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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Dual X Justice 1

Justice duo.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 6, 2009 21:02 | Go to Dual X Justice

-> RTS Page for Dual X Justice 1

This is for CxC scans only.

page 3

box1) From times past, God has watched over what happens on earth.
box2) The people of earth, thankful to God for his blessings, would give thanks and praise.
box3) But as time passed, people forgot about God.
box4) Because of their neglect of God, evil beings started to appear on earth.
box5) God, remembering his people, sent angel users to earth.
box6) All to make sure his people remembered who it is that's watching over them.

page 4

box1) And now,
box2) we're at the present time.
b1) ugh...
b2) Uwahhhhh!!!

page 5

b1) A monster appeared!!
b2) Run for it!!
b3,4) That's as far as you go!
b5,6) You evil being!

page 6,7)

b1) If you keep on causing harm to people,
b2) you'll have Avalon to deal with!
b3) Bad kids who don't play nice,
b4) Will have to answer to Palestrina!!
panel) The beautiful angel Palestrina.

page 8

b1) T-those 2 are here now!!
b2) Now everything should be fine!!
b3) Ha!!

page 9

b1) kyahh!
b2) Whoa!
b3) hm...
b4) You're faster than I would've imagined.
b5) This guy is pretty dangerous,
b6) you should stand down.
b7) Hey, you're in my way,
b8) would you mind standing down?

page 10

b1) You don't seem to understand english, I'm telling you it's dangerous here.
b2) Shut up! I can't swing my lance properly because you're in the way!
b3) You can't possibly fight with that little twig, so stop trying.
b4) Do you realize that you just bad mouthed God's weapon?
b5) Whatever, women shouldn't be on the front lines!
b6) Excuse me!? Women shouldn't be on the front lines!!?
b7) I'm speaking in terms of proven science, // women shouldn't be on the front lines!
b8) That's why women should be at home doing housework and raising kids right? // Really now, did you come here from the stone age?
b9) That's not good. You shouldn't lump everything together like that, it's...
b0) Ah! shut up already!!

page 11

b1) Argh, just get out of my way!!
b2) Shut up!! I'm the one that's going to defeat that mon...
b3) ster?
b4) Um, FYI...
b5) that monster left while you were quarreling.
b6) Where the hell did he go?
b7) You're not getting away from me!!
panel) They left too!

page 12

b1) Those two never change...
b2) I wonder why they can't just get along...
b3) Well, we were saved though!
b4) Thank you, heroes!
box1) That's right, with the passing of time,
box2) people have forgotten about God again.

page 13

b1) Man, tomorrow is gonna suck -small print- Especially lunch // I'm broke like a joke, dammit!!
b2) It's because you drank too much.
3b) Owwww!!!
b4) Mikio, are you alright!?
b5) No, I'm going to have to go to the hospital for this.
b6) Hey, little student boy, come with us to the... 'hospital' there.

page 14

b1) Hey bitch! // You were going to the 'hospital' right? Don't fall asleep now!
b2) P...plea..se...
b3) I'm... sor..rryy...
b4) tsk.
b5) Now I'm late.

page 15

b1) M-mikio... you damn fool... take a good look at him!
b2) T-that's... Segawa... Genji...
b3) M-my bad... I d-didn't think... he went to a... private school...
b4) W-we're lucky to get off with only this level of damage.

page 16

b1) Segawa-kun,
b2) put your feet down!

page 17

b1) If you have a legitimate reason...
b2) for being late this morning, let's hear it.
3b) Personal matters.
b4) Don't give me that! Is it something you can't tell other people?
b5) Huh!? It's none of your damn business!!
b6) Yes it is!!
b7) I have the duty of protecting the rules of the school!
b8) Right, right. We have a wonderful student council president here.
b9) What's with that attitude!? // And put your tie on properly!
b0) SHUT UP!! Who the hell do you think you are? My mom!?

page 18

b1) I've been given the position to correct people, and you know that!
b2) A messed up tie, will lead to a messed up heart. // Big problems always start out small.
b3) keh! Would you give it a rest,
b4) you're fucking annoying, you stupid bitch!
b5) HUH! // What kind of language is that!?
b6) Hey, wait!! We're not done here!!
b7) P-please... there's going to be a council meeting soon anyway...

page 19

b1) T-thank goodness nothing happened.
b2) That's not good for the heart.
b3) I'm surprised the president has the guts to stand up to him.
b4) I'm sure she knows, that he's that Segawa Genji...
b5) "Mad Dog Segawa" "Demon Genji".
b6) There's the story of when he was in middle school, he sent 50 thugs to the ICU at once...
b7) Sigh... why did we end up in the same class as that?
b8) Actually, what I want to know is why he even came to this school!
b9) "A messed up tie...
b0) Leads to a messed up heart" was it?

page 20

panel1) A messed up tie will lead to a messed up heart... // It rang, it rang all through my heart!
panel2) That's absolutely right. What's important is to make sure all the little things are done correctly. // Why couldn't I just say yes like I wanted to back there?
b1) I need to start working from the very little things,
b2) Then I'll be able to do things they way I mean to, and maybe I wont be treated like a thug.

page 21

b1) 'sup!! You're Segawa-san right?
b2) We're freshmen from Sekoshou.
b3) We've heard about your countless legends!!
b4) And we hope that you will accept us as underlings!!
b5) O-oh right...
b6) please excuse us for not noticing... // Here you go.

