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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

The After School Diary 2

Our secret time is love colored.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 15, 2009 12:29 | Go to The After School Diary

-> RTS Page for The After School Diary 2

page 1

title) Our secret time is love colored.
panel) They finally met! Now they're in their own world of intimacy.

page 2

b1) Aoki-san, we shouldn't do this here...
b2) someone will see us.
b3) Come one, // doing it in a place where people may or may not see is thrilling!
b4) Nn, Watase-kun's scent...

page 3

box1) Her name is Aoki Honoka.
b1) Kiss me,
b2) come on.
box2) She's cute, kind, smart, and the closest thing to an idol this school has.
box3) 1 month ago, I found her at my desk masturbating while smelling my clothes.
box4) After seeing that, I started to jerk off! And she caught me with my pants down...
box5) Well, after that strange sequence of events, we started going out.

page 4

b1) Close your eyes.
b2,3) nn...
b4) ah...

page 5

b1) Is this place safe? Are you sure no one will come?
b2) Its fine, now stop acting like a bitch.
b3) Does anyone have a light?
b4) Ahhh, afternoon classes suck, I don't wanna go.
b5) You know of class 3's Aoki Honoka right?

pae 6

b1) Don't you think she's totally hot?
b2) Yeah, damn right I do!
b3) She has a good face, her body is bang'in, she's easy to get along with, and she's smart.
b4) And as an added bonus, her tits are huge! A perfect 10!
b5) I wonder if she has a man?
box1) That's right.
b6) hm?
box2) The fact that the 2 of us are dating is a secret.
box3) Its because she said it'll make things exciting.
b7) But there's been some rumors floating around lately right?
b8) About some guy who's in her class, Watase I think his name is...
panel) They're talking about me...

page 7

b1) Yeah I know, he's the guy that's been around her a lot lately.
b2) There's no way she'd go out with a loser like him. // I bet he's the one following her around.
b3) Yeah, she probably thinks of him as a nasty stalker.
b4) Don't let them bother you.

page 8

bubble sfx.) lick
b1) ah...
b2) Wait...
b3) Aoki-san..
b4) uh-ah...
b5) ugn
b6) ah...

page 9

b1) Is this a stiffy I feel? // Is the situation starting to excite you?
b2) Hnngh
b3) Ah... // uah...
b4) Its getting hot!
b5) I can feel it pulsing...
b6) Its getting bigger...
b7) ahh...
b8) I'm starting to get excited too.
b9) Here, take a look...
b10) My nipples are about to rip through my shirt. // Do wanna feel them up?

page 10

b1) You weren't wearing a bra?
b2) I was, but I took it off in the bathroom before we came here.
b3) Ahh... // ahhn...
b4) That feels good.
b5,6) haa

page 11

b1) hnn... // Ahhn...
b2) I've got a puddle going, although we could get caught at any second...
b3) I... I'm about...
b4) to cum...
bubble sfx.) shuff-bang.

page 12

b1) hah...
b2) ah... // ah...
b3) Ah...

pae 13

b1) That hurt! What the hell are you doing! // You dropped the ashes on my hand!
b2) Sorry, I was looking the other way.
b3) gyahahahaha!!
b4) What are you fools doing?
b5) Water, get me some water!
b6) Whatever, lets get out of here!
b7) Water...
b8) I want some juice.
b9) Lets also get out of here...
b10) I need to clean up a bit.

page 14

b1) You know...
b2) hm?
b3) I was wondering just how long we're going to keep our situation a secret from those around us?
b4) huh?
b5) What's gotten into you?
b6) The real reason you want to keep us a secret isn't because its exciting,
b7) but that you'd be embarassed if people found out you were going out with a loser like me right?
b8) That's not... // Why are you even saying that now?
b9) Because its not right!

page 15

b1) Those guys just now made it perfectly clear, that a girl like you going out with a guy like me is...
b2) IDIOT!!
b3) Aoki-san...
b4) I could say the same about you... The only reason you're with me is because of some silly illusion right!?
b5) You thought that I was the perfect girl,
b6) but after going out with me, you found out I was a total pervert.
b7) You're sorry that your illusions
b8) led you to such a sex fiend right!!?
b9) Aoki-san!!

page 16

panel) Aoki-san isn't wearing any underwear!!!
b1) kyaah!!
b2) Whoa!!!

page 17

b1) Ohh! Aoki-san!!
b2) Oh shit, I think my love scene flag just went up!!
b3) That hurt!!
b4) I'm sorry Aoki-san, are you alright?
b5) Not good! From the way she's seated, they'll be able to see up her skirt!!
b6) Aoki-san!!!
b7) kyah!!
b8) Who the hell is this!?
b9) Ah!
b10) This is the guy who's always hanging around Aoki-san!
b11) Watase-kun..

page 18

b1) Hey you little shit, get away from Aoki-san!
b2) You disgusting little... if someone like you touches her, she'll start to rot!!
b3) Why don't YOU get your hands off of him!!
b4) huh?
b5) Watase-kun is my boyfriend!!
b6) You got a problem with that!?

page 19

panel) WHAAAAAT!?
b1) Aoki-san...


b1) I'm sorry.
b2) No,
b3) I should be the one apologizing.
b4) Come to think of it, I never did tell you the reason I was interested in you did I?
b5) That reason is...
b6) you seemed to share the same kind of sex interests that I do!
b7) Whaa? That's the reason?
b8) Ahaha

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