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Drifters 31

Gohan wa Okazu

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Aug 4, 2012 02:56 | Go to Drifters

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Upper note: [Drifters]

[Murasaki reads a newspaper, as usual.]

Murasaki: Yes. That's what you are.
That's why you are there.
Your differences make you singularities in that world.

[Toyohisa walks into the citadel.]

Side note: Warrior Toyohisa -- a man who only walks forward!!!

Murasaki: Stir it, Drifters.
The world has no such thing as "the way it should be".
Stir and make the world go round, Drifters.

Elves: Toyo, sir, let us free the dwarves.

Toyohisa: Huh?

Elves: They are strong warriors.
That's what the elves hear since childhood.
The elves do hate the dwarves.
Every night, our fathers tell us about them, with a voice full of fear and despise.
But that shows also an envy for the things that the elves don't have.
Their strength, their toughness, the sharpness of their axes.
They must be here, kept as captives.
It was unthinkable for the elves to fight side by side with dwarves.
Until now!!

Toyohisa: That's my idea from the start.
Let's free them.

Elves: The dwarves are crude, violent,
dirty, barbaric, with a nasty beard.
They like to drink a lot and to eat a lot.
They stink and they are dangerous.
With their huge arms, they can crumble boulders and strike their steel.
With their huge legs, they stand strong on the ground.
With their huge axes, they split their enemies in half.
And then, they go drinking again, laughing and singing.


Chapter 30 - Gohan wa Okazu [T.N.: a K-On! song. Literally, "the meal (rice) is the side dish".]

[In a Nazi-like camp, Toyohisa meets the dwarves. All of them are weak. Several of them are lying on shelves used as beds.]

Kohta Hirano

Side note: Comics volume 1 and 2 reprinted and on sale!!!

[Toyohisa is shocked.]

Elves: Every building is the same.
This is indeed a concentration camp.
The dwarves kept fighting even after us elves surrendered.
We were lucky to be made into slaves in the farms.
The dwarves must have been exploited as slaves in the mines and factories.

Old dwarf: ... we were wondering what was that fuss outside.
Your doing, elves?
What an irony.
To think that you, among all beings, would come to rescue us...
Not us.
We were also rescued.
By the Drifters.

Old dwarf: Doesn't matter.

Wooden plaque: Only labor leads us to liberation

Old dwarf: Free us.
We have had enough.
Please free us.

[his hands are shaking.]

Old dwarf: I beg you.
I beg you. Even if you are elves, I beg you.
Free us!! We can fight too!!

Toyohisa: Of course.
So, you are the dwarves!?
What a beard!!
And you are really small!!
And thin!!

Old dwarf: So, you are...

Old dwarf: So, you are one of those "Drifters"...

Toyohisa: I have no idea!!
They call me that, but that's none of my concern!!
[grinning] An army marches on its stomach!!
Let's eat!! Let's eat!!

[smoke starts rising in the citadel.]

[in the outskirts, Nobunaga is talking to the comm sphere.]

Nobunaga: Hey, Olminipples, what's up?
Has the fort fallen?!
Hey, Oh-my-nipples!!!

Olmine (slightly angry at Nobunaga): Well, to tell you the truth...
Toyohisa seems to have freed the elves, but...
the dwarves were starving and very emaciated,
so Toyo started saying that they would eat first...

Nobunaga: Don't tell me they ARE eating now...
The fort castle hasn't fallen yet...

[large numbers of elves and dwarves are eating, the steam of their food rising one after another.]

Olmine: They plundered the food depots, gathered all food they had and could put their hands on.
And now they are cooking it all.

[Nobunaga faints.]

Nobunaga: And all this, BEFORE THE ENEMY'S EYES.

Olmine: Oh, no! The horses!! The horses!!
They are killing and cooking all the horses!! From carriage horses to war horses!!!

Nobunaga: STOP THEM!!!
[thinking] Oh my...
he is really an idiot...

[A child elf brings a basket to Hannibal.]

Child elf: Grandpa, here's more raspberries.

Hannibal (chewing): Yes, this is great.
As a reward, I will give you Galia.

[Nobunaga recovers from his shock.]

Nobunaga (talking to Olmine): Tell them to make soup.

Olmine: What?

Nobunaga: Tell them to use lots of water and make a soup.
If they eat too hearty a meal, they will have an indigestion and die.
One day, that monkey [T.N.: Toyotomi Hideyoshi] did a terrible thing with food.
And he said that you would die if you eat too much when you are starving.

Olmine: What? Monkey? What?

Nobunaga: We can't have those dwarves dying.
Enough, tell them to chew a lot before swallowing, at the very least.

[a tear runs down Nobunaga's face.]

Nobunaga: RANMARU!!! BRING ME YUZUKE TOO!!! [T.N.: "yuzuke" is a simple dish, where you pour hot water over cooked rice to eat.]

[the mountain echoes "rice... rice... rice..."]

Child elf: What's a "rice"?

Hannibal: What's a "yuzuke"?

[In the castle.]

Human soldiers: The attacks... stopped?
What's that smoke...?
What the hell are they doing!?

[Suddenly, two people appear below them. They are Toyohisa and Yoichi.]

Toyohisa and Yoichi: HELLO!!

[Toyohisa is munching on a large piece of meat.]

Toyohisa: The dwarves are free now.
And they are eating as we speak.
If you don't flee right now, they will kill you all after their meal.
If you flee, we won't go after you.
Leave your weapons here and run.
But make up your mind quickly.

[Toyohisa spits. The human soldiers are speechless.]

Toyohisa: The dwarves are now worried about filling their bellies with food.
But their meal won't take long.
After that, it will be your turn.
They will eat you alive, be sure of that.

Yoichi (thinking): He's good.
This man is not an idiot.
Every talent, every capacity of his is honed for the battle.

Toyohisa: Will you surrender the castle or will you die?
Decide quickly!!

Side note: Toyohisa leads his "army" to another battlefield!!!


Foot note: Drifters 31 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale August 30th).

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