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Concerto Oneshot : Concerto


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on May 21, 2009 11:58 | Go to Concerto

page 1

box1) This story is,
box2) a concerto written after the pattern of
box3) the secret...
box4) love between girls.
box5) Concerto // Hattori Mitsuru

page 2

panel) Found in the city of falling stars, a new love chronicle... // The sweet arrangement the 2 girls composed has surpassed the 4 year time limit.(of high school)

page 3

b1-11) badum
box1) I'm always thinking about it.
box2) How she starts at those superb arms, then continues back // to her dougi...
box3) to her shoulders, then...

age 4, 5

b1-10) badum
box1) to the line of her back...
box2) ahh, Touko-senpai...
b11) fuu...
b12) Hey Kyon-chan, isn't senpai something special? -small print- Like she'd hit the bulls-eye 100 times out of 100.
b13) huh? Ah... yeah, she is.
b14) Like she's in a world the likes of us can never reach.
b15) ahahaha

page 6

b1) You two!!
b2) Personal conversations are prohibited during practice right?
b3) Y-yes, we're sorry!
b4) Of all the different types of martial arts, archery requires the most concentration...
b5) Do you understand me!?
b6) Yes!!
box1) We're getting chewed out...
box2) but...

page 7

b1-3) badum
box1) I'm kind of... // happy.
b4) Don't you think,
b5) That Touko-senpai is too strict?
b6) Shh! // What are you going to do if she hears you?
b7) Don't worry, she's still out there practicing.
b8) Those who set high goals for themselves are truly differnt.
b9) Today I felt sorry you guys Kyon-chan.
b10) I don't think so.

page 8

b1) We were wrong for talking when we shouldn't have been...
b2) Actually, I think she was doing it for our sakes..
b3) Really? -small print- she was just picking on you
b4) Kyon-chan is so serious.
b5) She's always the first one here, and the last to leave right?
-the sign of a good solid work ethic-
b6) In the 3 years I've been here, I've never once met her in the locker room.
b7) Me either.
b8) Its like, she's the only one in the club
b9) that's not really part of the team.
b10) I don't think she has a boyfriend.
b11) More like she doesn't even try for one. // Archery before boys.
b12) My bow and arrow are my boyfriend...
panel) Ahahaha!!

page 9

b1) And exactly WHAT'S wrong with that!?
b2) Doesn't that show just how serious she is about this!?
b3) Ah... if you'll excuse me.
b4) Why was Kyon-chan angry?
b5) Could it be she has the hots for Touko-senpai?
panel) hahaha
b6) what the hell is that?
b7) But did you know? That there was a couple like that that graduated from our school.

page 10

box1) Truthfully speaking,
box2) I wonder if she really does have a boyfriend.
b1-8) badum
box3) If I became her lover, would I be able to see her body?
panel) I bet you its an absolute beauty... // I want to see it... // I want to touch it... // But... I could never be her lover... // Because...

page 11

panel) We're both girls.
b1) Thanks for the food.
b2) Kyoko, you're not going to eat anymore?
b3) That's right.
b4) If you don't eat enough, // your body wont make it through the weekend's training camp.
b6) seconds

page 12

b1) ho
box1) If I remember right, at the training area,
b2) to
b3) ha
box2) the teacher said there's a bath house.
box3) And since we're both girls...
b4) ho!!
b5) This is my chance to openly look at her!!
bxo4) I can't become her lover... // I wont be able to touch her either...
b6) Oh well...

page 13

bxo) I can live with just this.
b1) no way
b2) That's // too cruel.
b3) wawawa // What's this?
b4) Is there a couple breaking up?
b6) But before you were so...
b7) Enough already...
b8) The girl is wearing my school's uniform!! // The guy looks like an office worker?
b9) Later.
b10) It seems so one sided...
b11) I feel sorry for her...

page 15

panel) 1st day of training camp
bubble sfx.) thtok
b1) She's not doing so well today. -small pritn- she missed again.
b2) Touko-senpai.

page 16

b1) Well, she doesn't get angry at us like before, so its okay, // right.
panel) Ahahaha, no way.
b2) Ah, that felt good.
b3) Our school's baths are prtty big
b4) hey, do you guys wanna do a courage test?
b5) Huh? Where's Kyon?
b6) Sure, sounds like fun!!
b7) Huuh, you wanna get sweaty again?

page 17

sign1) Baths
sign2) Please make sure you take ALL your belongings with you.

page 18

bubble sfx.) karara
b1) Senpai, may I sit next to you?
b2) huh? // sure...
b3) Senpai...
b4) you know...
b5) I had 1 goal that I want to achieve during this camp. // Do you also have one?
b6) A goal for this camp...

page 19

b1) That's right...
b2) I havent' been able to concentrate lately... // And I'm the one that's always yelling at you guys about what archery needs the most...
b3) I want to see it too...
b4) The usualy strong senpai...
b5) That's why...

page 20

b1) Wha?
b2) Please get back on your feet.
b3) Just forget about that guy...
b4) You!

page 21

b1) Did you happen to see... // that?
b2) That's right, because of my love life, // I'm in a slump with archery.
b3) But it was my own fault that I was dumped.
b4) This is what he told me:
b5) Your body is like a man's...

page 22

b1) See... // you understand what he means right.
b2) My shoulders are broad, my arms are big, and my chest is small. // There are no real soft areas, nothing like how a woman should be.
box) Ah...
b1-4,6,7) badum
b5) My body has always looked like this...
b8) And since I didn't like it much, I would always wait for everyone else to change before I did...

page 23

b1) Your body looks,
b2) so // beautiful.
b3) W-what are you saying? // This body that a man wouldn't even look twice at...
b4) Is that so bad?
b5,6) badum

page 24

b1) I've always been looking.
b2) At your shoulders,
b3) your arms, back. // Everything, all the time!!
all other bubbles on page) badum

page 25

b1) I've always liked your physique.
b2) Why...
b3) Why would you say something like that?
b4-7) badum

page 26

panel) sniff
b1) ugh
b2) ueweh
b3) Is that so...
b4-6) badum

page 27

b1) I thank you.
b2) For being someone who would
b3) like this body of mine.
b4) ah...
all other bubbles) badum

page 28

b1) Sen...

page 31

b1) She did it! She's the champion!
b2) Almost as if that slump never existed!
b3) Right!
b4) Kuribayashi Touko, congratulations!
b5) Can you comment on your win today?
b6) First I would like to thank my parents. // Also, the team's coach Koyasu-sensei, and my teammates.
b7) Last but not least...

page 32

b1) To my beloved
b2) Kyoko!!

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#1. by Watashiwa7 ()
Posted on May 21, 2009
I love you! XD
#2. by Sasori ()
Posted on May 21, 2009
Thank you very much :)
#3. by Xiphias ()
Posted on May 28, 2009
I'll release it this weekend with the Fate chapters.
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