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Drifters 12

Chapter 12 - Active Heart

+ posted by serizawa as translation on May 1, 2010 05:43 | Go to Drifters

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Olmine: We call as "Drifters"
every "person" who was sent here from other worlds, like you.
Likewise, we call as "Offscourings"
every "evil being who forsake their humanity" and was sent here from other worlds.

Side note: Volume 1 on sale June 30th!


Chapter 12 - Active Heart

Olmine: The goal of our Octobrist Organization is to locate, watch
and gather the Drifters to fight against the Offscourings.
Uh... and could you untie me, please?

Toyohisa: Of course NOT.
I can't understand a thing of what you are saying.

Oda: Hah hah hah!
My dear Olmine,
you are getting it totally wrong.

You think I am a good man? Then you are WRONG!

Toyohisa: You still doing such ludicrous performance?
Don't you feel ashamed?

Oda: Of course NOT.

Toyohisa: You really got some galls.
I forgot that you liked flashy stuff since you were a kid.

Olmine: No, I don't think you are Offscourings.

Yoichi: Why?

Olmine: Those who come here as offscourings
can't be called as "human beings" anymore.
They never make such jokes like you.

Olmine: They nourish only an utter hate towards this world.
I don't know what happened to them in your world.
But surely they hate everything in this world.
And hate drives them to destroy everything they see.
There are only two things that Offscouring do when they come here:
Devastation and carnage.
They gathered in the north, subjugated the monsters that lived there
and started marching south.
If we let them be, they will reduce this world to nothing.
That's why we ask you, Drifters, to help us!!

Oda: And how many soldiers have you got?

Olmine: Eh?

Oda: I know nothing about monsters,
but now I know that they have a large army.
Just how many soldiers have you got to fight them?

Olmine: Uh... well...
our organization is a society of magicians, so...

Oda: So, no soldiers at all?

Olmine: Our goals is to gather all Drifters, and...
well, our plan is to appeal to the kings and lords of each country to provide armed forces,
and the Drifters would lead them against...

Oda: Fool! Fool! Fool!
This may be a different world, but some things are just the same.
Every country here has a lord, who has command over his army, which in turn is a proof of his power.
Nobody is idiot enough to hand his army to an unknown bunch of guys, you fool!

Oda: It doesn't matter how strong or powerful those so called "Offscourings" are.
The lords will never surrender their armies to you.
They will cling to their military power till their last man is killed and
their last stronghold falls to the hands of them "Army to Destroy the World".
That's what a "lord" is!
Why do you think the Mohists disappeared after the Warring States Period?! [T.N.: Mohists, the followers of Mozi's teachings, had a rather famous resistance group during the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC) and Warring States Period (475BC-221BC) in mainland China.]
You may come up with whatever theory you like, but facts are facts.

Toyohisa: So... this is...
Oda Nobunaga.
It's really hard to tell if he is an oaf or a shrewd man.

Olmine: Th-- then, what should we do!?
Without the help of you Drifters, we can never defeat them!
What should we do!?

Oda: What?
Isn't it obvious?
We Drifters have to take over a country!!

Oda: We will start by taking over this country, having Toyohisa as our head.

Toyohisa: !!

Oda (to Olmine): Lend us a hand.
Join us in this plan to destroy this country, so that you can bring happiness and peace to your world.

Toyohisa: Wait a moment! I am the head of this!?
Who said that?!

Yoichi: What? You sat in the middle of us after that battle, you forgot?

Toyohisa: And so what?!

Yoichi: Oh, forget it.

Nobunaga: Couldn't you be a tad brighter, son?

Olmine: Great Master, things are a mess here!
Those guys are completely crazy!
But I must admit that
their ideas are appealing.
It's said that the Offscourings have already raised arms a few times in the past.
And every time they did that, this world was brought to the brink of extinction.
But this time, the Offscourings are way more powerful.
The world will be reduced to dust if we don't take bold actions.
Nothing will remain here---
--- and the Black King will have won.

[at the Black King's "HQ"]

Man: Black Majesty.
The North Wall of Carneades
has completely fallen.

Black King: What about our losses,
Rasputin? [T.N.: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Григорий Ефимович Распутин) was a famous Russian mystic who had much influence in the Russian government of Tsar Nicholas II and led to the fall of the Romanovs.]

Rasputin: Goblin Batallions suffered 274 casualties and Kobold Advance Guards, 345.
Also, 4 Aerial Dragon Knights taken down.
The casualties were less than expected among the soldiers, but those 4 Knights were a significant damage for us.

Black King: Gather the injured.

Rasputin: Will you do "that"?

Black King: Of course.
Goblins, Kobolds, Dragons,
everyone is our brethren.
I will save everyone I can.

Rasputin: Black Majesty,
you are most kind.

[Lots of monsters are lying, injured. The Black King lays his hand on the injury of one of them.]

[The wound is healed. All monsters scream in gratitude.]

Black King: It is all right.
You fought very well.
Bring the next one to me.

Black King: Rasputin.
Spread the news that the North Wall has fallen.
Those who fears humans and those who don't believe that the reign of humans is about to end
will certainly join us upon hearing that news.
I tried to save humans.
But I was denied.
Therefore, I have to save those who are not humans
and annihilate all humans.

