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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Drifters 13

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Jul 1, 2010 01:35 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 13


Toyohisa: Are you going to crawl like vermins and die in shameful regret
or are you going to reach out for the sky and die for your dreams?
Which one do you prefer!?

Side note: Comics volume 1 on sale June 30th!!!

Elves: D...
do you think that we aren't ashamed...?!
Do you think we don't want our country back!?
Do you think we want to live as slaves!?

Side note: Plenty of additional stuff in the comics volume!!!

Toyohisa: Good.
we will commence the Conquest of the country. [T.N.: "Kunitori" in Japanese, a word often associated to Oda Nobunaga.]

Kohta Hirano

Chapter 13 - STAND UP TO THE VICTORY [T.N.: this is the name of a Victory Gundam (V Gundam) song.]

Oda: My, my.
He's got a good face.
he reminds me of...

Toyohisa: Hey.

Toyohisa: Why you made me as commander?
You should be the one doing this, shouldn't you, Nobunaga?

Oda: Feh... hahahahaha!
I prefer being the eminence grise !

(Toyohisa looks sternly at Oda)

Toyohisa: I am not your son Nobutada.

(Oda is surprised.)

Toyohisa: Your son died at Azuchi!
He was killed by Mitsuhide!
I am Shimazu Toyohisa!
I am not Oda Nobutada!!

Oda: I...
I know that, you fool!
What are you talking about, you idiot?!
You have no resemblance to him, stupid fool!!

Stop talking nonsense, idiot.

(Oda turns his back)

Oda: You fool.

Toyohisa: I said one word too much.

Toyohisa: If my father was alive,
I guess he would be more or less at his age...

(Oda turns and grins.)

Toyohisa: !!

Oda: I am not your father!
Iehisa is long dead!
I am Oda Nobunaga! Where the hell is "Satsuma"?

(Toyohisa gets pissed off.)

(The two start a fight)



Toyohisa: TAKE THIS!!

Elves: W, what 's going on!? Why did they start fighting!?
Stop them! Stop them!

Yoichi (smiling blissfully): Oh, my, this brings back some fond memories...
of the fights with my brothers...

Yoichi: After all, there was 11 of us...

Yoichi's brothers: The ten of us will all support the Taira clan!
Yoichi, you going to the Minamoto side? Great! Let's fight! Let's fight!

Box: Nasu clan

Yoichi: That was so great...
I wish I could fight them again...

(Yoichi lands a flying kick on Oda)

Yoichi: Take this!!

Oda: What the hell are you doing!?

Yoichi: Ahahahah!

Oda: You freaking archer!!!

(General brawl erupts.)


Elf: While we are here fighting for nothing, the army of the lord may as well be coming this way!!
We don't have time to lose!!

Toyohisa: And you are...?

Elf: I am Shara, son of the village elder killed by them.
Thanks for taking care of my brothers.

Toyohisa (to the brothers): Oh, so he's your elder brother.

Brothers: Yes!

Oda: The army "may" be coming this way?
It's "damn obvious" that it's coming here.

Oda: The troop you slaughtered must be a patrolling troop.
And as it didn't go back to its base quarters, they are going to gather more soldiers.

Yoichi: Four days to do that, perhaps?
No, they are good at it. Three days, tops.

Toyohisa: We, the Shimazu, need only one day.

Oda: Your damn clan is a bunch of freaks, that's why!
(You damn belligerent freaks!)
So, that means that the day after tomorrow---
--- is the day this village is burnt to the ground.

Shara: Please!
Please help us!!
We... we beg you!!
We have never taken up arms to fight.
We were still kids 40 years ago, when our country was destroyed.
And our fathers and brothers who fought that war were all killed.
We don't even know how to fight.
Please help us!
Please, we beg you!

Oda: ?

Yoichi: ?

Toyohisa: ?

Oda: Didn't you just say something weird now, son?

Shara: Eh?

Oda: How old are you?

