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Change123 45


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 9, 2009 12:17 | Go to Change123

-> RTS Page for Change123 45

This is for Kajii's use only!!

That lazy bum gomenasai said he'd do this... Now I end up doing it. Well whatever, here's hoping that Snoopy will come back, and come back soon.

page 5

title) Deduction.
b1) Snow is amazing! It's all white and you can eat as many snowcones as you want!
b2) Hmm, so you're already in Aomori? You should get to Hokkaido tomorrow. Play in the snow as much as you want.
3b) Will you be alright spending your winter in Hokkaido when you don't like the cold?
b4) I bought some long underwear, and its really nice in the train.
b5) Your mom is trying her best to take pictures of fish in the underwater tunnel.
b6) Sigh... listen,
b7) They didn't make the walls of this tunnel with glass.
b8) And even if they did, it's night time, you can't see.
b9) Oh that's too bad we can't see anything.
box1) Dinner
box2) Breakfast.
b0) But the train lunches are delicious, it's a lot of fun! You should've come too Kosukegaa!

page 6

b1) Not a chance! This is the one new year's that I can't afford to miss!
b2) It's the first time in my life that somenoe other than family is going to celebrate my birthday, and it's Motoko-chan of all people!
b3) Happy birthday. // This is what you get this year.
b4) I'll give you something way better nest year.
b5) Look forward to it.
b6) When she says something better, does she mean...

page 7

b1) Something wonderful?
bubble sfx.1) badum(x2)
bubble sfx.2) gulp(x2)
b2) We're your present.
panel) Would you like to take a bath? // Or would you like to have dinner? // Let's sleep together.

page 8

panel1) Subject observation: Kosukegawa Hideo // DOB Jan. 1 Bloodtype: A // Distinctive feature: Otaku (Namely the Masked Redder series)
panel2) 9am meeting up at the train station
b1) I was so excited, I couldn't sleep at all...
b2) auw

page 9

b1) fugyaa
b2) I-I'm sorry. Did you get hurt?
b3) Gettou Motoko!
b4) I should be asking you that!
b5) Not good! Although it was quick, we've already crossed paths...

page 10

b1) Yes I'm fine. This happens a lot so I'm used to it.
b2) My glasses' frame and lens are made of tough plastic, so... Ah
b3) You even got my bag for me, // thank you.
b4) Oh, Motoko-chan!
panel1) She doesn't remember me! This makes it easier on me to move around.
b5) Okay then...
panel2) What happened? // Hey, your nose is bleeding! // Huh!? // Still her physical abilities are almost a minus!
panel3) If anyone is calling her 'black' then it must be...
b6) Here, this should do it.
b7) Dank ou
b8) she has multiple personalities!

page 11

panel1) 10:10 am. At the amusement park.
b1) We're moving.
panel2) It's like I'm watching my kindergarten brother...
panel3) But they were having fun, and took lunch at 12:40

page 12

b1) Your food is always so delicious!
b2) Thanks.
b3) But next year, we have placement tests, so we won't be able to fool around like we are right now.
b4) Yeah. And I've been thinking of working during the time that we would normally be going on dates.
b5) From tomorrow until March, I'm going to be working in that convience store again.
b6) Will your tests be alright?
b7) Yeah, when April comes around, I'll hit the books.

page 13

b1) I-I was wondering what kind of present...
b2) you got me.
b3) This date is just the begining of Hibiki's present for you. She said she'll give you something herself later.
b4) huh!?
b5) Also, Fujiko and Mikiri said they want to do something themselves too.
b6) Then does that mean that Motoko-chan is fine with whatever Hibiki is going to give as a present?
b7) But Motoko-chan, you can't freely exchange between your personalities.
b8) If your life isn't in danger, or emotionally stressed...
b9) That's why I picked the amusement park as our date!
b0) I'm going to try my hardest!

page 14

b1) Wah!(x3)
b2) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
b3) I...I withstood everything...
b4) Probably because somewhere in your mind you thought, this is safe...

page 15

1) Next I'll try something psychologically scary.
b2) I don't think you need to try so hard...
b4) Your no help if you pass out before me! I was saved by a zombie!
b5) Sorry.

page 16

b1) M-motoko-chan, you don't need to go that far...
b2) We decided on all of us celebrating you party today.
b3) So I'll do it.
b4) Then whenever you're ready, yell "BUNGIE" as you jump.
between panels) Rental jersey and sneakers.

