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Drifters 28

Dynamite Explosion

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Apr 6, 2012 19:14 | Go to Drifters

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Side note: Drifters... going to a new battlefield!!

[Toyohisa walks past the elves.]

Elves: W...
where are you going?!

Toyohisa: I'm off for a short stroll
to free the dwarves.

[The elves get restless.]

Oda: W, wait!!
Hey Otoyo! Wait! Wait a sec!!
Please! Please stop!! Please stop, you want to ruin all the plans!?

Yoichi (utterly amused): Pff!

[Toyo goes, oblivous to what they say to him.]

Elves: H, hey! Mister Toyo is really going!!
W, w, what are we going to do!?
How the heck should I know!?
He is really going!!

Oda (angry): That idiot!!
He ruined everything!!
That fool!! Idiot!! Moron!!

Elf: What now, Shara?
He is really going.

Shara: I and the guys from my village are all going with him.
He saved our lives.
And think about the previous war with the Orte Empire.
If the elves or the dwarves, or both, had thrown away this mutual belligerence,
if we had joined our forces and fought together,
perhaps neither us nor them would have fallen prey to Orte and reduced as slaves.

I don't want to make
the same mistake made by our previous generations.

[The elves are taken aback.]

Upper note: Comics volume 2 on sale!

Side note: Goodbye, Anderson...
Hellsing OVA volume 9 on sale!

Splash: Count Saint Germi, the most powerful nobleman of the Orte Empire----
Age unknown and a life of pride and arrogance (heart)

Chapter 27 - Dynamite Explosion [T.N.: The opening song for Macross Dynamite 7.]

Kohta Hirano

[Toyohisa walks. In a cart, Abe no Seimei and the Wild Bunch Gang look at him.]

Abe: Are you really going?

[Toyohisa grins.]

Abe: You are just like an unstoppable arrow, aren't you?
What is your purpose?
Do you want to change the world, just like Lord Nobunaga?

[Toyohisa's grin gets wider.]

Toyohisa: I want my glory, I want the heads of my enemies.
The sole thing that ever exists in the heads of a Satsuma warrior
is to move forward!!

[Abe is disconcerted.]

Toyohisa (grinning): You comin' with me?

Sundance Kid: Hah!
This guy's got some balls!!

[Abe smiles.]

Abe: We must go back to our HQ.
We have to find Scipio.
And we need to find out more about other Drifters and Ends.

Toyohisa (disappointed): Oh, is that so?
That must be tough, eh?

Abe: Please take Olmine with you.
I have handed some magical artifacts to her.
I'm sure she will be useful to you.

[Oda, Olmine and Yoichi come running. Yoichi is carrying Hannibal on his back.]

Oda: Wait! Wait! Wait!!!
Otoyo, wait!!!!

Oda (huffing): Are you an idiot or what?

Toyohisa: No need to bring with me those who don't want to come.
They won't be of any use.

Hannibal (to Yoichi): Grandma, is supper ready?

Yoichi: (I'm not your grandma!)
Hey grandpa, you have just eaten.

[Sundance Kid grins.]

Kid (to Oda): Hey, pops.

Oda: What?

[Kid throws him a gun.]

Kid (grinning): You like guns, right? Keep that one.
We'll leave the Gatling Gun too, without bullets it ain't worth shit.
You said you'd produce guns n' bullets, right? That'd be fuckin' awesome.
So, spare us some if you do, will you?

Butch Cassidy: All right, samurais, we're leaving.
Stay safe!

[Toyohisa turns his head. An army of elves are approacing to go with him.]

Elf: Send the news to each and every village!!
We must gather our warriors!!

Oda (grinning): Good, good.
Olminipples, get "that thing" ready.

Toyohisa: Good.
Good warriors.

[Elsewhere, a rather kitsch carriage is running.]

Farmers: Oh!
It's the carriage of our lord!
Have a safe trip!!

Aide 1: Princess, it's elves! It's elves! Tee-hee!

Count Saint-Germi: Why are you both coming with me?

Aide 1: The next target of "Drifters" must be Gadolka
to free the Dwarves, right, princess?

Aide 2: But that's the largest weapon facility of Orte and it won't be easy to get hold of it.

Count: W-h-o k-n-o-w-s?
Who knows what the Drifters can do?
Either way, if Gadolka falls, this country will really be over.

Box: The den of the Dwarves
Mines of Gadolka

[The mines of Gadolka are revealed as a medieval fort, with lots of fire and activity going on.]

[Plenty of barracks, men and supplies in the mines. Lots of soldiers guarding the place.]

Box: Orte Imperial Army
Military Facility of Gadolka

Soldier 1: These weapons are also going to the western battlefield?

Soldier 2: Yeah.
They said the sea transportation unit was destroyed.
And we are in dire need of weapons and armors.
The orders are to increase production. We need more, much more.
We must make them dwarves to produce more.

Soldier 1: B, but...
They are already under a really heavy workload.
If we increase the workload further, they will die.
Already several dwarves have died from work overload!

[A large explosion is heard at the mines.]

Soldiers: W... what happened!?
What is going on!?
Was that a cave-in?!

[The elves are taken aback.]

Oda: The soil from the restrooms.
The sulphur brought by Olminipples.
And charcoal.
Mix these three and lo and behold!

Side note: "Gunpowder", something that didn't exist previously in this world... the genius of Nobunaga emerges!!!


Foot note: Drifters 28 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale April 28th).


Translator's ramblings:

1) Oda Nobunaga is calling Toyohisa "Otoyo". The "O" in front of "Toyo(hisa)" is a way to show some politeness and even deference in the Japanese language. As "Toyo" would be a bit too informal, Nobunaga put an "O" to keep it slightly polite. But in Nobunaga's case, it also works as a humorous way to call Toyohisa, creating a comical atmosphere for the nickname.

2) I couldn't find the reference for "Gadoruka", the mines where the Dwarves are working as slaves. It might be "Gadulka", the traditional Bulgarian musical instrument, or perhaps a reference to Go-Gadol-ba, known to the fans as "Gadol-kakka" or "Lord Gadol", a character from the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Kuuga.

3) So, now we will see how the Drifters will free the Dwarves. And most probably Nobunaga will meet Count Saint-Germi and finally will have everything needed to produce firearms in large scale.

4) Not clear whether they took Hannibal with them to the battlefield. Looking forward to the day Hannibal and Scipio will actually act as master strategists for the Drifters!

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