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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Drifters 25

Fushigi CALL ME

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Nov 8, 2011 04:01 | Go to Drifters

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This is still a draft version. Feel free to use it (and give due credits, please!), but be aware that it may be edited afterwards.

Upper note: Comics volumes 1&2 on sale!!

Nobunaga: "Abe no Haruakira"...?
So, you are Abe no Seimei...!!

Seimei: You are kind enough to politely call me as "Seimei".
But I'm not that great a person to be worthy of such deference.

Side note: The Devil Lord of the 6th Heaven and the Onmyoji meet in an alien country located in an alien world-----!!!

Kohta Hirano

Chapter 24: Fushigi CALL ME [T.N.: The OP song for the anime Seijuushi (Star Musketeer) Bismarck, known as Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs in the US. Sung by MIO (now MIQ).]

[Toyohisa shows up.]

Toyohisa: Good.
It seems that you took care of everything here.
Many faces I've never seen before.
Who are you all?

Nobunaga: Hey, you know who he is?
Seimei, man! Abe no Seimei himself!
Isn't it great or what?

Toyohisa: Who?

Nobunaga: ........
no kidding?

Toyohisa: Don't have the faintest idea.

Seimei: I was an "Onmyoji" in Kyoto.[T.N.: "Onmyoji" was a kind of a magician in ancient Japan.]

Toyohisa: Oh, a metropolitan resident of Kyoto, eh?
And does everyone in Kyoto wear such WEIRD OUTFITS?

Seimei: Uh, not actually, I got these in this world...

Toyohisa: "Onmyoji" means "Onmyo temple", right?
So, why DON'T YOU SHAVE YOUR HEAD as any other monk?

Seimei (at a loss for words):....

Nobunaga: Sorry, Haruaki, sorry, Haruaki!
He's NOT on the bright side, y'know!

Seimei (depressed): .......

Olmine: Great master, please don't get depressed!
You can expect things way worse from them, so better be prepared!

Nobunaga: So, you were also sent here like us, huh?
After meeting that queer man at that queer corridor.

Seimei: Yes.
One day, all of a sudden, I was there.
And that man opened a door,
and I was sent here, to this world,
as a Drifter.
So I understood the role that was cast upon me.
I wasn't meant to live in Kyoto, contemplating the stars and finding pleasure with my magical creations.
I was meant to live here to defeat the Offscourings, which I also call as "Ends".

Nobunaga: Oh, you're talking about that huge man and that fire woman.
You call them "Ends", eh?
We had some tough time with them.

Nobunaga (to Toyohisa): Did you took care of that woman?

Toyohisa: Yes.
I threw her into the well and gave her a headbutt.

Olmine (surprised): Y... you didn't kill her?!

Seimei (taken aback): T...
That's not good!!

[They run to the well.]

Nobunaga (peering into the well): ....
No sign of her.

Toyohisa: So, she ran away?
A tough woman indeed.

Seimei: That's not the point!!

Seimei: WHY?!

Toyohisa: Killing a woman brings no honor at all.
Instead, it brings only shame.


Toyohisa: I don't care about what you must or what you mustn't.
I never kill a woman.
This is MY rule and I WILL abide by it.

Toyohisa: We are not pawns of that man in the corridor.
We are human beings.
Therefore, I will do what I think I must do.

[In the corridor, an article appears on the newspaper Murasaki is reading.]

Right box: We are human beings
Top box: Shimazu Toyohisa
Bottom box: We are not pawns

[Murasaki smiles at the article.]

Seimei: I see, so this is how a "samurai" thinks.
We had none of their likes in the Heian Era.
Minions who follow their own, strange code called the Path of the Warrior.
That is their strength.
And perhaps that's the reason why they were called here.
But all Offscourings shall be killed. We must kill them before it's too late!
No matter if they are women or children! No matter how tragic their past is!!

Olmine: Great master.
That old man in the carriage.
Who would be
that man...?

[Covered by a sheet, an old man is endlessly mumbling to himself.]

Old man: ...

Seimei: His name is Hannibal Barca.
He's a Drifter too.
He spends most of the time in stupor now.
His mental state got really worse these last few days.
Maybe an advanced stage of senility.

