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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Drifters 32

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Nov 18, 2012 23:19 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 32


Toyohisa: Open the castle!!
This is the last warning!!

Side note: The liberation of the dwarves!! For the war after the meal!!


Kohta Hirano

Chapter 32 - Omen

Soldiers: W... what are we going to do?
The hell I know!
What now?
Those freaking dwarves will attack as soon as they finish the meal!!
If they dig up their tunnels, we're history!!
They will kill us all!!
You will spare us, right?!
If we surrender, you will let us go, right?!

Toyohisa: Such is the custom of the battlefield.
We want no heads of those who surrender!!

[The humans surrender their weapons.]

Toyohisa: Good.
A decent attitude.

Toyohisa: Very well, where is your commander?

Commander: I am the commander.
We have surrendered the castle. You will let us go, right?

Toyohisa: Sure, but I beg you to wait for a moment.
We will prepare right now a proper place for you
to commit the ritual disembowelment.
I will be the kaishaku, in order to behead you with minimal pain.

Commander: W... what?!
Ritual... disembowelment...!?
What do you...

Toyohisa: The castle has fallen.
So, it's obvious that the commander will commit the disembowelment.
To take full responsibility is the duty and the honor given only to the fine commanders.

Commander: T... to hell with that!!
Stop with the nonsense!!
Why should I commit disembowelment?!
I will never to that!!

Toyohisa: Good.
So, you are not worthy of committing disembowelment.
You are not worthy of being a commander!!

Toyohisa: Your only worth is..
... to leave your head here!!

Soldiers: Aah!!

Toyohisa: Well,
let's continue
our meal.

Toyohisa: No need to go after them.

Yoichi: !!
So, you did notice?

Toyohisa: Told them we'd spare them.
And we keep our word.

Yoichi: Sorry, old habits die hard, it seems...
After all, that was the job they had me to do every time, and...

Toyohisa: You won't do any jobs to anybody. Not anymore.
This is our war, not anyone else's.

Elves: Yoichi, sir.
Should we hunt them down?

Yoichi: No need.
Not now, at least.
Come on, let's eat.

Mills: We will gather at the old manor
all the soil we collected from the villages...
No, if each village could do the extraction...
And then, we have this number of horses, so the amount of wheat we need will be...
Why am I doing all this?

Elf: We have trouble, virgin human!!
Trouble!! Trouble!!

Mills: D, don't call me a virgin!!
Yeah, I know I'm a virgin!!
But don't call me a virgin, you idiot!!

Elf: A weird carriage is approaching!!

Mills: A weird...

Mills: It's... Count Saint Germi...

Elf: That nobleman from Orte?!

Mills: All elvish males must hide NOW!!

Elf: What!?

Mills: The females don't have to hide.

Elf: What!?

Elves: Stop!!
Who are you?!

Count: What a bleak place.

Aides: So terrible!
It's not what we expected!
We were expecting more glitter-glitter thingies!
A holy spring in the middle of a sacred forest, lit by the soft rays of the sun!
And in the spring, several naked elvish kiddies washing themselves and having fun with elementals and such!!

Count: Shut up.

Mills: Count Saint Germi...
Why have you come in person to a place like this...?

Count: And who are you?
A Drifter?

Mills: (your face is too close!)
No, I'm not.
I'm Mills, former tax collector of the elvish colonies.
Now a captive being overloaded with work by the elves.

Count: Oh.
Your face stinks like a virgin.
I have come to meet the Drifters.
They are here, right?
Bring them to me.
Bring the Drifters.

Aides: Yes! Yes! Bring them in!
And there are too few elven males!
You must be hiding them! Bring them in! Bring them in!

Mills: Uh...
Well, sorry but...
They are not here right now.

Count: What do you mean, they are not here?!
Where are they?! Tell me!!
Or else, I'll eat you up!!

Mills: Sorry! Sorry!!
Th, they said they would free the dwarves!!
And they took all the male elves!!
Th, they were saying they would produce what?
F, firearms, something like that!!

Count: Wha...

Count: F... f... firearms...?!
They will make the dwarves produce... firearms...?!
B, b, but... what about gunpowder...?
What about gunpowder?!

Mills: We already have gunpowder.
(I have no idea what gunpowder is,
but yes, we do have it!)
We are producing it a lot right now.

Count: It's over...
This Orte country...
is over...

Count: What kind of Drifters came here this time?!
That toothbrush mustache guy was quite insane,
but things are getting worse right now!!
Hey, Murasaki!!
What the hell is going on?!
Things will be a mess here!!

Aides: Princess, what happened?
What's that Mura-something stuff?

Count: I'm just speaking to myself!!
Leave me alone!!
Anyway, I will wait till they are back!
Treat us well!
Treat us very well, understand?!

[At night, some guys are doing recon]

Man: Can't get any closer.
They are flying lots of aerial guards full with magical items.
Don't use any items nor magic, or else they'll catch you.

Tattoed guy: Now this is a tough job.
I only accepted this because it was offered by you Octobrists.
If a job like this were offered by our usual guild of explorers, I would have never accepted it. This is suicide.

Man: Sorry, Doug.

Doug: Those binoculars are quite handy, eh?
Is it one of those "relics" you Octobrists are said to keep?

Man: Look.

Doug: !!

Doug: A Bronze Dragon!!
She's one of the six Great Dragons!!
Will she join the forces of the Black King?!

Doug: Did he stop marching south to befriend the Bronze Dragon?

Man: No, I don't think so!!
Look at the south border of the North Wall!!
Probably, that's the reason why he stopped his march.

Doug: !!
W... what's that...?!
M... my eyes are playing a trick on me?!
Is that... a farm...?!
The monsters have started to farm...?!
The beginning of a monster civilization...!!
They have begun a primitive agriculture...!!
What is that Black King doing...
at the North Wall...!?

Man: The Great Master is right. He's unlike any other "Offscouring" we saw before.
He's not wishing for the destruction of this world.
He intends to become the Messiah of the monsters.

Side note: The "Human extinction" is the goal of the Black King... the "Conquest of the Country" is the goal of Nobunaga... when are they going to clash?!


Foot note: Drifters 32 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale October 30th).


Translator's ramblings:

1) "Kaishaku" is the person responsible for beheading the man who commits the seppuku/harakiri. Usually he was a very proficient man with a sword, so that he would be able to kill swiftly, quickly ending the pain and suffering of the victim.

2) Doug seems to be a werewolf or at leat a demihuman. May be a pun with "Dog". "Doug" is a tentative way of spelling his name, let's see how HiraKo will write his name.

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