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Beach Stars 25

Iruka takes off!

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on May 14, 2009 12:09 | Go to Beach Stars

-> RTS Page for Beach Stars 25

page 89

title) Iruka takes off!

page 90

b1) Viva,
b2) Beach park!!
b3) Nnnn, this is great.
b4) I love being at the beach.

page 91

b1) Ryouko-san!!
b2) Hey, Iruka! I see you're still on your sugar rush!
b3) Of course! I'm always this energetic!

page 92

b1) Is that girl also part of your group?
b2) Yes she is.
b3) I'm "Taki", the star that's quickly rising to the top.
b4) Nice to meetcha baby.
b5) Her name is Takeda Takiko.
b6) Fool, don't tell her my real name.
b7) Looks like we have another 'character' here.

page 93

b1) Now, lets start by you guys showing me the results of your training.
b2) Okay.
b3) Begin!

page 94

b1) Hmm, they've got the hang of getting their feet in the sand for this passing drill...
b2) They're improving faster than I thought.

page 95

b1) If you're able to pass properly, the rest of the game falls into place.
b2) This trial is as good as completed.
b3) Ow!
b4) Aizawa, that's too fast!
b5) Whoa, whoa!
b6) Taki, who are you hitting the ball to?
b7) Good work you guys.
b8) I'm impressed you got this far in just 2 weeks.
b9) Which is to be expected since I picked you guys out.

page 96

b1) ...However, you two need to get a better grip on the meaning of this pass excercise, so you'll not be moving on.
b2) That means we're going to practice passing together!
b3) Let's go Taki.
b4) Why do you look so happy...
b5) Now then, Iruka, Ishihara, and Tanokura will start jump excercises.
b6) Jump excercises?
b7) The run and recieve drills you've done up till now were for building defense, now this jump drill will be for building offense.
b8) How well you jump will translate into how well you earn points.
b9) As I'm sure you know, beachvolley ball isn't played on hardwood floor, but on sand.
b10) And because of that, your 'normal' jump ability is diminished.

page 97

b1) Since you've played indoors, you've used the floors properties and jumped normally.
panel1) Indoors // Hardwood
box1,3) Physical strength.
box2) Rebound
panel2) Outdoors // Sand
b2) But there's nothing like that on sand, you need to jump using your physical strength only.
b3) Now is the important part, HOW you prepare yourself to jump!
b4) Bend your waist, lean forward, throw your arms back, and...
b5) Ohh, that's cool!
b6) You look like superman! Faster than a...
b7) Now, you guys try one at a time.
b8) Yessir!

page 98

b1) Whoa!
b2) Th-that was great Kotomi!!
b3) I never knew you could spike!
b4) Yeah, my body still remembers everything...
b5) Hmm, that girl is...

page 100

b1) Okay, next is me!
b2) Heya!!
b3) Huh!? Why can't I...
b4) No good, no good. You're only using your legs.
b5) Listen, you're not supposed to use your legs alone, you need to use your entire body.
b6) Try to imagine your body as a coil that's being compressed, then released straight up.
b7) That's right Rin,
b8) this is how you do it.
b9) Right, right, if you jump while doing that...

page 101

b1) Whoa! What the hell was that!?
b2) Iruka, you looked like a clip from a hero show!!
b3) Y-you just broke the japanese record for high jump just now!!
b4) Do it again!
b5) Uh, sure.
b6) Here,
b7) we go!!

page 102

b1) That sucked.
b2) What the?
b3) I knew it, this girl's jump ability is the real deal...
b4) But she doesn't quite understand how to jump that high at will.
b5) With her jump being so erratic, it'll become a hinderance to her and her team.
b6) For now, I'll need to teach her the proper form for a lesser, stable jump.
b7) I guess the best way is to have her do spikes at the net, and let her body remember the height...

page 103

b1) Good, now that you're prepared, lets do some spikes at the net.
b2) Yeah, we've made it this far already!!
b3) Okay Iruka, you're first!
b4) Okay!

page 104

b1) Okay, that was good.
b2) Next!
b3) Yeah!
b4) Okay, and finally, Ishihara.
b5) Uh... umm, Ryouko-san, I'm...
b6) What's wrong? Its your turn.
b7) Kotomi, do a spike like you showed us earlier!

page 105

b1) Okay, here we go!

page 106

b1) K-Kotomiiiii!!

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