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Beach Stars 28

Match 1

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Aug 26, 2009 14:00 | Go to Beach Stars

-> RTS Page for Beach Stars 28

page 155

title) Match 1

page 156

b1) It's finally begun, the prelims for the Madonna cup!
b2) What kind of drama is awaiting us this year?

page 157

b1) Each match is one set, first to 21 points wins.
b2) Also, only the finals will be a best of 3.
b3) Wha? You only get 1 set?
b4) Losing a point makes an even greater difference now, it could mean the outcome of the match!
b5) The first time I played beach volleyball was against Hayakawa 3 vs. 2.
b6) The next time was with that bird head 3 vs. 3...

page 158

panel) And this is the first time that I'll be doing 2 vs. 2
b1) The D-court match between Higasaki high and Yamagami high is about to begin!
b2) Higasaki's B-team consists of Nanase and Ishihara. Yamagami's D-team is Kawakita and Yabe.

page 160

b1) Take it easy Iruka.
b2) You're getting too stiff.
b3) Here
b4) we go!!!

page 161

b1) Ah!!
b2) Oh shit...
b3) I never should've told her to knock their socks off...
b4) Oh! Higasaki starts off with some rough play!
b5) Their very first serve knocked the ref out!!
b6) Oh no! What did I do!?
b7) Calm down Iruka, although it doesn't happen much, this happens all the time.

page 162

b1) What's that? Those guys are bascially n00bs.
b2) Yeah, when you hear that you'll be on tv, people like that enter to try and become stars.
b3) That damn Kurachi acting all high and mighty because she was seeded.
b4) I can't stand that girl.
b5) Yabe, if we don't do well here, she'll only get more and more arrogant.
b6) Let's quickly take care of these fools and move on.

page 163

b1) It's now Yamagami's turn to serve.
box) Yamagmi D // Higasaki B
b2) Are they going to show us the style of play that's gotten the praise as the best volleyball school in the prefect?
b3) of...
b5) She's good!
b6) The course is direct, and the speed is good too.

page 164

b1) Iruka!!
b2) Yeah!
b3) hngyaah!

page 165

b1) Huh? She got it.
b2) Oh well, too bad it wasn't an ace.
b3) Here we go Iruka!
b4) Give it to 'em!!
b5) hmph, shrimp.

page 166

b1) Not good, she blocked it!
b2) You wont get anything past me with that height!

page 167

b1) Whoa!! Yamagami blocked that spike very easily!! Is this the ability of the kings?
b2) Higasaki is going to have a tough time getting through round 1!
b3) Damn, even I would get blocked against someone that big.
b4) It's kind of wrong that they have to face someone so good in the first round!
b5) Got it!

page 168

b1) Iruka.
b2) This time,
b3) I'll...
b4) uh-oh.

page 169

b1) Yamagami stopped this one too! Their iron wall can't be broken!
b2) Dammit again!!
b3) hmph, don't think you can get a spike off on us!!
b4) Ahaha! It wont matter how many times you try, the result will be the same!
b5) Well, its because you're opponents were too good. Try again next year!

page 170

b1) Higasaki keeps up the valiant fight, but they can't do anything against Yamagami.
b2) They're trying their absolute hardest to get at least 1 point!!
b3) Ah come on!! What are they supposed to do!?
b4) Hey, hey, they're not going to lose their first match are they!?
b5) Yeah, this is bad.
b6) They really got us.

page 171

b1) I guess I'll just use "that"
b2) that Ryouko-san taught me.
b3) It looks like Iruka thought of something.

page 172

b1) Is this all other schools can muster?
b2) Well, it's not like I was expecting much from you. Fine Higasaki,
b3) be our practice partners then!!

page 173

b1) Oh! Nicely done Higasaki's Ishihara! With one hit the ball is falling right in front of the net!
b2) Go for it, Iruka!
b3) Dammit, they're going to block it again!!
b4) Practice partners!? That's a good one, because it's not like they...

page 175

b1) Oh shit! She got me...

page 176

b1) She got it!! A well placed Porky!
b2) What's a porky?
b3) What's with that strange porky?
b4) The rookies have finally made a dent in the armor of the kings!
b5) Alright!!

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#1. by carrotop ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2009
Thanks you so much,
I hope i can get this done today. ^^
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