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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Drifters 18

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Dec 30, 2010 16:38 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 18

[A happy new 2011 to everyone!]


[at the governor's fortress]

Nobunaga (grinning): Get each and every document and map in this fortress.
Do not miss a single scribble.
We are going to take everything with us.

Olmine (entering the room): I... I can't believe...
I can't believe you have really taken this fortress...

Nobunaga: Well, if it isn't you, my dear Olminipples.

Olmine: I give up telling you to stop with your bad wordplays about my name...

Nobunaga: Hey, the moment you give up is the moment the war is over, you know. [T.N.: this is a reference to a famous line from Slam Dunk.]

[Nobunaga knocks on a painting]

Nobunaga: By the way, who's this guy?
This has got to be some huge painting.

Side note: Kohta Hirano - "Drifters"

Olmine: He... he is the "Vater", the "Father" of this Orte country.
He is the man who built the Orte Empire.
It is said that he appeared suddenly some 60 years ago.
Some say he was a Drifter; others say he was an Offscouring.
But nobody knows for sure.
One day, he appeared in a beer hall and incited people to take up arms.
His exalted speeches and clever manipulation of the masses led to a civil unrest and he led the march to the capital.
According to the records,
it looked like "he had great experience on this".

[The painting is shown. The person bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler.]

Olmine: But after establishing the Orte Empire, he suddenly committed suicide.
Nobody knows why he killed himself.
Perhaps he was a Drifter...? Do you happen to know this guy?

Nobunaga: Of course NOT.
What's with this ridiculous mustache?

[Suddenly, elves enter the room.]

Elf: Nobunaga, sir!!

Nobunaga: What happened?

Elf: Toyo is dragging the enemy soldiers to the fortress yard.
He's talking about something like "nadegiri" and "nekiri".

Nobunaga: HUH?!
What did you say!?

[Nobunaga walks quickly to the yard.]

Nobunaga (thinking): Dammit!!
Come on, Toyo, how naïve can you be?
Just look at the male elves! It is obvious that the female elves must be quite attractive!

Elf: And what's "nekiri"?

Nobunaga: "Kill them all".

Elf: WHAT?!

Nobunaga (thinking): And those soldiers were kidnapping them in a regular basis.
It should be obvious that they were going to rape the female elves.
You should've known it long before we stepped into this castle.
You want to kill everyone? No, don't do that.
From the very beginning, that is MY JOB!!
You must live as naïve and pure as you are.
Leave the devious and shady business with me, the Devil Lord of the 6th Heaven.
And don't worry, I'm quite used to this.

Soldiers: H... help...
P... please...
please spare our lives...!!

Kohta Hirano

Chapter 18 - Men of Destiny [T.N.: song from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083.]

Side note: Comics volume 1 on sale!!

[The female elves are rescued. Toyohisa grits his teeth.]

Soldiers: Hey, do you realize what you are doing!?
If the Central Government hears about this,
you will all be dead!!

Elf: Toyohisa, sir!!
Give us the order to shoot, now!!
Please, let us kill them!!

Toyohisa: Right, ki--

[Toyohisa is hit in his head with a blow from behind.]

[Toyohisa falls down, unconscious.]

Nobunaga: Phew.

[The soldiers and the elves look appalled.]

Nobunaga (grinning): Kill them.

Nobunaga: Kill them all.
After bringing so much shame on the women for so long,
don't you dare think that we will spare your lives just because you surrendered.

You wanted so badly to kill all elves,
so why do you find it weird that the elves want so badly to kill you?

Die and become our gunpowder.

Governor (in utter terror): Ah...!!!

Elves: Prepare to fire!!

Soldier: A... aah!
S... stop!!!
Please stop!!!

Elves: SHUT UP!!
You never showed any mercy to us!!
How dare you beg for mercy now!?

Man: I... I was just sent here!!
I have done nothing wrong!!!

Nobunaga: FIRE!!!

[Lots of arrows fly.]

Soldiers: Ah!

[The arrows pierce the soldiers.]
[Toyohisa wakes up.]

Toyohisa: Uh...

Nobunaga: Already awake?
I thought I had hit you hard enough.
You men from Satsuma are really tough.

Nobunaga (grinning): I took care of the soldiers.
Isn't it a beautiful sight to behold?
You are just too young to give such orders.
Let ME do this job.
And don't worry about me.
My hands are already just too bloodstained!!
Ise and Nagashima! Mount Hiei and the Enryakuji temple! Asai and Asakura! [T.N.: all those were real wars fought by Nobunaga.]
I have countless---

[Toyohisa hits him.]

