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Rurouni Kenshin -Kinema-ban- 4

The whereabouts of Justice (end)

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Nov 26, 2012 00:54 | Go to Rurouni Kenshin -Kinema-ban-

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This is a ROUGH DRAFT. Feel free to use it, but keep in mind that this may be edited later on.

Top note: Color page in celebration of
5.8 million volumes sold
and the opening of the live action "Rurouni Kenshin" movie!


Splash: Speak with your sword---
For you are also
a man who survived a bloodthirsty era...

Watsuki Nobuhiro

Bottom note: - The much awaited new comics "Rurouni Kenshin - Tokuhitsu-ban" Volume 1 on sale!!
Featuring not only the "Kinema-ban" published in Jump SQ, but also the Act 0 published in WS Jump!!
- Novel "Rurouni Kenshin - Ginmaku Soushi-hen -" on sale!!

Kaoru: There it is.

Kenshin: So, that's the wholesale store called

Act 4 - "The whereabouts of Justice (end)"

Kenshin: Oro?

Kaoru: The former wholesale store.
Now, it's "Akabeko", a gyunabe-ya.
They said they changed their business because after the Meiji Restoration, lots of new stores sprouted up dealing with imported goods.

Yahiko: The taste of the modern civilization!

Sano: You will treat us for a meal, right?!
Will pay ya back when I'm rich!

Kaoru: Yeah, yeah. That's why I brought everyone here, right?
And will you ever get rich?

Side note: An unexpected place to meet once again an old enemy...

Saitou: So, you were able to come here, using only your memories and the small hints you had.

Kenshin: !

Saitou: It looks like your intuition is sharp as ever.

Kenshin: So it was you indeed,

Saitou: Hey, we meet again after ten years. Don't make such a face.

Yahiko: Better than YOUR face!

Kaoru: Kenshin, who is he?

Kenshin: Don't worry, he is an old friend.
We have to talk a bit.
Please go ahead and eat first.

Kaoru: ...

Kenshin: Didn't imagine you had become a police officer.

Saitou: The Shinsengumi was assembled in order to keep the law and order in the streets of Kyoto.
So, things haven't changed much since then.

Kenshin: So...
what do you want?
Don't you say you came here just to entertain a talk.

Saitou: I had spread my net around Takeda Kanryuu as part of a investigation I'm doing.
And my net got you.
"Rurouni"? What a surprise.
I had thought you would be living the new era along with the ones you protected.

Flashback: "My justice is about protecting."
"I will protect people and I will live in a new era, along with the ones I protected."

Saitou: Why "Rurouni"?
I don't have a "shingan" or a "mind's eye",
but let me take a guess.
So, the new era has come. Who are you going to choose to live with?
The former comrades you fought along with?
No. Among them, you were and will always be Hitokiri Battousai.

Saitou: Will you go back to your homeland?
No. If I'm not mistaken, you are an abandoned orphan.

Kenshin: I have no home and no family.
My master of the swords arts is alive, but we parted ways in disagreement.
No need for you to tell everything.
I prefer to tell it myself.
A new era, full of peace and joy.
To bring such an era to everyone and live among them.
Such was my ideal when I took up in arms in the Bakumatsu.
(thinking) I killed countless people and lost the person dearest to me... but still...
I kept wielding my sword.
My arms were stained with blood. My feet were drenched in blood.
But when I realized...

Kenshin: I was unable to live among all those people
who now were living in peace and joy...
I had no place to go.
No place to stay.
Hence, a Rurouni...

Saitou: That's why
I said you were naive.
Wandering around with a fake smile
won't make you escape from the pool of blood you created.

Sano: You won't eat, damsel?

Kaoru: I will. Leave a bit of food, please.

Sano: Sorry, no more left.
Can I order the fifth serving?

Kaoru: Jeez!
I will pay for three!
More than that, you pay!

Sano: You worried about Kenshin?

Kaoru: ... yes.
Like me, he is a swordsman trying to live in the Meiji Era, so...

Sano: Like you?
The guys who survived Bakumatsu
are entirely different beings.

You ever heard of Sekihoutai?

Kaoru: Huh?
A famous false army who committed many crimes during the chaos of the Meiji Restoration and got punished for it, right?

Sano: ... whoops.
Sorry, can't blame you, damsel.
Once upon a time, I was in that false army.
I was a page for the captain.

Sano: He was strong and cool.
I still respect him from the bottom of my heart.
But he had something that made him so different from me.
Later on, I heard that, before the Restoration, he was involved in many sabotage missions
and even murdered people...
That policeman
and the black hat guy who showed up yesterday.

Kaoru: Wha!

Sano: You noticed that they are really, really different from other people Kanryuu gathered, right?
Killers and non-killers are entirely different beings.
You may not like what I'm going to say, but if you keep poking your nose into his affairs...

Saitou: Understand that your place is not here, but in the pool of blood.
If you keep wielding a ridiculous sword like a sakabatou, you can be sure that...

Sano & Saitou: you will regret it dearly.

Yahiko: ... uh...
I feel like I'm left out in the cold...

Oh well!
Bring me more food!

Girl: Y, yes!
Yes, sir!

Yahiko & Girl: !

Girl: ... don't tell me you are...

Yahiko: Tsubame...?
You are...
Tsubame, from the Sanjou family...!

Men: The first man was defeated.
I've heard he was a fighter with a highly destructive punch,
but it seems he was no match for Battousai.
So, now it's our turn!!
Number 2 to 5! Let's go!!

Jin-e: UFUFU

Men: !?

Jin-e: Will Battousai return to his golden days by fighting these?
No. To begin with, these scumbags are no match for him.

Men: What?!
Now, wait.
You are number 6?
If you are good, wanna join us?
Your share will be 1/5, but---

Men: !!!

Jin-e: Battousai may defeat them, but will never kill them.
What a pity.
I will kill them.


Jin-e: Numbers and power
May be reason for him to fight, but not to kill.
What he needs is an anger, a hate deep enough to make him lose his senses.
What he needs is something to awaken these feelings in him.

Side note: Violence, a cancer who refuses to die --- a disease that threatens the modern civilization...

Rurouni Kenshin - Kinema-ban - will continue in the November issue


Translator's ramblings (may contain slight spoilers?):

- "Tokuhitsu-ban" means literally "specially written version". This is the title of the comics (tankoubon) featuring the Kinema-ban. Should have two or three volumes.

- The novel "Rurouni Kenshin - Ginmaku Soushi-hen -" was written by Kurosaki Kaoru, Watsuki's wife. It may be considered as an alternative plot to the live action movie.

- "Gyunabe-ya" means literally "house of the gyunabe". "Gyunabe" ("beef pan") is a Japanese dish known as "sukiyaki" nowadays.

- The "shingan" or "mind's eye" stuff is a reference to Uonuma Usui, a Juppongatana member who was defeated by Saitou in the original manga.

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#1. by scarredswordheart ()
Posted on Jan 2, 2013
Thanks for translating these newer chapters. None of the scanlation sites has them up, so this is the only way for me to follow the story.

Arigatou gozaimashita!
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