy: You are the pitiable one here.
All right, do it if you can.

(The newspaper changes. A new headline appears.)

Headline: Black King begins the conquest of the South

(The man opens his eyes wide.)

Easy: It's impossible for your drifters...
... to defeat my offscourings.

(Scene change. A cristal ball appears, sending in a transmission.)

Voice: This is Shem! This is Shem! Grand master!
Those guys did indeed take over the village!
It is dangerous to leave them as is!!
I will take them at your place at once!!

Man (walking along a stone wall): No, forget it. Time is up.
Don't bring them here. And don't come here either.

Voice: Wha... t, then...

Man: Yes. It has begun.
It has begun!

(There is a large wall resembling the walls of a castle. Lots of men and weapons atop of it.)

Man: Can you see?

Ham: Aye, sir.
I can't see them, but I can feel them.
Most probably, as soon as possible they...

Box: Frontier fortress of North Carneades
The "North Wall of Carneades"

[T.N.: Carneades of Cyrene (214-129 BC) was a Greek philosopher, well known in Japan for his thought experiment called "Plank of Carneades".]

Map, lower right, next to the arrow: Nobunaga / Toyohisa / Yoichi

Local 1: Why the Octobrists are so afraid?
No matter how many monsters come from the north---
--- this wall has never been breached.

Locals: Centuries have passed since they were forced to flee to the lands beyond this wall.
This is the wall guarded by us, people of Carneades.
What can those monsters do? Hahaha.

Man (thinking): Those guys are useless.
This wall won't hold two days.

Man (Shouting): I will leave this place to your control for now!
I will go to Cafeto! [T.N.: This reference is unclear. It may refer to a coffe shop called "Cafeto" or even to a lesser known game called "Mermaid Prism", which features a "Cafeto Tower".]

Local: You will talk to those two old men?

Man: Exactly.
If they don't take the command here, this wall will be destroyed!!

Man (thinking): We have no chance of victory if we don't do something.
Our habilities as Drifters alone are insufficient to achieve victory!!

Local: Are you joking!?

Locals: Are you saying to submit ourselves to the command of those drifters!?
Do not say nonsense, magicians!

Ham: But we will be defeated if those two don't assume as commanders.

Locals: How dare you make so little of us!!
You are nothing but a society of magic! You know nothing!!
They are nothing but two mere drifters!
What can those filthy old wretches do!?

(The two old men are looking at the scene, understanding nothing.)

Old man 1: Hey, hey, why are you engaged in such a fierce discussion?

Man: Oh, actually...
I was talking them into handing the command of this place to you two.

Old man 1: WHAT?!
It's impossible! It's just too sudden.
(To begin with, why would we have to take up command here?)

Man: I know, I know.
But if you two don't take up the command here, everyone will die.

Old man 1: I can't understand a word of what they are saying.
But I do understand that they aren't saying good things about us.

Old man 2: Hey.

Old man 1: What!?

Old man 2 (trembling): I wanna pee.

Man: WHAT?!

Old man 1: You idiot!
Don't you dare pee here!
(You decrepit idiot!)

Old man 2: (W, what am I going to do?)
No, I think it's too late.
When you get old, you start peeing very frequently and...

(Old man 2 pees and cries.)

Old man 1: (I am fed up with this Thunderbolt of Carthago...)

(The locals look in amazement, then start cracking up)


Old man 2: H... hah...
Wish... I were younger... really...

(Old man 1 makes an angry face.)

Local: Hahaha! A poor old wretch indeed!
How could we hand the command over such decrepit scum?!

(In a fit of rage, Old man 1 grabs the local who said that.)

Local: !!
what are you...

Old man 1: Listen here! You can gather millions of men, yet you will never be able to defeat him!
This man is...
This man is...!!
This man is Hannibal!!
Hannibal Barca, "Thunderbolt of Carthago"!!
Not even a million enemies were able to make Rome afraid!!
Yet, Rome trembled whenever she heard the name of Hannibal!!

Local: Wh...
What is he speaking...?

Old man 1: Shit!

Man: I ask you two to stop now.
I believe it's just too late now.

Old man 1: !

Man: Please prepare to escape.
In no time, this place will become hell.
The drifters must flee from here, no matter what it takes.
No matter how big the sacrifice is.

Hannibal: Scipio Africanus.

Hannibal: Thanks.

Scipio: W, well, this is the difference between winners and losers.
After all, I am a winner and you are a loser.

Hannibal: What did you say?! You bastard!!

Scipio: What, do you wanna fight, old idiot!?

(The crystal ball of the man catches an incoming transmission.)

Voice: Here is Shem... Her... is Shem...
Wh... hap... situ... repo...

Man: !!
A magical transmission block!!
Dammit! There they come!!

Ham: All communications lost with the four surveillance gadgets!!

Man: Shit!!

Voice 1: What's going on? Such a fuss...

Voice 2: Yeah, I wonder...

Voice 1: Happen to have a smoke?

Voice 2: You kiddin'? 'course not.

Voice 1: Don't lie to me. I know you're hiding those last two cigarettes.
It's all your fault that we're here, y'know?

Voice 2: Shut up. No way I'll hand those two to you.

Voice 1: Man...
Would kill for a smoke right now...

Man 2: No matter how far we go...
... we have no future.
The Wild Bunch Gang has only a present, not a future!
So, at least, wish we could smoke as much as we wanted...


(everyone looks tense.)

[20 and 21]
(a person in a white robe is followed by several men leading hordes of soldiers)

[T.N.: Topmost flag: "La Pucelle de Orleans", meaning "the maid of Orleans". The next flag: "Makoto", meaning "Fidelity", "Truthfulness".]

Side note: A huge army... will it eventually become the "enemy" of Toyohisa?


Foot note: Drifters 8 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale December 28th).

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