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Drifters 27

Guardian Angel

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Mar 22, 2012 02:31 | Go to Drifters

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Seimei: What... what are you going to do now?
You have freed the elves, started gunpowder production... what are you thinking of?
What are your plans?

Oda: Next step will be freeing those "dwarves".
We will roam the world freeing every race under Orte's submission.
And we will find allies in the countries warring Orte
to eat up "Orte" from within.
We will begin large scale production of gunpowder and arms
and with massive conscription we will wipe Orte out.
We will build a multiracial federation
where each race will have autonomy.
But we will have all military power in our hands, with Toyohisa as our commander.
And thus, we will see the birth of a new class, the class called "Bushi", "Warriors".

Side note: Now he knows about "cartridges" and "Gatling guns"... Nobunaga rises!!

Top note: Comics "Drifters" volumes 1 and 2 on sale!!
Comics "Hellsing" all 10 volumes on sale!!
OVA "Hellsing" volume 9 on sale February 15th!!

Splash: No Drifter shall be left alive...
Track them, hunt them, find them and kill them----

Kohta Hirano
Chapter 27 - Guardian Angel [T.N.: Not sure about the reference. May refer to the Matsuda Seiko's Album, to a June Reactor's song or, more probably, a song from Super Robot Wars J.]


Oda: This is the only way we can win.
The only way to have enough military power in our hands.
We have no other way to defeat those "Ends".
We must create a military framework ourselves in order to have military power.

Abe: But what will be its outcome but gross usurpation of power!?
"Autonomy"?! Don't make me laugh!!
Don't mock me,
lord Oda Nobunaga!!

Oda (speaking in fluent Elvish): Even so,
better than being under Orte's rule.
Better than being annihilated by them "Ends".
Way, way better.

Abe (thinking): So, he actually knew Elvish.
What a cunning guy!

Oda (grinning): And see, I am a very capable man.
So, in the end, you will have a wonderful world!
We won't hold any prejudice against elves and dwarves,
we won't impose heavy taxes, so trade and farming will thrive and soldiers will be happy.
I'm speaking seriously here about building a wonderful world, you see?

(behind Oda is written "Tenka Fubu", "Spread the militarism over the whole land")

Abe: But why?
Why make Toyohisa as your commander?
Why won't YOU become a supreme king?

Oda: It seems...
I am not good enough to become one.

Oda: I thought all men could be manipulated by interest and fear.
But I guess I was wrong.
That's why I was defeated. That's why 50 years of my life turned into nothing.
See, when I got surrounded by traitors in my previous world,
the first person I thought of as their leader was my very son.
But it turns out that Nobutada, my son, had been loyal to me till the very end.
How can a wicked man like me become a king?
But that Toyohisa guy
ignores gains and losses and knows no fear nor intimidation.
A man worthy of becoming a king.
But he's an idiot, so he needs an aide. ME.

[elsewhere, in the woods, Toyohisa finds Hannibal.]

Toyohisa: Old man.
Are you really senile?

Hannibal: Carthage will be destroyed!!
Carthage will be destroyed if we don't do something!!
Hey!! Magon!! Magon!! [T.N.: Magon, or Mago Barca, was Hannibal's younger brother.]
I have come up with a great idea!
What do you think of crossing the Alps and attacking Rome?

Toyohisa: I have no such name.
My name is Shimazu Toyohisa.

Hannibal: Huh? So, is it you, Hasdrubal? [T.N.: another younger brother of Hannibal]
What are you doing here?
What happened to Cartago Nova? [T.N.: now Cartagena.]

[Toyohisa walks towards Hannibal]

[Toyohisa walks past Hannibal, draws his sword and turns to him.]

[Toyohisa lunges forward]

Toyohisa: CHES---
[T.N.: "Chesto" was a traditional warcry of Satsuma warriors.]

[In a split second, Hannibal nonchalantly places a wig in front of Toyohisa, stopping him.]

Hannibal: What? Is Rome attacking us again?
But I am the only one capable of saving Carthage.
Is it Marcellus? [T.N.: Marcus Claudis Marcellus, Roman military leader in the Second Punic War.]
Or is it Varro? [T.N.: Gaius Terentius Varro, commander of the Roman forces in the Battle of Cannae in the Second Punic War.]
Well, doesn't matter, I will crush them all!

Toyohisa: Good! So you are senile indeed!
But your eyes aren't dead yet!
Old man,
what did you do before you got senile?

Hannibal: By the way, Hamilcar, [T.N.: Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal's father.]
is supper ready?

Toyohisa: It seems you took part in a good war!

Olmine: W... what was that cry just now?
The enemy is approaching?!

Toyohisa: Olmine, take good care of this old man.
This man
has the same eyes of my uncle Ishinsai! [T.N.: another name for Shimazu Yoshihiro, Toyohisa's uncle.]

[Night falls. Toyohisa goes to speak to the elves.]

Toyohisa: The time has come.
We will free the "dwarves" now.

[The elves are taken aback.]

Elves: Wha...

Elves: Y... you got to be kidding!!
He's right!! Why should we free the dwarves!?
Yes!! Why should we!?
We have no reason to help them!!
That's right!!
Why he's talking about Dwarves...?
Those filthy bastards...

Elf: Lord Toyo. You don't know about the feud between elves and dwarves.
Since the beginning of the world, dwarves are our enemies.
We will never mingle with them and they will never come close to us.
When our country was destroyed by the Orte Empire,
they didn't move a finger to help us elves.
Why would you expect us to save them now...?

[The elves start speaking loudly]

Toyohisa (grinning): Those who don't want to come with me may stay here.
But I will go.
And only true warriors are allowed to come with me.

Side note: Leaving the village --- saving people --- taking over the country ---?!


Foot note: Drifters 27 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale February 29th).

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