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Concerto 4


+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 24, 2009 23:24 | Go to Concerto

-> RTS Page for Concerto 4

You might be asking Concerto mvmt.4? Yeah, me too! As far as I know, concerto's only have 3 movements. If you're asking what happened to movement 3? Then you're asking the same thing I am. Besides, I didn't do the first movement, either. Anyway, I planned on releasing more today, but you know what they say about the best laid plans right?

page 1

box1) At the back of the art room,
box2) there's a painting of a naked woman.
box3) This story is about the person who painted it,
box4) and me, who is the model of the painting.

page 2

panel) The feelings of love can't be painted. It's because those feelings are pure white.

page 3

box1) It all happened...
box2) 2 years ago,
box3) When you began to feel the change in seasons.
box4) It was cold enough for snow to fall.

page 4

box1) I'm Echigo Fumiko, a freshman in the arts club.
b1) I can't seem to get the right touch.
b2) Should I do quick strokes without worrying about getting it straight?
b3) You've gotta love finals, no one is here at this time!
b4) It feels like I have the entire place to myself!
-small bubbles- headphone noise (shaka)

page 5

bubble sfx -entire page-) shaka
b1) tsk
b2) Wha?
box1) Wh-who is THAT? // I-is she also in the art club?
b3) She's a little scary.
box2) I've never seen her before.

page 6

box1) huh?
box2) Sh-she's using colors without a sketch beneath!?
box3) And she's... // fast!
box4) Really fast!!

page 7

b1) Well, I guess this will do.
b2) N-no way!
box) She's done already!?
sign) Whatever you made that you don't want anymore, throw in here.
b3) Ah,
b4) excuse me...

page 8

b1) I wanted to know who you are...
b2) That was great, you finished so quickly.
b3) Ah.
b4) She...
b5) just left her work in the prep room right?

page 9

b1) N-now I want know what it is she painted... -small print- is this one it?
box) Wow!

page 10

b1) Oh, you're talking about the senior Maezono.
b2) You know who she is?
b3) An upperclassman said that she was like a ghost member since her freshman year. // She only uses the art room when other people aren't there.
b4) Yeah, that's what it felt like to me.
b5) But, she was really good.
b6) Now this, // is something I heard from a different upperclassman.

page 11

panel1) They say she was in the art club since middle school. // -sign1- winner / Maezono Ritsu // wow. // you're really good Ri-chan! That's not true. // -sign2- special prize / Maezono Ritsu // Her art teacher at that time used to sing her praises everywhere.
panel2) In her senior year of middle school, the painting she submitted // for the culture festival cause a bit of a problem.
panel3) What she painted was a // nude girl.
sign) Flower season // by 3-E's Maezono Ritsu.

page 12

panel1) To make matters worse,
panel2) it was clearly a girl front he same school // who was used as the model.
b1) That's definitely you Youko.
b2) What the hell is this?
b3) Whoa! You actually took your clothes off for this?
b4) I...I never posed as a model! I never even asked for her to paint me!!
b5) I don't want any part of this nastiness!
b6) Maezono, since you painted a nude girl,
panel3) Oh, she's here?
b7) do you swing that way?
b8) Oh, she ran away!!
b9) Ahaha, don't run!

page 13

panel) Ahaha! // Slow down! // Hahaha! // Are you serious!? // Maezono is coming out?
b1) She's a lesbian?
b2) That's right!! According to that same girl, it was quite a big story.
b3) Fumi, you better be careful that she's not after you now. // Especially since you're the type that gets swept along the flow easily.
b4) Huh, ME!?
box) That last painting of hers was also nude... is that the reason she did it? // Even if that's the case, it doesn't change the fact that that painting was...
b5) Speak of the devil. // She's waiting at the same bus stop that we're going to.

page 14

bubble sfx.1) shaka
bubble sfx.2) bow
bubble sfx.3) ignore

page 15

b1) Ah.
b2) Maezono...senpai-san.
b3) I-I'm...
b4) Echigo, the girl you saw in the art room the other day.
b5) Yeah and?
b6) Well... you know that painting you made that day...
b7) after you left, I took a peek at it, and...

