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Bamboo Blade B 4

The new club member, and the grade schooler Ken-chan.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on May 14, 2009 13:45 | Go to Bamboo Blade B

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This is for CxC scans only.

page 1

b1) There's only going to be 1 kendo advisor?
b2) If you lose in tomorrow's match,
b3) you'll stop being advisor?
next to panel) Sumi-sensei's fight of determination.
b4) Yes.
b5) I don't get it, why did things turn out like that?
b6) I decided this for myself.
b7) Besides, the other advisor, Takenaka, is determined to do the same!
b8) That's why, if I don't win, I'll take responsibility for the team's loss and quit!!

page 2

b1) Hey,
b2) Yuu...
b3) The lion share of the kendo team's good fighters are on that Takenaka-sensei's side right?
b4) Isn't Sumi-sensei getting totally fooled by him?
b5) Yeah, I think so too...
b6) Sumi-sensei doesn't doubt other people...
b7) But training for a day like this isn't going to do anything.
b8) I know!
b9) Sumi-sensei, have Yuu take your place in the match tomorrow.
b10) Huh!?

page 3

b1) You also suck, but your better than Sumi-sensei.
b2) Help her out a little.
b3) Sure... I don't mind...
b4) It wont matter if she suddenly joins your team right sensei?
b5) No, I don't think there will be a problem..
b6) But are you really sure Yuu-chan?
b7) You were really agasint joining the club.
b8) Its a whole different story now that you're in some trouble.
b9) If I can be of any help, I'll glady do so!

page 4

b1) Yuu-chan...
b2) Thank you.
b3) Now, while you have her in the palm of your hand, have her officially join the club.
b4) Its only for tomorrow!
b5) A temporary truce!

page 5

title) The new club member, and the grade schooler Ken-chan.
panel) I need to do well on my academics too!

page 6

b1,2,4) voosh
b3,5) fuuh
b6,7) haah

page 7

b1) Hey Jin!! There's no resting!!
b2) Now get up!!
b3) Give me a break Renji...
b4) We're going to have a match soon.
b5) I'll be too tired to fight properly.
b6) Oh, Itou, Nakakura, you guys are here early.
b7) Nice to see you guys in the spirit of things.
b8,10) 'afternoon
b9) But Nakakura is right, if you do too much before a match, you'll tire yourself out.
b11) Hello there Takenaka-sensei.
b12) Hello to you t...

page 8

b1) Oh, aren't you the girl who was here to observe yesterday?
b2) Yes, and she'll be joining the club today.
b3) I'm Ookido Yuu, a freshman from class 1.
b4) I'm also a freshman, from class 2 Kiba Nana, I'm here to watch again.
b5) Sumi-sensei has helped me out a lot in the past,
b6) so I'd like to take her place in today's match.
b7) Do you have any kendo experience?
b8) Yes, with my neighbor Ken-chan...
b9) And she hasn't beaten that grade schooler Ken-chan yet!
b10) Fine by me.
b11) Go ahead and join that team.

page 9

b1) Today's club activities will be a team match between Sumi team, and Takenaka team.
b2) This will hold the same format of the upcoming practice matches that we will have soon: tournament style knockout.
b3) Now lets begin, prepare yourselves.

page 10

b1) I'm sorry for coming out of the blue like this.
b2) I should be the one apologizing for putting you in a match so quickly like this.
b3) Yuu-chan, do your best!!
b4) Yeah, I'll do my best!!
b5) Ookido-san, you've had some kendo experience.
b6) Sorry for not saying anything yesterday... // Although its not much considering I've never beaten Ken-chan.
b7) Mu-chan, we're the refs.
b8) Ahh, this sucks.
panel1,2) -kanji means swords tip- attackers(?)
panel3) -kanji means hard/reliable- tank(?)
panel4,5) Captain.

