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Bamboo Blade B 7

Kouda-san and Mizuki-kun

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 10, 2009 14:54 | Go to Bamboo Blade B

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It's been a while huh?

page 1

title) Kouda-san and Mizuki-kun.
panel) Kendo and Ken-chan wont wait for you!!

page 2

b1) What's this? Kenta-kun,
b2) you've mis-spelled your name.
b3) No I didn't!!
b4) This is how you write my name!!
b5) No, the 'Ken' in your name is written like this.
b6) No it's not!!
-I'm purposely leaving the name card and what's on the board so the ppl who don't know japanese can see what she's talking about. The 'ken' that kenta uses for his name is the 'ken' for sword and "Kendo" But the 'ken' used for his name means healthy.-
b7) Sensei, Ken-chan refuses to listen to corrections on his name.
b8) He always gets mad when you try to change it.

page 3

b1) Okay, but whenever you're handing in work, you need to write it properly.
b2) NO!! I hate the way my name is spelled!
b3) By itself, this kanji means healthy.
b4) Giving this as a name means your parents were hoping that you'd grow up to be a healthy boy.
b5) I don't want to grow up to be a healthy, I want to be a swordsman!!
b6) That's why my name is best like this!!
b7) Sensei, use this from now on please.
b8) Enough already Kenta-kun!!
b9) There's nothing you can do to change your name!!
b10) I'll give you a little story about it...
b11) I was going to get married once,
b12) but his name was Mizuta Takeshi.
b13) And my name is Kouda Mari.

page 4

b1) If I married him, what do you think would've happened to me!?
panel1) Mizutamari - puddle
b2) Because of that, I didn't marry him.
b3) Afterwards I met someone else, but...
b4) This time his name was Oda, ODA!!
panel2) Odamari! - Shut up!
b5) Was I being toyed with?
b6) I was about to give up on getting married at all.
b7) But Mizuta Takeshi came back,
b8) and he said he would take my name instead.
b9) And we got married.
b10) And that's how I was finally able to attain happiness.
b11) By the way, my husband's name became Kouda Takeshi, and at work he's called Cheyenne.
b12) What is she talking about?

pge 5

box) The current Sasanori KENta 6th grade
b1) hm?
b2) What is it?
b3) Nothing.

page 6

b1) I was just thinking,
b2) that you're pretty amazing.
b3) Tha... // that's not true.
b4) I'm nothing special.
b5) What's with you?
b6) Nothing at all.
b7) Yeah, that's right.
b8) You're nothing special.
b9) Gramps.
b0) Good evening sensei.

page 7

b1) You might be the best swordsman at this dojo, but
b2) you've still got a long way to go before I ever say you're good.
b3) I know, you don't need to tell me every chance you get.
b4) Why did you come out here now?
b5) I was wondering if becoming the best student had gotten to your head or not.
b6) No its hasn't.
b7) But I'm surprised at how good Yuu-chan is.
b8) That Yuu?
b9) Thanks for always being Kenta's sparring partner.
b10) Please don't, I'm not good,
b11) so I don't really help him out.
b12) She's right gramps, she's never beaten me!
b13) Shut your mouth.

page 8

b1) Oh yeah, Yuu-chan, you're joining the kendo team at school right?
b2) You did join them right?
b3) No.
b4) I joined the home ec.'s club with Nana-chan.
b5) WHAAAT!!?
b6) Why wont you join them?
b7) After I get into that school, I'm joining too!
b8) KENTA!
b9) Don't try to force her into it.
b10) After school activities is something you decide for yourself.
b11) Huuuh... are you seriously going to join the home ec.'s club?
b12) Yeah, although it won't be official until may.
b13) Listen to me Yuu! What you lack is the desire to better yourself!! The feeling of wanting to be the best!!
b14) I don't care! I dont' like kendo! And don't want to be good at it!
b15) Whatever, just join the club and change that attitude!!

page 9

b1) Stop your whining and get your armor on.
b2) You can't practice like that.
b3) ...however,
b4) even I think it's a waste.
b5) No handi-cap spar.
b6) Begin!

page 11

-there's a flashback here-
b1) Men!!
b2) Kenta... wait... I need a break..
b3,4) haa
b5) Let me rest.
b6) Someone else
b7) please spar with me.