page 17

b1) It looks like she can't use the black power... her other personalities whenever she wants.
b2) You...
b3) dont' need to go this far Motoko-chan.
panel) Let's see what happens when your boyfriend is in danger.
b4) Ah.
b5) Oh...

page 18

b1) It didn't work.
panel) Goodbye Motoko-chan, Hifumi. // Goodbye something wonderful. // I pray that I pass out as I fall!! // Goodbye naked with apron. // Hello god of justice. // I should have thrown away the porn under my bed. // I wont be able to see Redder Zechs anymore. // Kannami, please turn me into an android.
b2) heenggh

page 19

b1) I'm sorry for putting you through all this on your birthday.
panel) 4:20pm on the ferris wheel.
b2) You don't need to apologize so much. // I got a lot of rest so I'm fine now. The downside is, it's so late in the day now.
b3) I feel bad for Hibiki-kun, but just stay as you are.
b4) Okay?
b5) I have one more method to try! Last time I changed because of it!
b6) It's nothing dangerous is it?
b7) It's safe, but it's a little embarassing.

page 20

b1) Tickle me as much as you can.
b2) I have no where to run, and it's just the two of us here.
b3) A-are you sure?
b4) T-this is something worderful that surpassed my wildest imaginations!
-you mean to tell me in your imaginations, you never thought of TOUCHING her!!? You imagined her naked, but no touching!!!???-
b5) Y-you can tickle me until I turn blue from lack of oxygen...

page 21

b1) Sumire-sama said that a direct attack agaisn't Gettou Motoko would be an act of aggression towards the clan so I'm prohibited from doing so.
b2) If that's so, Sumire-sama was likely asked to bring Gettou Motoko to the clan.
b3) But...
b4) Even if she has achieved black, if it's only within those multiple personalities that she can't call on when she wants, then it's as good as useless to the clan.
b5) You don't have to force yourself like that for me...
b6) Besides...

page 22

b1) I'd rather kiss you.
b2) That time Hibiki suddenly switched out to me,
bubble sfx.1-4) badum
b3) and I had no idea what was going on.
panel) This...

page 23

bubble sfx.) badum
panel1) will be...
b1) My first kiss...

page 24

b1) 'sup.
b2) H-h-hibiki-kun!?
b3) It's not like I came here to get in your way. But Motoko just...
b4) So kissing me is more scary than a roller coaster, or zombies or bungie jumping?
b5) Being scared isn't the only thing that gets your heart pumping, so don't let it bother you.
b6) Are telling the truth?
b7) Yes I am, you guys were looking good back there.

page 25

b1) But if she's like this from a kiss...
b2) Having sex is way out of the picture.
-words around kosukegawa- having sex
b3) Se...
b4) You've got a pretty dirty mouth for a girl, Hibiki-kun!
b5) Shut up! Girls are interested in that too! // Don't give me that when you have that indecent aura full blast!

page 26

b1) What the!?
b2) She's changed personalities!!
panel) They were in a small secure ferris wheel car, and he did it that quick!?
b3) What on earth did you do!?
b4) Kosukegawa!!

page 27

b1) Oh yeah!
b2) I need to give you your birthday present!
b3) HUH!?
b4 Out here!?
b5) What do you mean out here?
b6) I-it's nothing...
b7) Here. Happy Birhtday.
b8) T-thanks.
b9) Open it up, you'll be surprised!
b0) I outdid myself.
b1) Yeah.

page 28

b1 Wow! A hand knit scarf!!
b2) Yeah, the four of us worked together to make it for you!
b3) Thanks, this is great!
b4) The normal looking parts is what Motoko did, the messed up parts is what Mikiri and I did, // and the part that looks like a professional did it was Fujiko.

page 29

b1) W-what's this H.K.?
b2) We sewed in your initials, Hideo Kosukegawa!
b3) Getting your initials sewn into your scarf by your girlfriend is the way to go right!
b4) You know...
b5) I hate to tell you this, but...
b6) My name isn't Hideo.
panel) WHHAAAAT!?

page 30

box) She's panicking.
b2) BESIDES EVERYONE ALWAYS CALLS YOU THAT!! -small print- Even Wikipedia has you listed as Hideo!
b3) C-calm down! Yes you can read it that way, but Hideo is a nickname.
b4) You know how I always jump in and try to act like a hero but end up failing? // Well because of that the people around me called me Hideo.
panel1) Hero= great man~ Hideo
b5) It's actually read Teruharu.
panel2) Correction, Kosukegawa HiXo --> Teruharu
b6) To think my information was wrong too...

