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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Drifters 26

Changed Edge

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Jan 6, 2012 23:58 | Go to Drifters

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A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Kanno: Who the fuck are you!?
If you are a fucking American, I'll kick your sorry ass!!!!

Kohta Hirano

Chapter 26 - Changed Edge [T.N.: Probably the song "Changed Edge" by the Japanese duo Confusion.]

Scipio (thinking): So, this is that guy who was riding that weird flying thing
in that battle in the "North Wall" or something.
(Now, this barbarian does have a violent temper and a brute face...)
Wait, does that mean that
he is also a "Drifter"?
I can't understand a word he's saying.
What race is he?
His face is just too flat!
This is the problem with those petty barbarians.
I can't believe they can't speak the universal language,
the great language of Rome called Latin...
He must be from the farthest corners of the world.
Poor thing.
But at least, he should know the name of our great empire.

Scipio (extending his hand): Rome!!

Kanno: "Rome"?

(behind Kanno:
Rome -> Italy ->

The merry countries of Axis
The tripartite alliance)

[Kanno and Scipio shake hands.]

Scipio (moved): Oh, I see, so you do understand.
I am so proud of my empire.
The great empire of Rome!!

[Suddenly, Kanno realizes something]

(behind Kanno:
1944 Italy makes peace with the Allied Forces
The Badoglio government declares war against Germany)

Kanno (kicking Scipio in the face): You are a freakin' enemy!!

Werewolves: Hey, the "God of the Skies" is going mad again...
That God is just too scary...
He is just too insane for my liking.

[Kanno and Scipio start a fight.]

Kanno: You are an enemy, fucking pasta freak!
Apologise to Germany now, you scum!

Scipio: You barbarian!!
Speak Latin or die!!

[At the castle, Oda is analysing something on the ground. He picks up the cartridges used by the Wild Bunch Gang.]

Oda: So...
What is this?

Cassidy: It's the "case" of a "cartridge".

Oda: "Case"? "Cartridge"?

Kid: Hey pops, you never heard of it?
Oh, sorry, forgot that you are from another era.
You pack the bullet, gunpowder and the primer into the case.
That makes the "cartridge" that goes into the firearm.
And when the hammer strikes the butt of the cartridge,
the primer goes "boom!" and there you have your shoot.

[Kid shoots several times to the air. Oda shivers in excitement.]

Oda: S... so...
what about that thing that killed that big guy?
It's a weapon that shoots
one bullet after another, right?

Cassidy: It's called "Gatling Gun".
Turn the hand crank and you can fire as much as you want.
Though we have ran out of bullets, so it's pretty much useless now.

[Oda shivers.]

Kid: Huh?
What's up, pops?

Oda: You know, I'm feeling quite like an idiot.
If you have these weapons, you won't need to do what I did.
More than that, the battlefield itself will change.
Large batallions clustered together will be killed in the blink of an eye.

Cassidy: ?

Kid: ?

Oda: No need for rows of riflemen. They should be dispersed in strategic points.
Horsemen? Spearmen? What for!?
I, I, I want these sooo badly!
I want these no matter what it takes!!

Abe: Highly unlikely to have them, I'm afraid.

Abe: I did examine as well
the guns, cases and the Gatling.
But couldn't figure out how they are made.
I showed them to many blacksmiths.
The metallurgy in this world is not advanced enough to produce them.
No wonder, since all these come from
a future way too distant.
To begin with, I don't know what this "gunpowder" is made of.
Kid and Cassidy are experts in shooting,
but they don't know how to make the things they shoot.

Oda: No need to worry about gunpowder.
We are making it right now.

Kid: No kidding!

Abe: You are really "queer".
I've seen many Drifters with many different weapons.
But your actions may change this world in its entirety.

Cassidy: So, now we need only the primer.

Oda: And what's that "primer" stuff?

Kid: The thing that goes in the butt of the cartridge. Hit it, blow it.

Abe: I believe that the "primer" is not gunpowder,
but rather a concoction of something else.
We are trying to figure it out too, but...