page 12

b1) No one will spar with you.
b2) You're too good.
b3) none of the 6th graders want to lose to a 3rd grader.
b4) You'd hate it if you lost to someone 3 years younger than you,
b5) Right?

page 13

b1) Yuu!!
b2) What is it Ken-chan?
b3) Come to the dojo!!
b4) huh!? // Why?
b5) Why!?
b6) You said I didn't have to go today!!
b7) Whatever, just come!!
-end flashback-
b8) GET UP!!
b9) ugh...
b10) I didn't hit you enough for you to be down like that!!
b11) Come on,
b12) Ken-chan you're such a ...

page 15

box) Lunch break
panel1) Miyamoto-san!
panel2) Osumi-chan!

page 16

b1) I'm no longer the kendo advisor.
b2) We're going to miss you.
b3) Everyone's sad now that you're not the advisor anymore.
b4) In Takenaka-sensei's case,
b5) no one really cares that he's not there anymore.
b6) I wish everyone well, and that you don't forget me!
b7) Yeah, you should drop by every now and then!
b8) I'm going to the dojo right now,
b9) I need to get my things that are still there.
b10) I'll go with you!
b11) While we're there, let's take a picture!
b12) It'll be our final memory with you there.

page 17

panel) Goodbye kendo club. // Goodbye our days of fun.
b1) What the hell...

page 18

b1) This school provides lunch, just like my elementary school.
b2) The cafeteria looks the same too.
b3) We didn't get school lunches.
b4) Yuu.
b5) Nana-chan.
b6) What is it?
b7) An upperclassman wants you.
b8) 'sup Ookido.
b9) You're from the kendo...
b0) The name is Itou.

page 19

b1) What did you want?
b2) Oh, seeing you this close makes you look even bigger.
b3) I didn't want to be this tall!
b4) So please don't say that!
b5) Come with me.
b6) Where?
b7) The dojo.
b8) ahhh...

page 20

b1) I'm no longer...
b2) The most important piece to my being popular.
b3) ....NO!
b4) No, no, no, no, NO!!
b5) I'm probably just making a mountain out of a mole hill.
b6) There's no such thing as a jinx!
b7) Yeah!! That's exactly right!
b8) Everything was just coincidence!
b9) I'm still very popular!
bubble sfx.1-3) beep
b10) Ah, hello.
b11) Yuki-chan?
b12) It's me Take-chan, I was with you at the hook up party last week.
b13) Are you free tonight? // Want to get some dinner with me?

page 21

b1) Wha?
b2) Where'd you get my number? // I've never heard of you!
b3) You sick freak!
b4,5) kyaah
b6) whoa
b7) Sensei!
b8) Sorimachi-sensei!
b9) Can you help us study?
b0) Dammit...
b11) Damn it all!!!

page 22

b1,2) hello.
b3) Mochida-sensei.
b4) He's a new teacher that started teaching here in April.
b5) He has experience in kendo, and I hear he's quite good...

page 23

b1) Damn you... If you never came to this school, I would've remained as the kendo advisor.
b2) I'm pretty good at kendo, if I do say so myself.
b3) That stupid principal, why'd he have to do that...
b4) I got an idea!
b5) Mochida-sensei,
b6) are you going to check out the dojo?
b7) Yeah, that's right.
b8) sigh...
b9) I'm the advisor now...
b10) Here, come with me.
b11) I'll show you around, // I was the advisor you know.
b12) Is it normally left unlocked?
b13) Yeah, the boys like to come here outside of normal club times and practice, so it's left unlocked.

page 24

b1) Come on in.
b2) Why...
b3) are we putting on the armor?
b4) Well, you know...

page 25

panel1) I'm going to, // good look at your skills.
panel2) I'll be the judge and jury on how good you are. // It'll be my decision on whether or not to leave the kendo team in your hands.
panel3) If you're nothing special, then I'll complain to the principal.
b1) Now then Mochida-sensei,
b2) since we have our armor on,
b3) let's have a match!
b4) Calm down, it's just for fun,
b5) for FUN.

page 26

b1) Okay then,
b2) if it's just for fun.
next to panel) And his skill level is!?

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