page 22

b1) Don't come messing things up...
b2) After I just decided to do some good!!
panel) Why do things always end up this way? // I want to live normally...
b3) Okay,
b4) we're done here.

page 23

b1) Good work today, everyone.
b2) Good work today.
b3) Hey, now that we're done, let's go karaoke!
b4) That's a good idea. We don't have school tomorrow either.
b5) President,
b6) how about you come with us this once?
b7) Thanks for inviting me, but I think I'll stay and work a little longer.
b8) Don't do anything out there that'll give us a bad name.
b9) So you're not coming...
b0) Well, we'll see you later.

page 24

b1) Sigh... I was turned down by Mitsuki-san again.
b2) Why don't you just give up on her?
b3) Sigh, I think I will...
b4) What us commoners do for fun, doesn't suit the princess.
b5) She has the name and backing of the super conglomerate Konagawa. // Not to mention, she's the next in line to succeed the business.
b6) She's been trained to be a person that will stand above the rest.
b7) She's very different...
b8) from us normal people.
b9) Don't do anything to..
b0) give us a bad name?

page 25

panel1) Dammit, I want to have some fun!!! // I want to sing till I throw up blood!!
panel2) Why can't I just say: 'every now and then is fine, so sure I'll accompany you'? // Why can't I just take that first little step?
b1) Little by little, I'll show them what I'm really like.
b2) And one day, I'll be able to show off on stage!!

page 26

b1) Oh, Konagawa-kun, you're still here working?
b2) Yes, I don't want anything left over until next week.
b3) Haha, that's so admirable of you.
b4) But don't over do it.
b5) Yes, thank you sir.
panel) Why did I have to be raised by such a high class family? // I want to live without all these restrictions.
b6) Mitsuki-chan! (x2)
b7) There's trouble!

page 27

b1) Segawa-kun, there's a demon attack!
b2) It's the same one from yesterday, and he's more powerful!
b3) He's going wild in front of the train station again!
b4) Mitsuki-chan! // Segawa-kun! // Hurry up!!

page 30

b1) ADVENT!!
b3) ADVENT!!

page 32

b1) Eek! // Uwaaahhh!!

page 33

b1) To light the fire in the hearts...
b2) of the people who have forgotten God...
b3) I've come to give of the water from the river of love...
b4) to the people who have forgotten God.

page 34

b1) Special angel Avalon will...
b2) wipe out evil with the fists of justice!!
b3) The beautiful angel Palestrina has...
b4) brought the light of heaven to you all!!

page 35

b1) Th-they're here!
b2) Do your best our hero and heroin!!
b3) This guy is actually stronger than he was yesterday... -small print- he even has a horn.
b4) hmph, that's fine by me!
b5) In fact, I can handle this alone!!
b6) There you go again...
b7) Just leave everything to me.

page 36

b1) Haah!? What about me do you know!?
b2) I'm just saying the way you always snap at people isn't good.
b3) It wouldn't be much of a fight if I wasn't fired up for it!!
b4) Being fired up is fine, but you need to keep a cool head at all times!
b5) Hmm, you speak as though you got overheated once and lost!!
b6) Sigh... I didn't think you were this hard headed. // It looks like we're going to need a long serious talk.
b7) Oh, I'm all for it! // Let's talk, with your beloved fists that is!

page 37

b1) There's someone here who doesn't know what manner are...
b2) I can't stand having my conversation interrupted.

page 38

panel1) Laser fist //set.
panel2) Avalon // Strike!!

page 39

panel) Angel Strike!!

page 40

b1) They...
b2) They did it!!!

page 41

b1) hmph, that was nothing.
b2) Always the show off I see.
b3) When there are people watching, you use a finishing move of course.
b4) There's no reason to please the crowd in a fight!
b5) Well... let's stop here for today.
b6) Yeah, more people keep coming.
b7) If you'll excuse me.
b8) See you guys later.
b9) Those two were wonderful today too.
b0) I wonder exactly who they are?

page 42

b1) phew...
b2) sigh...
b3) hahh...
b4) Another case closed.
b5) How comes,
b6) I can't always act like that?
b7) If only...
b8) I could always act like that...

page 43

b1) Well, I don't need to rush...
b2) If I take my time but do it correctly, I'll...
b3) Oh shit!!
b4) Kyaahh!!
b5) Don't scare my like that madam president!!
b6) That's what I should be saying to you! And what are you doing back here?
b7) Is there a problem with me walking around town?

page 44

b1) Were you causing trouble again?
b2) I was not! I was just watching the monster fight in front of the train station!
b3) Oh, is that what you were up to...
b4) Then how about you take a page out of the the angel's book,
b5) and learn to be a better person?
b6) Hmm, how about you try to be like that angel and learn a little refinement?
b7) Or you'll have mold growing on an important part of yours.
b8) Wha... Can you get anymore vulgar?
b9) Sorry, I wasn't raised as well as someone was.
b0) This has nothing to do with your parents! You're the one that's the problem!
b1) Right, right, if you say so.

page 45

panel1) When people forget about God, he sends angels to earth.
panel2) The chosen ones are this guy and girl.
panel3) Is God the only one who knows where this will lead?

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