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Bamboo Blade B 3

Ookido Yuu and the Hirin kendo club

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Mar 13, 2009 14:02 | Go to Bamboo Blade B

-> RTS Page for Bamboo Blade B 3

This is CxC scans only.

page 1

b1) Mu-chan, you're not supposed to eat in here.
poster) Don't eat in here.
b2) A sandwhich should be fine.
b3) I can't perform well if I'm hungry.
b4) The school lunch isn't enough for me.
b5) I'm a growing girl.
b6) Its true today's lunch wasn't very good.
b7) Ham was the main dish.

page 2,3

panel) Greetings once again, in the season of new meetings!!
title) Ookido Yuu and the Hirin kendo club
box1) Ookido Yuu // Hirin Middle school freshman 12y/o
box2) Sasamori Kenta // Hinawa elementary school 6th grade 11y/o
box3) Kiba Nana // Hirin Middle school freshman 12y/o

page 4

b1) After seeing you eat, I've gotten hungry too.
b2) Give me some.
b3) Fuck off.
b4) These are all mine. // There isn't enough for you.
b5) But you have so many.
b6) Even a croquette sandwhich would be fine.
b7) You're NOT getting any.
b8) Whoever gets the highest card wins.
b9) Why has it become whoever wins gets to eat?
b10) These are MINE!!
b11) 2 is the highest card okay?
b12) Listen to me!!

page 5

b1-3) Hu-hn
b4) I'll pick first.
b5) Stop acting like I'm not here!!
b6) I'll pick first!
b7) Here we go!!
b8) Good.

page 6

b1) 2 of hearts!
b2) I lost...
b3) Come to momma.
b4) Ah, no way!
b5) When did she get her paws on the prize?
b6) Oh, there was one more up there.
b7) ...Hey.
b8) You dirty little cheater!!
b9) Face me Chii!
b10) Ah, that was good, that was good.

page 7

b1) Mu-chan, you need to get changed now.
b2) Shut up, and don't ignore me!!
b3,4) hu-hn
b5) You waited until after you finished my sandwiches to show me that you cheated didn't you?
b6) To add insult to injury right.
b7) Hey Chii!!
b8) Would you guys stop playing already?
b9) Now get changed and start practicing!!

page 8

b1) How the hell are you in middle school?
b2) dohuwa
b3) Your punchline was a little off there Ono.
b4) In this instance you should've said: "Boy's aren't allowed in the girls changing room!"
b5) If you know you're not supposed to be in here, get out!
b6) Seriously...
b7) Tora-chan, Tora-chan.
b8) Leave the girls to me,
b9) you should only worry about the boys.

page 9

b1) Then get in there and take control!!
b2) Its because you're so laid back that the underclassmen look down on us.!!
b3) Ahm zhorry Tora-chan.
b4) The laziness of the girls has started to affect the boys!!
b5) Look!! I'm the only guy here!!
b6) This my fault?
b8) Yo.
b9) Wasup.
b10) YOU'RE LATE!!
b11) Endou, Arima, what the hell were you guys doing?
b12) It was our turn to clean today.
b13) It was also your turn wasn't it? The other dude was looking for you. // The teacher was quite pissed too.

page 10

b1) Lets forget about the boys,
b2) and start practicing on our own.
b3) hm?
b4) Come now Sally-chan, you can text later!!
b5) I'm not like Tora-chan, but I'd like to set an example for the underclassmen.
b6) You don't need to worry about us.
b7) We're waiting for Takenaka-sensei to get here.

page 11

b1) You guys,
b2) only need to worry about playing with Osumi-chan* right,
*-You normally put 'O' in front of someone who's high ranked or respected but is your age. Like in Full Metal Panic Chidori calls her friend "Oren" because of her family. So here Sumi is being severly mocked.
b3) Captain
b4) Right, right.
b5-10, Haa

page 12

b1) haa
b2,3) han
b4) Get up!
b5) fuhi
b6) I.. can't...
b7) My legs are all jelly now, Renji.
b8) Wah

page 13

b1) Don't give me that!
b2) There are only 3 laps left!
b3) aargh
b4) The boys and girls kendo club will become one.
b5) The one who's left as advisor might be Sumi-sensei.
b6) She's been the advisor longer than me.
b7) Also, there are more girls than boys.
b8) If that's how it is, I'll be dropped.
b9) What should I do...
b10) I...
b11) Good bye Takenaka-sensei.
b12) Good bye.