Oda: Hey, aren't you a scholar?
(Do something!)

Abe: My field of specialization is the divination and magic arts.
This is more fitting to an alchemist or an herbalist.

[Elsewhere, Count Saint Germi sneezes.]

Aide 1: Oh, dear Saint Germi.

Aide 2: My princess caught a cold? Oh my, that's terrible!

[At the elf village, a carriage arrives.]

Elves: Stop! Stop!
Who are you!?

Man: Oh, hello.
Are the Drifters here?
I'm an Octobrist.

Elves: Hey, he's a guy from Octo-something!

Shem: Is Olmine here? She's a girl with glasses and big tits.

Elves: Oh, yes!
She is!

Abe: Are you really able to produce gunpowder?

Oda: Sure. All we need now is sulphur.
I had ordered Olminipples to get it for me.

Shem: Great master.
I brought the "sulphur" you are talking about.

Abe: Shem!! What happened?!

Shem: Olmine asked HQ to bring sulphur here.
But this stinks very bad... why would you want this?

Oda: Oh, so she did get it for me.
Good job, Olminipples.
As a reward, I'll fondle your breasts later on.
And now...
we have everything we need.
Now we go for the "dwarves"!!

[Still in the battlefield...]

Yoichi: Huff
That was really close.
I was almost killed...

Voice: Too weak!

Yoichi: !!

Voice: Too weak!!
You have become a good for nothing, Yoichi.

Yoichi: T... this voice is...!!

Yoichi(gritting his teeth): Yoshitsune...
... sir...

Yoshitsune's voice: Since when are you fighting one on one?
You fool.
What, do you pretend you are a real, honorable warrior?
Remember what you did in that battle
Hahahah! Don't make me laugh.

Yoichi: So, you were also sent here!?
Where are you!?

Yoichi: I won't...!!
I won't...!!
I won't obey your orders anymore!!

Yoshitsune's voice: Hah, suit yourself, Yoichi.
See you later.
Yes, please don't obey me.
That would be more fun.

[Yoichi trembles.]

Abe: They may be dangerous.
That man called Nobunaga.
Perhaps we'll need to keep an eye on him.
Because he may bring too many changes to this world.
Drifters are human beings.
And thus, they act according to their beliefs and goals.
Unlike those "Ends" who simply want to destroy the world, the Drifters don't share a common goal.
Therefore, a Drifter's course of actions may be unpredictable!!

Abe: That "man", who built the Orte Empire.
Probably, he was a Drifter.
There can be no doubts that
in the beginning, he did everything to save the human race.
He built a country to restore pride to the people who were suffering from hunger and despair.
But what was the result? An endless war.
You cannot predict what a Drifter will do.
Is this also...
something that you have already considered, "Murasaki"?

Side note: Nobunaga's strategies start to move like a massive wave --- the world is going to change!!


Foot note: Drifters 26 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale January 30th).


Translator's ramblings:

1) Yoichi calls Yoshitsune as "Yoshitsune... sama". I translated it as "Yoshitsune... sir", but if you want, you can use "sama" as well.

2) Likewise, Aide 1 calls Saint Germi as "Saint Germi-tama". If you want to keep this, no problem.

3) And talking about Count Saint Germi, it seems that he's indeed Count Saint Germain. Have NO idea why HiraKo calls him as "Saint Germi", instead of "Saint Germain". For those who didn't understand the sneeze passage, Count Saint Germain was (is?) reputed as being an alchemy specialist. And the Japanese say that you sneeze whenever someone talks about you.

4) "Divination and magic arts" was the way I translated "onmyoji and fujushi". "Onmyoji" is the master of Onmyojutsu/Onmyodo, explained before (I think!). "Fuju" means literally "Charm", so "Fujushi" would mean literally "Master of Charms". I preferred to go for something more generic than to go too literal.

5) And who is "Murasaki", after all? It would be bizarre if he was actually "Murasaki Shikibu", the female writer of the Genji Tales in the 11th century...

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