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Bamboo Blade B 8

The coming teacher, and the leaving teacher.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 21, 2009 21:59 | Go to Bamboo Blade B

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This is for CxC's use only!

page 1

title) The coming teacher, and the leaving teacher.
panel) Both sides of me try their hardest!!

page 2

b1) HUUH?
b2) You want me to spar with you!!?
panel) Yeah.
b3) That's why you brought me out here!?
b4) I want to see more of your skills! // I only got a little taste of it during that practice match.
b5) I'm not part of the kendo team! I was only on rent for that one day!!
b6) Huh? Really?

page 3

b1) Okay then, just spar with me for today.
b2) Jin, my normal spar partner, is absent today.
b3) oh, Jin is the guy you faced before me.
b4) No, I'm leaving!
b5) Let's go Nana-chan!
b6) Hey wait!
b7) I don't get it, you're that good and you wont join the kendo club.
b8) What a waste of talent!
b9) I don't like kendo!
b10) I only want to have fun with my friends in the home ec.'s club.
b11) HEY!!
b12) Renji, what do you think you're doing!?
b13) ugh, Suzuri!!
b14) Kawakami-senpai, save us!!

page 4

b1) You know better than to try and force a girl who clearly doesn't want to do it!
b2) If Jin-kun isn't here, then go practice by yourself.
b3) Fine!
b4) I wont practice today!
b5) I wont ask you out anymore either!
b6) There he goes sulking...
b7) If you're fine with me,
b8) I'll be your opponent.
b9) YOU will?
b0) No thanks, it won't be much of a match against you!

page 5

b1) What was that?
b2) I've gotten pretty good you know!
b3) You have nerve to say that after you lost so badly to the captain?
b4) There's no way a part-timer like you can get any better.
b5) Oh, would you like to bet on that?
b6) Then let's go to the hall!
b7) Let's go!
b8) What? You guys are coming too?
b9) If Kawakami-senpai is going to fight, we'll go cheer her on!
b0) Yeah!
panel) Kendo // again?

page 6

b1) I had a little fun last time.
b2) Because everybody there kept complimenting me.
b3) There was no Ken-chan yelling at me this time.
box1) It's actually because this is the first time since my early days that I actually did well in Kendo.
box2) Until the other day, I only ever faced off against Ken-chan. This was the first time I ever got to check my abilities.
box3) Yeah...


box1) That was the first time,
box2) Ookido Yuu tasted the sweet rewards of Kendo.
b1) If it's going to be like that, then I wouldn't mind doing it again.
b2) Not.
b3) The reason I joined the kendo team was because I looked up to Kirino-senpai.

page 8

b1) It's been a long time since I've seen Chiba-san.
panel) Chiba Kirino-san, // The captain 2 years ago.
b2) I really didn't want to join the kendo team at first.
b3) I wanted to join the Manga Illustration club.
b4) I'm short and not very athletic, so I never thought of joining a sports club.
b5) But, when I went to the Manga Illustration club...
sign) Join the manga club!
b6) WHAT!? You're going to simply plagiarize?
b7) Yeah, that way is a lot easier!
b8) If you change the character's names, no one will notice the difference.
b9) WHHAA!!? You're going to trace the pictures!?
b10) Yeah, that was is a lot easier!
b11) If you change the faces a little, no one will notice the difference.
b12) And we'll also copy the backgrounds.
b13) Yeah, who wants to draw out each one?

page 9

b1) I-I-I'll be going home now!!!
b2) Oh no you don't!
b3) You're going to be painting the first drafts.
b4) You'll also be erasing tones.
panel) Somebody save me!!!
b5) Hey, what do you think you're doing!!?
b6) WHOA, it's Chiba!!
b7) The one who saved me was Kirino-senpai who happened to be passing by.

page 10

panel1) Kirino-senpai was really kind to me who she only just met.
b1) Don't cry now.
b2) Drawing your own manga is half the fun right?
panel2) Although it wasn't any of her business, she put the manga Illustration club back on the right path.
b3) Hey, you're tones are too watery.
b4) You need to do a better job of researching your materials.
b5) You need to keep your perspectives clear.
panel3) I thought: "I want to be a person like her" // So I joined the club that she was the captain of.
b6) Chiba-san was way more reliable than I ever was.
b7) People would seriously wonder which of us was the teacher.
b8) Right now, I'm the captain of that same club...
b9) But I couldn't become like her.
b0) There's no way someone like me can ever become Kirino-senpai's replacement.