page 14

b1) Oh, good bye.
b2) Becareful on your way home.
b3) Takenaka-sensei, are you going to the club now? // Do your best.
b4) You guys do your best too.
b5) There's
b6) no way I'm going to quit being the kendo advisor!!
b7) Sumi-sensei...
panel) Okay.
b8) Sumi-sensei.
b9) If I do absolutely nothing, I'm likely the one to get dropped.
b10) Takenaka-sensei?

page 15

b1) May I have a word with you.
b2) I'll make the wheels spin in my favor!
b4) Practice just started!!
b5,6) haa
b7) Get up Nakakura!!!
b8) Hey Chii!!
b9) What did you do with my shinai!!?
b10) Where are you Chii!!?
b11) I'd like everyone's attention.
b12) There's something we need to tell you.
b13) Both girls and boys need to hear it.
b14) Chii, where are you?
b15) Nakakura!!
b16) Listen to me!!!

page 16

b1) Sorry I'm late.
b2) Today I've brought some hopeful's who want to watch club activities.

page 17

b1) Hopefuls...
-these 2 pages were wonderful!!! 3 total bubbles!!! and not a lot 2 translate!! now onto the next page... sigh-

page 18

panel) Takenaka Shirou // Advisor of the boys kendo club //// Itou Renji // Junior on the boys kendo club //// Miyamoto Tatsumi // Captain of the girls kendo club, a senior. //// Sugiyama Komichi // Junior on the girls kendo club. //// Ono Kiyomu // Junior on the girls kendo club. //// Nakakura Jin // Junior on the boys kendo club.

page 19

panel) Kikukawa Saliko // Senior on the girls kendo club. //// Tanizaki Mayu // Senior on the girls kendo club. //// Arima Teruki // Senior on the boys kendo club. //// Endou Shunsuke // Senior on the boys kendo club. //// Kawakami Suzuri // Junior on the girls kendo club. //// Sumi Ayako // Advisor of the girls kendo club.

page 20

panel) Sasaki Taiga (14). Captain of the boys kendo club, a senior.
-if ur wondering y he was called tora-chan earlier its because tora means tiger. Taiga->Tiger=Tora
b1) Middle schooler my ass!!!!
b2) buhue!!!

page 21

b1) Yuu-chan, you came!!
b2) Sumi-sensei, I only came to...
b3) Thank you!
b4) watch... Don't give me those puppy eyes.
b5) I'm going to get changed.
b6) Come now, get in.
b7) Have a seat.

page 22

b1) Hey Nana-chan.
b2) What is it?
b3) I thought this school had seperate boys and girls kendo clubs.
b4) Yeah, that's what Kawakami-san said.
b5) But...
b6) Well the clubs and their activites are split, but
b7) we normally practice together.
b8) Teruki and I practice over here because Sumi-chan is fun and easy.
b9) Oh yeah, Sumi-chan is Sumi-sensei.
b10) From the girls Kikukawa and Tanizaki take their practice lessons from the boys advisor.
b11) Kikukawa pushed the responsibilities of captain onto Miyamoto, and Sumi-chan...
b12) Hey, you don't need to tell the that!

page 23

b1) hmph
b2) And because of that, there are those like Sugiyama and Ono that dont choose a side and just play around.
b3) Mu-chan, practice with me.
b4) Stay away from me!!!
b5) Hmm.
b6) If you join the club think carefully of which advisor
b7) you want to practice under.

page 24

b1) Okay.
b2) Everyone pay attention, there's something we need to say.
b3) Members under both advisor gather please.
b4) This has nothing to do with the hopefuls, so please wait a little.
b5) Its about time the hopefuls start choosing which club they want to join,
b6) so I think its time we put this club in order.
b7) Put it in order?

page 25

b1) Yeah, lately practice has become a mess right.
b2) Although its not a bad thing that both sexes practice with each other, but this causes confusion for the new members.
b3) I think its about time we put some order back into this club.
b4) Sensei I think things are fine the way they are.
b5) Don't be like that Kikukawa.
b6) Sumi-sensei and I have discussed and agreed on this.