page 11

panel1-5) Front line, second line, mid fielder, 2nd in command, commander (Knight, rook, bishop, queen, king.) -whichever u prefer-
b1) There's someone new on that side.
b2) Oh, you're right.
b3) Don't worry, she's a total beginer.
b4) What's that, I was hoping there'd be someone that would give me a good workout.
b5) She's yet to beat the grade schooler Ken-chan.
b6) She can't even beat Ken-chan?
b7) The least you could do is take care of that Ken-chan... although I don't know who that is.
b8) Captain, you're going first?
b9) Take a look underclassmen.
b10) I'll beat all 5 of them for you.

page 12

b1) Match 1,
b2) Begin!
b3) Get him Shun-chan!!
b4) Do your best Endou.
b5) Sasaki-kun, don't you dare lose.
b6) Everything is up to you captain.
b7) Hey captain,
b8) please go easy on me.
b9) fuuu...
b10) uuhhhhh...
-I think he just farted-

page 13

b1) Goooohhhhhh
b2) ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
b3) ghoohhh!
b4) Clean hit, men!
b5) dohhhhh!!!
b6) Clean hit, dou!!

page 14

b1) buhugueh!!
b2) Shun-chan!!
b3) Endou-kun, are you alright!?
b4) hmph
b5) Let's end this!!
panel) He's scaring me...
b6) Sumi team, your next fighter please.
nameplate) Kawakami

page 15

b1,2) fuu
b3,4) fshuuu
panel) I don't want // to go near him.
b5) hu-umph
b6) Clean hit, men!!
b7) buaahhhh!!
b8) Clean hit, kote!!
b9) Takenaka team, 2 straight wins!!
b10) I'm sorry.
b11) Suzuri-chan!!

page 16

b1) Tora-chan, you didn't have to be so rough with a girl!!
b2) What the hell are you talking about?
b3) Its because you never take your training seriously that you end up like this.
b4) Now I'm going to make sure that you understand this with your body.
panel1) Eeek.
panel2) fufufu, that's absolutely right. // I'm sure you realize now Sumi-sensei.
b5) I'm the one this club needs!!
b6) If you pull out now, you'll save yourself some dignity.
b7) Next fighter, come forward!
b8) Y...
b9) Yessir...

page 17

b1) Tora-chan!! This is Ookido-san's first time here,
b2) go easy on her!
b3) Get serious, we're here to have a true fight.
b4) Whether they're new, a girl, or the grade schooler Ken-chan, I will NOT go easy!!
panel1) Waah // I knew I souldn't have come.
panel2) I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Yuu-chan.

page 18

box1) Sumi-sensei
box2) might not be suited to teaching people due to her lack of knowledge, but
box3) her sincerety always gets across to people.
box4) It got across to me.
box5) For someone who didn't like it at all, I started to actually try when practicing.
box6) I don't know who's better suited for this club, and truthfully I don't care.
box7) But if it were up to me,
box8) I'd rather have Sumi-sensei here.
b1) Begin!!

page 19

b1) Guooohhhhhhh!!
b2) fuuuuhhhh!!
b3) guooooaahhh!!
panel) huh?
b4) I have an idea.
b5) I should go join that team over there.
b6) Come one Renji, just because its practice, you can't do whatever you want.
b7) Give me a break, if I do that, it'll actually resemble practice.
b8) Lets have a match Jin.

page 22

b1) Clean hit, men!
b2) ...right?
b3,4) ah...
b5) C-clean hit, men.
b6) No...
b7) No way!!
b8) A n00b girl who can't even beat Ken-chan...
b9) just got a point on me!?
b10) No way in hell!!

page 23

panel) This guy isn't scary at all.
b1) What is it?
b2) Tell me,
b3) Who IS THAT?

page 24

b1) "Who's that?"?
b2) Ookidu Yuu...
b3) That's not who I mean.
b4) I'm talking about the grade schooler
b5) Ken-chan!
next to panel) Yuu-chan is stealing the show!!!

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