Olmine: What?!

Seimei: There was another Drifter with us.
He was Scipio Africanus.
It seems that they were rivals in the original world.
When they were together, Hannibal was reasonably lucid.

Seimei: While we were heading here,
we were attacked several times by the minions of the Black Lord.
Thanks to Kid and Cassidy, we were able to open a way through.
--- Scipio fell off the carriage.
Under heavy attack, we couldn't go back nor search for him.
Our HQ is looking for him now.
But we have no idea where he did go.
We can only hope he hasn't fallen prey to the Black Lord...

Seimei: After Scipio went missing, Hannibal got like that.
Before, he only had night enuresis, but now he's gotten incredibly senile.
We can only wonder what happened between them in the original world,
but surely Scipio was a very important source of willpower to Hannibal.

[Hannibal keeps on mumbling.]

[Elsewhere, Scipio is completely lost in the woods.]

Scipio: Huff
I want to go back Rome!!
I want a thermae right now!!

Scipio: After I got stranded in the middle of nowhere,
no matter how far I walk,
I only get further lost!
I thought I saw a track and I followed it hoping to find a house!
But was there any house? OF COURSE NOT!
Yes, I know they call me "Africanus"!
But that DOESN'T MEAN I actually LIKE Africa!!
I saved Rome! I don't deserve to be in...

[Scipio finds a plane.]

Scipio: W...

[Suddenly, several spears are pointed to him.]

Scipio: !!

[Several werewolves(?) stare menacingly at him]

Scipio: What the hell?! A dog?! A man?!
What the hell are you?!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Stop! Hey, stop!!

[Drums are heard.]

Scipio: !!

[Kanno Naoshi appears, sitting on a makeshift chair, carried by two werewolves. Below Kanno, it's written in Japanese, from top to down: "One man, one fireball", "Live seven times to serve the country", "At the sea" and "Vigor".]

Kanno: WHAT



Foot note: Drifters 25 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale November 30th).


Translator's ramblings:

1) In page 1, when talking about polite ways of calling someone, Seimei actually uses the word "hiki". Hiki was a tradition seen in several Eastern cultures, notably China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, among others, to avoid calling a person by his/her real name. However, "Hiki" is often used to refer to the practice seen of omitting parts of the person's written name. In Nobunaga's case, this practice of using on'yomi, the Chinese reading of the person's name to show deference and also to avoid calling him/her by his/her real name, is usually called Yuusoku-yomi.

2) And at last, we see the use of "Ends" instead of Offscourings. Seimei's lines are the first ones to feature "Ends" in Drifters, so I followed suit. HiraKo writes as "Offscourings" and makes it read as "Ends", but in other places, he just writes as "Offscourings". However, translating it as "Ends" makes the line feel a bit awkward sometimes, so in this chapter I only translated as "Ends" where HiraKo put as such. Perhaps I'll have to mix the usage of these two in the next chapters. We'll have to wait and see.

3) So, now we have the confirmation that those two from the Wild Bunch Gang are actually Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.

4) The "One man, one fireball", "Live seven times to serve the country", "At the sea" and "Vigor" stuff are all related to the kamikaze stereotype. However, "Live seven times to serve the country" comes actually from the Kusunoki Masashige saga (Dainanko), and "At the sea" ("Umi yukaba") is part of a poem of the Otomo clan, composed several centuries before the desperate kamikaze attacks in WWII.

5) Kanno Naoshi is a really bad stereotype for the kamikaze pilots and thus he works as a comic relief. The line "Yanks and Limeys are all sons of bitches!!" is an attempt to translate "Kichiku Beiei" and adapt it for Kanno's character. Actually, "Kichiku Beiei" was a word coined in the last stages of WWII in order to keep up the morale of Japanese troops and people. It means literally something like "Americans and British are demons that can be slain without any guilt". I am well aware that both "Yank" and "Limey" have derogatory meanings, but that's the way I found to convey, albeit in an improper fashion, the meaning of the original word while keeping Kanno's way of speech. And I do apologise if someone got offended at it.

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