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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Change123 46

Smooth image.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Sep 26, 2009 02:57 | Go to Change123

-> RTS Page for Change123 46

This is for Kajii's use only.

Still no sign of snoopy huh? Sigh, well since I've dropped Fate Stay night (another team picked it up) I'll do this in it's place. All you peeps who can't read the raws will get the next chptr next week. If I can't uphold that, sorry, but I'll try.

page 41

title) Smooth image.

pag 42

b1) What the?
b2) Oh no...
b3) Hey, someone dropped their cellphone.

page 43

b1) What's with this wallpaper?
phone) Let's go!
b2) ah.
b3) I think that's Kosukegawa's cell.
b4) He has a girlfriend named Motoko, but he has Redder as his wallpaper!
b5) I'll just change it to a picture of Motoko...
b6) Let's see...
b7) Oh, here's one!
bubble sfx.1-3) beep
b8) You know...
b9) I don't think it's a good idea to look through someone else's cell phone.
b0) Don't worry, it's all pictures of you.
b1) Which one should we replace it with?
b2) What?

page 44


page 45

b1) Oh, that one's see through.
b2) That dirty little otaku...
b3) What an ass!!

page 46

b1) Hey, did anyone see my cellphone in here?
b2) If you're talking about the cellphone with all the dirty pictures on it, then it's right here.
b3) HUH!?
b4) Dirty pictures?
b5) We all saw them!! There were 69 pics we didn't see though!!
b6) ah.
b7) You little peeper! // Stalker!
b8) I wasn't peeping on her! // It just happened she was in those poses at the time!
b9) And that's not the point, what were you doing rummaging through someone else's cell phone?

page 47

b1) Don't change the subject! I bet you've seen something about Motoko that she doesn't want anyone else to know, and that's why you two are dating!
b2) That's kind of true...
b3) Motoko, if you don't break up with him now, you'll regret it later!
b4) He'll probably have you walk through the streets in a trench coat with nothing underneath, // or have you do some weird cosplay while he films you!
b5) He'll have you do whatever he wants.
panel1) I've already done those things!
b6) eeek
b7) I-I wouldn't do anything like that!
b8) Right Motoko-chan!
b9) You can just let it go...
b0) Besides, don't you have to work today? You should get going.
panel2) She's... // treating me like a villain.

page 48

b1) Right! Don't you also think that was wrong of him, Kisaragi-sensei?
b2) Yeah.
b3) Men feel really secure when they know that a woman is their's, even if they have to use some underhanded methods to get that assurance.
b4) There was a time when I gave some of my hair as a charm to a man.
b5) I've seen it a lot in historical plays used as a memento... // But I didn't know you could use it as a charm.
b6) But I wouldn't care about giving a lock of my hair.
b7) I meant my pubes.
b8) Your pubes!!?
panel) No way!
b9) Why?
b0) During wars and such, it was the thing to do.

page 49

b1) They said it would be a bulletproof vest.
b2) That's why they wanted a woman's...
panel) We girls don't have any balls...
-the joke is lost in translation. the word for bulletproof vest is "tamayoke" the word for balls/testicles is 'tama' (slang)... hence motoko's misinterpretation.
b3) Disgusting!
b4) Men are really dirty dogs!
b5) I bet you within those 69 pics we didn't see Kosukegawa has a nude pic of Motoko in there!
b6) I should've deleted them all!
b7) He wouldn't have that!
b8) We haven't even kissed yet...
b9) HUUUH!!?
b0) You guys have been going out for over a year!
b1) You normally get passed that point the latest by 1 month, the slow ones 2 months!
b2) You mean your first kiss?
panel) Is it really that strange?
b3) Y-yes...

page 50

b1) Whenever I think about kissing him, I get so nervous...
b2) I just can't do it.
b3) I can understand Kosukegawa-kun getting frustrated.
panel1) I feel sorry for him
b4) Your first kiss is important, but...
b5) seriously, this old, OLD school.
b6) How about you start with a kiss on the cheek?
b7) I think I can handle that.
panel2) I only have 1 month before I have to leave here. If their relationship is only at that level, // then Sora can easily split them up.

page 51

b1) kyahahaha! I can't believe they did that!!
b2) This isn't a laughing matter Sora-san! Even Motoko-chan was avoiding me!
b3) That Motoko girl isn't just slow in moving, but she's also slow when it comes to love.
b4) You've got a tough one on your hands Kosukegawa-kun.
b5) If I don't play my cards right, I'll have to start over from the beginning. After we finally got to the point of holding hands...
b6) The way I see things...

page 52

b1) The way you think and feel about her,
b2) she doesn't feel the same for you.
b3) huh!?
b4) That's isn't something you can compare.
b5) Well, after listening to your story, she's always passive.
b6) And the biggest thing is, after going out with you for a full year, she doesn't even know your first name.
b7) That's because she misread it is all, and she's a late bloomer.
b8) I bet.
b9) Take care of the register please.
b0) On my way.

page 53

b1) I thought so.

page 54

panel1) They're all right. Forget not even kissing Kosukegawa-kun... // I haven't accepted anything about him.
panel2) And what's worse, I was avoiding him like the plague because of a stupid photo. // Kosukegawa-kun is the only link between the normal world, and Hifumi and me.
b1) He cried a little.
b2) Oh no! It's passed 7!
b3) I need to make dinner.
b4) Kosukegawa-kun said he ends work at 7:30 right?

page 55

panel1) I need to tell him that today was just a misunderstanding. // And...
panel2) I need muster up the courage,
panel3) Be natural,
panel4) try to be easy about it,
panel5) and let him kiss me on the cheek!
b1) Let's go.