page 26

b1) Lets have the team I teach in a match against the team Sumi-sensei teaches.
b2) And we'll put an end to all the confusion.
b3) We'll have the match tomorrow during our normal club time. The principal comes from his business trip the day after.
b4) This is a good chance to show the club's strength, so give it your all.
b5) The principal?
b6) Why did you bring him up?
b7) I wonder why...
b8) Sensei,
b9) what should we do?
b10) Yeah, that's right..
b11) Since you two only play around,

page 27

b1) You guys will be the ref tomorrow.
b2) Huuuuh?
b3) Sumi-chan, we don't have enough people on our side.
b4) We only have 4.
b5) Ah, you're right. // What'll we do?
b6) Sensei, how about you fight along side them?
b7) huh? Me!?
b8) That's a good idea!
b9) Come on Sumi-chan!
b10) Okay, I'll do it.

page 28

b1) Soon is the yearly practice match that we always have. // Good, we'll use this opportunity and make it into a knockout tournament*.
*-as long as the current fighter wins, they keep fighting.-
b2) Lets do our best in tomorrow's match!
b3) You too Sumi-chan/
b4) I'll do my best,
b5) so you guys do your best too!!!
b6) Come on now Sumi-chan,
b7) you're getting too worked up over this.

page 29

b1) Wha?
b2) You want me to be the instructor?

page 30

b1) Please, I beg of you.
b2) Why are you asking that of an elementary school kid?
b3) Go ask my grandfather to teach you.
b4) I couldn't ask him to put in some extra work just for me.
b5) What's going on here Yuu.
b6) There's a match at school tomorrow, and she said she wanted to practice here again.
b7) Ken-chan is always here practicing alone,
b8) so I suggested that she ask you.
b9) You don't mind right.
b10) Well, no I don't mind.
b11) But I don't know if what you'll learn from a kid will help you any.
b12) Thank you for your help.

page 31

b1,2) One, two.
b3) Hey Yuu,
b4) What's gotten into Sumi-sensei that she's all fired up?
b5) I don't know the reason either.
b6) Let's have a match.
b7) Having the principal choose one of us as the advisor when he doesn't know what goes on behind closed doors is silly.
b8) We should think of the students first.
b9) Lets have a match between the students I instruct versus the students you instruct.
b10) And if my team loses,
b11) I'll remove myself from being an advisor.

page 32

b1) Don't get me wrong now, I don't want you to quit if you lose.
b2) This is simply the way I do things.
b3) My only wish is for the students to get better.
b4) If they lose in the match tomorrow, it'll mean that I'm not good enough to be their advisor.
b5) And that I have no right to teach them anything.
b6) I'll take it like a man, and step down.
b7) This is all for the students!!
b8) Ah, you don't have to follow my lead,
b9) this is only what I was thinking.

page 33

b1) Iyaahhh!!!
b2,3) Yaah!!
b3) Oh, that's good sensei.
b4) You seem to be ready to fight!
b5) Bring it!
b6) Taahh
b7) Dou!!!

page 34

b1) kaha
b2) Sumi-sensei!!
b3) Are you alright sensei?
b4) Once more!

page 35

b1) Let's go again!
b2) Sumi-sensei...
b3) Am I...
b4) not good enough?

page 36

panel1) I like kendo... but I'm bad at it, I can't even get a point of the elementary kid Ken-chan. // I have a lot of fun practicing with my students too, but...
panel2) But since I'm so bad at it, do I have // any right to teach these kids?
panel3) If the kids I teach lose tomorrow, it'll be all my fault.
b1) fufufu...
b2) Sumi-sensi,
b3) I know exactly how you think.
b4) WHEN your team loses tomorrow,
b5) you'll step down as advisor on your own.

page 37

b1) And to make matters worse, my team is comprised of the total kendo club's main fighters!!
b2) You were so easily strung along by me!!

page 38

b1) A part of my kinda feels sorry, but tomorrow I'm going to destroy your team.
b2) And I'll be taking the sole seat of advisor for the kendo club!!
right of panel) Sumi-sensei is in big trouble!!

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