page 31

b1) Then it's T.K.! I'll have it fixed quickly!
b2) gueh
b3) Don't worry, leave it like this for this winter.
b4) I want to keep it on me for as long as possible.
b5) I'm really happy about this.
b6) R-really!? You're happy. Okay then, I'll fix it in spring.
b7) I'm surprised that he's intimate with the other personalities too!
panel) Result of the New year's day observation of Kosukegawa Teruharu, he's a formidable enemy.

page 32

b1) It is now 5pm, the park will be closing, thanks for coming today!
b2) Sigh...
b3) The plan was for me to come out sooner and have some fun...
b4) What do you want to do now? It's a little early for dinner...
panel1) Let's see what happens when I use an indirect attack.
panel2) Since it'll look like an accident, I wont get in trouble.
panel3) Even if just a glimpse, let me see the power of black!

page 33

b1) W-what?
b2) There's nothing?
b3) I thought someone was trying to attack...

page 34

b1) Ah!! I just threw my corndog!!
b2) I didn't even eat half of it!
b3) If you don't mind a frozen one, I have in my house...
b4) That's right, how about you come to my house? There's no one ther right now.
b5) And I'd actually like you to make some food...
b6) hmm, if you're fine with the food that we're going to make, sure.
b7) And you're actually bold enough to ask a girl to your house when no one's there?
b8) Ah...
panel) This... this could be the biggest chance that I'll ever get in my life!

page 35

b1) Well, today is special. Whatever happens later depends on how you play your cards.
b2) You might just have a lot of fun.
panel1) We'll definitely be there! // We won't leave you alone at your time of need! // From Redder Zechs III episode 47.
b3) You should never play poker. There's something written on your face.
panel2) Already in the gutter.
face) The stairs to adulthood.
b4) N-no there isn't!

page 36

b1) We've also learned to adapt to normal everyday life, // but this is the best we can do in terms of food.
2b) This curry is great!
b3) That's good to hear.
b4) For best results, it's actually supposed to be left simmering overnight.
b5) This is perfect! Fujiko-san, you're great at just about everything aren't you!
b6) I-I wouldn't say that.
b7) That's right, on your first attempt you tried to be too perfect and let it simmer for 3 days and 3 nights, and we ended up with a bottomless pot!
b8) Cleaning that up was such a pain!
panel) Shut up.

page 37

b1) After I clean up, I'll switch over to Mikiri.
b2) Wait a little bit, okay.
b3) Yeah.
b4) It's like we're newly weds.
panl1) After Hibiki-kun merges with Zero nothing else needs to be done. // I like the way things are right now.
panel2) This feels good... // I'm satsified with something this wonderful.

age 38

b1) HA!
b2) Not good, I dozed off!
b3) hm?
b4) A letter?
panel1) I tried calling you a few times, but since you looked so comfortable there, we went home. Happy 17th birthday. // Fujiko.
panel2) I was planning on taking a bath with you!! // Mikiri
panel3) I wanted just the two of us to stay up till morning playing. Oh well, you have to work tomorrow, good luck. // Hibiki

page 39

panel) We never let our chances pass us by! // That's why we're hero's!
b1) Yeah, the name Hideo fits me!
b2) You're really helping me out by coming on the 2nd. Not many people can work during New years... you look really worn out.
b3) N-no I'm fine. From today until March, I'll be in your hands again!

page 40

b1) Excuse me, are you still hiring here?
b2) Yes we are.
panel1) From the results of observing Gettou Motoko, I've decided to try a different, better approach to see her black.
b3) My name is Uzura Sora,
panel2) And that is to get close to Kosukegawa Teruharu.
b4) Nice to meet you.

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#1. by Amit ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2009

When I read your/gomenasai's rants, I get the feeling that you guys know each other in RL.

Meh, I must be over imagining things.

P.S- Chances of SC coming back are really slim.
#2. by Gomenasai ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2009
Who are you calling a lazy bum?? Couldn't you have just left that part out and posted the translation!?

#3. by Toku ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2009
if by chance sc doesn't come back will u make this usable for the public so we can get a scan out there?
#4. by Tassen ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2009
thanks it have been long since the last change 123, i'l just have too hope for ann scan soon too
#5. by Kajii ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2009
sorry toku.. im working on it and since the raw(here and jcafe) was purchase by me^_^
#6. by goldb (Grumpy Overlord)
Posted on Sep 10, 2009
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