page 56

b1) Kosukegawa-kun, you're not leaving yet?
b2) You don't get paid for overtime here.
b3) I know,
b4) After I take these boxes out, I'll leave.
b5) Okay, see ya.
b6) Yeah, later.
b7) Okay, I think this is good enough. Maybe I should try to seduce him... // No, although he's your first class perv, he has not balls whatsoever... It'll only make things worse if he takes me seriously.

page 57

b1) I wont say anything bad,
b2) but before anything bad happens, just leave.
b3) I see you have a ton of time on your hands.
b4) Thanks for coming all this way to warn me.
b5) But I'm not that type to put all my effort into making a dish,

page 58

b1) and then throw it away before eating it.
b2) I didn't think you'd listen to words of warning.
b3) My only option left is to put you in the hospital for a month!

page 59

b1) Like you can!
b2) A rock?
b3) While you're pulling your weapon back,

page 60

b1) You can't attack!
b2) tsk!
b3) She dodged!?

page 62

b1) whoa...
b2) Too bad, but these boots were made for bikers. Your keys wont get through it's toughness.
b3) Hmm, I thought you were the type that only used your strength, but I guess you do have brains.
b4) This match up isn't in my favor. I can only last about 3 minutes in a close quarters fight.
bubble sfx.) peek
b5) Hurry and get out here!
b6) If you make her angry...

page 63

b1) She turns green and smashes everything!! HULK Smash!!! -right, onto the real b1...
b1) Being in the hospital for a month would be getting off easy.
b2) So getting her angry is the way to do it huh?
b3) Thanks for the good info.
b4) You little!
bubble sfx.) peek
b5) He's here!

page 64

b1) Kyaah!
b2) huh?
b3) That was Sora-san's voice!
b4) Ahhh!!
b5) Oh no!!

page 65

b1) Ah.
b2) I'll make sure...
b3) that you spend 1 full month in the hospital!!

page 66

b1) STOP IT!!!
b2) kuhn...
panel) F-fool!
b3) Wh-whoa

page 67

b1) G-g-g...
b2) Go away!!
b3) Ugghhh
b4) What the!?
panel) It's the same paint used to mark a bank robber!!

page 68

b1) tsk...
b2) Are you alright? Were you injured?
b3) I refused his pick ups, and he knocked me to the ground, but I'm alright...
b4) Really?
b5) Should I call the police?
b6) Do you remember anything specific about him, or his license plate number?
b7) huh?
b8) No. The only thing I can remember is that he's big.
b9) If so, the police won't have anything to go on. I want you to stay with me, I'm still shaking.

page 69

panel1) Not good! I need to get this paint off fast!
panel2) You couldn't have picked a worse time...
b1) eek!

page 70

panel sfx.) bang
bubble sfx.) Screeech
b1) Watch it fool!!
b2) sigh...
b3) There's no point in me getting a kiss on the cheek from him.
b4) I should at least tell him not to worry about what happened earlier.

page 71

b1) DAMMIT!!
b2) None of them have any idea what I'm going through!
bubble sfx.) splash
b3) Why the hell do I have to be the butt role?
b4) Okay, I got the color off. But the paint has material in it that gives it a luminol reaction.
b5) It's not going to be easy getting this off with a non-acidic solution.
b6) I don't think Sora will contact the police, but I better do this in a place a little farther away.

page 72

b1) Achoo!!
b2) sniff...
b3) Dammit, I finally got enough money to buy one of these, and now look at it.

page 73

b1) Sora-san, can you sta // ND!?
b2) Sorry, but I'm still in shock. Can we stay like this until I calm down please.
b3) S-sure.
b4) Thanks for coming to my rescue.
b5) Kosukegawa-kun isn't Hideo in my eyes.
b6) You're my true hero.
-I don't think I explained this too well in the last chptr. Mostly because it's a little annoying to explain, so I'll try 2 make it short. the word for hero (Eiyuu) can also be read Hideo. A lot of hero's in the old Sentai (kamen rider) were named Hideo. But he's neither so he gets mocked.-
panel) Oh, here's a golden opportunity!!

page 74

b1) I...
b2) I think I've fallen for you.
b3) huh!? // But I already have a girlfriend!
b4) But I can't help falling for you.

page 75

panel) Kosukegawa...

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#1. by Kajii ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
thank u :)
#2. by Katz ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
Kajii get to work NOWWW
#3. by pangoo ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
yay.....super-über-thank you!
#4. by Alan Smithee ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2009
Wow, it sounds like you're really enjoying translating this one shadow-skill! I can just sense how much you looove this series, lol. Well, I admire you for sticking with working on something you don't enjoy in order to uphold your promise, it's very noble.
#5. by pangoo ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2009
I hope you won't mind but I noticed a few mistakes in your translation. I have written my suggestions after your translations. Otherwise, damn good translation! Thanks for your work!

p43: b4) He has a girlfriend named Motoko, but he has Redder as his wallpaper!

p49: b1) You normally get passed that point the latest by 1 month, the slow ones 2 months! --> You normally get PAST that point AT THE LATEST AFTER 1 month, the slow one AFTER 2 months!

p52: b6) And the biggest thing is, after going out with you for a full year, she doesn't even know your first name. --> WITH YOU FOR A WHOLE YEAR

+ b0) On my way. --> I*M ON MY WAY or even better COMING!

p54 : panel1) They're all right. Forget not even kissing Kosukegawa-kun... --> I HAVEN'T EVEN KISSED KOSUKEGAWA-KUN...
+ b2) Oh no! It's passed 7! --> IT'S PAST 7

P56: b7) No, although he's your first class perv, he has no balls whatsoever..--> NO BALLS

p68: b3) I refused his pick ups -->I REFUSED HIS ADVANCES (if the RAW says that "he" tried to pick her up, than it's better with advances)

#6. by Phantasia ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2009
Pangoo, you would lose information with your suggestions. >.>
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