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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

The After School Diary 3

When the sun sets.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 24, 2009 10:47 | Go to The After School Diary

-> RTS Page for The After School Diary 3

page 1

panel) When school ends, our pink* time starts. // When its time for love, they're in their own world.
title) When the sun sets.
*note- in Japan colors aren't just colors. Pink, aside from being a girl color globally, also holds the meaning of sex and such.

page 2

b1) hnn, // ahn..
b2) Aoki-san, did you breasts get bigger again?
b3) huh!?
b4) I think so, my bra's have been feeling a little tight lately.
b5) hnn...
b6) Its because you keep on groping them.
b7) Then, I'll grope them some more.

page 3

b1) mmm...
b2) Its really cold without my sweater on.
b3) But your breasts are really warm.
b4) Hnn...
b5) That feels really good.
b6) Ah.
b7) Ah! // Don't jiggle them like that!

page 4

b1) Haahhn..
b2) suck(x2)
b3) I came from you only fondling my tits.
b4) The bell rang, // we need to go back to class.
b5) A-aoki-san, everyone is looking at us.

page 5

b1) Die punk!
b2) I'm better looking than you!
b3,4) rub
b5) Flaunting in front of us!
b6) How dare you put your hands on my Aoki-san!
b7) hm?
b8) I-it's nothing.
panel) It's been a while since I started going out with the school idol...
b9) I can feel their stares.
b10) Watase-kun's scent...
box) After our relationship was exposed, my schooldays have been like this.
b11) Why don't you get you hands off of him!!
b12) huh!?
b13) Watase-kun is my boyfriend!!
b14) I wonder if she has a man?
b15) You got a problem with that!?

page 6

b1) Ow!
b2) What's wrong?
b3) There's something on my seat...
b4) Thumb tacks?
b5) Who would do something like this?
b6) There are a lot of guys who have it out for you because of Aoki-san. // She's really popular you know.

page 7

b1) I feel so sorry for your cute butt.
b2) Whoa... Aoki-san...
b3) That hurt a lot right?
b4) Pain, pain, // fly away.
b5) Uwaahhhhh!!
b6) What do you think you're showing us!?
b7) Die Watase!!
b8) What did I do!?

page 8

box) After that day, the pranks kept on coming.
b1) Whoa! Black cats in my desk!
-yes, they're bad luck in Japan too-
bubble sfx.1,3) odor
bubble sfx.2) slimy
b2) There's Nattou in my bag!
b3) There's a towel someone used to wipe milk with on my gym clothes!
panel) Watase-kun, you stink.
b4) Is this something you used to get yourself off on?
panel) Who would do something like this, and for what reason!?
b5) Hell no!

page 9

b1) huh!? You're not going to go home with me today?
b2) Yeah, Nakada practically begged to switch cleaning days with him.
b3) So for today, go home without me okay?
b4) okay.
b5) Later.
b6) See you tomorrow.
b7) Last time I was hear before morning practice for the clubs began and the pranks already started.
b8) If that's the case, the person is setting up these pranks after school ends.
b9) I'll find out who the culprit is today!

page 10

b1) Its getting late...
b2) fuhaaa
panel) Maybe he's not coming today.
bubble sfx.) bang
b3) Oh shit, I fell aslee...

page 11

b1) Wha!?
b2) W-why am I tied up?
b3) You made Aoki-san cry.
b4) Little trash like you.
b5) Nakada?
b6) Aoki-san is very kind so she couldn't just reject you is all.

page 12

b1) Th-this was all your doing? You little bitch!!
b2) For now I'll cut it so it can't soil my Aoki-san.
b3) Cut what?
b4) As if you need to ask...
bubble sfx.) sching (x3)
b5) YOUR DICK!!!

page 13

b1) Watase-kun's dick, is a very important dick, don't you dare cut it!!
b2) Watase-kun, are you alright? // Something seemed wrong, so I got worried and...
b3) A... Aoki-san?
b4) I don't believe my ears...
b5) This can't be happening.
b6) From Aoki-san's pure mouth, the dirty word 'dick' came out of there twice!!

page 14

b1) Now look! Watase, it's all your fault that Aoki-san has become...
b2) The normal beautiful, pure Aoki-san would never say a word like that!
b3) My beloved serious, immaculate Aoki-san has... Aargh!!!
b4) HUH!!?

page 15

b1) nn...
bubble sfx.) smack
b2,3) haa
b4) ah... // ah....
b5) Aoki-san is... no way...

page 16

b1) Aoki-san...
b2) What you 'fell in love' with is nothing more than your own illusion.
b3) The real Aoki Honoka is,
b4) the normal type of girl that likes fooling around with the boy she likes.

page 17

b1) I... I don't belive that! The real Aoki-san couldn't...
b2) You don't have to believe it.
b3) Sit right there while sucking your thumb and watch.

page 18

b1) Watase-kun,
b2) suck my tits.
b3) ha...
b4) ah...
b5) That feels good.
b6) ahhhn.
b7-9) ahh

page 19

b1) Nn
b2) ah // aahhn
b3) Watase...kun
b4) When I think someone is watching me, // I get more excited than normal.
b5,6,8,9) Hnn.
b7) hah...
bubble sfx.) suck

page 20

b1) Nn... // ha...
b2) aahhn
b3) If you grope them like that...
b4) My tits will get bigger again.
b5) ahn
b6) Hn...
b7) Ah // Haahhnnn
b8) Its your turn now...

page 21

bubble sfx.) zzzzp
b1) Whoa... Aoki-san...
b2) You've gotten pretty big with someone watching you.
b3) hauhh...
b4) ufufufu
b5) Perv.
bubble sfx.2) squeeze

page 22

b1) uah!
b2) ufufufu... // how cute!
bubble sfx.) Stroke(x2)
b3) Ha... // ahh...
bubble sfx.2) lick
b4) Ah!

page 23

b1) ughh...
b2) uwaahh
b3) unph...
b4) ah...
b5) A... Aoki-san...
b6,7) lick(x3)
b8,9) Hn (x3)

page 25

b1) Wow, you really are amazing Aoki-san.
b2) Having a 2nd identity is nice!
b3) A heroin needs to have a part of her that remains a secret!
b4) Tanaka... can you go away when we want to be alone?
b5) When Aoki-san gets tired of you, next it will be my turn to support her!
panel) I'm better looking than you too.
b6) I also want to suck Aoki-san's beautiful tits!!
panel2) you fucking douche
box) Things have taken a turn for the worse.

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