Toyohisa: AND SO WHAT!?

[Nobunaga looks surprised.]

Yoichi (suddenly appearing behind Olmine): I'm ho~me!
What, are they fighting? Oh, my.

Olmine: !!

Toyohisa: It's not a fight.

Nobunaga: Indeed.

Yoichi (smiling): Yes.
It's not a fight.

Nobunaga: It's been a long time
since I was last scolded with a punch.
I guess my father was the last to do that.
Oh, wait, Hirate gramps also did.[T.N.: Hirate Masahide, aide to Nobunaga in his childhood.]
And now, look at me. I've become older than my father...

[In the yard, all soldiers are dead, except for a man.]

Man: I've done nothing!!
I haven't even slept with any women!!
I swear!!

Yoichi (to the elves): Hey, there's still one standing.

Elf: Even now, he keeps saying that he did nothing at all.
If we kill him, we will be as despicable as those damn soldiers.

Yoichi (smiling): Yes, I guess you're right.

Nobunaga: Poor thing. Olminipples, let the guy fondle your breasts to console him.

Olmine: Elves, please shoot this idiot.

Toyohisa: Let us behead the corpses and give them a decent burial.
No matter how damnable, their souls still become a Buddha after they die.
But we will use their bodies to produce gunpowder.

Box (Olmine speaking): The rumors on those Drifters
started spreading like fire to the nearby villages.
"The Drifters saved an elven village"
"And took the fortress of the local governor"
As the captive elven women were returned to their villages,
the doubtful rumors became an exhilarating truth.
But the women also carried a "gift"
carefully prepared by Nobunaga.
It was a "manifesto".
True to the style of Nobunaga,
the message grasped the hearts of the readers and inflamed their souls.

Box: "You want"
"a country?"
"Then I will give you one!"
"Join our forces!!"
"Do nothing and and a new governor will come."
"What will you do then?"
"Will you consent to offer your women once again?"
"Will you let your women be defiled again in shame and dishonor?"

Box: And Nobunaga also sent another file with excerpts of the documents he found in the fortress,
showing how the Orte Empire was on the brink of collapse.
A cunning man is he indeed!
And the elves started one unrest after another.
The occupied elven territories were now escaping the control from the Orte forces.

[A light goes on. A room is lit. Easy looks at the room.]

[Easy sits on a sofa and starts playing music.]

Box: Opera "Il Trovatore"
Act three: Di quella pira
[T.N.: a famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi.]

[Easy turns on her netbook/notebook. She reads a news about a Black King (Lord) onslaught.]

[Easy grins in satisfaction.
But soon she gets surprised and angry when she sees the news about some drifters rescuing elves.]

Easy: WHAT?!
Freaking hell!!
That damn Murasaki!!
To hell with them!!
To hell with them!!
To hell with those Drifters!!

[T.N.: Easy's door is closed. A sign can be seen on the door, suggesting that "Easy" is actually an acronym.]

[In another place, a castle is shown.]

Box: Orte Empire

Palace of Count Saint Jarmes

Count (speaking with a catlike accent): To the east, a hopeless war. To the west, a hopeless war.
And to the north, an unknown army.
To make things even better, there is an elvish unrest under way.
I guess this country is at its end...

Side note: From the conquest of a "village" to the "Conquest of the Country"... who are the people involved in all this...!?


Foot note: Drifters 18 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale January 29th).


Translator's ramblings:
- So, HiraKo translated as "Blacklord", rather than "Black King". I'm not sure whether I should follow suit and translate as "Blacklord". What do you think?
- And talking about different translations, HiraKo's English translation for "Offscourings" is "Ends", according to the extra pages in volume 1. However, I will wait a bit longer to see if HiraKo will actually use this in the manga itself.
- It seems that Orte is an equivalent for the Nazi Germany, with "Hitler" and his Beer Hall Putsch. "Verlina" comes obviously from "Berlin". Wonder if "Orte" comes from "Deutsch" then.
- Those who have read Hellsing may remember that HiraKo also used a classical music piece in Hellsing - the Jägerchor (Hunters' Chorus) from Der Freischütz, by Weber. Perhaps the "Il Trovatore" piece may be a hint for something we are not aware of. Who knows if Murasaki and Easy are actually brothers fighting for the same woman? :D (yeah, right...)
- And for those who don't know what a "catlike accent" is or for those who want to use it, just append a "-nya" at the end of each line...

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#1. by jHoward ()
Posted on Dec 30, 2010
Yes, thank youuu!
and happy new year to you!
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