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Beach Stars 27

The start of the Madonna cup prelims.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jun 27, 2009 19:50 | Go to Beach Stars

-> RTS Page for Beach Stars 27

page 132

title) The start of the Madonna cup prelims.

page 133

box) The day of the Madonna cup prelims.
b1) We've made it to the coliseum!!

page 134

b1) We've finally made it to the prelims.
b2) Let's go win this!
b3) Kotomi.
b4) What is it Rin?
b5) Is everything alright with you now?
b6) Yeah.

page 135

b1) They said we go this way to get to the tournament grounds.
b2) Come on, come on, hurry up!
b3) Hey Iruka, don't run!
b4) Yahooo!!

page 136,7

box) Kugenuma beach, Kannagawa prefecture prelims.
b1) Woow!
b2) So this is the famous Kugenuma beach?
b3) This is making me even more excited!
b4) Whoa!! There are camera's here! We're going to be on tv!
b5) Oh, you're right! This is going to be shown on tv too!

page 138

b1) There you are, hey!
b2) Oh, humvee.
b3) I've already gone through the confirmation and registration for you guys.
b4) You guys can change and leave your things in the booth over there.
b5) And here, your uniforms.
b6) Waah, when did you get these?
b7) Wait a minute... how do you know our sizes?
b8) Were you...
panel) I did NOT peep on you!!
b9) You had a physical in may didn't you?
b10) kyaah!! You saw that!? Even our weight?
b11) Pervert teacher!!
b12) Like I'm interested in you kids' bodies!!

page 139

b1) Oh...
b2) not bad!

page 140

b1) Oh, these look pretty cool!!
b2) I had a friend in the design business make these for you.
panel) Ahem!
b3) To tell the truth, I never thought you guys would make it this far after starting from nothing.
b4) I'm proud of the work you've done so far.
b5) You guys did well!
b6) I have nothing further to teach you!!
b7) You never taught us anything.
by8) And that's the truth!!

page 141

box) The start of the tournament.
b1) A few words from the coordinator of the prefect's prelims.
b2) I'm Kishida, the coordinator of this tournament.
b3) umm,
b4) Use this tournament to show the results of the hard work you've put into practice thus far.

page 142

b1) This is taking forever.
b2) They do this out of respect.
b3) Next, we have a couple of words from the president of our sponsor.
b4) We should be thankful for the good weather we...
b5) yaawwn.
b6) Taki!
b7) Now, a couple of words from our local promoter.
b8) The story behind this area of Kugenuma is...
b9) snoooore.
b10) Taki, wake up!
b11) And now a few words from the vice president of the gourmet research center.
b12) Meat is good!! Something is good!!
panel) We've now reached the end of the opening ceremonies.
b13) Hmmmm.
b14) Who was that last guy?
b15) Taki, you're heavy...

page 143

b1) Kurachi... senpai.
b2) What a shame Ishihara. After looking at the tournament division, we can only meet in the finals.
b3) Well, its not like you can even make it as far as getting to me right?
b4) Ahahahaha!

page 144

b1) Yo wassup peeps!
b2) Its me DJ Yamamoto!!
b3) Today we're bringing you live coverage of the Madonna cup prelims on your KOTV.
b4) This broadcast is for Kannagawa viewers only!
b5) When it comes to announcing beach volley ball, you can only think of me, DJ Yamamoto, and

page 145

b1) KOTV's idol weather reporter Tomomura Hiroko, call me Pirorin!
b2) Oh yeah.
b3) I don't like sports so I normally don't watch them, but I'll do my best today!
panel) Whoa, stop! You can't say that!!
b4) Don't worry Pirorin, even a total n00b will understand after hearing my explanations!
b5) Really! I'm looking forward to it!
b6) Those of you at home, join us as we cheer those on the sand today!
b7) I wonder if we're going to make it through in one piece today!?
panel2) Director.

page 146

b1) Higasaki B team.
b2) Higasaki A team.
-A team? Where's mr.T? ... I'm showing my age aren't I?-
box1) Iruka, Kotomi pair.
box2) Michiru, Taki pair.
b3) Taki, why are we the A team?
b4) The letter B doesn't suit a star like me!
b5) So I had them switch with me! Hahaha!
b6) Humvee, who's our first opponent? Did you look at the bracket?
b7) Let's see... B team, B team...
b8) Now then, lets put up the tournament bracket for everyone to see.

page 147

b1) In this year's tournament, we have 36 entries from the different schools in the prefecture.
sign) Madonna cup Japan. Amateur girls beach volley ball preliminary tournament. Kannagawa prefecture.
b2) Begining with last years champions, the Kurachi, Amano pair, there are 4 seeded pairs. They will have their first match after everyone else has had 3.
box1) Higasaki high B // Nanase (sophomore) ^ Ishihara (sophomore)
box2) Yamakami* high D // Kawakita (senior) ^ Yabe (sophomore)
*- not exactly sure about that name, it might change.-
b3) We have to face Yamakami in the first match!?
b4) No matter which of their teams you face, they're all very good!
b5) You've come across a huge problem at the start!!

page 148

b1) Please go to your assigned area when called.
b2) Urakisanishi high, and Sakagami high to court A please.
b3) Tsukinoda high, and Tomikawa vocational to court B please.
b4) Wakamatsu medical, and East Kashiwazaki high to court C please.
b5) Higasaki B team, and Yamakami D team to court D please.
b6) Here we go...

page 149

b1) Oh, its time to start!!
b2) Nanase-senpai, do your best!!
b3) Heavenly protector of our beach volley ball club, Hachibe-sama,
b4) please watch over us!!
b5) Nanase.
b6) Humvee?
b7) kyaah!
b8) Listen, since this is the first time they're seeing you, the people watching don't know anything about you.
b9) But I do know just how amazing you can be!

page 150

b1) Go knock their socks off!

page 151

b1) Yeah.
b2) Its finally begun, the tournament to decide who's the best in this prefecture!
b3) There can only be one team left standing, who will become today's beach stars?

page 152

b1) The 36 team, 72 lady's aiming to become a beach star are ready to start the show!
b2) No one can stop them now!
b3) And now we have the starting bell!!
-which of course means this chptr is over-

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