Shara: Me?
I'm 106 years old.

(Oda and Yoichi are utterly shocked.)

Oda: Hey, no kidding, all right?
Were you in Japan, you would have been killed for lying.

Shara: But I'm telling you the truth.

Toyohisa (to the elven kids): Hey, how old are you?

Brothers: 39!

(Toyohisa, Oda and Yoichi are utterly shocked.)

Oda (furiously grabbing Olmine's breasts): WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, HOOTINE!?

Olmine: It's OLMINE!!
(You pervert old man!!)
I bet you don't want to learn my name!!
And take your hand off my breasts!!!

Elves have a long lifespan.
They live 5 to 6 times longer than humans.
(Those Japanese are all crazy...)
On the other hand, their growth is slower as well.

Toyohisa(looking at the young elves, shocked): They are older than me...

Elven brothers: Are you all right?
Are you all right?

Olmine: This region was originally part of the elven country.
But "Orte", the eastern kingdom of humans,
destroyed the elven country and annexed their land.

Olmine: There were also many countries from many races like dwarves and hobbits in this area.
But they were all destroyed and the survivors were forced to become poor farmers or miners.
The "Orte" kingdom now calls itself as "Empire"
and adopts a policy of conquest and dominion based on human superiority.

Oda: This "Orte" something,
is it still expanding its frontiers?

Olmine: They are fighting at all borders.
Though these fights are causing massive casualties but no winner so far.

Oda: It's obvious.
Conquering a land is like playing with fire.
You only have two options:
either you burn everything to the ground---
--- or you give them everything, just like pampering a princess.

Olmine: If Orte was as strong as it was 40 years ago, it could have been a major force against the Black King.
But now...

Oda: They do things by halves. That's why they get so much hatred.
And they've been doing this for damn forty years.
It's just like setting fire at dry woods.
Everywhere is filled up with the smoke of hatred.
No wonder those idiots from yesterday were overdoing it.
If they don't "show their authority", they will lose control.
And that's why they are coming here again. They will come here for sure, to kill everyone.
So, what are you going to do now, Toyohisa?
What are you going to do, commander?
Show us the war strategies of the Shimazu!

Toyohisa: ... we will welcome them soldiers.
We will welcome them into this village.

(a large human army is marching towards the elven village.)

Soldiers: Aram's patrolling troop was annihilated, or so they say.
It's impossible!
Those long ears [T.N.: elves] don't have the guts to fight!
Rumors say that they were killed by drifters.
Hey, but there were just two or three drifters, right?!
Can't believe the drifters are that strong!
Stop talking! The village is near!!
Watch out for any signs of threat!!

They might be strong.
But there are 200 of us here.
Isn't it a bit too much just to crush a puny village of them long ears?
What do you think?

Soldier: Captain, the scout has returned.

Captain: Good.
How's the village?
Are they taking up arms?

Scout: Sir...
there's nobody in the village.
Not a single soul!

Captain: WHAT?!

(The soldiers enter the village.)

Soldiers: Nobody here, sir!
Nobody here either!!
It's empty!!

Captain: What does this mean?

Soldier: Captain, please look at this.

Captain: A well...? And what's this smell?

Soldier: It's the smell of shit, sir.
Those damn long ears have thrown shit into the well.
And there's another weird thing.
They seem to have digged the entrance and the bathrooms of every house.

Captain: What's that?
Is it a superstition by those damn long ears?
I don't understand!!
Where have they gone!?
What's going on here!?

(Toyohisa and others are atop of trees.)

Toyohisa: Tonight we strike.
Tonight we kill all of them.
And their heads will be ours.

Side text: Three drifters -- it's time to show the tactics of the warring states of Japan!!


Foot note: Drifters 13 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale June 30th).

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#1. by jHoward ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2010
Thanks, thanks alot for this trans'^^
#2. by progste ()
Posted on Jul 2, 2010
thank you! I was waiting for this!!
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