page 16

b1) I...
b2) became your fan!!
b3) Excuse me?
b4) You did it so quickly and made the lines of a person's body look that realistic,
b5) you even used a different touch than I use.
b6) I sighed as I thought how good it would be if I could paint like this. // And that if you're alright with it, I'd like to see more of your works.

page 17

b1) The 705 to Yozawa station.
b2) Fumi, it's our bus.
b3) I'll excuse myself now.
b4) I'll see you in the art room again.
b5) Please take all your belongings with you.

page 18

b1) It's supposed to snow this afternoon.
b2) No wonder it's so cold.
b3) It looks like we'll get a white Christmas.
b4) I guess I'll go straight home and study.
b5) Why? Let's all go karaoke!
b6) hm?

page 19

b1) You're pretty good.
b2) S-senpai... how are you?
b3) Are you painting a model from one of those photo books?
b4) uh... yeah. // I was trying to copy the same kind of touch you put on your paintings.
b5) Let me see it again.
b6) B-but...
b7) Come on now.
b8) Take here for example...

page 20

b1) if you put a little more pressure where the collarbone is, there would be a greater contrast in colors.
b2) Also the line from the breast to the armpit, you need to take a closer look before you paint it.
b3) I-is that so... thanks.
b4) That's right,
b5) you said you wanted to see some of my other paintings right?
b6) Y-yes, if you don't mind.
b7) Then I'll paint one for you right now.
b8) REALLY!!?
b9) Then...

page 21

b1) Your name is Echigo, right?
b2) Be my model, nude of course.
b3) huh? Model...
b4) NUDE!?
b5) Oh... well...
b6) Th-that's...

page 22

b1) If you have...
b2) that kind of resolution,
box) Hyaah!!!
b3) then I'll paint it for you.

page 23

b1) Lesbian mode!
b2) fueh...
b3) uh...
b4) Well...
b5) Calm down. // If you don't feel the same, I won't do anything.
b6) Oh no, that's not what I...
b7) Besides, in a few months I won't be here anymore.
b8) that's why,
b9) I'm asking you.
b0) Just think of it as my graduation project.

page 24

box1) What...
box2) am I doing?

page 25

box1) Although there aren't many people here because of finals,
box2) I can't believe I'm naked at school...
b1) C-can we at least close the windows?
b2) This window looks out to a downward slope, no one will see you.
b3) Besides your skin looks a lot better with this amount of light.
b4) Okay...
b5) let's begin.

page 26, 7

box) The time felt really strange.

page 28

box1) All I could here...
box2) was the sound of the brush as it made it's lines and stopped.
box3) It was as if,
box4) The falling snow...
box5) was drowning out the world for us.

page 29

b1) There was a time...
b2) when I did a painting of this girl I liked.
b3) We knew each other since elementary school, and she said she liked my paintings.
b4) As a means of pleasing her, // I painted her naked.
b5) But I was rejected.

page 30

b1) It was quite a shock.
b2) I only painted her in what I thought was her most beautiful form.
b3) Since then I stayed away from people and I never let them see my paintings either.
b4) I was scared.
b5) "What if they reject me again?"

page 31

b1) hmph... Laugh if you will. // But, I always felt at ease with art, so I would come paint when no one was around.
b2) I even thought about leaving when I saw you in the room that time...
b3) Really...
b4) Then it's a good thing you stayed and painted.
b5) If you hadn't,
b6) I never would've been able to talk to you like this.

page 32

b1) ...i guess
b2) Ah.
b3) Senpai, you turned beet red!!
b4) No I did not!
b5) Look, even your ears have turned red!
b6) Hey, a model isn't supposed to move!
b7) ah..

page 33

b1) You know, I...
b2) don't mind doing a little... // swinging with you.
b3) Idiot.
box) And that's how this painting was made.

page 34

box1) She graduated and left that painting here in this room.
box2) Time has passed, and soon I will be leaving this school too. // I wonder what I should use for my graduation theme?
box3) It has to be:
box4) My beloved in their most beautiful form.

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
Concerto #3: here. ^_^
#2. by KenneX ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2009
btw: Concerto 3 is already in English ;)
#3. by Watashiwa7 ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2009
Thanks a lot! *___* I couldn't wait for reading the fourth chapter!
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