Rasputin: Black Majesty,
you are most fearsome.

Black King: Hunt down the Drifters who fled.
Hunt them down.
Hunt them down.
Find where those magicians sent those Drifters.
Find where those magicians are leading those Drifters.
They are not to be gathered.
The Drifters are the only enemies that can hinder us.
Find them, no matter what it takes.

Find them AND KILL THEM.

[The Offscourings grin]

Yoshitsune: Now, what am I going to do?
Hah hah!
I guess I'll go to the fancier side.

Black King: I am the indomitable one.
I am the unstoppable tragedy that covers the land in pain and death.
The journey to annihilate mankind will not be halted.
Not a single human being will be left alive.
It will be an end, destroying every human being that lives,
and it will be a beginning, saving every non human being that lives.

[at the elven village, the elves are engaged in a fierce discussion]

Elf 1: What are we going to do?

Elf 2: It's just too late for regrets!
We killed the commander sent by the lord of this land!
There is no going back!

Elf 3: But that's because those Drifters...!!

Elf 4: Do you think the lord will accept such excuse!?

Elf 5: Not to mention that more than half of the wheat fields have burned down.
We won't be able to pay the taxes to the lord.
Even if he forgives us, be sure that they will take all our harvest!
And we will starve to death!!

Elf 6: The time for our upheaval is now!
As we talk here, a large army is coming to this village!
If we don't do something,
either we are killed by them or we will starve to death!

Elves: That's right! We've had enough!
We have to overthrow the lord of this land!

Elf 7: Don't say nonsense!
We don't stand a chance against him!

Yoichi (entering and speaking in VERY bad elvish): Yuh, yooh doo. [T.N.: "Yes, you do." Notice that Yoichi's speech pattern is set to show that he's not proficient in elvish.]

Elves: !!

Yoichi: Deah eesh chin-suh. [T.N.: "There is chance"]
Yooh reabold, goot. [T.N.: "You revolt, good"]
Hee-ah Nobunobu, You itchy. Toyotoyo, owl shthrong. [T.N.: "Here Nobunobu, Yoichi. Toyotoyo, all strong." ]

Toyohisa: (What's that?)

Oda: (Looks like a real barbarian)
They aren't understanding a word.

Toyohisa (to Olmine): Hey! Wait a sec! You!
How come you speak Japanese!?

Olmine: Oh, my, here he comes!
(Somebody help me!)
S, sir, we are a society of magicians, and...
And we have done a lot of research about you, and...
the Great Master has devised and drawn useful pieces of paper like this.
Stick this on you and you can effortless speak with them.
Our Great Master is really great, don't you think?

[Yoichi falls down in frustration]

Yoichi: All my efforts was worth nothing...

Oda: Hey, you! Dammit! Do you know how hard it was for Yoichi to learn their language!?

Olmine: How should I know that!?

Oda: Apologise! Apologise to Yoichi!

Olmine: W, why!?

Oda: Shut up and apologise! Don't you feel sorry for him!?

Olmine: Okay, okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Oda: And give me that piece of paper!

Olmine: Uh, wait a moment.
Far east, Country of the Rising Sun, people like Samurai.
I think this is the right one.
[Olmine sticks onto Yoichi's face, making him look like a Kyonshii (Jiang Shi, Chinese zombie)]

Yoichi: Hello.

Toyohisa: He looks like some weird zombie!!
Don't you have common sense!?

Olmine: All right, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!

Oda (looking at the paper with a lot of arcane inscriptions): This looks like the papers used by the "onmyouji" magicians of Kyoto.
The "Octobrist Organization" and "Great Master"...
Who the hell are they?
[turning to Toyohisa]
Toyohisa, you tell them.
I will stay by your side. Tell them exactly as I say.
You are the best one to speak to them.
[turning to Olmine]
Hey, Hooterglasses.

Olmine: My name is OLMINE!!
I would love if you call me by my name!

Oda: Tell me about those pointy eared guys.
I can imagine what happened to them, so make it short.

Olmine: What? Explain to you right now?
My goodness.

Olmine: They are what we call as "Elves".
Decades ago, they were invaded by humans and were defeated in the war.
Since then, they are living as poor farmers for the humans.

Oda: Good.
Now tell me about the main traits of elves.

Olmine: Uh, well, they have a long lifespan.
And I've heard that originally they are a very proud people.

Oda (chuckling): Great. That's all I wanted to know.
Hah hah hah hah hah hah!

Oda (whispering to Toyohisa): Toyo, here's what you are going to say.
Just as you told me, you...
you say this, like this, and this...
and this.

Toyohisa: Wha...?
[he sweatdrops]
You are really a disgraceful man!!
No wonder you were betrayed!!

Oda: S, shut up!
Speak to them!

Toyohisa (to the elves): Hey guys.
Tell me one thing.
Wouldn't your ancestors be mortified
to see you reduced to this shameful state?

[the elves are speechless]

Toyohisa: Wouldn't your children be ashamed
to see you degraded to this pitiable state?
Tell me.
Don't you want your country back?

Side note: The Japanese samurai started to move --- and war is their creed---


Foot note: Drifters 12 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale May 29th).

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