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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

The After School Diary 4


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Jul 2, 2009 16:06 | Go to The After School Diary

-> RTS Page for The After School Diary 4

page 1

b1) Ah
b2) N-ohhh
b3) Ah, not there...
b4) S-stop it...
b5) My body belongs to Watase-kun!
b6,7) haa
b8) Not good... // I'm going to cum...

page 2

b1,2) --- station
b3) I love the crowded train feel up game.
b4) Ah, that got my heart racing!
b5) Yeah me too... but because I was worried about what would happen if I got caught.
black bubble1) Its been 2 months since I've started going out with Aoki-san.
b6) Is this a stiffy I feel? // Is the situation staring to excite you?
b7) When I think that someone is watching me, // I get more excited than usual.
black bubble2) We've done a lot of different things, but we haven't actually done it yet.
b8) But I'm going to end that soon!

page 3

b1) Oh yeah, Watase-kun...
b2) Umm... // well, its...
b3) When school is over today...
b4) Is it all right if I go to your house?
b5) This was the flag I was waiting for!!!

page 4

panel) The secret time is when the lovers become one.
title) Dusk

page 5

b1) Thanks for having me.
b2) So this is your room? I'm starting to get a little nervous...
b3) There's no reason to get nervous, no one will be here till late tonight.
b4) Hmm, is that so!!
b5) Now that she's not looking...
b6) Let me put the condom that I took from by brother's room under the pillow.

page 6

b1) I'll go get us some drinks!
panel1) There are no porn mags here.
b2) Please do.
b3) Kyaaahhhhh!!!
b4) ahhhn
panel sfx.) sniff(x3)
b5) This smells all of Watase-kun!!
bubble sfx.) crinkle
panel2) crinkle!?

page 7

b1) Is this a...
b2) Whoa! So this is what they look like!?
b3) I've only seen the boxes of these in stores!!

page 8

b1) Sorry for the wait.
b2) We were out of tea, and it took me a while to find an un opened package.
- tea!? they're obviously in high school!!
b3) Did something happen?
b4) N-nothing at all...
bubble sfx.) squeeze(x2)

page 9

b1) Even though I said we haven't had sex, // we're always doing sexual acts.
b2) Since this situation is totally different than usual... I'm getting nervous.

page 10

b1) How about I put some music on?
b2) Sure.
b3) Huh? I'm sure I left the remote on my bed...
b4) Your remote is right here.
b5) kyaah!
b6) Ah!
b7) Look out!!
b8) bueh!

page 11

b1) Ao...
b2) No...

page 12

b1) Call me...
b2) by my first name.
-This is a culture thing that isn't present in America. 1st names are reserved for people you're intimate with. Doesn't have to be sexually intimate, but in this case they are.-
b3) Honoka...
b4) Yuuto-kun...

page 13

b1) Ahhn
b2) Ha-hn
b3) ungh
b4-6) haa
b7) haaahn
b8) ah
b9) ahn.

page 14

b1) Honoka, you're soaking wet!!
bubble sfx.) schlap(x2)
b2) B-because I'm alone with you in your room.
b3) You know...
b4) I want to see it in a well lit place...
b5) HUUUUH!?
panel) In this bright room!?
b6) Please! You always get to see mine.
b7) That's...
b8) You're right, okay...
b9) I'll give you a peek.
b10) But don't stare on anything like that.

page 15

b1) Does it...look weird?
b2) Not at all.
b3) This is a nice pink little pussy, nicer than I thought it would be.
b4) Ah!
b5) Ah// Ahhn
bubble sfx.) schlap(x2)
b6) Its like her convulses are answering me...
b7) So cute...
b8) Nn-ahhh
b9) Ah... // Your... fingers...
b10) Ahhn...
b11) Ah.

page 16

b1) ah... // ahn..
b2) Haahhn
bubble sfx.1-3) schlap(X3)
b3) haa
b4) Not your fingers...
b5) please...
b6) I want you to have sex with me...
b7) yeah...

page 17

b1) Now is the time for the condom I put under this pillow...
b2) It's not here?
b3) I'm sure I put it here.

page 18

b1) Ho...
b2) Honoka!?
-cock blocked by your girlfriend's silly prank!!-
b3) Ah.
b4) That's...
b5) It was the first time I actually got a hold of a condom, so I just started to play around...
b6) You have another one right?
b7) Y-yeah.
b8) My brother should still have some left...
b9) I'll go get it now.
b10) That's good.
b11) Hey Yuuto, I'm home. // Is there someone with you?
b12) Nii-chan...

page 19

b1) I'm sorry about today. // Next time make sure you have more than 1 ready.
b2) Yeah, take care.
b3) See you tomorrow.
b4) Next week is the school trip right?
b5) yeah.

page 20

b1) I'll make sure that while on that trip,
b2) we go all the way with no interruptions.
b3) Yeah!
b4) I'll finally get to have sex with Honoka on the trip!

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