page 11

b1) The year I spent with Kirino-senpai in this club...
paper) Miyamoto Tatsumi
b2) Was hard, but at the same time wholesomely fun.
b3) I'd love to...
b4) go back to those days.
b5) What are you saying Tatsumi-chan!!?
b6) You still have plenty of time!!
b7) Osumi-chan...
b8) I'm sure you can still do it!!
b9) Having someone useless like me go away isn't going to mean anything in the long run!!
b0) You just have to make the best out of what you have now!

page 12

b1) Yeah...
b2) You're right.
b3) I still have plenty of time right!
b4) Do your best Tatsumi-chan!!
b5) As a follow up, I hear Kirino-senpai is having a hard time. // She's the captain of the kendo team at Muroe high, but...
b6) The boys barely go to practice.
b7) The other girl on the team doesn't come back anymore.
b8) And the teacher can't do anything about it.

page 13

b1) Suzuri-chan and Renji-kun are here.
b2) Why are you two together?
b3) There's someone in the hall...
b4) Let's go in and see.

page 14

b1) There are some adults fighting each other.
b2) Who are they?
b3) That one is Takenaka-sensei...
b4) But who's that one?
b5) oh, that's Mochida-sensei!
b6) He's the new kendo advisor.
b7) hmmm.
b8) So he's the new advisor.
b9) I'll get to see what he's made of.

page 15

b1) Damn...
b2) Some students are here now.
b3) I can't afford a loss now.
b4) But this guys is pretty good.
b5) However, that doesn't mean I can't beat him.
b6) I need to do whatever I can to get a win in front of my students.
b7) I need some proof to show that I'm the only one who should be the kendo team's advisor!

page 16

b1) Kiee!
b2) Douuu!!
b3) Wow, they're good.
b4) A match between adult men is so thrilling!!
b5) Is that new teacher fighting seriously?
b6) Yeah...
b7) He's not putting his full weight behind his swings.

page 17

b1) Is his...
b2) left hand injured?
b3) Haaaaaaaa!!
b4) ow...
b5) Damn that hurt.
b6) How long are we going to do this?
b7) What should I do to end this?
b8,9) haa

page 18

b1) Ohhhhh!!!
b2) Will this end if I win?

page 20

b1) ow.

page 21

b1) W-what was that?
b2) He hit him from that distance?
b3) He quick stepped in and did a reverse dou...
b4) A simultaneous step in and attack...
b5) But would you really score a point for that?
b6) Thank you very much.
b7) You're not going to do the final point?
b8) Yeah.
b9) This is enough.

page 22

b1) Sorry for forcing you to go along with me today.
b2) It's okay.
b3) The kendo team is now in your hands, Mochida-sensei.
b4) Thanks.
b5) Sumi-sensei, let's get going.
b6) huh?
b7) Yeah, I'm coming.
panel) There's no longer a place for me here.

page 23

panel) Say goodbye, // to the popular me.
b1) Mochida-sensei,
b2) Is your...
b3) left hand injured?
b4) I'm surprised you knew!

page 234

b1) He did a move like that with an injured left hand!?
panel) In kendo, your left is extremely important. // It's said your left hand, hip and foot are of utmost importance. // You're not supposed to be able to fight at full strength with an injured left hand.
b2) This guy is something else!!
b3) I'm starting to get my hopes up for this club!!
b4) I got done in by my little cactus.
b5) Cactus?
b6) Yeah, I love cacti.

page 25

b1) I would always take good care of him, but...
b2) this morning he bit the hand that fed him!
b3) I got all the needles out,
b4) but it still hurts though.
b5) I shouldn't have accepted the fight.
b6) That was really dumb of me.
b7) After hearing that, I can't tell whether or not he's actually amazing.
panel) So that's the new advisor of the kendo team, // Mochida-sensei?

page 26

panel) Whatever, it has nothing to do with me.
next to panel) Are you sure you're not involved?
b1) Now then,
b2) it's about time we had practice matches with other schools.
paper) 1st: Nakakura // 2nd: Endou // 3rd: Itou // 4th: Arima // 5th: Me.

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