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Today's Asuka show. 4

Asuka-chan, the swisuit, and it's properties.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 4, 2009 16:39 | Go to Today's Asuka show.

-> RTS Page for Today's Asuka show. 4

Damn, I guess since ppl really liked this manga, the author started to write a lot more... sigh, I was hoping for a quickie each chptr, oh well. Enjoy:

page 1

top of page) It's pouring. We're at the shoe lockers. Asuka-chan is planning something. It looks like something big so going to happen!!!
left of panel) She's pure, but unaware of her assets... Asuka-chan is an overnight hit!
sign) Nakamura Middle School (I think it says nakamura, it's hard 2 c)

page 2

panel) The beautiful girl's observation diary, the story is sweeping the nation!!! I'm so happy and embarrassed. // Color pages!!!!

page 3

panel) -the top- I'll read about the different types of situations Asuka-chan was in! // Please excuse me // -blue bubble- I didn't mean to stare a hole through you. You don't mind!? // -orange bubble- 'E-deshu' and 'renji-man' are love comedy banchou's. // - green letters- It's just a swimsuit. // "Is it wrong to wear a swimsuit on the streets?" Asuka-chan's innocent question will make our hearts skip a beat today too. // However, it's a swimsuit.
title) Asuka-chan, the swimsuit, and it's properties.

page 4

left of panel) This is the first glimpse we get into Asuka-chan's private life, and her last name.
sign) Kyouno
-this is a play on the title of the manga ' Kyou no Asuka show' her name is Kyouno Asuka-
b1) And here we caught a man taking pictures at the beach.
tv) Verification of vicious voyeurism!
b2) Excuse me, can you show us what you're photographing?

page 5

b1) Nothing really, just the beautiful scenery.
b2) However, there were only pictures of the girls in swimsuits...
b3) Ugh, I hate dirty guys like you!!
b4) Why do find it necessary to do things like this?
b5) I don't get it... why are they upset?

page 6

panel1) If it was what happens a lot at the train stations where someone takes an upskirt photo...
bubble sfx.) click
panel2) That's taking a photo of something that isn't supposed to be shown to the general public, a girl's underwear. // Voyeur.
b1) Kyaaah!
b2) No, wait...
b3) There was an octopus in her skirt...
b4) He was taking photo's of my underwear!
b5) Who's going to believe that!?
panel3) But, this is different. // She's standing in front of the guy and showing him everything. // Swimsuits are something meant to be shown to people, so can you really call what he did voyeur?
panel4) Then, if she were in her underwear, and she didn't want him to see, it would play out like this: // But, in terms of what's covered, a swimsuit and underwear are the same.
b6) Kyahhhh!
b7) Don't look at me!
b8) No...
b9) I'm sorry.
panel5) There are times when a swimsuit shows more than what underwear would. // The more I think about it, the stranger it gets...

page 7

b1) I've got it!!
panel1) Underwear is something that's worn under your normal clothes and is not meant to be seen normally. // But a swimsuit is meant to be warn where there's water! That makes sense! // Yeah, yeah! So if you were to wear a swimsuit where there was water, then you wouldn't get embarrassed.
b2) This is so embarrassing! Underwear is something meant to be worn under normal clothes!
b3) Since I'm at water, I'm not embarrassed in the least!
b4) hm?

page 8

b1) Dad.
b2) Why aren't you properly dressed?
b3) Don't worry, I dress properly in front of other people.
b4) Then do the same with me.
b5) Why? You see this and worse from a lot of other girls.

page 9

b1) It's different with my own daughter.
b2) hmmm...
b3) Then when you took pictures of all those girls, you felt a little pain when you thought of their father's right?
b4) Yeah, and I'm trying to prevent you from doing the same thing to another guy like me.
b5) If you understand then put some shorts on.
b6) Hey, that's not fair!
b7) I'm leaving, I'll see you later.
b8) If you're leaving, then it doesn't matter what I wear.
b9) Wait, what was I talking about again...
b0) Oh yeah, when you can and can't wear a swimsuit.

page 10

panel1) A place with water... How about on a rainy day?
panel2) No, when it rains, you just use an umbrella. // That doesn't make much sense.
panel3) Then how about heavy rain... // Torrential rains?
panel4) A typhoon!?
panel5) That's it!! A typhoon! // This makes sense!!

page 11

panel) It's been 3 weeks since then... As preparation, I've had my swimsuit in my bag the entire time. // And finally, the day is here!
b1) Hey, you guys need to get home.
b2) The alarm went off, it's going to get dangerous.
b3) Okay.
b4) I guess everyone else has already went home.

page 12

b1) T-that's...
b2) Kyouno Asuka.
b3) Why is she wearing a swimsuit?
b4) Okay, here we go. -small print- Time to start the experiment!
b5) ah...
b6) Hey, wait...

page 14

panel1) Umbrella's are useless.
panel2) She's soaking wet!
panel3) But I'm already wearing something that's made for getting wet. // So there's no problem, also...
panel4) My reasoning: Typhoon = a place with water, // so this isn't embarrassing at all.
panel5) The experiment,

page 15

panel) is a // success...!?

page 16

b1) hm?
panel1) Oh, the rain stopped. // Did we hit the eye of the typhoon?
b2) huh?
b3) Huuuuh!?
panel2) My reasoning is... // It doesn't make sense anymore! // Whoa, she's in a swimsuit!
b4) I was worried and followed her out here, but...
b5) What on earth was she trying to do?
panel3) Now I look foolish...

page 17

b1) This is it!
b3) Trying to jump in the river after a typhoon... // were you tying to kill yourself!?
right of panel) Asuka-chan's theory was a little too special...
b4) I'm sorry.
sign) Teacher's lounge.
b5) But...
b6) Until the rain stopped, I was fine right?
b7) Excuse me!?

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