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Change123 48

Critical point.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Nov 24, 2009 05:02 | Go to Change123

-> RTS Page for Change123 48

This is for Kajii's use only.
it took a while, but here's the next chptr. No, I do know how to count, some1 else did 47.

page 113

title) Critical point.

page 114,5

panel1) The hand I used to guard is broken! I can only dodge her attacks, this is...
b1) ugh...
b2) so long as you're here,
panel2) "Black"s true power!
b3) Kosukegawa will cry.

page 116

b1) I'll be in serious trouble if I take another attack!
b2) After one attack, I understood...

page 117

b1) That someone of my level cannot face her...
b2) head on!

page 118

panel) However,

page 119

panel1) I can dodge her attacks!
panel2) I'm the speed type. // My color is blue.
panel3) If I put everything into running away, even if I'm facing black...

page 120,1

b2) GUAHHH!!

page 122

b1) aguhh!
b2) guhuek!
b3) BEEEP(x3)!!
b4) geho
b5) I can't move!!

page 123

b1) Sora!

page 124

b1) Botan!?
b2) There's only one thing that i can do here!

page 125

b1) This is why I told you not to do anything to her!
b2) And that's keep the damage done by 'black' to a minimum.

page 126

b1) Just leave me alone!
b2) I'm doing this for the family!
b3) I can't leave you here to die and make Motoko into a killer! // Now do something about that wound on your arm!
b4) I've heard that the amount of time she can stay as black is limited, so we're going to avoid her //until it runs out.
panel) You're still alive?

paeg 127

b1) Dammit!
b2) She got my front wheel!

page 128

b1) You wont be able to avoid her like this, just leave me behind.
b2) I'm prepared to face the consequences for what I've done.
b3) Don't give me that crap now!
b4) I can still control the bike like this!
b5) We need to bring her to a place where there aren't a lot of people.

page 129

b1) Our family always memorizes the map of the place we will be staying in.
b2) Someone who follows the rules like Botan will definitely do that.
b3) And if she's going to lure black out... // it'll be here.
panel) Sora, Botan, I'm sending help to you guys right now.

page 130

b1) Dalala lala
b2) Kisaragi-sensei?
b3) Hello? This is Kosukegawa.
b4) Um, I just saw Gettou-san carrying a metal pipe...
b5) and going after a girl like she was trying to kill her!
b6) HUH!?
b7) I wonder if it was someone else, she wasn't wearing glasses, and her facial expression was totally different.
panel) It's zero!
b8) I-I bet you it's someone else! But... // can you tell me where you saw them?

page 131

b1) They went into a building under construction on 2nd street.
b2) Okay thanks. I'll call Gettou-san just to make sure, bye!
b3) It's close by!
b4) Is it Hibiki-kun?
panel1) Did she see me with Sora-san and turn into Zero!? // Then does that mean she's fighting Sora-san?
panel2) This bad, what should I do!!?

page 132

b1) Just a little farther... // Ah!
b2) whoa!

page 133

b1) ugh.

page 134

b1) Sora! Run into the building and hide!
panel) She's only going after me!?
b2) Gettou, calm down!
b3) You've already...

page 135

b1) GAAHH!!

page 136

b1) Botan!
b2) tsk
b3) fuu
b4) Since this place is being used,
b5-7) haa
b8) there should be something I could use as a weapon...

page 137

panel) Stay still!
b2,3) haa
b4) This is it.

paeg 138

b1) Dammit.
b2) She really is fighting Sora-san!!
b3) Hibiki-kun, stop!
b4) Sora-san didn't do anything wrong!!

pae 139

panel) Out of my way!
b1) gefu!
b2) Ih.. // It's all my fault!
b3) I'm sorry!
b4) It's my fault for not being clear with Sora-san, I'm sorry!
b5) So please don't...
b6) Get serious!

page 140

b1) There was no way I'd get serious over you! I was just playing with you!
b2) huh!?
panel) Let go, // you're in the way.
b3) And your girlfriend found out and is now pissed. All that's in her head is taking my life!
b4) Your stupid justice won't do any good in this situation!
b5) hngghh...
b6) I hate the things you say, and I hate people who try to save others! // So leave me alone! You hate me now don't you?
b7) Well,
b8) I am a little mad that you lied to me...

page 141

b1) And I'm a little sad, but...
b2) I would never think it was okay for you to die.
b3) W-whatever, you just need to get out of here...
b4) ahhh
b5) guah!

page 142

b1) Here she comes!
panel1) Destructive force means nothing if it can't hit it's target! // I'll dodge everything, I'm...
panel2) blue
-If I were green I would die... -

page 143

b1) ughhh
panel) She's still alive.
b2) That's enough!

page 144

b1) If you hit her anymore, she'll really die!
b2) Stop!
b3) please...
panel1) Shut up!
b4) I wanted to bring her to the master unharmed...
b5) It looks like things wont be going my way this time.
b6) guehhh
panel2) I said SHUT UP!
b7) gah...

pae 145

b1) Kaha!
b2) Hibiki-kun, you can't do this!
b3) If you kill someone, you won't // goho!
b4) be able to smile from the heart!
b5) GEHO!!!
panel1) It doesn't matter if i can't smile.
b6) Ahhhh
panel2) So long as I get to see that smile, I'm...

pae 146

panel1) Right now, I'm // the one that's making
panel2) Kosukegawa cry!!!

page 147

b1) Geho(x3)
b2) Hibiki-kun?
b3) You've returned right?
b4) Kosukegawa... I'm sorr...

page 148

panel) This is... // that day's morning!
b1) Good morning mom.

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#1. by Kajii ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2009
thank you ^_^
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